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Our Season 3 Finale is here and it's a special one! Not only did we get to record in person for our first ever in-person episode together, we were also on home soil for Rumbi's roora celebrations! A rite of passage for so many young, Southern Africans, especially Zimbabweans, roora AKA lobola is the epitome of layered!What is it? Why do we follow it till this day?What do families expect?What do we love about it?What makes it so difficult?We go in on it for our season 3 finale! PLEASE fill us in on your experiences, thoughts and feelings  coz we know we are not alone in the way we feel!Stay in touch with us:Facebook: It’s Layered PodInstagram: @itslayeredTwitter: @itslayeredpodEmail: #lobola #Zimbabweanculture #Africantradition #traditionalmarriage #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast #AfricanContent #ContentCreators #Zimbos #Zimbabwean #Twimbos #ItsLayered #ZvineMaLayers
Foooooood, glorious FOOOOOOD!!One thing about us, we love us some food and appreciate cuisines from all around the world! In this episode, we salivate over our fave cuisines, share foods that we aren’t huge fans of and discuss the impact of our culture on our outlook on food!Delve deeper on ‘Cuisine’ with us because, just like trifle, zvine malayers!ZIM SHOUTOUTSCooking with CazInstagram: @cookingwithcaz YouTube: Cooking with Caz Chef Dananai Instagram: @chef_dananai  Facebook: Chef Dananai ​Stay in touch with us:Facebook: It’s Layered PodInstagram: @itslayeredTwitter: @itslayeredpodEmail: #ZimbabweanCuisine #Cuisine #Food #Foodies #CookingWithCaz #ChefDananai #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast #AfricanContent #ContentCreators #Zimbos #Zimbabwean #Twimbos #ItsLayered #ZvineMaLayers
Is being a global citizen just another buzzword going around? What exactly is a ‘third culture kid’ and how can we be one when we are no longer… kids?On this episode, we got to sit down with gorgeous, award-winning Zimbabwean actress and host of the Zim Excellence Podcast, Vongai Shava. We discuss what it means when no physical place feels like home and why we continue to choose life as a global citizen in spite of the complexities it brings. Delve deeper with us as we explore this and more!Keep in touch with VongaiWebsite, Links & Social Media: @vongaiofficial Podcast: @zimexcellencepodcast Stay in touch with us:Facebook: It's Layered Pod  Instagram: @itslayeredTwitter: @itslayeredpodEmail: #ThirdCultureKid #TCK #migrant #CitizenOfTheWorld #VongaiShava #ZimExcellencePodcast #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast
Blame it on colonialism. Blame it on racism. Blame it on inferiority complex or whatever you may. Colourism is a very real part of our lives.On today's episode, we take it there! From our childhoods and how external voices reinforced stereotypes about complexion to how it affected our dating lives. We leave no stone unturned!Tune in and let us know your experience of colourism and how it's affected you.Zim Shoutout: Donata Katai  Stay in touch with us:Facebook: It's Layered Pod Instagram: @itslayered  Twitter: @itslayeredpod Email: #Colonialism #Complexion #LightSkin #YellowBone #DarkSkin #RedBone #GrowingUpAfrican #GrowingUpBlack #GrowingUpZimbo #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast #DonataKatai
To be an African child is to know that - in your community's eye - you will never measure up. There will always be that auntie or uncle, mom or dad, cousin or distant relative who feels the need to point out how you fall short compared to your counterparts.In this episode, we delve into the hard knock life of never living up to expectations and being compared to anyone and everyone, no matter how well you think you are doing.Can you relate?Zim Shoutout: Nyasha HatendiStay in touch with us:Facebook: It's Layered PodInstagram: @itslayeredTwitter: @itslayeredpodEmail: #GrowingUpBlack #GrowingUpZimbo #comparisonculture #KeepingUpWithTheJoneses  #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast #NyashaHatendi
Being a human is hard, and what makes it more complex is the fact that we have to coexist with other humans. Add to that communication issues; misused authority; awkwardness and a host of other things, it can get down right tricky to navigate.On this episode, we go in deep, talking about complicated relationships - small houses and toxic work environments included. Tune in and help US with your tips on navigating some of the hardly spoken about relationships we have to live with.Zim Shoutout: @runyararo_m : in touch with us:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #complicatedrelationships #smallhouse #toxicworkenvironments #blackgirlpodcast#Zimbabwe #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast
For this episode of 'It's Layered', we are joined by the hilarious Dan & Phil of '2 Broke Twimbos' who managed to have us in stitches whilst dishing some very wise gems on Mental Wellness!We talk about all things from handling stigma, when to divulge mental health struggles to a potential partner and the resources available for our mental wellbeing.Tune into the '2 Broke Twimbos' podcast: Support their Mental Wellness Mondays: up with them in all things:  Stay in touch with us:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #ItsLayered #MentalHealth #MentalWellness #AfricanMentalWellness #Zimbabweanpodcast #Zimbabwe #Zimbos
Welcome to SEASON 3!!We are so stoked to be here, and what better way than to talk about a seemingly elusive topic these days... TRAVEL!!We share what we've been getting up to, experiences with travel and hopes for this year! Tune in and let us know how you have been handling travel in this panorama (like, for real, we need all the tips please)!Zim Shoutout: @tanakatravels: in touch with us:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #blackgirlstravel #Zimbabwetravel #diaspora #Zimbabweanpodcast #Africanpodcast
A “LOVE LETTER” to the arts! For our season 2 finale episode, we sat down with NAMA Award winning actor, Munya Chidzonga, to talk about the arts industry in Zimbabwe. What does it mean to pursue an unconventional path in the performing arts? How do you navigate the opinions of others when you don't subscribe to the 'safe' career paths we grow up learning about?Munya dropped a lot of gems on this one! As we draw to the close of another season, we want to thank each and every one of you who've listened in, commented, shared, subscribed, reviewed and shown us mad love this season! We appreciate you all and can't wait to be back!In the meantime, enjoy this episode and let us know what you think!Stay up-to-date with Munya's latest projects:Instagram: @munyac ( & @bluehippowater ( episode's shoutout is the black African woman (bAw):Instagram: @theblackAfricanwoman ( YouTube: the black African woman ( in and let us know your thoughts!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: #Zimarts #Zimbabweanactor #Africanfilm #Africanentertainer #Zimbabwefilm #Zimbabwefilmindustry #ZvineMalayers #ItsLayered #bAw #blackAfricanwoman
Fashion! Fashaaaawn! Lewks! Drip! Style! We're here talking about ALL of it!!From growing up with limited access to fashion trends to our evolving style, this is a fun episode in which we delve deeper into a topic we absolutely LOVE!! What role does fashion play in your life? Has it evolved? Who are some fashion icons that you look up to? We'd love to hear all about it!!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: itslayeredpod@gmail.comThis week's shoutout: @nyasha_matonhodze (  Zimbabwean fashion model, Nyasha, who has served on leading runways and worked with leading fashion brands including her infamous Louis Vuitton campaign. Bonus shoutout: Our very own  ( Amanda is an Australian Style Institute (@australianstyleinstitute) graduate and stylist in her own right. She focuses on inclusivity and empowering self-expression. Hit her up for a consult or for her styling services!#fashion #style #selfexpression #styleevolution #NyashaMatonhodze #IAmWhomIAm #Zimbabweanstyle 
Money, money, money! When it comes to managing your personal finances, is it something you talk about with your friends, partners, family or peers? More often than not, money talk is kept on the low and not enough of us know how to manage our finances.On this episode, we delve real deep into the topic of money - how our upbringing shapes our understanding of it, how we have failed and learnt to manage it better and what we wish we knew!Let us know if we hit the mark on this one, and of course, feel free to share your thoughts with us!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: itslayeredpod@gmail.comThis week's shoutout: @electah_kudzayi / @beginners_shona_lessons ( or for her interactive beginner Shona lessons which can be found on YouTube: #finances #moneytalk #growingupAfrican #budgeting
We had the pleasure of catching up with award-winning actress and star of "Cook Off" - Zimbabwe's first film to make it onto Netflix - Tendaiishe Chitima! It was such an honest and inspiring conversation in which Tendai shared her journey to discovering acting whilst coming from a conservative background; and how honouring her journey is what has brought her this far!Delve deeper with us and this gorgeous, talented lady!Stay up-to-date with her latest projects:Instagram: @tendai_chitima ( @tendai_chitima ( Cook Off ( in and let us know your thoughts!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: #CookOffZim #CookOff #Zimbabweanactress #Africanfilm #Africanentertainer #Zimbabwefilm #Zimbabwefilmindustry #ZvineMalayers #ItsLayered
"If only you loved studying as much as you love watching TV!" - A common utterance from our African parents.Film & TV undeniably impacted us growing up and opened our minds beyond borders. On this episode of It's Layered, we explore the many genres we enjoy, actors and actresses who inspire us and what we don't feel so much! Listen in for a fun episode on what we're watching and feel free to drop some recommendations for us!!Listen in and let us know your thoughts!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: itslayeredpod@gmail.comThis week's shoutout: @yeve.c.sibanda ( for her book "My 1st Book of Shona & Ndebele Words".#filmandtv #whattowatch #Africanfilm #Africanentertainment #bingeworthy #IssaRae #MichaelaCoel #Shona #Ndebele 
