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Deboning Power - Critical analysis by Dr Angela Williams
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Deboning Power - Critical analysis by Dr Angela Williams

Author: Dr Angela Williams

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Power is not immune to challenges. These twenty minute episodes cut through power games and suggest ways to understand, challenge and dismantle the lies we are fed.Dr Angela Williams is the author of Snakes and Ladders: The dark truth of Australia's justice system through the eyes a woman sent to prison twice for the same crime.
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Oh America. In the face of what’s happening in America, I ask Australia to reflect on our similarities to America as we all reel at the armed insurrection attempted today by Trump supporters. I read Call it what it was: a coup by Rebecca Solnit from The Guardian Australia for a more relevant overview than I could provide. From her analysis, I identify the following changes we need to demand:Honesty in politics needs to matter again. We need to demand truth and accountability.Divisive politics need to stop, we need leaders who govern for everyone, not only the palatable people who vote for them. We need to recognise and challenge the LNP authoritarian approach. We have to come back to valuing democracy and demanding honesty in electoral advertising. And finally - the law needs to apply to everyone, even Tony Abbott. Support the show (
Two days ago I posted on Facebook about a woman who contacted me to ask questions about my sex work for ‘her own personal curiosity’. This episode responds to that and expands on how we talk about sex work. Apologies, includes a gendered slur. My Facebook post: Woman in the comments of the news conference today asked about how the sex industry was coping with covid.  I referred them to Scarlett Alliance for resources.  They asked to DM me for their potential public health masters or maybe a psychology degree.  I said no. Obviously. And advised they get ethics approval before trying to conduct research with sex workers.  She dirty deleted the whole thread (except my replies stay because it was a live thread).Funny thing is,  she probably thinks she's the first person ever to romanticise the sex industry. The first person ever to assume sex work is linked to psychological damage.  The first ever to want to dig into my head and find out all about the pathologies of sex work.  First person ever to assume I'm obliged to educate them about their sensationalist fantasies about sex work.  Sex work is real work.  If you're that curious about it,  then get out there and give it a go. My sex work history doesn't oblige me to regurgitate the details to anyone who asks.  I am not your literature review,  do your own research. And seriously,  get ethics approval before you start trying to interview anyone.  It's there to make sure you don't ask stupid and harmful questions.Support the show (
For the first Monday Kink of 2021 we are looking at pain and catharsis. We read about endorphins, the brain’s natural opiate, from On the Safe Edge by Trevor Jaques and talk about different ways of understanding the pain threshold. We celebrate how endorphins can soothe emotional pain as well and physical.The potential for pain as a therapeutic tool is unpacked by way of the idea of therapeutic kink and manufactured opportunities for catharsis. We define this term from Ian Buchanan’s Dictionary of Critical theory to understand it’s roots in the dramas of Ancient Greece. We end by looking at how pain as meditation gives us access to the healing potential embedded in our flesh. The consensual ownership of the masochistic space is seen as a tool of empowerment and release. Patrick Califa is quoted from The Whole Lesbian sex book to drive home the therapeutic potential from a top’s perspective. Also read the show (
And welcome to 2021. I’m taking a break from thinking today to share the first part of my memoir Snakes and Ladders. Published in early 2020, Snakes and Ladders didn’t get anywhere near the promotion it deserved when it came out and so I’m giving you a gift of the first part as read by the author. Snakes and Ladders was published by Affirm Press in Melbourne. You can check out their page here or buy it from most online retailers, ebook platforms and as an audio book voiced by the amazing Julia Billington. She does an excellent version of me and reads the bits I can’t. My signing tours were all cancelled but I’m happy to sign any copy, purchased anywhere. Have a safe weekend and I’ll see you all next week. Support the show (
