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Why join the Craft Beer Republic? Because we are a nation of beer lovers.

Every week, we're tapping a fresh keg of double-digit fun with the best dry-hopped topics to keep you well-hydrated! We're mashing in all the week's booze news, researching the tastiest beers, getting nerdy with Beer Science, and whirlpooling all the latest info!
We also hang out with the brewers of some of the best craft breweries in the nation; we sample their brew and take a deep dive into the nerdier side of the industry.
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Get ready for another uproarious episode of Craft Beer Republic! Greg and Flex reunite for a wild ride through their latest beer escapades, from hilarious survival tales on the Oregon Trail to exploring the vibrant craft beer scene in Las Vegas. With beer reviews, Memorial Day BBQ fun, and the essential practice of carrying "walking around beers" (WABS) in cargo shorts, this episode is packed with laughs, insights, and the joy of reuniting with friends. Grab your favorite brew, sit back, and enjoy the fun on Craft Beer Republic!Greg is drinking CA Vibes, a hazy pale collaboration from Malibu Brewing and Fortunate Youth. Flex is sipping on Tour Bus, an IPA from Destihl Brewing. Have you heard of WABS? Walking around beers are the most important Las Vegas accessory. Flex is back, and he’s talking about all the Memorial Day research he conducted and killed it at darts. Greg talks about his BBQ action, and has two huge admissions to make about what he was drinking. And we have a voicemail from a new caller.In the News Flight:Cinco de Mayo treated the beer industry very nicely this year.Gallo makes a strategic investment in Montucky Cold Snacks.And Colorado’s Timnath Beerwerks is to acquire Snowbank Brewing.In Booze News:Malibu Brewing is breaking ground on a second location, and we have the scoop!A new Anchor Brewing owner is expected to be announced.Lagunitas is closing up shop in ChicagoA Canadian man was arrested for DUI twice in one night.The 9 best breweries in San Francisco.Join Greg and Flex for a laughter-filled episode that combines craft beer reviews, funny stories, and the joy of reuniting with old friends. Grab your favorite brew, sit back, and enjoy the Craft Beer Republic!Follow Us:Flex: Instagram: @flex_me_a_beerCraft Beer Republic: CraftBeerRepublic.comInstagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublicVoicemail: (805) 538-2337
Pliny the Richer

Pliny the Richer


Get ready for another round of laughs and brews with Craft Beer Republic! This week, we're thrilled to have Mel, aka Beergirl_Mel, back on the show, bringing her infectious energy and beer expertise to the mic. As Greg and Mel take you through the latest in the craft beer world, they'll unpack the wild economic fallout from Pliny the Younger's release, share boozy stories from the UK, and dive into some hilarious beer science. With Mel on board, you know it will be a fun, insightful, and wildly entertaining dive into the world of craft beer!Mel is drinking Green Yield, an unfiltered IPA from The Drowned Lands Brewery. Greg is crushing American Reinheitsgebot Helles, a crispy love child from Enegren Brewing and Bierstadt Lagerhaus.Greg talks about going hard at brunch and getting the day drinking started early, which leads to a complete amateur hour situation. It turns out Mel also loves day drinking; is it the choice of "older" drinkers? Mel also discusses her recent dive into old 80s movies and how awful they are. No wonder we drink! And is Yuengling still considered craft?The homie Chew Your Beer calls in to throw shade on a brewery.In Booze News:The release of Pliny the Younger, the highly sought after triple IPA from Russian River, brought millions of dollars to the local economy.The UK is breaking distillery records.The DEA is looking to reclassify marijuana, which will influence beer production.The Brewers Association gives some production updates.In Beer Science, we learn about a new gel being tested to eliminate hangovers!Follow Us:Mel: Instagram: @Beergirl_MelCraft Beer Republic: CraftBeerRepublic.comInstagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublicVoicemail: (805) 538-2337
Dinosaur Beers

Dinosaur Beers


