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The Eleventh Circuit rules against Donald Trump, allowing the government to continue its prosecution of the Former President. Trump talks with Sean Hannity about Mar-a-Lago and says the FBI took his will!Mike Lindell sues the Biden Administration and Merrick Garland at the DOJ for the return of his property that was seized at a Hardee's drive through. Lindell's lawyers publish the Exhibit and Search Warrant cover sheet that reveals what the FBI is investigating. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz says they may be considering a Special Master to review the materials on the cell phone.Shannon Brandt is charged with vehicular homicide for the alleged killing of Caylor Ellingson in North Dakota. Brandt explains he was fearful that the 18-year old Ellingson was a threat to him as a result of his politics. In this video, we review the Affidavit and Probable Cause statement and the criminal charging document.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #MikeLindell #CaylorEllingson
Government Prosecutors file a reply to Trump's response at the Eleventh Circuit, arguing it is his burden to show he declassified the documents. How will the Eleventh Circuit rule on the two appealable issues? And will SCOTUS weigh in?New York Attorney General Letitia James files a $250 million dollar lawsuit against Trump and his family on valuation claims. Tish James has a history of calling Trump illegitimate and campaigning against him will suffering from facial spasms. Bill Barr weighs in on the lawsuit, and calls it a political hitjob.Senator Josh Hawley grills Biden's NARA Nominee Colleen Shogan over here prior political writings. Ms. Shogan has been nominated to serve at the National Archives, an institution that has been highly politicized in the wake of the Trump Prosecution.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #LetitiaJames #JoshHawley
Trump's defense lawyers respond to the Government's appeal to the Eleventh Circuit. Republican Attorneys General submit an amicus brief support Trump's filing in the Eleventh Circuit. Defense lawyer Alina Habba says Trump is not planning on releasing the surveillance footage of the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago, and Trump confirms.Biden's Border Catastrophe continues with the CBP reporting that over two million encounters occurred in the last fiscal year at the border. Bill Melugin from Fox News explains the dire situation. Texas Sheriff promises to criminally investigate Ron DeSantis over the migrant busing saga. Mitch McConnell and the White House weigh in on immigration, and Trump uses 2016 language on immigration.Rep. Jim Jordan reports that an FBI whistleblower has been suspended by the agency. Jordan sends a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray and Trump weighs in on the weaponized DOJ. Jordan says he wants a full, unredacted affidavit.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #Biden #FBI
U.S. Government Prosecutors filed an appeal with the Eleventh Circuit challenging Judge Aileen Cannon's order appointing a Special Master to review the documents seized in the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Trump's defense has been ordered to respond immediately and a strange motion to intervene is filed by... the U.S. Treasury?Martha's Vineyard Wine Moms meltdown after immigrants are escorted out by the National Guard. Reaction from island residents who were moved to tears after a short time with the immigrants. Mayor Muriel Bowsers says D.C. is not Texas and New York Mayor Adams says that his city needs all hands on deck. Gavin Newsom suggests Ron DeSantis and other bussing governors should be prosecuted.Biden bumbles his way through a bizarre interview on CBS, declaring the pandemic is over and changing the dynamic on America's strategic ambiguity vis-à-vis China and Taiwan. What is up with Biden's eyes?Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #Biden #MarthasVineyard
Judge Aileen Cannon issued a final order appoint a Special Master to oversee the Trump Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Case. Judge Cannon also denied the DOJ's request for a partial stay and the media tries to intervene for more access. Andrew Weismann and others react with doom.Martha's Vineyard Residents and lawyers spring into action to deport illegal migrants and threaten governors with legal action. Residents confirm to the media that the migrants have to go, and they are deported out. The White House contemplates litigation against Ron DeSantis and KJP continues to blame Republicans for the mismanagement. Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #DeSantis #JudgeCannon
