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Did you hear that Eulaly slept with a construction worker? Oh my heavens. This is one juicy bit of hearsay from the small town with the big heart - where the people stay but the gossip travels. And remember, you didn't hear it from me.Support the show
They said they didn't do it on purpose. But I'm not sure. Come find out what happened to Granny Jean over at the Piggly Wiggly. It's a hoot!Just more gossip from the small town with the big heart, where the people stay but the gossip travels. Remember - you didn't hear it from me!Support the show
Oh for heavens sakes. Somebody needs to go check on Homer. He's at it again. You can take the man out of Vegas, but you can't take Vegas out of the man. I'm just saying.Just another bit of gossip from the small town with the big heart. Where the people stay but the gossip travels. Just remember, you didn't hear this one from me. Support the show
Warning! Everybody who bought The Bodacious Booblet from Barbara's Gift Shop, DO NOT USE IT before listening to this important message. Just more quick gossip from the small town with the big heart, where the people stay but the gossip travels. Support the show
Bless Birdie's heart. He means well. But sometimes a bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush. Join Kelly for another quick bit of gossip in the small town with the big heart - where the people stay but the gossip travels.Support the show
Join us for a little gossip in Kelly's small town with the big heart - where the people stay, but the gossip travels. In this Prides Hollow "Short" Kelly fills you in on Bitsy's home waxing party. We promise you will never go to one of Bitsy's home parties again! Enjoy the laugh!Support the show
Today we find ourselves in Myrlene, Vyrlene, and Shyrlene's House of Beauty,  where Bitsy is about to tell us what happened to her on that flight back from visiting her sister. You are not going to believe it. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. We're glad you're here.  For more about the town go to and for more about Kelly go to Support the show (
Episode 10: The Rose

Episode 10: The Rose


Today's episode is based on a true story, and dedicated to Scottie Barnes, founder of, and the one who shared this story with me. The Rose story focuses on one word that is easier said than done - forgiveness. Kelly takes us into the world of Isabel - who like most teenagers, just wants to be like the other girls. But Isabel has a secret.  In this touching up-front view of Isabel's story, you get a look at what grace really looks like up close. Have fun in Prides Hollow, where ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy - they're just about the people. Once you visit, you'll never want to leave. Watch this entire video to hear this one-of-a-kind touching story.If you liked this heartwarming short story and want to watch the video versions of my Prides Hollow series PLUS other stories of courage I've shared, check out my channel and subscribe. And to JOIN THE CITY, go to the show (
Heavens to Bitsy, she's done it again. That's right, Bitsy decided to take a Zumba class, and you have GOT to get a back row seat into this hilarious escapade.  Follow us to Prides Hollow where everybody is facing their fears and stepping into a new level of brave. It's always something with Bitsy, that's for sure. And today she doesn't fail to disappoint. To all those who love a good story - enjoy the laugh, and we're sure you'll fall in love with Bitsy and this town just a little bit more. We're glad you came.Support the show (
Join us today in the Prides Hollow laundromat, where the faded pageant queens hold their own kind of court, and the gentle hum of a dryer can heal a wounded soul. Come meet Pearl, the queen of this laundromat. And Trulee Dupree, living a fairy tale gone bad. Both are holding  a secret, that after today, won't be.  In today's touching episode, we get a look at what real courage looks like when women link arms together and refuse to budge. Prides Hollow is full of southern humor and stories that make you cry a little, think a lot, and swear you know some of these people in this tiny little town about a mile and a hair past nowhere.  To watch the video version of this story, go to and to join the city go to fun in Prides Hollow, where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy - they're just about the people. Once you visit, you never want to leave.Support the show (
Oh Lordy, you are not going to believe what happened to Aurora P Johnson in church. Everybody is talking about it. Get your daily laugh here.  Today's episode takes us back to Prides Hollow where the pastor has decided that for his bravery challenge, he will unite the churches in one colossal service. Come see what happens. We promise you won't be bored.Come be part of our new cyber town where you will get lots of extra goodies! don't forget to check out the video version of this show - you'll love it! Support the show (
If you know Arlis, you know that he has a weakness for power tools. Come see what happens when he gets a new pressure washer. Just a silly little story to make you smile and fall in love with even more characters in Prides Hollow. Support the show (
Sometimes joy can be found no further than your own front yard.  Today's episode takes us to Ed's house, where his family talks him into taking part in the challenge. Ed was not happy about it. But watch what happens when he chooses to be brave.Support the show (
What happens when a small town accountant goes back in time to a day that brought him the most joy, and recreates it? Find out in this touching episode as Kelly takes us into yet another story of bravery in her tiny little town about a mile and a hair past nowhere. Get your key to the city at and watch the video episodes at youtube channel. Support the show (
In this heartwarming episode, Mary Simms dusts off an old dream and has the courage to dance again.  Award-winning storyteller, Kelly Swanson, takes us back to her beloved town of Prides Hollow when Old Man Withers leaves them a challenge to do something brave.  To watch these stories on video go to Youtube Channel. And to become a Patron go to Thank you for listening.Support the show (
In this special holiday episode, we travel to the house of James O'Connor who is celebrating a very special Christmas - his last one.  Find out what happens when he tries to make everything go just right - and it doesn't even come close.  Award-winning storyteller, Kelly Swanson, weaves her magic once again and touches your heart, with a little laughter sprinkled in. To watch these episodes, go to youtube channel and hit subscribe.To become a patron, go to more about Kelly, go to MotivationalSpeakerKellySwanson.comSupport the show (
Note: There is a stretch of music in the beginning of this podcast that seems to go on for a bit. This is because in the video there is a hand writing words that pop up on the screen with no audio translation.  The words spell out the Wikipedia definition of St Nicholaus.  So just sit tight and the words will start soon. Today Kelly interviews her friend, Santa Cliff, as they discuss the true meaning of the Christmas holiday through Cliff's eyes. Get your tissues out - this one has all the feels.  These Courage Stories are special videos posted in addition to the Prides Hollow Story Series.  The Prides Hollow series is about the stories of the people in that town. The Courage Stories are about YOU, Kelly's audience. Kelly collects your stories of ordinary people doing brave things. Because courage is contagious. Support the show
Episode 1: The Buick

Episode 1: The Buick


Stories that warm your heart like walking into a Cracker Barrel, or enjoying a good Hallmark movie. To stay in touch, become a patron of the show, or get your own key to the city! Hollow is full of southern stories that will amuse, entertain, and leave you with an inspirational message. In this first episode, Harriet, a color-between-the-lines kind of lady, does something that most people would have thought was crazy.You see, Harriet lives in the house down the road, with the grey shutters. She's worn her hair in the same tight bun for what seems like forever, and both her and her husband, Harold, always lived on the safe side of life. That all changed when Harold died. You would expect that the challenge from Old Man Withers would bypass Harriet completely. But these southern stories are full of people who take a chance. That’s part of what this inspirational message is about.When Harriet heard the mailman recite the challenge, her heart jumped up right away. She knew exactly what she would do if she was brave. She wanted to drive the Buick her and Harold owned. Only problem was, she had never learned to drive. That didn’t stop her. With her neighbor Noreen as her impromptu coach, the pair took Harold’s ashes and drove off in search of a place to scatter them.This is one of those southern stories that’s full of seemingly ordinary folks, whose actions end up surprising everyone. The story finishes with an inspirational message from Kelly, about the importance of doing something brave, even if it doesn't seem to make any sense.If you enjoyed this first episode, be sure to catch the next one, which will air in two weeks, on Wednesday 9pm EST. Kelly will be there to chat in the community thread!Support the show (
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