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Author: Annika

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It's all about witchcraft, intuitive abilities, and how to marry your magickal life with your mundane life so that you can Live a Magickal Life every day! I offer you tools, guidance, and a space to grow your witchcraft knowledge and practice as well as develop your intuitive skills.
25 Episodes
This week we chat about giving away our personal power and how that affects your mundane and magickal life.
Who hasn't had the thought that it's all just in your mind?  Your imagination has so much to do with your witchcraft and intuition. 
This week we chat about discovering what kind of witch you are.... and if you even really need to know. 
Let's chat about the difference of Smudging and Smoke Cleansing and why you shouldn't over do it!Be sure to check out all of my offerings and services on my website at
In this episode I chat about finding out what your spirit guide's name is and why that might be important for some of us. Be sure to check out all services and offerings available on my website at 
This week let's chat about connecting with your Spirit Guide. I offer 7 easy tips to help you. Having a connection to your spirit team is essential to step into that ease and flow of Living a Magickal Life daily. Check out the Discover Your Intuition course information on the website by clicking HERE.
This week let's chat about some simple reasons that your spells may not be working. Be sure to check out the membership on by clicking the BECOME A MEMBER tab and follow me on social! 
A little more chat about manifesting this week and what being in alignment with your desire means.
Are you only doing half of it? 
Review Your 2020

Review Your 2020


A little chat about how I review my previous year and why.Be sure to join the Living a Magickal Life group on Facebook!
Let's dive into some self care that will help you now and in the long term. 
When you become too close to your cards it's time to put them down. 
There are two tips that I always give whe people ask about manifestation. This week I share them with you. 
It's Full Moon time... with a lunar eclipse on the Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving heading into the Holiday season.  Whew! Here's a few quick tips and one involves standing on diet inside your home.  What?!?
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