Fifty migrants arrive in Martha's Vineyard, causing a firestorm across the media. Ron Desantis takes credit, and Karien Jean Pierre has no answers for the media. Kari Lake explains her take on the immigration problem as Blake Masters visits the border.#MarthasVineyard #KJP #KariLakeTrump warns about a possible indictment, explaining on the Hugh Hewitt show that there will be big problems if it happens. Trump is criticized for his speech while Senator Marie Hirono demands a "literal call to arms" on abortion and Rep. Tim Ryan wants to Kill and Confront the MAGA Movement. Reps. Jim Jordan and Chip Roy battle for more oversight and we check in on the Trump Docket.#TrumpIndictment #ChipRoy #JimJordanBecome a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #Trump #Oversight
Purveyor of Restful Sleep and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was RAIDED by the FBI at a Hardees drive-thru, where Federal agents seized his phone. Harmeet Dhillon represents others who have been harassed and prosecuted by the FBI and the FBI releases crime scene photos.In a newly unsealed court documents, we learn that Igor Danchenko, a key figure in the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax was in fact a paid informant at the FBI up until October 2020. The Trump Search Warrant Judge, Judge Reinhart, orders more pieces of the affidavit unsealed, and we review. Trump calls Ashley Babbit's mother to offer his condolences, as Bennie Thompson plans more January 6th Select Committee hearings.Senator Rand Paul blasts Anthony Fauci with his prior inconsistent statements over immunity. Paul is held to be out of order for his use of Fauci's own statements. Meanwhile in Congress, Rep. Hank Johnson compares parents to terrorists and Rep. Raskin fights civic activists. Senator Ron Johnson gets Twitter executives to admit that they can influence the outcome of an election.JOIN MY FREE MASTERCLASS: https://www.ytclientcashmachinemasterclass.comBecome a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software: #Trump #RandPaul
Brutal inflation numbers reveal the disastrous effects of Biden's policies. The White House tries to play make-believe while the stock market plunges. Republicans responds and promise more if elected in 2024.#Biden #WhiteHouse #KJPGovernment Prosecutors respond to Trump's request for a Special Master with a new memo outlining their objects. Judge Aileen Cannon receives death threats from a woman in Texas. NARA communicates with congress about outstanding Trump documents.#TrumpRaid #SpecialMaster #MaralagoA reporter reveals there may be a second Hunter Biden laptop out there on CNN. Senator Chuck Grassley says former FBI agent Thibault must testify in front of Congress. Senator Ron Johnson and Rep. James Comer discuss the FBI.#Oversight #FBI #HunterBidenJOIN MY FREE MASTERCLASS: https://www.ytclientcashmachinemasterclass.comBecome a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software:
Donald Trump's defense time files new motions in response to Government attempts to stop the appointment of a Special Master. Trump objects to several of the government's candidates and disagrees with the Prosecutors over the scope of the Special Master duties.Trump makes a surprise appearance in Washington DC, causing heads to spin. What was Trump doing? Being arrested or just playing golf? We review. Trump's lawsuit vs. Hillary Clinton was dismissed by a Judge, a Alina Habba responds. Lindsey Graham expresses disagreement with Trump over a possible pardon of J6ers.As election season draws nearer, the Cowardly Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Kari Lake, again! The Arizona Debate Commission asked an obvious question to Nicole Lamonte and then declined Hobbs' special accommodations. NBC's Chuck Todd and others express their concerns.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comFREE Webinar: https://www.ytclientcashmachinemasterclass.comMindmap Software (affiliate): #2024 #KariLake
Steve Bannon speaks after being book on new charges, claiming the FBI raided the homes of the 35 MAGA deputies in a nationwide effort. Senator Josh Hawley says Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray need to go. Senator Ron Johnson urges whistleblowers to talk to him despite Merrick Garland's warning not to do so.A Federal Judge ordered Government officials to disclose more materials to Missouri and other plantiffs in a lawsuit over Big Tech Collusion. The White House has no comment on the new ruling and Rand Paul reacts.Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser declares a State of Public Emergency due to the migrant crisis, saying her city will allocate $10 million dollars to dealing with the bussed immigrants arriving from Texas and Arizona. D.C. Citycouncilperson Brianne Nadeau blames Arizona and Texas for causing the crisis, while Governor Pritzker from Illinois says Texas is "sowing chaos."Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software (affiliate): #BigTech #Bowser
