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Author: Pastor Dirk Rodgers

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Weekly reflections on the scriptures from our Worship Services at Roser Church, Anna Maria, Florida.
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The path of God’s blessing was not easy for Jacob. He worked years for it, and still his uncle almost stole his blessing from him, just as he had stolen his brother’s blessing. God intervenes, however, to ensure that His blessing continues to spread into the world. What does this teach us about God’s gracious ways in the face of hostile plots and plans?
Jacob was not perfect, and neither was his family: twelve different sons from four different mothers, all living in the same house. Their lives were as challenging as we might imagine. But why would God choose this imperfect family to start a new family of God? What does this teach us about our less than perfect families?
As Jacob journeys to begin his new life, he sees a vision of a heavenly stairway traveled by angels. What does this stairway to heaven have to do with us and the plans God has for our life journey?
The name “Jacob” can mean “supplanter,” and he fits the role by stealing his brother’s inheritance. Why would God allow such injustice, and what does this teach us about God’s gracious blessing?
As in many other biblical stories, God proves He is the author of life by giving children to a couple not able to bear them naturally. Twins are miraculously born, and God mysteriously chooses the younger son to be His chosen vessel of grace. What does this miraculous choice teach us about God and His gracious ways?
Stephen is the first martyr of this new community of Jesus followers, and His example teaches us that we will win our battles with a different sort of witness and a different sort of victory. The world may view us as losers, but God sees us, and we must see ourselves as His victorious children.
Where two or more are gathered to accomplish the same mission, they must organize. The early church faced a challenge that threatened this mission when people began to argue over money. The leaders’ response teaches us the importance of organizing in a way that honors God and preserves His mission.
New directions will always be resisted, especially by people who do not get the point behind the change. Those following Jesus must see clearly why they do what they do, so they are not discouraged by this opposition.
Religion can be dangerous when it substitutes show for substance. In the early days of the church one couple ignored this truth, and it cost them their lives. We would be wise to learn from their mistake.
When Jesus appears, He begins a new work of God. The goal remains the same: a holy, good, and loving people worshiping God in a good and nourishing place. However, Jesus now introduces a new means to that end, now for all people, in all places, for all time.
After a very eventful early summer, especially the death of my father, I have been reflecting deeply on why I am here, and what God is calling me to do here. I am praying that God will use those reflections to inspire us, as we ask those same questions together.
Often, in response to our challenges, God answers with comfort and hope rather than detailed arguments. The truth He chooses to reveal provides strength to carry on while His judgement against injustice emerges in His time and in His way.
God has already decreed the defeat of injustice. Often we do not appreciate God’s judgement, but we will appreciate it more when discover why there must be a truly holy and loving God who holds us all accountable.
Who cares for the victims of injustice? Does God care? Does He see what is happening here? These questions challenge the authenticity of our concern. What motives lie behind our cries against injustice? Are we driven by the love that God requires?
To us, it may seem that injustice is inevitable. Despite our best efforts, it continues to destroy. However, God is already at work defeating injustice in a surprising way that will address the root of our problem.
Why does God allow the brutal destructiveness of injustice to continue? Does He care? Is He doing anything to reverse this curse? Fair questions, but does God have to answer them? Is He accountable to us, or are we accountable to Him? Come discover the love of a God who takes our challenges seriously.
God proves the power of His word through the miracle of healing. What do these miracles teach us about God’s work in our day?
God’s Spirit builds a new community that walks its talk, loving in deeds, not just in words
Proclaiming God’s Good News to everyone presents its share of challenges. In a powerful display of His love for all people, God speaks truth to everyone in a language they can understand
One disciple of Jesus brought disaster, but God was already prepared with a response. His Spirit inspires leaders to overcome obstacles and complete the work they are called to do.
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