On the last day of 2020 we are listening to experts for once. This episode cuts through the power web between NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the billionaire funders of the Liberal National Coalition, and shows how the ‘expert opinions’ feeding into decisions are being shaped by this entanglement of money and corruption. We then go back to 18 December 2020 and listen to Dr Norman Swan’s expert advice to lock down the Northern Beaches and mandate masks. He predicts that with these steps, the outbreak might be almost under control by Christmas. Gladys did not lock down the Northern Beaches or mandate masks. Then we read opinions over the weeks since then with experts Raina McIntyre and Mary-Louise McLaws who advise we cancel events, mandate masks and limit movement. They warned that Christmas would spread the virus, New Years Eve would spread the virus, and now they’re warning the cricket would be a super spreader event. And the virus keeps spreading, including to all the areas classed as ‘Greater Sydney’ by Brad Hazzard - Wollongong, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast. Areas people from Sydney could travel to because Gladys was too scared to enact a lockdown. So here we are, starting a new year with a state leader who insists:“Our approach in NSW is cautious and we believe proportionate to the risk that’s there.”The only ‘experts’ who agree with her are the ones whose jobs depend on agreeing. Links and sources at the show (
After watching every press conference with NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian since 17 December 2020, I have ranked her priorities as I see them. There is much swearing in this episode. Much swearing. Listen along to hear my evidence for the following list.Priority 1: Protect the confidentiality of patient zero. Priority 2: Protect the Northern Beaches and keep their businesses open and profitable.  Priority 3: Keep the fireworks to protect the income of hospitality businesses.  Priority 4: Keep the cricket on to protect the income of NSW and Cricket Australia.  Priority 5: Avoid any actions taken by Vic that were criticised by Morrison and his thugs. Priority 6: Don't scare the population by making them wear masks. Priority 7: Spread the curve until March when people on the Northern Beaches can get the vaccine.  Priority 8: Keep the rest of us alive enough so we can keep spending money to protect the economy.This is the woman who refused to lock things down, mandate masks or close businesses and two days ago she said: "Ironically as we see time move on, the threat in greater Sydney is almost becoming as equal to parts of the northern beaches."NSW can’t afford the Liberals anymore. All press conferences found at Support the show (
Today we are talking about going no contact with your family and how to use that as a transformative tool. This one does get a bit brutal and includes discussion of child abuse, including sexual as I reflect back on the deaths in 2020 of my step-father, aunt and mother.  I describe the costs and benefits of cutting off an abusive family with the reminder that there are no winners in this game. By going no contact are are taking back the power from our abusers. This can be an exceptional tool for change and recovery, but only when used carefully and with reflection.I remind us all that when we cut off parents or caregivers because they are dangerous, we then need to make sure we become our own caregivers. We need to process these decisions and consequences constantly, making our needs a priority. If you decide to go no contact with your family, please be prepared to constantly question your choice. Just because you need it now, doesn’t mean you’ll always need it. Nothing is permanent until they are dead.If you have found this one difficult, please reach out to someone. Your safety matters more than your abuser’s feelings. What they did to you wasn’t okay. It wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t have stopped them. Support the show (
On the last Monday of the year we are looking at how to build resilience with kink. I take you through my own journey from submissive to dominant and show you how it was an outcome of the processing of my mother’s abuse. I then introduce you to my 5 step plan for building resilience, kink entirely optional. Step 1: Acknowledge that bad stuff happens. Step 2: Accept your feelings, no matter what they are. Step 3: Process your feelings safely, without blaming or shaming yourself and in way that lets you understand them. Step 4: Identify the strengths you’ve used here and how they helped you survive. Step 5: Give yourself permission to own and live these strengths. We’ll be focussing on therapy for the rest of the year to have a break from the politics. You can find all my therapy and recovery posts by clicking the tag ‘getting better’. Support the show (
Today we are talking about Trolls to help everyone skill up for an online Xmas. The right-wing cheer squad are out in force and they’re gonna be fishing for reactions while sinking down the holiday booze, so best we have a plan. This episode looks at how women are becoming more active as professional troll herders, aka social media community managers, and how this comes out of grass roots efforts by women to combat online bullying. A huge shoutout to Magda Szubanski for her courage and real actual resilience in her battles with trolls earlier this year.Women need to work together to stay safe in every space, including online. Articles read today were:Open Democracy, ‘Tackling the trolls: how women are fighting back against online bullies’; Forbes, 10 Tips to Dealing With Trolls; ABC, How community management and policing internet trolls became women's work’;ABC, Extremists targeted Magda Szubanski with a trolling campaign after her Sharon Strzelecki COVID-19 ad;ABC, Ignore or respond? How to deal with online trollsSupport the show (
