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The Myotherapy Association Australia began life as Myotherapy Association of Victoria. As an emerging health profession, the popularity of myotherapy as a valuable career pathway in health sciences meant the association quickly identified the need for graduates and practitioners nationally for peak body representation. Today, the Myotherapy Association Australia are Australia’s only industry association dedicated solely to the needs of myotherapists and myotherapy profession. In essence, myotherapists help people in pain to move better and live their best life.
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Join host Kathryn Cross as she delves into the world of our CEO, Anna Yerondais. We learn about Anna's journey as a myotherapy clinician, business owner and hear about her diagnosis with MS. Kathryn and Anna chat candidly about how Anna moved through her career from being a member of the Myotherapy Association to now taking a leadership role as the Association CEO and passionate advocate for the myotherapy profession.Do you want to hear something from our MyoMatters Podcast, perhaps a suggestion of someone we can chat with, or perhaps you would like to share your story? Reach out to 
E2 - Going for Gold

E2 - Going for Gold


Tune in as our host Anna Yerondais chats with Myotherapist and MA member, Toby Glennon about his recent travels with the Australian Medical Team at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.Toby fills us in on his humble myotherapy beginnings, his journey from Advanced Diploma to Degree myotherapy studies, work commitments, challenges and celebrations as he accomplishes his ultimate goal - taking his myotherapy work to the Olympic Games.Just goes to show - dream big - stay focused and smash those career goals out of the park.This episode of MyoMatters is proudly sponsored by the Myotherapy Association AustraliaLearn how you can be a part of Australia's peak myotherapy Association. The only industry association that represents the needs and interests of myotherapists and the myotherapy profession
Join our host Kathryn Cross as she chats with myotherapists and MA members, Mathew Richardson and Jordan (Jordie) Plint.Matt and Jordie openly share their personal journey's of resilience and how their experiences and decisions have shaped the lives they live, including decisions (and often tough) that they have made to navigate their myotherapy businesses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.Matthew graduated from Melbourne's RMIT in 2002 and now runs a successful practice at Tecoma Myotherapy.Jordie is a newer kid on the myotherapy block, having recently completed her Bachelor of Health (Myotherapy) degree from Endeavour college in Brisbane and enjoying her practice in Springfield Lakes in the Sunny QLD coast.This podcast is raw, it's real and it's relevant. So pop on the trainers or kick back with a cuppa and pop your headset on and prepare to get to know two wonderful contributors of the myotherapy profession.If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health challenges, reach out and be supported. Visit Episode of MyoMatters is proudly sponsored by MyoMix Growth Group - Myo Mix Growth Group is a group of people in the business of Myotherapy that wish to grow personally and grow their business.
Shaun Brewster is a clinician, educator and director of Advanced Clinical Education (ACE) in Australia. ACE delivers high quality professional education to allied health practitioners on topics ranging from joint therapeutics, dry needling, cupping, electrotherapy and Neurological assessment.Shaun is a qualified myotherapist and exercise physiologist who has a passion to share knowledge and education. Shaun has dedicated several decades to our allied health industry through lecturing, speaking, training and treating. Join our host Tessa Verrier as she chats with Shaun to unravel his very impressive portfolio, ranging from being a clinician, to lecturing, being a board member and delivering education through ACE and chats about electrotherapy, smart practitioner planning and expanding your skills. Want to hear more from Shaun Brewster? Shaun joins us as a guest speaker at this years National Myotherapy Online conference 2021. REGISTER HERE. Thank you to our sponsors Advanced Clinical Education (ACE): Advanced Clinical Education exists to educate, mentor and support health professionals, to help them help even more people.
You've chosen to study myotherapy as your career pathway - congratulations!You put in the hard yards and years of dedication and now you are a fully fledged myo graduate - amazing!You are now faced with the business journey...what does this look like? How do you know which path to take? Where do you start?Employee? Employer? Contractor? Sub-contractor? Tenant? Sham contracting....whaaaaat?Join our host Anna Yerondais as she chats with Employment Law specialist George Haros of Gadens Law Firm as they navigate their way through what can seem like a web of 'i' dotting and 't' crossing.  Know your rights and your obligations when it comes to employment law.George practices in commercial, employment, industrial relations, and property law particularly with respect to disputes arising in those areas.  George is highly acclaimed for his advice to major corporates, senior executives and elite sportspersons in high profile employment and litigation matters, and is often called upon where the protection of reputation is a key focus.We thank our sponsors:Electric Rocket - video production and other crazy creative services. Visit for all your creative needs.
