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Curling in the Twin Cities
33 Episodes
StoneCast interviews Baron Matt Heile and Lord Ryan Claussen of the Sealand Curling team.
StoneCast returns with a roar! This week, we're joined by Dr. Carlin "Carly" Anderson, sports psychologist for the Shuster rink. Dr. Carlin was there through all of the 2018 historic Olympic run (and even came back with an injury to prove it). She answers a few questions about mental strategies for amateur sports (such as league curling), how to learn, burn and return, and how to recognize when your mental game needs a boost. She also shares a few stories about how she became a psychologist (Fixin' to Go Out!). Enjoy the show.
Part 2 of 2 StoneCast interviews Rich Ruohonen. Topics include Purple Art (1:20), Past Episode Critiques (4:53), The Tiger Woods of Curling (10:41), Rich's One and Only 8-ender (13:04), Techno Broom (15:58), The Best Sweepers (17:34), St Paul Cash Spiel Cure Lupus Spiel (23:00), Listener Questions (26:53), Curling Clubs, Head Injuries, and Liability (30:45), and Where did TSR Time come from? (37:30).
Jordan and Kristefor sit down with Rich Ruohonen over the summer to talk about the HP Program (7:00), the catch (12:10), changes in curling (20:00) and meeting the press at worlds (37.50). This is part 1 of a 2 episode series.
In the middle of June, Jordan flew to Seattle for the annual Granite Curling Club Summer Spiel. Hosted by Todd Schultz and GCC president Phil Shryock, the Summer Spiel was three days of World Cup-themed curling and excellent, excellent food. Northwest Correspondent Geoff Ujdur skipped the team and joined Jordan with Todd and Phil late before their Saturday match in StoneCast's first Field Notes. After two long days of spieling, the conversation covers a brief history of the GCC, the polyamorous scene in Seattle, "that guy" at every bonspiel, "the pig incident," and more. Thanks to Todd and Phil for taking some time once things were underway. Note: Field Notes #1 was recorded using an old digital recorder and not the finer StoneCast equipment. Volume may vary a bit.
We interview Lisa Rudolph and discuss the formation of the newest curling club in the Twin Cities, The Richfield Curling Club.
Kristefor and Jordan interview Erik Ordway, Dave Smeed, William Rivillas, and Dr. John Miller in the International Room at the Saint Paul Curling Club. They discuss the joys of international curling at the 2017 Tallinn Cup in Estonia.
Ep. 26 - Mary Deuhs

Ep. 26 - Mary Deuhs


Today, Jordan and Kris speak with St. Paul’s Mary Deuhs. We discuss ageism, infants with iPads, and the mysterious adult beverage we got from a great accountant (3:00); state championship scheduling woes and hosting issues (9:00); participation trophies then and now (12:40); everywhere Mary has lived and curled (14:30); Mary’s Alaskan adventure with sled dogs (19:30); the crying room (24:30); a 90-year-old’s curling shoes (27:30); and overall good curling (28:40).
Ep. 25 - Kim Rhyme

Ep. 25 - Kim Rhyme


“NARNIA!!” Today we're joined by Kim Rhyme, power curler and wonder dancer (1:15). The primary purpose of our podcast is concocting better Bloody Marys (1:55), but we also learn about Kim’s background (4:50) and her dance company (5:30). We discuss a Guatemalan exchange student’s future Olympic curling career (9:13). Kim tells us about joining the curling club (12:20) and being a vagabond competitive curler with her sister, Katie (15:05). We discuss two proposals in the curling world (15:45, 16:38), watch a jig-dancing video of Arnold Asham (24:20), and finally promote Kim’s curling podcast and a thrilling book (27:30).
“If the shoe fits!” Today, we are joined by the St. Paul Curling Club’s manager, Scott Clasen. We are also joined by John Ordway / AKA Eric’s dad / AKA the-guy-with-the-wicked-northern-accent. We discuss the enormous amount of construction that’s going on over the summer (2:20); and have a conversation about cost-effective LED light bulbs (3:25). Learn about the annual chair project (4:47) and be sure to tell Scott if someone is abusing the chairs – he’ll be “PO’ed” and he will shame the culprit to the Tuesday work crew. Hear about how Eric’s family and his dad’s fake son Brian tied for first in the golf tournament and are trying to cheat their taxes with the money they won (13:45). We also talk about Tab Benoit’s blues music (16:50); Scott tells us about the US Curling Association’s Members’ Assembly (22:23); and John’s vision for an awesome real estate development project (18:16).
Just throw the f*cking shot, man!” This week on StoneCast, we throw back some bold and spicy Bloody Marys and talk to Mike Pfundstein, AKA Mr. Hobber Dobber. We discuss which curling positions we like and which we struggle with (10:50); a former chef, we chat about which cooking shows are the best (including a brief note of Julia Child’s probable interest in cooking-related bondage at 10:15); Mike’s nuggets of wisdom span league play, broomstacking, and a few thoughts on why leagues beat bonspiels (19:10); also, “slow play SUCKS.” We can’t promise any Olympic-level tips and tricks, but we truly do give the best advice on how to kill it in a 4 P.M. curling match on a Sunday. And as with most things in life, “If you’re not having a good time, you should get the hell off the ice!
Ep. 22 - Rick Crotty