Trump prosecutors appeal Judge Cannon's ruling appointing a special master in the Trump Mar-a-Lago search warrant saga. While the appeal is pending, government Prosecutors ask for a stay of the Judge's order, submitting a declaration from a national security official. Trump faces new threats from another New York probe as Kari Lake fields questions about becoming Trump's Vice President.Political Prosecutions continue across America, as New York indicts Steve Bannon. Prosecutors Letitia Tishy James and Alvin Bragg give their statements about the charges as Bannon is perp-walked by the media.Democrat Politician Rob Telles charged with Murder in the killing of Las Vegas Journalist Jeffrey German. Telles was arrested by police after losing his primary challenge resulting from long war of words with German. Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software (affiliate): #Bannon #JeffreyGerman
The very leaky DOJ continues to drip information to the Washington Post, which now reports the Trump evidence included materials about foreign nuclear capabilities. For some reason, the White House doesn't seem concerned. Meanwhile, Bill Barr believes an indictment is likely, Hillary Clinton rewrites history, and Mitch McConnell is still asleep at the wheel.Jill Biden SCOLDS Joe Biden for not standing up for her at an Obama photo unveiling event. Did he deserve it? President Biden whispers about Michelle Obama and we look at American levels of happiness.Washington Post reports that Steve Bannon will be voluntarily surrendering to New York prosecutors for his involvement in a fundraising effort to Build the Wall. Bannon released a statement and Charlie Kirk offered him support.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software (affiliate): #Biden #Bannon
Trump's Defense Team celebrates a victory after Judge Aileen Cannon orders the appointment of a Special Master. Legal Scholars Bill Barr, Laurence Tribe and Andrew Weismann react to the news with sorrow.New polls show Biden's Blood Red MAGA Declaration of War Speech backfired, with the majority of Americans disapproving. Peter Doocey questions Karine Jean Pierre about her prior tweets calling Trump's election illegitimate. Rep. Jim Jordan responds and we check in with Senator McConnell and Vice President Kamala Harris.Kari Lake blast Katie Hobbs for refusing to debate her. Arizona News media catches the news and Kari calls Hobbs a COWARD for refusing to face her.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: https://www.rrlawaz.comMindmap Software (affiliate): #Biden #KariLake
Trump Judge Aileen Cannon GRANTS Trump's request to appoint a special master to oversee the FBI's seizures of documents from Mar-a-Lago. The 24-page order explains the process for selecting a Special Master. Trump explains Barron's room was also searched as a part of the FBI raid.Trump reacts to Biden's MAGA Murder Speech, calling it full of "hatred and anger." Jonathan Turley walks us through the military rules on participating in partisan political activities. CNN's Brianna Keilar gets attacked by Keith Olbermann and others for questioning the Biden Regime.President Biden makes bizarre claims during a series of speeches, claiming his administration "beat pharma" this year and that his administration created $10 million new jobs. We review both claims and compare his rallies to Trump's.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #Biden #MAGA
The Federal Judge overseeing Trump's complaint against the U.S. Government for the RAID of his home ordered the unsealing of two documents; a report on the investigation and a (slightly) more detailed property list. We review both documents in detail, along with a complaint from a very distressed citizen upset Trump is still using the phrase President.Biden declares WAR on the MAGA faction of the Republican party in an insane and delusional speech in Pennsylvania. Biden said MAGA Republicans are a threat to Democracy before being escorted out by his wife.President Biden backtracks on his statements from his commie-red speech where he said MAGA Republicans are a threat to America. Fox's Doocey asked Biden about his statements, to which Biden mumbled an incoherent answer referencing global violence. Biden's Hitlerian speech gets meme'd into oblivion, and we review.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #Biden #MAGA