Today we look at the Avalon outbreak and wonder if NSW was set up for failure by Scott Morrison’s constant chants that we needed to be open by Christmas. We look at the history of Covid in Australia, going back to the Ruby Princess, the cruise ship full of pentecostal Christians that was allowed to disembark 3 days after bans were put in place. The Bulletin suggests that dodgy middle of this night phone call may have related to the in-laws of a ‘powerful federal minister’. We analyse the optics of today’s press conference where NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian let Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant handle the majority of the questions and then swooped in to undermine her recommendations with the reminder that thinking about ‘society’s needs’ was also part of Kerry’s job. We end with a shout out to the troll Lisa from the SBS feed and a reminder that we need to save our facts and call these people out. We might not be able to change their minds, but there’s always the other people reading. Trolls don’t change their minds, lurkers do. Read for today: SMH, ‘Why Sydney is facing a super-spreader disaster’, Raina MacIntyre;  SMH, ‘NSW reintroduces tougher new measures after 30 new COVID-19 cases’, Anne Patty & Pallavi Singhal;Guardian, ‘NSW hotel quarantine: who is exempt and who makes the rules’;ABC, ‘Prime Minister Scott Morrison pressures Victoria to fast-track coronavirus roadmap, Georgia Hitch;  Support the show (
On Mondays We Kink and today our kink is verbal humiliation. Comes with a content warning for sexual assault and a language warning for gendered slurs.This podcast brings you some theory from SM101: A realistic introduction by Jay Wiseman and lots of my personal experiences to talk about how verbal humiliation can be a tool for transformation and change, but only when used with care.You get a little listen in on this morning’s session with my beautiful trans girlfriend and an analysis of how we use light verbal humiliation to help her challenge the messages she was given about pink before her transition. We just listened to the podcast together and had even more moments of loving eye contact. Going back into the dungeon to play with some pink while you all listen to this. Stay at home, NSW, and stay safe. We’ll talk about Covid tomorrow. Support the show (
Today we are celebrating a month of Deboning Power with a wrap up and some launches. We meet the amazing Cate Steele, my hero (but you have to listen to find out), launch the Facebook page at, and revive the Patreon now at’ve decided this is going to be my job since I’m pretty much unemployable after 2 psychological injuries in 2 different workplaces. Deboning Power is here for the long term.Yaaaay!Find out moreLinks at  \ \ \  \  \ \   \Support the show (
Today we look at Australia’s latest attempts to formalise the East West divide through a PR campaign on China. In January, a team of WHO investigators is heading to China to investigate Covid-19. The person of this story told by Australia’s state sponsored media ABC is low on named sources or facts but gives unnamed sources to spout of threats to China. This podcast looks at the history of the Free Trade Agreement with China and wonders if we didn’t start the fight in the first place with the 2017 Foreign Interference Bill. With China accounting for 40% of our exports, maybe it’s time for the Australian government to stop spinning the story and admit that we need this relationship more than China needs us. Quoted today: ABC, WHO-led team will head to China in January to probe coronavirus pandemic origins,, Reuters, Australia welcomes growing support for COVID-19 inquiry at WHO meeting,, ABC, Marise Payne calls for global inquiry into China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak,, BBC, Australia launches WTO appeal against China's barley tariff,, BBC, How Australia-China relations have hit 'lowest ebb in decades’,,Find out moreLinks at  \ \  \ \ \   \Support the show (
Today we are looking at some breaking news about Healing House a Christian healing rehab centre in South West Sydney, NSW. Healing House was set up by a recovering addict and provides prayer healing and cultish indoctrination instead of drug and alcohol treatment. I describe my own experiences in pentecostal prayer circles and stab at the problems inherent in a system where women can be sent to jail for not believing enough. Also discussed - the Women’s Justice Network and the problem with giving them space to speak. A future episode will look at what happened there and the consequences for ex-criminal and peer Kat Armstrong for trying to make a better life for women leaving prison. Quoted today: ABC - Women speak out against controversial religious Sydney drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre the Healing House out moreLinks at  \ \  \ \ \   \Support the show (