You've chosen to study myotherapy as your career pathway - Congratulations!You put in the hard yards and years of dedication and now you are a fully fledged myo graduate - amazing!You are now face with the business journey.....But wait, what does this even look like? How do you know which path to take? Where do you start?Join our host Anna Yerondais as she chats with a couple myo veterans. Cher Hetherington of Fix Movement Performance and Samantha (Sam) Rigby of Elite Myotherapy have taken each and every one of these steps. Learn how they've grown their myotherapy businesses from humble beginnings to something epic.We thank today's sponsor:MyoMix: join today and become a part of a community of people in the business of myotherapy that wish to grow personally and grow their business.Want to reach out to either Cher or Sam or both? Contact us at and we can assist.
Join today's host Kathryn Cross, Myotherapist as she chats with Robin Kerr about DermoNeuroModulating (DNM).👉🏻 What it is? How did it evolve?👉🏻 How does it work? And why?👉🏻 How can myotherapist's apply this to their clinical bow?Robin Kerr is an Australian trained physiotherapist with over 3 decades of clinical experience. Her special interests lay in helping patients with pelvic floor and lumbo-pelvic dysfunction. Over the last 20 years Robin has moved towards a focus on motion and the BioPsychoSocial model in the management of persistent low back and pelvic pain. She teaches physiotherapy and fitness related professional courses internationally, particularly in relation to 3D motion/ bespoke exercise prescription, the management of pelvic pain and DermoNeuroModulating (DNM).Want to learn more about DNM? Register for our upcoming workshop in QLD here.We thank our sponsors: MyoMix Growth Group - Myo Mix Growth Group is a group of people in the business of Myotherapy that wish to grow personally and grow their business.Resources referred to in the podcast:Dermo Neuro Modulating: Manual Treatment for Peripheral Nerves and Especially Cutaneous Nerves by Diane Jacobs - purchase here.
Jonathan Moody is an experienced owner, investor, practitioner and educator of Allied Health businesses, learning many lessons from both his successes and failures in the health space.As the strategic leader at Physio lnq, Jonathan is big on collaboration, through empowering staff to chase their passion and use Physio Inq as a vehicle to do it. Established in 2006, originally limited to the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Physio Inq is now going Australia wide with its new unique & innovating franchising opportunities and mobile services. Physio Inq is on a mission; push Physiotherapy services and Allied Health Care in a new direction and recreate the client experience. Join our host Tessa Verrier as she explores the journey that has been Physio Inq, understand the business model, the challenges and wins and where Jonathan sees myotherapy, alongside other allied health services, in the years to come.Because 'being busy doesn't always mean being effective'. J.MoodyWe thank our sponsors:MK Healthcare Business Consulting: the business that provides a range of packages from consulting services to practices and clinicians as well as face to face courses for allied health clinicians from new graduate level to those who wish to start their own business.Purchase MK Healthcare products at
Bronnie Lennox Thompson is a highly regarded and well-sought after leader in pain research and is a postgraduate lecturer in psychosocial and cultural aspects of pain.Bronnie’s passion is to help people experiencing chronic health problems achieve their highest potential in life. She has worked in the fields of chronic pain management for twenty years helping people develop self-management skills using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy as well as physical therapies. Bronnie is also a professor at the University of Otago in Christchurch, New Zealand. Bronnie has graced the stage in previous years at Myotherapy Association Australia's National Conference, and we are absolutely delighted to again have the opportunity to chat with Bronnie and have her share her insights about chronic pain.Connect with Bronnie via linked in at: you to our sponsor: KLT Fitness: Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training.