What visa are you on? How did you manage the process? How difficult is the adjustment to diaspora life? Questions so many of us have but few are willing to divulge on.Living in the diaspora can seem like a bed of roses when looking from afar. On this episode, we debunk some of the myths associated with living in the diaspora, tackle the many hurdles that come with life abroad and share some advice on how we've navigated and coped with moving to the diaspora.Share your thoughts and stories with us:Email: itslayeredpod@gmail.comInstagram: @itslayeredFacebook: It's Layered PodThis episode’s shoutout: @chrissyzemurahair ( for her work on inclusion of black hair in beauty education curriculums.#diaspora #Zimbabweansabroad #diasporaliving #lifeabroad #Zimbabwepodcast
Classism! A very real but often unmentioned part of Zimbabwean lifestyle, we're going all the way there on this episode of #ItsLayered!From privilege, to elitism, guilt to insecurities bred as a result of this prejudice that rules our society, we share our thoughts, experiences and concerns about the way in which our society is set up.How have you experienced classism? Is it a product of colonialism? Should it still have such an impact in our present society? Go there with us because #ZvineMalayers!Listen in and let us know your thoughts!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: itslayeredpod@gmail.comThis week's shoutout: @kazvaremadeit ( for their dope illustrations and products!#classisminZimbabwe #elitism #itslayered #Zimbabwean #Africanpodcast #Africancreators #blackgirlpodcast 
It is undeniable that grief and heartbreak are creeping in on us given the ‘panorama’ we are living in! We thought we'd take a deep dive into grief and heartbreak - from teen crushes to losing loved ones, we cover it all.Walk with us as we unpack grief in our culture and how we have learnt to live after heartbreak.Share your thoughts and stories with us:Email: itslayeredpod@gmail.comInstagram: @itslayeredFacebook: It's Layered PodThis episode’s shoutout: @kae_chaps ( for his album 'Vanga' and mega single “Juzi”. #grief #heartbreak #delvedeeper #zvinemalayers #Africanpodcast #Zimbabwe
We're BACK and it feels so good!! In our first episode of Season 2 we're talking all things FRIENDS!! As you may know, we've been friends for 20 years now and appreciate friendship deeply. In this episode, we delve deeper into advice gone wrong, losing friends and the role of friends in our lives!Listen in and let us know your thoughts!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: itslayeredpod@gmail.comThis week's shoutout: @hillzy911( for his EP 'Chisikana'#friends #friendship #itslayered #Zimbabwean #Africanpodcast 
In our season finale episode, we delve deeper into all YOUR questions that you submitted over the course of this season! We answer your questions about dating, code switching, family and a whole lot more!!Thank you all for rocking with us this season! We look forward to delving deeper with you in 2021!Instagram: @itslayered ( us: #delvedeeper #seasonfinale #Africanpodcast #Zimbabweanpodcast
Hair has and continues to define so much of black culture from when we were tiny tots through to adulthood. So many of us have hair stories we can tell from horror stories at the hair salon to being judged and not being accepted because of how our hair grows out of our head.In this episode, we delve deeper into ALL things hair and then some! We know this topic is broad and would love to hear your personal stories and journeys on navigating the complex yet beautiful crown that is your hair.Give us a shout:Instagram: @itslayered ( us: #Africanhair #hairchronicles #Iamnotmyhair #itslayered #delvedeeper #zvinemalayers 
Does your family understand you? Do they support your dreams and goals?We delve even deeper in Part II of our 'Family' episode. We share some of our stories and dive into aspects of our family such as:What have we learnt from our families?Do we feel like we've learnt about marriage from our families?What would we change or keep about our families?How has the separation of families and life in the diaspora impacted families?We'd love to hear your perspective on it too!Email us with your thoughts: itslayeredpod@gmail.comHit us up on Instagram: #itslayered #Africanfamily #Zimbabweanfamily #growingupAfrican #growingupZimbabwean 
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Looooool @ the A from Mrs Guy 🤣🤣🤣 Hanzi what’s that for?

Jun 30th

HeyMissK_T ZM

Can I just say that I love the fact that you both sound the same. As in you still sound Zimbabwean!!! After living outside the country for so long. Others leave for 5min and come back with an accent. So cudos to you. Especially Am, cz that Aussie accent can really latch on.

Apr 16th
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