Oral arguments took place today in Trump v. United States, as the former President seeks to have the Federal Judge appoint a Special Master to oversee the review of the files. Christopher Kise appeared for Trump in front of Judge Aileen Cannon for oral arguments.Trump responds to the recently released stage FBI crime scene photo showing documents haphazardly scattered across the floor at Mar-a-Lago. Trump has a lot of questions for the FBI and says he is considering a full pardon for January 6th defendants if he decides to run and is re-elected.The mainstream media and standard democrats respond to the staged Mar-a-Lago photo, calling Trump's actions atrocious, as the DOJ tells Bloomberg they are not considering charges until after the mid-term elections.Biden and the White House slowly walk back their comments that all MAGA Republicans are threats to democracy and personal safety. Karine Jean Pierre clarifies that they are now only talking about MAGA officeholders. Biden prepares to lecture America.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #Biden #DOJ #Biden #KJP #MAGA
The DOJ responds to Trump's request to appoint a special master by releasing a staged photo from the FBI. The 36-page response was joined by an 18-page exhibit that detail the government's justifications for raiding Trump's home. Former DOJ Attorney Brett Tolman explains why the DOJ is concerned about oversight.Ann Coulter says Trump is DONE and blames Right Wing media for propping him up. Meanwhile, Steve Doocey on Fox asks Governor Kristi Noem why Trump is such a criminal.President Biden taunts Republicans, saying they don't stand a chance against his F15 fighter jets. Karine Jean Pierre at the White House has trouble differentiating between Good Republicans and Bad Republicans when asked about it by the Press.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #FBI #DOJ
The FBI finally removes Timothy Thibault after numerous complaints from Senator Chuck Grassley and others. Senator Kennedy grilled Christopher Wray about Thibault and Jim Jordan confirms Whistleblowers are approaching him with concerns about the FBI.President Bident appoints Hunter Biden Denier Jeremy Bash to his Intelligence Council. Unfortunately, Bash's intelligence did not deliver during the 2020 election when Bash signed onto a letter with other "intelligence" officials who lied about the Hunter Biden laptop.Donald Trump hires a new lawyer to join his defense team. Chris Kise has a long history of qualifications and we review. Former clerk to Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch delivers an excellent summation of Trump's defenses.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #Biden #FBI
The Biden Administration Office of Director of National Intelligence confirms they are completing a damage assessment in the aftermath of the Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid. We review the news in context of the Hillary Clinton email saga, where no damage assessment was completed. More redacted documents submitted by government prosecutors show how little the public gets to see.Judge Cannon (a 2020 Trump appointee) issues a preliminary order approving a special master in the Trump Search Warrant case. Government Prosecutors respond, confirming that they probably already rummaged through Trump's privileged materials.Biden returns to public eye after being dropped off by Jill Biden, calling Republicans threats to democracy. Karine Jean Pierre confirms he stands by those statements as she provides more details about the prosecution of Biden's political enemies. Lindsey Graham makes a weird statement of Fox News, seemingly wanting more violence.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #Biden #MAGA
The Department of Justice releases the heavily redacted affidavit used to justify the RAID of Donald Trump's residence at Mar-a-Lago. Today, we review the affidavit in details, including missing exculpatory information and the lacking particularity.Trump Lawyer Christina Bobb and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe react to the unsealed affidavit, and other Republicans like Glenn Youngkin weigh in.President Biden and Karine Jean Pierre continue to confirm that the White House knew nothing about the Raid and had no advance notice of any activity by the FBI. Nancy Pelosi encourages a wait-and-see approach.Become a Member: & More: Help Good People: #KJP #NancyPelosi #TrumpWarrant #MaralagoRaid #FBI #ChristinaBobb #Trump #JohnRatcliffe
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