What’s a Dinosaur Beer, you ask? We’ve got you covered. Flex is out sick, and we’re calling in the big guns to fill those short shorts. With Beergirl Mel’s help, we’re digging to the back of the fridge and digging up our oldest dinosaur beers. We’re also talking about Mother’s Day drinking, making our own skinny seltzers, another lawsuit over beer names, awful wedding beers, and more teachers getting drunk at school. Greg reached way back and pulled out a 2020 Stone and Modern Times collab: Wizards & Gargoyles, a coffee-hazy IPA. Mel dug up Babe Brew 6, another hazy IPA, this time from Saint-Houblon—La Microbrasserie. As you can imagine, we discussed the importance of drinking beer fresh. Don’t be like us and save them. We’re also talking about our Mother’s Day shenanigans. Mel went to see family and did a fair bit of drinking, while Greg convinced his mom to go wakeboarding and wine tasting. The two discussed what alcohols are good for trying to shed a few pounds, and Michelob Ultra is not in the running. The homie Chew Your Beer calls in with a brewery review of sorts. Thanks to Chew, we talk about breweries in bad neighborhoods and picking up street meats after drinking. In the News Flight: Wisconsin Brewing launched a non-alcoholic beer with Harley-Davidson, Firestone Walker is getting into the NA scene with 8ZERO5, and Massachusetts makes cocktails to-go a permanent fixture.In Booze News, the founder of Lead Dog Brewery buys back his former business. BrewDog CEO James Watt finally steps down…sorta. No-Li Brewing files a lawsuit over the use of a beer name. Modelo Especial and Michelob Ultra are topping the sales charts. And another teacher gets fired for getting drunk at school.-Mel: Instagram: @beergirl_mel-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Grab your favorite banger and get ready to party with the Craft Beer Republic! We’re talking about some getting in the research while traveling, how to lose weight with alcohol, recipes for the perfect snacks, homebrewing seltzers, drinking too much on a plane, and the crispiest beers in the US!Greg is drinking Konkey Dong, a big, double IPA from Hoof Hearted Brewing. Flex is sipping on Only Interested in Bangers from Hop Butcher for the World. Greg does a little more traveling, which means he got in a little research. He also found some good spots to eat and hopes he made a missed connection at the airport. Flex is doing his best to lay off the goods and try to get back into fighting shape. Do you have any tips on how to lose weight while still drinking?Thanks to Mississippi for coming through with the very classy Ludicrous Libation Law. In Booze News: Full Circle Brewing and Crowns and Hops founders unite in a new craft alliance. British passengers on a flight to Turkey drink all the booze on board in under an hour. A guy admits to being pretty drunk for his twelfth OWI arrest. And we’ve got the top crispiest pilsners in the US.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the birds won't stop chirping - it must be springtime in the Craft Beer Republic! Flex and Greg are enjoying the sweet, delicious weather in Wisconsin while sipping on some quality brews.Recently, Greg officiated a wedding and felt like a big deal, while Flex reminisced about his wild bachelor party adventures. There's been a buzz of activity in the beer world, with various brewery acquisitions taking place. Oh, and let's not forget about the drunk guy who kicked a buffalo and the mystery of secret pizza! The Craft Beer Republic is always full of surprises and good times.Greg indulges in Voltron Volume 4, a hazy IPA collaboration between 4 Hands Brewing and Surly Brewing Company. Flex, on the other hand, is savoring the Cosmic Archer, a banger of a beer from the renowned Toppling Goliath. Greg did some officiating over the weekend and is hot off the tail of being the center of attention. He also learned about the art of secret wedding pizza and the importance of late-night wedding food. Flex talks about his wedding and the trouble he got into at his bachelor party. He also took the family to a baseball game so they could watch the Brewers lose and eat a bunch of food.In Booze News, Pike Brewing's founders are to acquire Freemont Brewing out of Washington. Faubourg Brewing's expensive facility is hitting the auction block. Jack's Abbey is acquiring Wormtown Brewery. Ballast Point is ceasing its brewing production and moving to a contract model. And a drunk man kicks a bison at Yellowstone.Shoutout to Dallas, GA, for being our top-listening city last week!