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Kris Straub (Candle Cove, Local 58, Broodhollow) and Abby Howard (The Last Halloween) discuss horror in its various incarnations, where it works best, and when it doesn't.
7 Episodes
Kris and Abby return to talk about what happens when the world contains enough horror that it’s difficult to have fun with horror.
Abby and Kris discuss what a story needs to be properly termed “horror,” and where horror exists in many settings, including race, gender, and unquestioned social systems. Your homework! Watch the trailer for Jordan Peele’s Get Out and consider where horror, comedy, and criticism of … Continue reading →
Abby and Kris talk about creature design, and creating iconic antagonists. Referenced in this episode: The Episode of Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare” That Never Aired in the United States by iia The Wyoming Incident
From PAX West, Kris hosts the Scared Yet panel with three guests: Paul Verhoeven, Alanah Pearce and Anna Megill.
Hello. Abby and Kris discuss restraint and subtlety in good horror movies and stories, the effectiveness of blood and gore, and the calculus of nightmares. Stories mentioned: “Dead Milk” by Elias_Witherow. /r/nosleep. “The Grinding” by Alex Beyman. “The Whistler.” Narrated … Continue reading →
Hello. Abby and Kris talk about the origins of their interests in horror, common pitfalls in online horror fiction, and craft the next creepypasta cult classic: the Face Man. Stories mentioned: “Midnight Game.” Creepypasta Wiki. “The Whistlers” by Amity Argot. The … Continue reading →
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