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Juan Aguiriano of Kerry Group shares his insights on today's food industry and consumer demand for sustainable, highly nutritious foods with proven health benefits.
Rosalie Harrison and Andrew Kris discuss how business professionals are no longer "in shape" for work travel and in-person meetings, as well as how the expectations about work schedules is changing.
Andrew Kris shares his expert insights on how to set up a shared services center, what it takes, and how to find and retain the best talent for the job.
Andrew Kris has a conversation with Aisha Jallow, who has the passion for and expertise in finding and attracting executives based in Africa for leadership roles in international companies. Aisha uses her history of substantial success with clients such as Heineken and Tetra Pak to explain why sourcing professionals from Africa is so vital and advantageous.
In this second conversation with Juan Aguiriano of Kerry Group, Juan discusses food waste and how the food industry can tackle this issue, which creates enough food it could feed 2 billion people every day.
Andrew Kris discusses climate change, its impact, and how the food industry is going to  contribute to sustainability in conversation with Juan Aguiriano, of Kerry Group, who explains how the food industry has a very special role to play.
Andrew Kris discusses with PharmaStars' Naomi Fried and Laura Gunn about the gap between Big Pharma and small digital health start-ups, and how that gap will be closed in the future.
Andrew Kris is joined by Naomi Fried and Laura Gunn, founders of PharmaStars, to discuss digital health startups, the way they communicate with and speak the same language as pharmaceutical companies, and how pharma companies can find the best way to engage with digital health startups.
What's the best way to impress a headhunter? Andrew Kris of Borderless in conversation with Anthony Harling provide some insights for a successful conversation.
Andrew Kris takes a deep-dive into how things have changed since the pandemic began with leaders of Workplace Experience at LinkedIn's Brett Hautop,  and Tetra Pak's Sudhir Saseedharan.
Building a personal brand strategy for CEOs and ambitious executives, and the importance of personal branding and storytelling; the focus of this session in association with Anthony Harling of Not Actively Looking in conversation with Els De Cremer and Renu Hanegreefs-Snehi of Borderless.
Naomi Fried, Ph.D. Founder, and CEO of Health Innovation Strategies looked ahead at the forces driving digital health innovation and brought fresh perspectives to the digital health revolution.
Headhunter Talks brought together Juan Aguiriano Group Head Sustainability, Technology Ventures of Kerry Group, and Defne Saral Global Sales Director, Ingredients with FrieslandCampina, to discuss how the pandemic has accelerated trends in the food industry at every level of the food chain.
Our guests Peter Vermeulen, formerly with Amazon and Johnson & Johnson, and Paul Connolly, of Goodyear put fresh learnings into practice in the life sciences sector.
Our guest Clark Harrison, COO at Zobele Group responded to the Covid-19 crisis by implementing revised operating practices that created a secure environment at seven plants worldwide for 6,000 employees.
Thought-provoking opinions and pragmatic responses to the post-Covid-19 challenge - how to put people first in running your business. A conversation with guests Fred du Plessis, Senior Leadership Advisor at Borderless, Betina Rama Lead Coach at INSEAD Executive Coaching and William Zhao, China Country Chair, TOTAL, hosted by Andrew Kris at Borderless Live.Recorded at Borderless Live May 06, 2020Duration 45 minutes 
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