-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Welcome to Craft Beer Republic, Batch 305! Steph is back for another funny episode as we talk about the fallacy of greatness that Budweiser presented, Utah beer research, Eagle Park’s Jointfest, Flex’s awful culinary experience, Greg’s brush with TSA taking his beer, cocktail talk, and Florida Woman is making a comeback! Step is drinking Warm Smile, a fruited sour from Seek Beer Co. in San Diego. Greg is sipping on Squid Prints, a collab IPA from Imprint Beer and Vitamin Sea Brewing. And Flex has one of his favorites from Eagle Park Brewing. When it comes to macro beer, is there a bigger sham than the image that Budweiser sold us with their commercials? And what crap beer do you reach for if you have to? We also find out that Steph is related to The Rock, as are most Samoans. Greg has done some traveling and didn’t see eye-to-eye with TSA about bringing beer aboard the cabin. He also did some excellent beer research while in the Bay Area. Shout out to Wondrous Brewing Co! And we find out that Flex has a strange affinity for ketchup; are you a ketchup person?In Booze News, one cocktail reigns supreme in the United States! The Bruery is moving to Idaho. In terms of off-premise sales, less beer is being sold than a couple years ago. And Florida Woman takes the wheel, on three wheels; what are they drinking down there?-Steph:Instagram: @miss_tipsysocks-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Get ready for some watery beer and new friends! Steph, aka @Miss_Tipsysocks, is coming to party with Flex and Greg on Craft Beer Republic. We’re talking about miserable beer fest experiences, making drunk purchases, why wine-drunk is just classier, old-timey train robberies, and getting drunk with Florida politicians.Steph is drinking Elephino, a DIPA from Red Rock Brewing out of Salt Lake City, UT. Greg is sipping on Pull Tabs, a hazy pale from BlackStack Brewing. And Flex is getting really local with his favorite Summer Shandy. Greg is back from Lagerville, aka Waterville, and has a full report on the misery of rainy beerfests. There were also some drunk injuries involved, and day-after wine tasting. Steph likes to get drunk and go shopping online; it’s like a surprise when the items appear. Flex and Step try to prove that they’re old with their bedtime routines. And the Masters did a great job of keeping things affordable for all the drunks out there. Does anyone know what a Crows Nest is?In Booze News, someone gets a little trigger-happy and shoots themselves at a True North Ale Company. Easter booze sales were up, further proving that seeing family requires alcohol. A group of train robbers has been charged with the theft of a ton of beer. And a Florida politician gets way too drunk and trashes his hotel.-Steph:Instagram: @miss_tipsysocks-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Let's Get Pants Drunk

Let's Get Pants Drunk


This week on Craft Beer Republic, Greg and Flex are conducting some beer science, learning about getting pants drunk, drinking REALLY old beer, discussing the proper taco, and taking a trip down south to hang out with Floridaman. Greg is drinking Juce = Juce, a collaboration Hazy IPA from Great Notion and Equilibrium Brewing. Flex is sipping on an old Berliner from Eagle Park Brewing (no surprise). Thanks to our biggest fans in Finland, we’re getting Pants Drunk! Greg conducts algorithm-approved budget beer research. Flex is teaching us that beer never dies, no matter how old it is. The former Dark Horse owner is facing jail time if he doesn’t pay back his staff. Sazerac is buying BuzzBalls, the really weirdly shaped RTD drinks. A judge sides with Constellation in the battle of the seltzers with AB InBev. An airline pilot receives jail time for showing up to work drunk. And Floridaman is at it again, molesting a manatee statue and throwing gator nugs at innocent bystanders. Thanks to North Carolina and their hatred of fun for our Ludicrous Libation Law.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
7 Beers for No Reason

7 Beers for No Reason