Wayne is a sports physiotherapist and fitness coach with 32 years experience in the health and fitness industries. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams, including the Australian Netball team and the Australian Commonwealth Games team.With an ability to convert complex high-performance, health and well-being concepts into vitalized messages and simple strategies.Join our host, Tessa Verrier as she learns more about Wayne's work and educational resources in the are of Kinetic Link Training (KLT), a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. Participants of Wayne's KLT workshops leave with the confidence to achieve fantastic physical performance results with their patients, plus great long-term health and wellbeing. This episode of MyoMatters is proudly sponsored by Kinetic Link Training (KLT): Learn more at toady for our upcoming KLT workshop at:
Here about the importance in building your brand equity. Understand why consumers choose you over your competitor and why they keep coming back and want to send all their mates.More about you guest Sally Stabler Sally is the founder of Get Out There Marketing and Get Out There Adventures. Sally has been described as a dynamo, she has the ability to listen and understand the business problem to then create and implement clear strategies to ensure businesses are able to have a clear run way to achieve their results. She is extremely passionate to empower and connect business owners to the strategies, knowledge and tools to deliver these results.She holds a Masters of Business (Integrated Marketing Communications) and a Mini MBA by Marketing Week – Mark Ritson. She focused her masters thesis on how digital is impacting brand equity which found the significance in how using digital platforms to streamline your business systems along with how you communicate to your ideal customers is profound in today’s world. She is excited to be working with businesses to build strong strategies in their businesses to ensure they get more visitors, giving themselves more time and energy whilst delivering the results they need.Get Out There Marketing aims to simplify and individualise marketing so you can dedicate your time to the most valuable portion. Location: Brisbane , QueenslandEmail: Sallyhstabler@gmail.comPhone: 0439 601 588Get Out There Marketing: @getouttheremarketing (instagram) Get Out There Adventures: Learn more about becoming a part of Australia's peak myotherapy association at: 
Hear our host Tessa Verrier chat with Tunteeya (Teeya) Yamaoka, Registered Psychologist as she chats about practitioner burn-out and the stress of managing today's ever-changing environment.Tunteeya is often inspired by people who make the brave decision to change their life. Tunteeya’s goal in therapy is to explore what kind of thoughts and feelings lead you to make this commitment and help you take action to move forward towards a more vital life. She uses Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviors Therapy (CBT) to help you to become the person that you aim to be.Tunteeya has a wealth of experience in clinical psychotherapy. She has worked with clients with a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD and adjustment problems. Tunteeya spent several years in Sydney working for various different organizations including Charles Sturt University where she worked as a Psychologist and School Counsellor to support students with their social, emotional and educational needs. She has also worked in one of Sydney’s most prestigious developmental clinics with expertise in the treatment of ADHD for over 20 years.Learn more about Teeya at thank our sponsors CPD HEALTH COURSES
TO BE OR NOT TO BE REGISTERED......THAT IS THE QUESTION?The debate surrounding AHPRA registration has often floated in and out of forum discussions, MA events and over a friendly cuppa. However the COVID pandemic seems to have fueled that fire and very much brought it to the forefront of discussions again, particularly as it seems many governments often default to AHPRA registered health professionals when considering who can and cannot practice during the various lockdown stages.So what does it mean to be a registered profession? And can we truly move forward as a health profession if we are not? Read more about 'what is registration' at registration the holy grail to solving all our challenges faced as an emerging health profession? From endorsed care plans to GST, private health rebates, allied health lists to myotherapy specific item codes, must we be a registered profession to gain access?And if it's not AHPRA, what is the answer? Join our host and Myotherapy Association Australia CEO Anna Yerondais as she  chats with CEO's of Osteopathy Australia - Antony Nicholas and ESSA - Anita Hobson-Powell to discuss what it means to be registered and what self-regulation means.This is a discussion you do not want to miss. This episode of MyoMatters is proudly sponsored by:Corporate.Work.Health.Australia
Join our host, Tessa  Verrier (Clinical Myotherapist and Business owner) as she chats with today's special guest Michael Hall.Michael is a chartered accountant and founder of The Accountables Professional Advisors and NDIS Plan Manager. Listen as Michael and Tessa chat about all things relating to starting a business and some key considerations to support and guide you when making financial decisions. Michael explains how important it is to have the right support staff to help guide you through cash flow and financials decisions of a start-up business. So don't let the numbers scare you when starting or growing your business.This epsiode of MyoMatters is proudly supported by:Evidence for ExerciseLearn more or connect with Michael Hall on LinkedIn at
Join our host Kathryn Cross as she continues her discussions with our special guests Cher Hetherington and Lucy Frostick of Fix Movement Performance located in Victoria's regional Victorian town of Shepparton and more recently opening their doors to the residents up north in Noosa, QLD.Today Kathryn discusses what a CovidSafe clinic looks like:- how can we use this to our advantage- what a CovidSafe plan looks like- how to modify your plan specific to your clinic and jurisdiction requirements- infection control, hygiene and laundry requires, and- how to best manage the 'covid-deniers'So kick back or plug in those ear pods and take a listen to how you make a CovidSafe clinic work best for you your team and clients.Thanks to our sponsorsMyoMix Growth Group - a group developed for people in the business of Myotherapy that wish to learn, share and grow personally and professionally.Download your CovidSafe template developed by MA in conjunction with the FIX team here.
