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Good journalists, good stories and great authors - the theme is likely to vary from episode to episode however every time the central question will always remain… what is there to learn from your worldview?
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🎙️: - following is with Paddy Manning an Australian journalist who has just published an unauthorised biography of Rupert Murdochs oldest son – Lachlan MurdochThis is such a good book. The story of the Murdochs is even better and more dramatic than succession would have you believe. The drama of the deals, the personalities, the extravagances of wealth, the politics. The Murdoch empire is one of the most fascinating group of companies ever assembled and…. the subject of this podcast Lachlan Murdoch – is supposedly set to inherit it all. -----00:00 – Introduction01:52 – Paddy Mannings Opinion Of Lachlan Murdoch As A Bloke26:24 – Lachlan Murdoch The Billionaire36:11 – Lachlan’s Love Affair With Australia40:02 – A Sense Of The Absurd Luxury (Succession)49:57 – Roman Roy Is Based Off Lachlan Murdoch & What Succession Has Gotten Right56:25 – What Has The Reaction Been To The Book In Lachlan Murdoch Circles + Serendipity🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodePaul ClearyDick Smith
🎙️: https://atlasgeographica.comInstagram - following is with Alan Krell - who is one of the pioneers of deep sea, saturation diving - which from the outside, feels just like one of the most high stakes professions you've ever heard of.We are talking about risk and danger that few lines of work would ever expose you to, and as you hear in this interview, those risks and dangers take their toll.We try to tell a linear story of Alan's career in deep sea diving, but as well, address the dangers, the near death experiences, the lifestyle, the people, the corruption and everything else that goes with it.-----00:00 - Introduction02:35 - Nigerian Oil Rigs In The 90s19:20 - Paul Cleary & The Risks Of Diving 26:56 - Explaining The Bell & The Unbelievable Living Conditions Of Saturation Diving54:09 -  Alan’s Journey Into Diving 1:3:11 - Timeline & Crazy Diving Story's1:22:00 - Life & Death & PTSD1:53:35 - 10% Of Everyone Died🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodePaul Cleary
🎙️: Gray recently published this profile - - of Nassim Taleb in the spectator.Instagram - you into Nassim Taleb, Skin In The Game, Antifragile, The Black Swan? I run a Nassim Taleb podcast covering all the wonderful ideas found in the 5 part Incerto series.🎙️The Nassim Taleb & Incerto Podcast: -
🎙️: - Sundberg co-authored a book of memoirs titled ‘My Beloved Terrorist’.This book is an incredible and rare story of how a young woman from Halmstad, who is otherwise your ABBA stereotype of a blonde swede with blue eyes, became radicalised in Islam and ultimately married the jihadist terrorist leader, Said Arif, who was captured by the Syrian secret police and had included in his network, the likes of Osama Bin Laden. Its been hard for me to put into words exactly how I feel about this episode, but one thing for sure is how incredible of a woman Anna Sundberg is. This is the first time she’s ever told this story in english and following the central timeline of her experiences she answers questions about why Islam was even compelling at all the first place, secular Sweden, how steeply and quickly one can become radicalised, a day in the life of a jihadist wife, living in Chechnya, Syria, Berlin, being an extremist muslim in all these places and Sweden, re-entry into Sweden, De-Radicalisation, culture and more.-----00:00 – Introduction01:42 – Formative Experiences & Sweden Back In The Day10:42 – Becoming Radicalised22:47 – Feelings Of Regret & Wanting To Escape25:59 – Back To The Timeline & Extremely Conservative Islam1:00:38 – Taking A Break1:01:01 – Discovering Your Husband Was A Terrorist1:11:07 – Day In The Life Of A Jihadist Wife – Leading Up To 9/11 – Moving To Syria1:53:57 – Leaving Islam, Back In Sweden – Losing Faith2:14:26 – Re-Entry Into Sweden & De-Radicalisation2:40:25 – Discussing Swedish Culture & Whether Anyone Can Become Radicalised🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeDiamant SalihuMartin Schibbye