Who needs a beer to themselves? How about 7? This week on Craft Beer Republic, Flex and Greg are talking about their Easter drinking situations, when to teach your kids about beer flights, participating in Pink Boots collab days, the upcoming WrestleMania weekend, drinks to-go, Blue Moon ruining the eclipse, and taking a drunk swim with your car.Greg and his wife, with a bunch of other beer friends, were invited to Pedals & Pints Brewing (thanks, Monica!) to participate in their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day. We’re both talking about our Easter adventures. Flex pre-gamed his Easter a couple days early and is a better man for it. Greg started the day with some edibles and quickly classed things up from there. And, of course, a quick “looking forward” to WrestleMania 40 this weekend!Greg is drinking Thrash Punk Coffee Kolsch from Witch’s Hat Brewing Company; thanks to Andrew for sliding that one over. Flex is sipping on The Raspberry Vanilla Cheesecake Incident, a Berliner Weise from Eagle Park & Mikerphone Brewing. This also gets Flex talking about taking his kids to Eagle Park’s brewery and when the right time is to get them educated on flights. In the News Flight: Mad River Brewing was acquired by the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians, the Cicerone program has been sold, and Indiana makes cocktails to-go permanent!In Booze News: California breweries have some new legislation to look forward to when it comes to selling beer. It turns out that basketball fans prefer beer over other alcoholic beverages. Blue Moon is doing their best to ruin the solar eclipse with “Eclipse Sips.” A drunk driver confuses a boardwalk for a road and ends up in the drink.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Drinking and Sporting

Drinking and Sporting


Let’s keep the party going for Batch 401; Scott and Dan are back with Flex and Greg! We’re talking about traveling and drinking, upgrading your booze selections, keeping it saucy on the golf course, politicians getting involved in beer, and drunk platinum-status travelers.Flex is sipping on Samsara IPA from Evergrain Brewing in Pennsylvania. The other gents are drinking MC^Ghost from Parish Brewing and Equilibrium Brewing. Did you know a new Ghostbusters movie is coming out? Dan and Flex are very excited. Greg went on a work trip and managed to get some research done. He has a PSA about spirits selections when you’re getting fancy cocktails. Flex is getting sporty and drunk on the golf course with his new-found love for golfing. Dan reveals his love for minor league hockey and the Milwaukee Admirals. It turns out he often goes to watch games and gets drunk on the cheap. New Jersey is back at it with this week’s Ludicrous Libation Law.In Booze News: Congress is looking to give tax breaks to bars with new draft beer systems. Politicians are sticking their noses where they shouldn’t with THC beers. Wyoming adopted new franchise reform laws. Stone promises to get back to making beer…mostly. And a drunk platinum flyer really needs to drink a little water and stop asking people their size.Shoutout to Pennington, New Jersey, for being our top listening city last week.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Scott:Instagram: @ThirstyScott-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
We made it to 400! For the big 4-0-0, we are having a party! Greg and Flex are hanging with the OGs, Scott and Dan. We’re talking about our 3:16 Day and St. Paddy’s Day celebrations, day drinking like a champ, pizza-flavored beer, and getting in a drunken wrestling match in the drive-thru.Flex is sipping on This Is My Serious Face, a hazy from Amorphic Beer. The other gents are drinking the most popular craft beer from 2016, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Can you believe we’ve been around since 2016?!In honor of Stone Cold Day and St. Patrick’s Day, we did some celebrating. Flex hung out with the family and had his annual whiskey shots. Dan did his celebrating on 3:16. Scott celebrated from the couch. Greg pre-gamed too hard and doesn’t remember the end of Saint Patrick’s Day 2024. Flex is a massive champion of day drinking, and who isn’t?In Booze News: Alaska Airlines and Fremont Brewing team up for a flight-inspired beer. Voodoo Ranger is dropping a pizza-flavored beer that no one can afford. Cigar City Brewing (thanks to Monster) is laying off a chunk of its workforce. And a Florida Man starts ramming cars and brawling in the drive-thru (and inspires a song).Shoutout to Cumberland, Maryland, for being our top listening city last week.