Covid has posed many challenges for business, and for private practices that were forced to close their doors during hard lockdown periods the question remains, how do you ensure you can attract your patients back without it seeming like cold calling after periods of closure?Join host Kathryn Cross (Clinical Myotherapist) as she chats with seasoned business owner/operator and fellow myo Cher Hetherington and staff member Lucy Frostick of Fix Muscle Performance (formerly Shepparton Myotherapy) about ethical ways in which she and her team work to ensure they attract and maintain their clientele following Covid lockdowns.Cher is originally from Wahgunyah, Victoria. Cher started her business in 1995 in Shepparton as a single owner operator.Shepparton Myotherapy became Fix Muscle Performance and moved to new location in March 2017 and now employs up to 30 staff members at 116 Corio Street Shepparton, Victoria.Cher has been involved in World Cycling working with Garmin Cervelo and Orica Green Edge between 2009 to 2014.Cher created an App called MyoCycle in 2013 alongside World Champion and Australian Gold Medialsit Brett Lancaster.Cher is the founder of the event “Prepare Like A Pro” daubing in  2015 and has recently launched Myo Mix Growth Group, for people in the business of myotherapy keen to networked with like-minded individuals and businesses keen to grow personally and professionally.After over 25 years in business Cher still has fierce passion for Myotherapy and the future of the industry. The clinic accepts many High School Work Experience Students as well as Myotherapy University Students needing to complete their observation hours, Cher is happy to provide this opportunity as she believes this is how you nurture the future of this fabulous profession.Deep dive as we discuss:- how to attract patients back following lockdown periods- challenges experienced with a return to practice- strategies on how to prepare to practice- how clinicians in our Sunshine State were impacted and managed their return to clinical care- how to make your business CovidSafe for you and your patientsThanks to our Sponsors:MyoMix Growth Group - Hear and learn from industry expertsDownload a copy of your CovidSafe Plan template developed by MA in conjunction with FIX here, and remember as recommended by our guests, update your plan relevant to government announcements for your jurisdiction.
We welcome you to our first Episode of MyoMatters.Join our host, Tessa  Verrier (Clinical Myotherapist and Business owner) as she chats with today's special guest, Ebonie Rio.Ebonie Rio is a post doc researcher and physiotherapist from Latrobe University who has dedicated her time to understanding tendon pain, rehabilitation, pain perception and education.  During this episode she touches on tendon rehabilitation protocols, pain perception and the importance of pain education. Ebonie Bio: Publications: ACE (Sponsor): more about the research Ebonie refers to in this episode of MyoMatters:ICON 2019: International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium Consensus: Clinical TerminologyRevisiting the continuum model of tendon pathology: What is its merit in clinical practice and research?Eccentric or Concentric Exercises for the Treatment of Tendinopathies?Using visuo-kinetic virtual reality to induce illusory spinal movement: the MoOVi IllusionWhere to search for reputable research resources?Google Scholar, PubMed,  BMJ Journals
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