🎙️: - - following is with the man behind surrounded by idiots, surrounded by narcissist, surrounded by psychopaths, bad bosses, setbacks, and even… vampires.He is one Sweden’s most successful and influential authors of all time. He is the incredibly interesting, and secret Stephen King o’phile – Thomas Erikson.For interviews with Thomas in English, this is certainly unlike you have ever heard him before.He leans into his thoughts about Jordan Peterson, he talks about antidepressants in Sweden, opens up on his worldview when it comes to finding meaning and happiness, he tells the incredible publishing story for surrounded by idiots, goes deep into Stephen King and even rounds on the interview by assigning a personality colour to various famous people from history Elon Musk to Jesus.-----00:00 – Introduction02:37 – The Incredible Publishing Story For Surrounded By Idiots & How Selling Millions Of Books Changes You27:07 – Serendipity From The Network34:57 – Antidepressants In Sweden, Meaning & Happiness47:18 – Jordan Peterson1:00:35 – Great Communicators, Great Writers & How To Communicate With People1:39:24 – Giving Elon Musk, Jesus & More A Personality Colour (DISC)1:58:22 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeDiamant SalihuMartin Schibbye
🎙️: podcasting about podcasts.The following is with the infectiously optimistic and potential future hall of fame podcaster, Danny Miranda.On this episode you can expect to hear Danny open up on his dreams in a way, I suspect you’ve not heard him do so before.Specifically I am referring to an interaction around the middle of the episode where Danny gets vulnerable and shares just how wild his daydreams get when it comes to thinking about his trajectory and his future.In and around that as well, topics spoken about include a digestion of what it takes to be a good communicator including who Danny considers be communication goats. Podcasting about podcasts, Danny game plans a Jocko Willink interview and then there is of course more as well.-----00:00 – Introduction01:15 – An Personal Anecdote From My Life Of Danny’s Influence03:08 – Is Danny Blowing Up? (Tip If You Want To Work With Your Favourite Creator)10:30 – Becoming A Better Communicator25:31 – David Perrel Interview & Danny’s Intense Confidence31:05 – Getting Personal… How Big Are Danny’s Dreams?39:15 – Danny Miranda Show & Getting Guests 47:52 – Deep Research For Interviews & Game-Planning A Jocko Interview53:45 – Larry Kings Most Famous Interview56:16 – Social Media Advice & If If Danny Could Pick Any Two Guests In The Next Week59:51 – What Musicians Make You Feel The Most?1:00:50 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeDanny Miranda Episode #69
🎙️: Gray recently published this profile - - of Nassim Taleb in the spectator.This podcast is about the process of interviewing Taleb and putting together this piece. 🍻☕:
🎙️: I started this podcast I made a list of 20 or so names that were titled ‘Dream Guests’. On this list included names the likes of Salman Rushdie, Ricky Ponting, Chael Sonnen, Robert Friedland, Anne McEvoy, Alain de Button, Mads Mikelson, Jared Diamond… the names of people I deeply admire who are as well, whale-level type guests. And among these many names on the list was the person who is the guest on this episode… the host of Macrovoices, the great Erik Townsend. Erik Townsend has dipped his toe into several disparate worlds. He made millions as a software entrepreneur in the 90s, retired onto a yacht in his 30s, has lived all over the world, even managed a hedge fund, and has since built one of the strongest media platforms in finance – Macrovoices.  