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Author: Cole Kelly and Mandie Bumble

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Stories Less Spoken (SLS) is a storytelling podcast that brings you enchanting stories written and performed by artists from British Columbia. The writers, performers and their stories are presented by our hosts, Mandie Bumble and Cole Kelly. Come with us, as we explore the most compelling part of our nature, as we bring these tales to life through spoken word performance and the magic of the microphone.
8 Episodes
Since the very start of Stories Less Spoken, we’ve received stories and auditions from very talented young writers and performers in BC. We wanted to produce an entire episode featuring young voices and the stories they have to tell. Featured in this episode: FEAR, written and performed by Lina Janeksi Little Things, Linnea Wiggers Performed by Aia Segal
This past year has united us all in ways that no one could have predicted. Whether it's wearing a mask, waiting in line, cancelling travel plans, or standing 6 feet apart, the ongoing pandemic has changed our lives forever. That said, we believe that this bizarre moment in history has spawned some incredible stories, and so we sought out to hear them! Featured in this episode:Roar by Cornelia Hoogland,performed by Michael MaitlandAbout the Bread by Anneliese Schultz performed by Mankirian AujilaA Hole in the Roof  by Nifer Brooks,performed by Charlie MateriLittle Story Series is like Stories Less Spoken's younger sibling. It's a project that we're passionate about that features (very) short stories written by BC authors around a given theme. Some of these stories are then shared on our Instagram alongside original photos and a select few are performed in a bonus 'minisode'. Think of it as a nice little complement to our main podcast - an appetizer if you will. 
Love, love, love.  Given that we are so close to Valentine's Day for our fifth episode, we at Stories Less Spoken thought we'd better give it some air time.  In two incredible stories, which are very different from one another, we explore love in the empty spaces that it leaves, and that it creates. In the first story a couple doesn’t see eye to eye on how to get rid of ants in their home… and more than insects are becoming apparent in the cracks of the foundation. In the second story we go down a lonely and dangerous road with our protagonist as they fill the empty space a lost love has left.Pest Control, Angela CaravanPerformed by James MillsPennask Summit, Finnian Burnett Performed by Megan Greenwood
For better or worse, the decisions we make have consequences. And there are few decisions that offer as immediate and profound consequences as becoming a parent does. No matter what way you get there, caring for and raising a child is an experience both unique and common. Life, and the nurturing of it, is a thread that ties us all. In Episode Four of Stories Less Spoken, we explore two tales; one from inside motherhood, and the other from the precipice of it. Featured in this episode: Because Fall in in Two Week, Traci Skuce, From Hunger MoonPerformed by Mitzi AkahaAshwin’s Rules, Tricia DowerPerformed by Geetanjali Trisal
** Warning, this episode contains a brief description of a sexual scene**When jail or a retirement home is your only option, sometimes you need to burn your past to the ground and start again. And sometimes you need to take a moment to reflect on everything you have, because freedom takes many forms. In this special episode of Stories Less Spoken, we teamed up with the folks at the Island Writer Magazine to feature the winning works from the 19th Annual Victoria Writers’ Society Writing Contest.These stories, and many others, were featured in the Island Writer, December 2020 Edition. Featuring: Various Functions of Fire, Sharon McInnes Performed by Sally CampbellBorders, Jude MortonPerformed by Afarin SaadatWild Strawberries, Ulrike Narwani Performed by Elizabeth Hall
A dead cat travelling home, a river needing rain and people longing for their loved ones. In the second episode of Stories Less Spoken, we visit grief in its dark and sometime peculiar manifestations. From a difficult sister in Portland to old friends at the Sooke River, we find comfort in the strangest ways...Featuring: Julie Paul, author, Crossing Over Performed by Mark Mullan Jim Bottomley, author, Running with Salmon Performed by Derek Peach
In this episode we hear two stories where ominous, powerful figures compel people to act in unexpected ways. In the first piece, the staff members of a public library turn on their beloved workplace. In the second, a woman can't stop eating all the flowers in her garden...Featuring:Susan Sanford Blades, author, We Did Not Destroy Your Public Library Performed by Andrea ScoretzKari Jones, author, Garden Dreams Performed by Katherine Pagett 



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