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Scott:Instagram: @ThirstyScott-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Sláinte, beer lovers! This week, Flex and Greg are back with tales of alcohol hidden in the walls, throwing sharp objects while drinking, drinking too much with professional wrestlers, the Florida Man Games, Tennessee’s cold beer saga, and getting arrested for flirting with cops.Flex is sipping All Beef Frank, an IPA from Hop Butcher for the World. Greg is drinking Extra Sunshine, a hazy IPA from Shred Beer Company. Thanks to Erica for sending that down. Greg apologizes to some forgotten beers and talks about the joys of drinking beer while throwing axes (and other sharp objects). He also went to Palefest, started drinking with a professional wrestler, and ended up way too hydrated. We talk about what a coffee nerd’s actual name is. Flex has kept Greg in suspense all week as he tells his tale of hidden alcohol bottles and getting in trouble for their sudden appearance. Chew Your Beer left a voicemail: Happy birthday, Chew! You can leave one, too: (805) 538-BEER.In Booze News: the Florida Man Games have come and gone, and the real winners are the spectators. JuneShine acquires Flying Embers if anyone cares. Tennessee has an about-face on its cold beer stance. Georgia is doing their best to keep small brewers down and help out the big distribution companies. And a drunk man is arrested for slapping his real and flipping off the cops…not in Florida!-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Someone call 9-1-1! We're excited to be at Red Engine Brewing Company to talk to Preston Andreini, the founder, brewmaster, and the man behind the vision of this new brewery. He speaks about his history with craft beer, being the first brewery in town, designing recipes, making important mistakes, and making beer people want to drink. Preston shares Java Bump, a coffee blond ale, and the perfect breakfast beer. We discuss his "other" job as a firefighter and his connection with the brewery's name. We get into the planning stages, starting a podcast about building a brewery, getting friends to help build, and the acceptance from the local community. Next, we share First In, an American light lager. We get nerdy with the brewing process and beer enzymes and turn the conversation to picking the correct location. He shares who helped him during the planning, the most significant lessons he learned throughout the process, and what he would have done differently. Then we sample Smoke Show, a not-too-smokey dry Irish stout. Preston talks about his focus on beer making and the importance of having more than just beer in the brewery. He speaks about his first beers in life and brings that full circle to his brewing education. We drill down on process and discuss what hops he's crushing on and who he's excited to collaborate with. Finally, we finish with Probie, their blonde ale. While we sip on that, we run through a round of rapid-fire questions. It would be a crime not to mention the pizza they're slinging at the brewery. We shared one before the interview started, and it was delicious!Check out Red Engine Brewing in Filmore, CA, at 803 Ventura St. Find them online at And on the socials. Thanks to Preston for sharing his beer, pizza, and time with us! If you check out the brewery, let us know what you think!-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
We’re excited to have Monica Potter, head brewer at Pedals and Pints Brewing, back on the show! We’re talking about what makes a hazy good, using coffee in beer, hitting the links for some cheap beers, getting so drunk you call the cops on yourself, and whatever the heck Buffalo is. -Monica tells us about her two new beer releases, Black & Blue session Sour and Up Tempo, her coffee collaboration with California Coffee Republic. Greg talks about his bachelor party trip to Tahoe, how freakin’ cold it was, and scoring some sweet beers at a 7-11. Flex returns to the knockoff Topgolf to work on his swing and half-off pitchers. And Monica introduces Buffalo, a drinking game with dire consequences. Also, tequila: why do you treat us so dirty?