In the following conversation, the topics that we spoke about include the following…Erik’s Formative ExperiencesThe Why & How Behind Erik’s Energy Transition DocumentaryWhy Peter Zeihan & Nassim Taleb Have Yet To Appear On MacrovoicesBehind The Scenes Of MacrovoicesUSD Reserve Currency & Serendipity-----00:00 – Introduction02:22 – Early Life & Formative Experiences16:48 – Something Obvious To Erik That Isn’t Obvious To Anyone Else20:57 – Putting Together Erik’s Energy Documentary (+ Nuclear Bull Case)54:12 – Geothermal Energy1:02:16 – Why Hasn’t Peter Zeihan Been On Macrovoices?1:05:42 – Macrovoices Was Created As A Stealth Marketing Strategy To Promote The Hedge Fund1:16:40 – Dream Guests For Macrovoices (Nassim Taleb)1:20:10 – Significance Of The USD Being The Worlds Reserve Currency1:32:22 – Ethics Of Tax Evasion & Offshore Finance1:42:15 – The Role Of Serendipity In Erik’s Life1:51:37 – Country You Are Most Bullish On2:00:22 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History2:02:22 – Message Of Admiration To Erik🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeGeothermal Energy Starter PackOffshore Finance & Financial Secrecy Starter PackEconomics & Economic Development Starter Pack
🎙️: following is with Nikolas Badminton, the chief futurist at one of the oldest futurist consultancies in the world, the conversation, Nikolas broaches topics such as…Determining Signal From NoiseNassim TalebThe Problem Of Water ScarcityA Pessimistic Future?The Role Of Serendipity & More!-----00:00 – Introduction01:11 – Nikolas Worldview23:30 – Signals29:11 – Why Is The Future Pessimistic?51:11 – Qualifying Signal From Noise58:11 – The Problem Of Water Scarcity1:07:47 – Serendipity In Nikolas’s Life1:12:22 – Country Nikolas Is Bullish On1:13:25 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeGeothermal Energy Starter PackFood Waste Manifesto
🎙️: following is with John Perkins.This is John’s second appearance on the podcast, he has just published a new edition of the Confessions of an Economic Hitman, this time with a heavy emphasis on the role of China’s debt traps and chicanery among the belt and road initiative.To hear more about John, what is an economic hitman and the key experiences that inform John’s worldview, be sure to check out his first appearance on the show.  -----00:00 – Introduction01:16 – The 4 Pillars Of The Chinese Economic Hitman11:23 – An Example Of The Chinese Economic Hitman At Play17:24 – John In Kazakstan + The Belt & Road Initiative25:40 – John In Australia & Thoughts On Geographical Determinism38:57 – Sergey Glazyev & USD As The Worlds Currency41:16 – China’s EHM In The Congo46:58 – Serendipity In John’s Life53:23 – How Shamanic Experiences Have Influenced John’s Worldview🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeJohn Perkins – Confessions Of An Economic HitmanJim Henry – Blood BankersOffshore Finance & Financial Secrecy Starter Pack
🎙️: following is with Miki Mistrati – a Danish investigative journalist who has spent a career uncovering cases of child slavery and the child labour rife throughout the chocolate supply chain.He just released his new film on the matter titled ‘Chocolate Wars’ which is available on Amazon Prime.Something horrific at the core of chocolate is just how easily and reliably Miki uncovered horrific stories of child theft and child labour upon every visit he made to Africa’s west coast.-----00:00 – Introduction03:05 – The Chocolate Supply Chain In Reverse11:41 – Consistency In Dirty Supply Chains18:29 – The Most Egregious Actor In The Chocolate Supply Chain24:29 – Why It’s So Hard To Regulate The Chocolate Industry?36:16 – Corruption & How The Industry Has Changed45:43 – Dangers Of Reporting Child Slave Labour54:42 – Horrific Child Slavery Stories & The BS Of Fair Trade1:07:13 – Tonys Chocoloney1:10:20 – Problem Of Disappearing Children1:14:07 – Naming & Shaming The Explicit Brands1:23:57 – Swiss Significance1:26:50 – Greenwashing Everywhere1:31:08 – What Would Miki Do With 10,000,000,000 Euros1:32:05 – Similarities With Other Commodity Supply Chains1:35:40 – Country You Are Bullish On & Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeRyan Delaney – Coffee Supply ChainInvestigative Journalism Starter Pack