Ep. 22 - Rick Crotty


This week on StoneCast, we smash s^&* up with Rick Crotty, a club curler at the St. Paul Curling Club. We begin with some metal talk (2:25) and discuss Rick's unexpected intro to curling. We learn about the lauded Lysne/Crotty Metal Cup--who won this year?-- and talk about fundamentally changing things in St. Paul with the XCL and Lingerie Curling League. Rick tells us about intimidation tactics (12:00) and throwin' a few bombs in Maplewood--"It's a rock concert, let's get something straight here!" Last, we share some fight stories and hear about the ECE--Erotic Curling Edge (25:00). Warning to our family listeners; there is some explicit material throughout.
Buck buck buck! This week, we speak with curlers, bowlers, golfers, and chicken raisers extraordinaire Amanda Clore and Jessica Erickson at the Frogtown Curling Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. We'll hear a little about the Brier crowd this year (too loud? Not loud enough?); get a tour of the exclusive Sheet E bar (say it fast); hear a little about bowling, chickens, and Pete Westberg's advice on the proper laying age of chicks; and finally look ahead to the future of "the fun club."
What did you do after the war--World War II, that is? Paula Arnold was on the vanguard of women's curling in St. Paul, supported by her husband, Dick, and a band of merry curlers. This week, we've got Dick and Paula Arnold. Tune in for some early Winter Carnival bonspiel talk (they founded it, 1:56); the start of women's curling in St. Paul (6:46); curling with the East Coast (Elitists!) at Ardsley, St. Andrews, and Broomstones Curling Clubs(15:31); hear a bit about Kerr Dunlop, physical culturalist and the St. Paul Saints' biggest fan (17:17); then wrap with some bonspiel tales (punchbowls of martinis?! - 26:20), and a few stories about the Goodwill Bonspiel via single-prop jet (28:40).
Scottish Men's 2017 Curling Tour to the USA at the St. Paul Curling Club! We interview David Mcintyre, Scottish curler who is Vice President of Ayr Curling Club and Ayr Curling Rink, about the tour and the quest for the Herries Maxwell trophy(5:03). We then talk to St. Paul Curling Club President Tim McMahon (16:30) about the tour and wood.
Ep. 18 - John Bauer

Ep. 18 - John Bauer


We speak with a John Bauer, one of the founding members of Fogerty Arena and the Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine. First we hit the mail bag and answer a listener's challenge (1:53), then we discuss the weight room at Fogerty Arena, named after our guest (7:10). John tells us the origins of the facility, we talk a little smelt fry, and discuss how Four Seasons got built (8:40 - 24:30). We talk a little curling in the high schools (29:00) as well as effective additive ingredients for cement block (32:00).
Ep. 17 - Scott Clasen

Ep. 17 - Scott Clasen


Kristefor and Scott Clasen, manager of the St. Paul Curling Club, pull up during Saturday Juniors at the St. Paul Curling Club. Jordan is absent this episode, as he takes paternity leave to care for Stella (1:22). We hit the mailbag (2:00); unveil our first ever sponsor, Once Upon a Crime Mystery Bookstore (4:34); Scott gives us an update on the Tuesday work crew accomplishments at the club (5:00); discussion of the Oakville Curling Club and the Lefty Spiel(8:00); then a discussion of the tri-spiel and short end curling (9:20). Ruby joins the podcast (11:52) and Scott discusses the Clasen boys curling pedigree (13:00) and their competitive junior team (18:04). We wade into various USCA topics (19:41); talk about speed skating (25:20); the Puerto Rico curling team (27:37); and conclude with a talk on German fare at the Clasen Oktoberfest party.
This week, we follow up with Pete Westberg (Ep. 2) after a trip to Sweden for the Men's Senior World Championships. Teammate Tim Solin also joins us. The first of the StoneCast Fireside Chat Series (as well as International Series No. 1), tune in for some shout-outs from the mailbag (1:35); some World Championship pool play recollections (4:30) with Russia, Latvia (and the Latvian shot of a lifetime at 8:00), Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Scotland, followed by a quarterfinal loss against Denmark (15:15); a scrappy discussion (#ESF) (21:30); some discussion of Sweden and the Swedes’ dominant engineering capabilities (25:30); and some aquavit and a little Svenska historical context (30:15).
Ep. 15 - Jim Dexter

Ep. 15 - Jim Dexter


Jim Dexter of the Saint Paul Curling Club is our guest on StoneCast. We introduce new theme music (00:00) and have our first mailbag segment(1:30); Dex tells us about how he learned to curl (7:16); demystifies the term Hobber Dobber (9:20); talks about sweeping with a Rink Rat (10:41); how he started coaching (16:01); midwest ice makers (19:00); and heaps on the praise of Kettle Moraine Bonspiel (24:30).
Today, we visit with Meg and Dennis Abraham at their bookstore, Once Upon a Crime ( We cover their curling beginnings (1:47); good times at Costello’s (3:30); their time on the board (5:00); the story about the bookstore (8:40); grocery stores and meat departments (13:13); singing at the Saint Paul Curling Club (18:30); our first wrap-up (20:00); how we met Jordan (20:30); Chuck’s pants (22:00); Abraham v. Lysne 2016 (27:17); the 2nd wrap-up; and ask a few existential questions (29:15).
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