-Tennessee is working its way into the Ludicrous Libation Law by trying to outlaw cold beer.-In Booze News: Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are releasing a Gin and Juice RTD cocktail line. A drunk guy has a few too many and calls the cops…on himself. A drunk Florida Man leaves his boat in front of the Sheriff’s Office (for safekeeping).-Monica:@momoagogooo@pedalsandpintsbrewing-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Get ready for some beer education! Monica, the head brewer at Pedals and Pints, joins the Republic as we talk about tasty sour beers, the price of beer and snacks at the Super Bowl, new leadership at Sierra Nevada, the craft beer selection at stadiums, and getting drunk at a chocolate shop.- We find out the price of beer and snacks at the Super Bowl, and the most popular beers poured during the big game. Flex talks about nervous drinking during the Packers' win and how many he went through that game. Monica talks about how good sours are and what makes them unique. The talk turned to various stadiums and which had the best beer selection. -Flex is drinking Particles, an IPA from Definitive Brewing Company in Portland, ME. Monica and Greg and drinking Sun Trap, a sessionable sour from Three Weavers Brewing.-We get a voicemail from the homie from down under, Chew's cousin. -In Booze News: Sierra Nevada names a new CEO to take over the reins. The Brewer's Association is short on funds and cancels Homebrew Con. The workers at Molson Coors in Fort Worth go on strike. A drunk driver is arrested at a chocolate shop. And the drunkest NFL fans this season.-Monica:@momoagogooo@pedalsandpintsbrewing-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Who's ready to get thiolized for Valentine's Day? The Super Bowl happened; that's all we need to say. We're talking about pizza and beer combos, romantic Valentine's drinking, getting super nerdy at a brewery, vacation drinks, and the best-selling "craft" beer of 2023.-Flex went to Eagle Park to do some beer research and ended up impressing people (and embarrassing himself) with his knowledge of thiolized yeast. Also, the IPL vs. Cold IPA debate continues! Greg was back at Red Engine Brewing for pizza, beer, and a fun interview with Preston, the owner and head brewer. -Thanks to Maine for our Ludicrous Libation Law. Sounds like they're getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day. -Flex is drinking That's What They Called Me In High School, a tribute TIPA from Young Blood Beer Co. Greg is sipping on MadeWest's 8th Anniversary DIPA.-In Booze News: After announcing the closure of Wynwood Brewing last week, AB InBev is now listing Veza Sur for sale. A scantily clad motorist sporting leather lingerie charged in a drunken e-bike crash. And the best-selling "craft" beer of 2023.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
We’re talking balls and beers! With the Super Bowl this week, we have to take a moment to chat about the 49ers and the Chiefs. We’re also talking about brewery anniversary parties, Coley’s birthday shot parade, day drinking at the driving range, some unexpected brewery closures, and a big brewery sale. -Casa Agria in Oxnard had their big 8th-anniversary party last weekend, and Greg grabbed the crew to investigate. Coley celebrated her birthday with brunch and a big shot parade (don’t worry, we explain it) and the downfall of cheap champagne. Flex did some day drinking at Luxe Golf, where everything is half off for Mulligan Mondays…EVERYTHING! Greg got an embarrassing thrill of a lifetime after getting re-grammed by one of his favorite artists.-We all know this isn’t a sports show, but we must mention the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Who do you have winning the Super Bowl?-Flex is drinking Keystone State of Mind, a Hazy IPA collab from New Trail Brewing & Other Half. Thanks to @shredded_brew for the hookup! Greg is sipping on Casa Agria’s Oxnard DDH Nelson Pale Ale.-In booze news, there is huge breaking news in Southern California as local brewery 14 Cannons has been abruptly sold to a local “Entrepreneur” who has already started making significant changes. AB InBev closed the Wynwood taproom in Miami and moved operations to Veza Sur. New Belgium has closed its San Francisco outpost after less than 3 years. Patrick Mahomes Sr. does a little too much celebrating before the big game. And we’ve got the Top 15 Beers in the U.S.-Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Who’s ready for Beerfest season?! Erica stops by as we talk about hitting some new breweries, the magic of beer and chicken wings, how much beer we can drink in a day, more craft beer buyouts, and cops delivering drunk munchies. -Greg has to hit the road for work, but he does get in some research at a couple of breweries: Hangar 24 and Everywhere Beer Co. He also scores major beer points with his wife. Flex takes the family out for beers but has to chase down someone to get a beer. And have you heard of Anchovy hops? Could there be a worse name? We need better hop names. And Erica is gearing up for Beerfest season at Neck Nosh!-Greg is drinking Soon Enough, a hazy IPA from Everywhere. Erica is sipping on Moon Boots from Sideward Brewing. And Flex is drinking Mikerphone Brewing’s Mic Check 1, 2 DDH DIPA. -Chew Your Beer calls in to talk about drinking 100 beers in a day and to refresh Greg’s mind about his major achievement. -In the news: BrewDog is releasing a movie all about how great they are. Asahi discusses their high hopes for production after the Octopi deal. Carlsberg acquires a minority stake in Mikkeller. And a Florida cop delivers Chick-fil-A after arresting an DoorDash driver for DUI.-Cheers to our sponsor, Magic Mind. Go to and use code BEER20.-Erica: Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Prepare your crystal beers; Greg, Flex, and Erica are reading fortunes! Erica stops by to discuss new breweries, big-time beer collabs, living on a farm, Olympic beers, New Jersey brewery laws, and 2024 craft beer predictions. -Erica and Greg are drinking Peanut Butter Lovers, a New Glory Craft Brewery stout. Flex is sipping on Ghost in the Machine, the popular Hazy IPA from Parish Brewing Company.-Greg talks about his trip to Red Engine Brewing, a new brewery in Filmore, CA. The gang talks about what beer collabs must happen in the new year. A listener writes in to correct Flex and all his wrongness. Erica is talking about all the farm animals she recently adopted. Fresh off of making some accurate beer predictions, Flex and Greg pontificate on what 2024 should have in store for the beer world.-In the News Flight: Corona Cero will be the global beer sponsor of the 2024 Summer Olympics, but does it really count? Miller Lite has released “beer” flavored mints. And after hearing Flex talk about them, Sweetwater Brewing doubles down on their Gummies line. -For Booze News: Uber is shutting down Drizzly since no one actually uses it. Bagby Beer is closing up shop, but another craft brewery is taking over. New Jersey governor finally signs some relief into law for craft breweries. Smuttynose Parent Company Acquires Massachusetts’ Wachusett Brewing. And Sapporo-Stone CEO Maria Stipp will step down.-Cheers to our sponsor, Magic Mind. Go to and use code BEER20.-Erica: Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
Cheers and beers to everyone fighting the good fight and not going dry for January! Flex and Greg are back at it, and we’re talking about corporate beer that’s still good, drinking at concerts, work-from-home happy hour, Snoop Dogg’s new drink, setting drinking records in Australia, and some crazy guy is blowing up bars.-Flex drinks Danger is Our Business, an IPA from Drekker Brewing and Xul Beer Company. Greg is sipping on One of My Favorites (that’s the name) from Pure Project.-Flex talks about his new favorite activity, after-work drinks with the crew from work, while Greg fails on his work-from-home drinking status. And the difficulties of finding a good beer while you’re at concerts leave us with a question: what is your favorite “big” beer? -Shoutout to Kansas for this week’s Ludicrous Libation Law. And we find out why Flex went there to party.-In the news, Snoop Dogg has a new drink out, and it has THC, depending on where you are. A couple of Australian mates (sorta) broke a drinking record by visiting 99 bars in a day. A Wisconsin man goes to jail for blowing up a bar. And Drizzly graces us with their 2024 beer predictions. -Flex:Instagram: @flex_me_a_beer-Craft Beer Republic: Instagram: @CraftBeerRepublicFacebook: CraftBeerRepublicPodThreads: CraftBeerRepublic(805) 538-2337 
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