🎙️: The following is with David de Jong, a Dutch historian and investigative journalist.After growing up in Amsterdam during the 90s, David de Jong found himself on the billionaire’s desk in New York reporting for Bloomberg on the hidden fortunes power of family offices.During his time at Bloomberg, David made a discovery that led him to move to Berlin and embark on a 4 year investigation into the dark and dusty vaults of Germany’s corporate past.What David uncovered was nazi billionaires and wealth that has endured to this day.-----00:00 – Introduction01:50 – The Dutch, Nazi Occupation & Growing Up In Amsterdam16:16 – The Billionaires Desk At Bloomberg24:50 – Family Offices & How Offshore Finance Is Involved35:50 – Nazi Billionaires42:43 – Slave Labour In The Concentration Camps47:43 – The Nazi Billionaire Heirs51:22 – Sheer Amount Of Work & Research + Reactions To The Book1:03:55 – Magda Friedlander1:04:48 – The Whitewashing Of History1:11:23 – Israel & The Middle East Desk1:15:01- Serendipity1:16:35 – Country You Are Bullish On1:21:30 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeNicholas Shaxson – The Offshore AccountantBradley Hope – 1MDB Financial ScandalsFinancial Secrecy Starter Pack
🎙️: following is a conversation with Matthew Houde. Matthew is the co-founder of a business that is developing a new drilling technology that could allow the world to access the deep geothermal heat beneath our feet.  This is best consumed alongside the episode with Carlos Araque, Matthew’s co-founder at Quaise energy.The subject of geothermal energy is deeply interesting to me. I think it could well be one of the most important disruptive innovations of this generation and it is precisely companies like Quaise who could be the winners from this disruption. -----00:00 – Introduction01:24 – Quaise Start-Up Story08:24 – Geothermal Versus Solar & Wind15:46 – Why Geothermal Matters23:50 – Who Is Carlos Araque + Stories In Raising Money31:48 – Quaise Technology (Part 1)34:45 – 2nd, 3rd, 4th Order Consequences Of Success44:13 – Quaise Technology (Part 2)1:06:14 – Problems With The US Grid1:12:09 – Quaise Timeline1:16:28 – Geothermal In The Media & Thoughts Of The Competition1:26:02 – Country Mattew Houde Is Bullish On1:28:58 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeCarlos Araque – Co-Founder Of Quaise EnergyJohn Redfern – CEO of EavorAlexander Richter – CEO Of ThinkGeoEnergy
🎙️: Lkhaajav is a researcher specialising in Mongolia, Northeast Asia, East Asia, and the Americas.Her research interests cover foreign policy, security, governance, economy, and social issues. Bolor’s research and writing has been published by many amazing outlets and she is a researcher and writer for the diplomat.-----00:00 – Introduction.01:40 – Kind Words From Jack Weatherford & Genghis Khan06:34 – Mongolia In Bolor’s Words (Mongolian Scorecard)32:41 – Horses, Beauty & Mongolian Culture43:56 – Modernity For Mongolia54:45 – Alcoholism1:08:05 – The Role Of Men & Woman1:20:44 – Immigration, Demographics & The Future1:29:10 – China1:40:10 – Bolor Lkhaajav Book1:41:40 – Country Bolor Is Bullish On1:44:42 – Conversation Between Any Two People🍻☕: Things Mentioned During The EpisodeJack Weatherford – Genghis Khan & The Making Of The Modern WorldCharlie Walker – Adventures Through Mongolia & Across The World
