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Liam Ball is an incredible performer and is super engaging and entertaining. You have also probably never heard of him before! As he isn't a full time pro, there is a good chance you might not know who he is. However, its impact on the UK Magic Scene is HUGE. He is a key player and the world famous Magic Circle in London. He is on the council and helps organise and host their ticketed close up performances which are always massively popular. However, on top of that he also runs a company that makes bespoke leather goods for magicians. He can literally make anything out of leather and many magicians use his services for bespoke products.
Sam Fitton is a legend in the magic community.  Not only is he an engaging performer and speaker, he has also helped dozens of magicians become better business people.  He specialises in the Wedding Industry and has helped many magicians excel in this area. He has an online Wedding Success Masterclass and has literally written the book on wedding entertainment.  On top of all this he is a businessman, an entrepreneur, an inventor, director, writer and an all round nice guy.
Alakazam Magic have been promising a brand new website for over a year now! There have been a few delays but now the website is actually here! In this interview with Harry & Peter Nardi, Craig finds out all about the new website. Peter and Harry talk all about everything that the website will make possible and how it is going to provide a much better experience for their customers. As an added bonus, Harry and Peter talk about new products which are coming soon to Alakazam Magic.
Ollie Mealing is considered one of the best card magicians in the world.  He has created hundreds of tricks, sleights and moves with cards and is absolutely a creative powerhouse.  He was also the first person in the world to develop a membership site for magicians
Michael J Fitch is one of the UK’s most exciting entertainers, with over 25 years experience including many TV appearances and sell out shows to his name.   ​ He creates an energy and instant rapport with his audience.  Michael’s magic of the mind has to be seen to be believed, and his incredible spoon bending has recently received compliments from Uri Geller and David Copperfield. ​ Michael is in great demand as a Close Up Magician for corporate events and private dinners. He is resident magician in Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen, London and Forte Village, Sardinia.
Mark Chandaue is one of the nicest and most creative people in magic.  He has been in and around the magic community for decades and would help anyone.  He started his career as a coin magician and was highly regarded as one of the top coin magicians on the planet. However, after a few years he pivoted into mentalism.  He is now considered one of the best and most creative magicians and mentalists loved today.  He has literally written the book when it comes to practical and commercial mentalism.  His mentalism books are a must read for serious students of this art form.
Alex Jesson has solidified himself as one of the top illusionists in the UK with his Illusion Act - Matricks Illusion. Matricks combines elements of danger, comedy and charm, managing to bewilder audiences time after time. However what makes Matricks truly dynamic is the contrast between set pieces; stylish fast paced magic and illusion with dance using current music and special effects. The show is designed to balance comedy and light heartedness with curiosity, mystery and thrill!  In 2004, Alex and his sister, Emily began to create the show "Matricks" and have come a long way since, working alongside the likes of Stephen Mulhern, Diversity, KSI and Roman Kemp. Matricks have not only been seen on Britain's Got Talent but also been seen on "The Sidemen Show" and ITV’s ‘Keep It In The Family’ with host Bradley Walsh, where they've perplexed millions with their original set pieces, dynamic soundtrack and powerful perform Most recently Alex and his team have appeared on Britain's Got Talent and blew the judges away with their audition.
Mark Traversoni has been a performer for years.  He has mastered everything from close up magic and stage magic to kids and family shows.  He has always been busy and always been in demand. However in recent years most people will know Mark as the head of Saturn Magic which has risen in popularity in the last few years and is now one of the biggest magic dealerships in the UK. Mark has a big team behind him and between them they create and innovate a number of very commercial tricks and effects. The range of magic now exclusive to Saturn Magic is now overwhelming.
Stevo Watson has become a household name among magicians in the UK over the last few years!  He joined Ace Magic Studios a few years ago and quickly became known as an incredible creator and maker of gimmicks and gaffed cards.  He also started creating his own tricks and effects and over the last few years has created some amazing effects along with his partner Gary Sumpter. Then in 2021 Ace Magic Studios became part of Alakazam Magic and Stevo joined the Alakazam Magic team.  His reputation has gone from strength to strength and he is now a key part of the success of Alakazam Magic.
Mark Leveridge is an absolute legend of the magic community.  His creations and effects have been performed by magicians around the world.  His dealership Mark Leveridge Magic is hugely respected and as a performer he is considered very successful and at the top of his game. Mark seems to have an ability to forecast trends in the magic community and jump on them before anyone else.  He was one of the first magic dealers in the world to move to a digital platform.  He set up and ran hugely successful close up magic conventions before events like The Session even existed. However on top of all this he is a really nice person as well.  He will help anyone he can.  He co-founded Magic Seen - The Number One Magic Magazine in the UK and has won numerous awards throughout his career.
