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Author: Amanda Cohrs

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A Deep Dive Into the World of Digital Media. Join Amanda, our host, on her journey through the world of digital media and advertising, as she connects with experts from the European programmatic advertising landscape, marketing tech and media industry.Follow interviews and discussions on a monthly basis to brush up your knowledge and get first-hand insights from the most
24 Episodes
In this episode we are  taking the listeners on a journey from the past, present and future of RTB. Together with Tanya, Amanda is welcoming Wil McMahon, Video Strategy Director at Spark Foundry. He has a profound agency background and a lot of experience through out the history of programmatic adverting.Those are the major questions, which we are discussing from the agency perspective:>Past: How did Programmatic Advertising develop over the years? > Present: How did the video landscape develop from TV to what it is today?> Future: What topics are the focus in the next years?
Bringing CTV to the next level - Together with our industry expert @Sarah Lewis who recently joined the @showheroes group Family as Global Director CTV, @Amanda is digging deeper into the market’s impact of CTV in the latest episode of our PROGRAMANDA podcast. The topics we are deep diving this time are:What are the advantages of CTV?What are our challenges and major market gaps?What will the role of CTV be in about 5 years - especially in comparison to linear TV?What wish would you direct towards our ecosystem in order to make CTV successful?Moreover, Sarah is inviting us to her professional journey and is explaining, what is needed to become a female leader in the male dominated adtech industry.
In this 5 minute episode Amanda introduces you to Connected TV (CTV). How does programmatic CTV work and what are the advantages of this current medium?
Marita Fullinck from Google’s DV360 is giving us the pleasure to talk with her about programmatic education. Together with our Hosts Tanya Pryank and Amanda Cohrs we will take a deep dive into the programmatic skillset and her personal and professional expertise. How to build up a career in programmatic? Which hard and soft skills prove to be important? And what is currently missing in order to ensure knowledge transfer and education?These are the main questions we are discussing.
“How does it feel to be a woman?“This time, we are welcoming Tatjana Biallas, Managing Director of @Gofeminin. we are talking about the development of their community for woman and about the results of their survey about woman in work-enviroment. Female empowerment definitely is the center of this conversation. What are the success factors for professional development and how to keep it in balance through mindfulness? To answer this question, Tatjana is sharing her professional and personal experiences and  advices. Take a look on the gofeminin survey and its results: ​​
In this episode we are very happy to welcome Erik Häggblom, CEO & Founder of Tribaldata. Our topics today are the importance of consent and how to encourage users to opt in for a sustainable data-processing solution. As a sneak peek, Tribaldata is an app that allows users to turn the advertising value of their data into trees to reforest the planet: climate action for free. Listen up to hear more about his mission and his thoughts on sustainable solutions for the digital world and feel free to check out Tribaldata at their website:
How is it possible that aiming for supply chain optimization and the use for centralized marketplaces can go hand in hand? In this episode our guest Miriam Thome, DIrector Marketplace Management at xandr, is giving us a full overview of the new platforms for centralised marketplaces in programmatic advertising and explains the benefits for buy und sell side to work via those platforms as well as the data strategy behind it. 
In this episode we are welcoming our guest Liam Brennan, who is Global Director of Innovation at Mediacom. As an expert with lots of experience in the media landscape he is sharing his thoughts on global innovation and the future of agency models.Liam will also shed light on the process of transformation and how to boost success with a solid change management navigation.
In our new Episode hosted by our lovely Tanya Priyank we are very happy to welcome Sharily Ortela, Lead Performance Marketing at Underamour, who talks about growing from a manager to a leader function and her journey through the branding to performance space.Listen up to hear about her passion for psychology and self-developtment, which was also the motivation to publish her first Podcast "Focussed Mindset". 
„Asking for help means i have the foundation but how do i elevate it can be groundbreaking“Is one of the insights by Danielle Darko from Mediacom, which she is explaining in the latest podcast episode. Her journey so far is inspiring and especially, what she has learned from her experiences in different areas. In our industry, we already figured out that time, tasks and expectations do mostly not fit on each other. Based on Danielle’s experiences and knowledge, she emphasizes 5 approaches which helps her to cope with every-day expectations from all stakeholders. Moreover, we are talking about access to knowledge, self-branding & positioning yourself in the company and how to be heard.
10 years ago, Bülent Cakir founded the programmatic focused agency Klaro Media. This is why he experienced programmatic already in young ages and watched the development closely.Today he is Amanda's guest in our Podcast and tells us  why he is appealing to cross-out “Briefings” from use of language in Media, and what he wishes our branch to do instead. 
In an increasingly connected world of #globalmedia, it’s key to have a  profound understanding of  your business partner’s needs, as well as a close interconnection to the market your company is active in.  Listen to what Brooke Steinberg, Global Planning Director at Dentsu, says about dealing with global teams and how to implement corporate strategies in still unknown markets
Those 5 min will be all about the basics of programmatic advertising including the markets participants from the supply to the demand side, the mechanism of real time bidding and the open auction’s decisions. It is dedicated to anyone in online marketing, who is keen to understand the basic concept of programmatic advertising better. 
Right in time, when celebrating the internationals womans day, we've welcomed Aimee Fanton to the Programanda Podcast to talk about female empowerment as well as learnings from different clients and fields in digital. Aimee is Global Client Lead at the Dentsu International and responsible for the advertiser Heineken. Find out why having a role model in business is so important and why centralization is such an essential process for digital media.
Kamil Friebel is Head of Sales at Splicky which is the new mobile Demand Side Platform powered by Jaduda, a Goldbach Group Company. Besides Mobile Advertising the company is focusing on Programmatic DooH and is one of the first movers with this format in the DACH market. Kamil is shedding light on where the market stands right now, what possibilities the advertisers have and what the future will look like. 
Als Inventory Partnerships Director EMEA verantwortet Sven Hagemeier die Anbindungen mit SSPs und Medienunternehmen, um Mediaeinkäufern über The Trade Desk ein Maximum an Qualität und Vielfalt von Werbeumfeldern zu bieten. Vor seinem Wechsel zu The Trade Desk war er unter anderem für ProSiebenSat.1 Media und Bertelsmann tätig. Dort lag sein Fokus vor allem auf der Entwicklung & Umsetzung digitaler Transformationsstrategien und dem Aufbau innovativer Werbeplattformen. in Advertising:
Paul is an International Trading director at Magna Global, an IPG Agency playing a key role in Investment and helping identify the best setup  both internally and externally.
In this episode we welcome Tanya as a co-host who brings tons of experience from the digital space and together we shed some light on establishing yourself as a leader while getting yourself heard in a room full of people.
In the last few months, Google's Heavy Ads Intervention has gained in relevance. “Heavy ads” became a buzzword in our industry. To  shed some light on this, before getting deeper into the topic in one of the upcoming sessions, Programanda and Kay Schneider, SVP at ShowHeroes and Ad Tech Expert, will share their expertise in this bonus episode. 
Sönke Hansen, Gründer der AMEO Agentur, welche sich auf Werbung On and Offsite Amazon spezialisiert hat, spricht über die Gründung seiner Agentur sowie  die Potenziale und Trends die Werbetreibende mit dem Technologie Giganten haben. 
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