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Author: James C. Zolman

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You have seen their ads or marketing materials, but who are the people behind these campaigns and what do they know?James C. Zolman interviews marketers from main street shops to wall street firms.He pulls back the curtains on what's working in digital marketing right now so you can test it for yourself and see if these tactics or strategies will work for you.Each episode includes world-class marketing insights from digital marketing managers to CMOs across a wide variety of industries and disciplines.Learn from former Googlers to local credit union marketing leaders, people who worked with Steve Jobs to pioneers of influencer marketing platforms, senior marketing management at multi-billion-dollar public companies to main street marketers, and so many more amazing people.Plus, get to know who they are outside of work... their family life, hobbies, and more!
6 Episodes
How can small businesses acquire the marketing tools and resources large companies have? Is it possible for you to launch $50,000 campaigns for a fraction of the price? In this episode, Josh Aston and his brand new company Above the Fold will explain how he’s bringing his 15 years of experience working at billion-dollar companies to small and medium-sized businesses.PLUSJosh will share with us what Above the Fold is exactly and what separates them from, well, the fold. He’ll give us examples of some of the campaigns he’s done in the short time he’s operated the company.He will also share with us stories of success and failure in the digital marketing space, and how these experiences helped cement his status as a leader in the world of digital marketing.Also, he’ll talk about how he got into marketing in the first place, finding that precious work/life balance, and the importance of collaboration even during the pandemic.
Ever wonder how you could squeeze the most out of your business processes without spending any money? Would you like to build revenue streams out of existing infrastructure by just thinking differently? In this episode, Marty Fahncke will share with us how he has mastered looking at operational inefficiencies and turning them into additional revenue streams.PLUSHe will tell us all about his journey as the adventurous marketer from his humble beginnings as a telemarketer to how he’s regularly handling million-dollar cash deals with high-profile clients.He will also share with us specific stories on how he thinks multi-channel marketing actually works in the modern world, and how to do it to create an unprecedented upsurge in profits.Finally, he’ll share with us his thoughts on pandemic-ridden businesses and how to come out stronger in these trying times.Want to learn more about Marty Fahncke?For over 30 years, Marty's career (like his life) has been one big adventure. Starting in the mid-1980's as a front line order agent at what would eventually become the world’s largest call center, to becoming one of the pioneers of online marketing, to helping launch the International infomercial business, to finding early success in social media marketing, speaking on stages around the world, and much, much more.In his career, Marty has successfully sold everything from Elvis's '68 comeback album, to fitness equipment, to real estate, and even entire companies!Along the way, Marty's marketing efforts have sold over 1 Billion dollars in goods and services, and over $300 million in business acquisitions and divestitures.Connect with Marty on LinkedIn at
How do multi-million dollar deals get done at a billion dollar company?And how does that help marketers or business owners who aren’t doing multi-million dollar deals?It all comes down to story.Story story story.Stories are told at billion dollar companies… the same way they are told in a main street shop.Tell a better story, and you’ll increase your order value - or your deal size.In this episode, Amahl WIlliams shares his insights while he scales a brand new digital division inside a billion dollar company in the IT industry.Tune in right now so you can discover:The right story to tell that will get you bigger dealsThe one big clue that you’re “in” and that the sale is madeHow to tell when you’re truly successful in businessThe purpose of educationAnd more!Who is Amahl Williams?Amahl is a classically trained marketing executive with a background in monetizing new and adjacent technology. Specialties include design thinking, end-to-end quality, return on change, time-to-value, go-to-market strategy, ROM architecture, and RPA+IPA technologies Blue Prism, UiPath, and AA.SYKES Digital Services culmination of careful thought and consideration of how to best align the capabilities amassed through #SYKES’ strategic acquisition strategy to continue delivering upon our unique mission of helping #consumers find and use the products and services they need by combining the power of machine intelligence and human ingenuity.Connect with Amahl on LinkedIn
Tesla vs Porche, how is their creative process different? And what does that have to do with focus groups and getting a brand into COSTCO?In this episode, Jeremy Smith tells us about his incredible journey from briefly working with Steve Jobs in the 80s to helping brands get into COSTCO today.Learn from a creative professional who worked on some of the most iconic brands within the past 30 years!PLUSDiscover why Jeremy says that “Focus groups are a joke” and who inspired him to bet his entire career on that key insightJeremy reveals his super-successful creative process for developing a memorable brandLearn how a creative company can push back on big store requirements with the story of popchipsFind a new approach to developing your next campaign, product, or business - without focus groupsWho is Jeremy Smith?After more than 35 years in strategic sales, branding and marketing, Jeremy Smith’s senior management and graphic arts resume is a salute to the country’s most iconic brands.Think Apple, Chobani, Krave Jerky, Bob’s Red Mill and popchips.Prior to Launchpad, as co-founder of Level One, his relationships with buyers, marketers, strategists, venture capital firms and designers, presents enviable connections in the food industry.Jeremy was named to Forbes and Circle Up’s 2017 Top Catalysts Dealmakers and Influencers in the Consumer Industry.Connect with Jeremy by phone or email 925 329-6425 EXT 100 or
Look, a checking account is a checking account is a checking account, right?When you’re in a commodity marketplace like banking or farming or precious metals or other general goods, how do you stand out? What kind of content marketing strategy should you consider?In this episode, Michael Hostetler helps us discover a unique way to significantly increase awareness, stay top of mind, and build a beautiful place inside the hearts and minds of a jaded local audience…The best part is that he does it with a low budget AND without external user-generated content.PLUSMichael discusses a critical tipping point that helped his brand stand out in a crowded local industryHe shares how a deeply personal tragedy helps him be more empathetic, which is a key to his personal and professional successFinally, you’ll learn about Michael’s family life and what he does to unwind after work… he talks about tacos here, so you won’t want to miss this!Who is Michael Hostetler?Michael Hostetler is the Vice President of Marketing for Crane Credit Union.He is the recipient of the Indiana Credit Union League's Emerging Leadership Award.Michael has over 15 years of financial brand marketing experience.He’s an advisor for George Washington University - School of Business.He also holds the titles of husband and father of four.Connect with Michael on LinkedIn at
You might not have the budget to define an industry as a startup or even a mature company, but you are hell bent on making a dent in the universe with your idea…So how will you transform the industry as the little guy?In this episode, Jeff Lerner shares one way to lead the industry with a smart marketing tactic…PLUSHe shares experience that helped shape his career from developing a winning strategy for ESPN and the NFL while working at Google…He gives us a bit of background on a fantastic book that he published that’s all about leveling up your personal networking habits...And he discusses the exciting business of freight and how his team is changing an unsexy industry with brilliant marketing, guerilla expertise, all backed by a fantastic and innovative product.Finally, you’ll learn about Jeff’s family and a unique hobby that he picked up in 2020.Want to learn more about Jeff Lerner?Jeff Lerner is recognized as a “Top 40 Business Leader Under 40” by San Diego Business Journal for his work in developing relationship-driven corporate cultures and building brands for long-term success, Jeff leads the marketing team at Flock Freight.Over the course of his career, Jeff has held marketing leadership positions at Google, Cricket Wireless (acquired by AT&T), and ProFlowers (acquired by FTD). Jeff is focused on sharing the benefits of FlockDirect to shippers across the US through various marketing and PR channels.Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn at
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