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years then you will know who Greg Rostami is.  He is a fantastic producer and magician.  Over the last few years he has led from the front when it comes to app magic magic.  Some of his magic apps are considered the best magic apps in the world.  Apps like Realist and Inject are used by hobbyists and professionals all over the world.
An exceptional performer, Paul spends his time travelling between the UK, USA and other far off destinations, showcasing his magic and mind-reading skills at some of the world's most prestigious events. A multi-skilled entertainer, he combines a career in acting and voice-overs with an active magic schedule. Paul has a wealth of experience that makes him the ideal entertainer.In this interview Paul talks about his career in great detail. From starting off to achieving the success he has no stone is left unturned.
Daniel Dorian Johnson has recently taken the magic world by storm. At The Blackpool Magic Convention 2022 Daniel released two amazing routines that were a complete and total sell out. FAST and Pocket Friendly Cups and Balls were considered two of the tricks of the convention. He has worked with Penguin Magic, Magic Box in Newcastle and Mind FX which is owned and run by mentalism legend Michael Murray. However his journey into magic started WAY before 2022. For years Daniel has performed as Mr Freak and specialised in sideshow stunts including being one of the most successful Sword Swallowers in the UK. In this interview Daniel talks about how he became Mr Freak and how he gravitated towards this unusual side of entertainment. However he also talks about magic and mentalism and how he started creating his own tricks and routines.
Nick Popa is a young magician based in Columbus Ohio. However, despite his age he has accomplished a HUGE amount. It was always his dream to work with Penguin Magic and now he is a key part of their creative team in Columbus Ohio. He has created magic since the age of 14, however, over the last couple of years he has been involved with almost every major project that Penguin Magic and P3 has produced.
Kim Andersen is a Danish TV Superstar, well-respected magic creator & a 'third dan' white belt of Saratoga Springs Karate school.  You may know him from The Silver Edge and Silver Edge 2 that he put out through Ellusionist.  However at The Blackpool Magic Convention he set the world on fire with his latest release Shrapnel which he put out with Murphy's Magic.
Every week at 9pm we upload an interview with a magician.  Someone who has had a positive impact on the magic community.  Today we have an interview with Justin Miller. This is the third interview with Justin Miller and he is the only person that we have interviewed three times on the channel. Justin Miller is one of the most prolific magicians in the world.  His creations are used by magicians all over the world.  He has worked with companies such as Ellusionist, Kozmo Magic and Paul Harris Presents.  He specialises in very clever sleight of hand and close up magic that are real working routines.
Lance Corporal Richard Jones is the only Magician to ever WIN Britain’s Got Talent! A World-Class Celebrity Magician who can be seen entertaining at Corporate Events, Royal Parties and in Theatres regularly all around the world. Richard has had Sold Out UK Tours, Headlined the West End and is one of the most highly viewed entertainers on TV globally. As well as being a leading TV Magician, he is also the UK’s most in demand Corporate Entertainer and an Ambassador of The British Army. Richard combines his experiences and training built up over 10 years in Her Majesty’s Forces with cutting edge Magic and illusion. He has recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan where he spent time lifting morale entertaining our troops in Kabul. Richard has been awarded the status of ‘Member of The Inner Magic Circle’ with Gold Star, the most prestigious honour among magicians.
This is a special one off edition of the Talk Magic Series.  This week Craig conducted a live interview with Ryland Petty about his first Blackpool Magic Convention.  This has been one of the most requested videos in the last few weeks. Ryland speaks about what the convention was like, hanging out with legends of the Magic Community and appearing on The Gala Show.  He also talks about what happened in the first Gala Show and how that affected his confidence.
Christian Grace is one of the most prolific magicians in the world. He has worked with some of the biggest magic producers in the magic community including Vanishing Inc and Ellusionist. He also runs Magic Monthly which is considered one of the premium card magic membership platforms in magic. However outside of creating he has had a Stella career as a performer. In this interview Christian talks about his journey through magic. He talks about the highs and the lows and how the pandemic impacted his magic career and how he pivoted during lockdown.
Henri White has had an incredible journey through magic. He started off as a performer, then a creator and ended up founding Studio 52 with his business partner Ben Earl. Studio 52 are really making waves in the magic industry and have big plans over the coming weeks, months and years.
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Joe Kerr

where's the pigcake interview????

Jun 11th

Joe Kerr

let's get all the interviews up on this platform please, this was 2 days ago,but where's the pigcake interview from 3 days ago?🤔 so many missing interviews which is a shame.

Jun 8th

Joe Kerr

great show, awesome guests,just wish they were on here as quick as they're on YT.

Apr 11th
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