Australia is in a non-consensual relationship with an abusive federal government and they aren’t listening to our safe word. This episode compares consent in the kink world with the current state of Australian politics. Listen along to find out how the national Covid commission, a little gang of business executives, have used the smokescreen of 2020 to lay out a plan of reforms for Morrison’s monstrous front bench to enact. We didn’t consent to this and we’ll be paying for it every second until the government changes - and probably long after. We gave them a mandate for evil at the last election. They know there’s no chance after this so they need to give the business lobby everything they can before they’re booted out. Protest is our safe word, we need to start screaming it. Read for todayThe Conversation, So much for consensus: Morrison government’s industrial relations bill is a business wish list, The Guardian, Prime minister’s department says granting FOI request on taxpayer-funded research would 'prejudice' government, out moreLinks at  \ \  \ \ \   \Support the show (
For our first On Mondays We Kink, we talk about consent and how it matters at every stage of the kink journey. I share the story of Simon, a man who tried to bribe his way into our party on the weekend rather than provide me with a phone number. I use this case study to look a t the need for consent to be consent, clear and visible. And this is his remarkable email: I follow rules and hope you reconsider. It's that I'm not in an open relationship and need my privacy.Find out moreLinks at  \ \  \ \ \   \Support the show (
Today we look at the Cronulla race riots and wonder what it means to have a Prime Minister who embraces the Cronulla culture. Fifteen years on from that day, I have a sinking feeling that Morrison’s a PM for the people who gathered on the sand more than those who came by car and train. All my research today was from Wikipedia Find out moreLinks at  \ \  \ \ \   \Support the show (
Warning - today we are talking about suicide. Please look after yourself and seek support if you need it. Today we are talking about how our Prime Minister Scott Morrison talks about mental health and suicide and how this is contradicted by his actions after he mocked the shadow treasurer for crying during the industrial relations reform debate in parliament. Morrison’s tweet: Scott Morrison's suicide prevention adviser says mental health system may increase risk of self-harmAPH: International Men’s Health WeekYahoo News: 'I know people are anxious': Scott Morrison appears back homeCanberra Times: Anxiety and anger, the prime minister mixes it up in a crisisABC - Scott Morrison does not want kids to have 'anxieties' about climate change after Greta Thunberg's speechGuardian: Why mental health is the legacy-defining fight Scott Morrison can't afford to loseWomen’s Agenda: ‘He’s so precious’: Morrison’s casual sexism is on full display & no one’s laughingHow to Predict Narcissistic AbuseThe Narcissistic Cycle of AbuseFind out moreLinks at  \ \  \ \ \Support the show (
Today the Australian Senate is voting on a bill to expand the cashless welfare card (CWC) after it was pushed through the lower house yesterday. It is the final sitting day of the year. The CWC is a tool of shame that the LNP Governments have used to punish poor people for existing. This podcast looks at the experiences of some people on this card and the many inquiries that have found problems with it. I hypothesise about the generation we’re raising and the impact of the children being raised under this scheme. Imagine growing up watching your parent being ritualistically humiliated to feed money into the LNP cash for votes rort? Despite all this opposition, the Morrison government is pushing through an expansion. We end by looking at this action as part of a pattern of this government laying the foundations for their business mates to keep scalping us after they lose the next federal election.Talked about today:Guardian: Cashless debit card: government’s own research finds underwhelming Big Smoke: Research finds cashless welfare does more harm than Collins MP Twitter News: Time to roll out cashless welfare cards 'across the country': Cashless Welfare Card Links at  Support the show (
Today we talk about pleasure, balance and Cobra Kai.We’ve just set a new rule in my house where on Mondays we do kink. In this podcast I decide to pull that over here, starting out with this critical analysis of pleasure. Pulling on ideas from Derrida, Barthes and Burke, we define pleasure, jouissance and the sublime. Finding balance, I decide, means something different when you are balancing a history of abuse and trauma. The pleasures to be found in kink unlock a state of transformative bliss. BDSM is one the best tools I’ve used to heal myself. I very much look forward to our Mondays in kink. Quoted today:Ian Buchanan A Dictionary of Critical Theory Support the show (
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