🎙️: Vitale is one of the worlds great photographers. She has lived in mud huts, war zones, battled malaria, donned a panda suit, was with the last living northern white rhino as he passed and has reported with intimacy from communities all over the world.She is a Nikon ambassador, National Geographic photographer and just one of the coolest people I have ever gotten a chance to speak with on this podcast. In this podcast, Ami busts the old myth of national geographic photographers, she Confirms the risk and romance of journalistic adventure, but as well tampers my projections with a heartfelt dose of realism.-----00:00 - Introduction.01:37 - Why Skin In The Game Is Everything.06:52 - How To Make It As A Professional Photographer.18:10 - Adventure, Thrill & Romance.24:52 - Benefit Of Being A Woman In A Conflict Zone.32:27 - Risk.40:38 - Me Embarrassing Myself.47:33 - Rapid Fire Questions. 49:28 - Serendipity, Country You Are Bullish On & Conversations Between Any Two People.🍻☕: Things Mentioned.Bjorn Persson - Swedish Wildlife PhotographerMarsel Van Oosten - One Of The Worlds Greatest PhotographersPhotography Starter Pack
🎙️: Liu is Taiwan’s unofficial ambassador to Sweden.He’s lived in Sweden for 11 years and is writing a book which explains the Swedish culture and mentality in a way through which the Taiwanese people and audience can relate. He is a cultural bridge between these two magnificent cultures and countries.-----000:00 – Introduction.02:11 – Where Did It All Being? An Introduction To Taiwan.08:11 – Integrating Into Sweden & Belonging.17:16 – Talking Taiwan Top To Bottom.43:37 – More On David’s Story & Making A Taiwan/Sweden Comparison.56:13 – Swedish Startup Community, Culture & Norrsken.1:16:35 – Sweden Is A Country Of Paradoxes + Impact Startups.1:29:22 – Country You Are Bullish On + Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.🍻☕: Of The Curious Worldview Podcast Mentioned.Angelica Oung – Taiwan Top To Bottom.Magnus Brandberg – Swedish Exceptionalism.
🎙️: Niarchos is journalist who has been published in The New Yorker, The Nation, TIME, The Guardian, The NY Times, Die Welt and many, many more.In a podcast that could have been separated into two distinct chapters you can expect to hear some of the following. The Congo in Nicholas’s wordsA brief history of kleptocracy and the plundering of Congos natural resourcesAn explanation of CobaltWhat its like meeting Alec BaldwinGetting arrested in the CongoAnd more…-----00:00 – Introduction.01:41 – Introducing The Congo & A History Of Kleptocracy.19:43 – Robert Freidland.21:59 – What Is The Current State Of The Congo?32:01 – What Is Cobalt? Where Is It From? The Problem Of Greenwashing.47:01 – Nicholas Niarchos New Yorker Article & Freelance Mining In The Congo.57:51 – Child Labour & Abuse.1:04:26 – Nicholas Writing A Book & New Yorker Status.1:14:58 – Nicholas’s Journey. Freelance Journalism. Advice For Me.1:25:13 – Meeting Alec Baldwin.1:27:49 – Serendipity & Being Arrested In The Congo.1:34:14 – Country Nicholas Niarchos Is Bullish On.1:35:41 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.🍻☕:
THE SOUND w/ Project Brazen & Nicky Woolf-🎙️: Woolf is the host and investigative journalist behind Project Brazens latest investigative podcasts series, a story, which much to the consistency of the Project Brazen tagline, is one where again we are reminded the the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.The podcast is about Havana Syndrome, what we expect from this series and Nicky Woolf even drops a few of the salacious, geopolitical and gossipy details about the story.We then speak about what it takes putting together an audio production like this, Nicky Woolf's life in journalism, we nerd out on podcasting, audiobooks and as well, speak about the media landscape. Topics Within The Curious Worldview Podcast Mentioned.Bradley Hope - Project BrazenInvestigative Journalism Starter Pack-----00:00 - Introduction02:12 - What Is Havana Syndrome?06:16 - The Power Of Suggestion16:41 - Setting The Scene For Us... An Introduction To Havana Syndrome19:52 - The Geopolitical Angles28:37 - Theories For Havana Syndrome36:52 - How Scary Is The Underworld Of Experimental Weaponry?40:59 - How Can Sound Physically Impair You?46:06 - Bring It All Together, The Future Of The Story & Working With Project Brazen54:08 - Changing Journalistic Landscape1:10:04 - Podcasting & Audio1:32:20 - Investigations Not Being Given Oxygen & Australian Journalism1:45:43 - Hero's, Christopher Hitchens & Anthony Bourdain1:58:56 - What Is A Country Nicky Is Bullish On?2:11:45 - Conversation Between Any Two People Of History🍻☕:
🎙️: Chang is a developmental economist who has been named among the worlds top 20 thinkers.He has served as a consultant to the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Investment Bank, Oxfam and the United Nations. Ha-Joon Chang is the author of many books, the most notable of which are23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.Kicking Away The Ladder.Bad Samaritans.The Economics Users Guide.& his highly anticipated new book, Edible Economics. Episodes Of The Curious Worldview Podcast Mentioned.James Robinson – Why Nations FailTim Butcher – Africa’s Broken HeartGeoff Raby – Chinese Economic Development.Economics Starter Pack-----00:00 – Introduction.01:37 – There Is No Such Thing As A Free Market.14:32 – Which Country Has The Best Economic System?22:35 – Why Does Ha-Joon Chang Love Scandinavia?36:28 – How We Misunderstand Inflation.41:07 – Did The Washing Machine Change The World More Than The Internet?47:05 – Ching Ju Yung (GOAT Korean Entrepreneur) & South Korean Culture.58:43 – Working For Oxfam & World Bank.1:04:33 – Is Foreign Aid Good or Bad?1:10:01 – Country Ha-Joon Chang Is Bullish On.1:11:37 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.🍻☕:
🎙️: Walker has… rode his bike through a winter Tibeten plateau. Rafted the hippopotamus dwelling backcountry of the Congo. Cycled his way through India, China, Iran, Africa, Kazakstan. Walked the length of Mongolia. Completed a 8000km triathlon from the Russian Urals all the way down through to Turkey. In Papua New Guinea, he stumbled upon some of the most remote tribes in the world. He walked two months down frozen Siberian rivers camping at -50 degrees. And to top it all off! Charlie Walker sat across from the baldest man in podcasting – the GOAT, Joe Rogan.This podcast explores the adventures teased above, but as well the contents of his two books; Through Sand & Snow and On Roads That Echo.Links To Charlie WalkerCharlie Walker WebsiteCharlie Walker InstagramEpisodes Of The Curious Worldview Podcast Mentioned.Patrick Alley – Global WitnessMartin Schibbye – 438 DaysBradley Hope – Billion Dollar WhaleTim Butcher – A Journey Into Africas Broken HeartHarley Rustad – Disappearance Of Justin AlexanderBryan Bashin – The Adventures Of James HolmanDick Smith – A Legendary Australian AdventurerThe Adventure Podcasts Starter PackAdventure Podcast LinkNewsletter 📋 🔑 - My Instagram & Twitter 🐦 -----00:00 – Introduction.01:56 – Hiding From Guinea Rebel Terrorists.10:11 – Why Did Charlie Decide To Do This In The First Plae?16:23 – Romania Confrontation.22:35 – Serendipity & Human Kindness.28:18 – Cycling The Tibetan Plateau In Winter (Unbelievable Story)40:11 – Podcasts & Audio Books While Travelling.44:10 – Dealing With The Impossible Cold.45:52 – Mongolia & Alcoholism On The Steppe.53:31 – How Charlie Thinks About Risk & Rolling The Dice.57:55 – The Democratic Republic Of The Congo.1:02:39 – How Does Charlie Relate To People?1:14:07 – The Economics Of Charlies Life.1:16:11 – Me Wasting Everyones Time.1:18:26 – Explorers & Adventurers Charlie Admires.1:21:13 – How Does Charlie Want To Be Remembered?1:22:29 – Country Charlie Is Bullish On.1:23:28 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.🍻☕:
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