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Audacious Mamas - Inspiration and Strategies for Mompreneurs
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Audacious Mamas - Inspiration and Strategies for Mompreneurs

Author: Stephani Roberts, Audacious Mamas

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Are you an Audacious Mama? A mom in business for herself who’s running the show at home, raising, kids, and building a profitable business? Audacious Mamas show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, and they do! But how do they make it all work behind the scenes? Join Steph as she interviews victorious moms juggling it all and sharing how their home life ties into their business. Learn tips and strategies for getting is all done while staying sane. We’ll also explore products and systems that make life and business easier for work from home mompreneurs. Subscribe and join the Audacious Mamas Community - we’d love to have your input!
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My guest Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama from Minnesota. She’s the founder of Horkey HandBook and loves helping others find or become a kickass virtual assistant, and even start their agency. Before founding Horkey Handbook, Gina spent a decade in the financial services industry. You'll hear Gina's story of turning a high paying side gig as a VA into a full-blown agency in a short time. Her inside scoop on pricing your skills, what's hot and in demand right now, and how to work with a virtual assistant most effectively. If you're looking for a VA, want to become one, or want to start your own VA services agency, you'll get a lot out of this episode. If you have strong skills in one or more areas of your life but you don't think you can monetize those skills, you should tune in as well - you might be surprised! Mentioned in this episode... Horkey Handbook Horkey Handbook VA Courses Horkey HandBook on Facebook -----  Interested in joining the Podcast Guest Success small group virtual workshop? We have just 10-12 spots. Email me directly at or message me on Instagram @AmplifyYourself  Better yet, join our free Facebook group! I'm looking forward to meeting you! Cheers, Steph xo  
Authors and speakers have the benefit of having excellent content under their belt and as communicators their messaging is clear. All of this lends itself naturally to podcasting.  So if you're an author looking to expand your audience and you haven't explored highly targeted podcast appearances, you need to listen to this episode. You have a distinct advantage on podcasts and it's a no-cost way to get your message around your book and expertise out to new audiences who are already thirsty for what you're offering. In this episode, I explore the benefits of podcasting for authors as well as specific ways you can repurpose your content and podcast appearances to get more reach and spend less time coming up with social media content.   Mentioned in this episode... SONIX Transcription Tool How to Pitch Podcasts FREE Cheat Sheet - for creating audiograms - for creating audiograms - super low-cost transcription tool >> Grab the FREE Podcasting Pitch Cheat Sheet << >> <<  
Moms in business often search for other successful moms and women in biz who've created something special that resonates with their own ideals and dreams. We see her as a symbol. If she can do it, why not me? takes a while to find that person who reflects the qualities you connect with including thinking BIG and achieving something more substantial with meaning. Greta Bajrami is that rare find. Greta is the Owner and Founder of Golden Group Construction. She started the company at just 21 years old while still attending Worcester State University. And nothing in Greta's upbringing or early adult life hinted that she would step into a male-dominated industry as a young mom and fresh college grad. She hustled her days in college and nights she learned customer service waiting tables at Legal Seafoods. But when she and her husband Freddy sparked an idea for the roofing industry, they shared a big vision and went for it. Together they built a trustworthy company built on integrity, a high level of personalized customer service, attention to detail, and utmost respect for homeowners. All these qualities and years of hard work created a multimillion dollar company while Greta was still in her twenties -- she's barely 30 now! She embodies the bold character and tenacity I think of when I envision an Audacious Mama. She is it! I'm proud to share her story here, I hope you will too! Mentioned in this interview.... Golden Group Construction & Roofing Greta Bajrami on LinkedIn Golden Group Roofing on Facebook Golden Group Roofing on Instagram   --- >>> Get your How to Pitch a Podcast FREE PDF  <<< Get yourself booked on podcasts this week!     >>> Get your How to Pitch a Podcast FREE PDF  <<< Have feedback or ideas for the show? Reach out to me directly at - I'd love to hear from you!! Thanks for listening, subscribing, and sharing! :-) Have an Audacious day!! Steph
  I'm happy to share this interview with Amy Goober as she represents two massive opportunities for us as women and entrepreneurs. First, the opportunity to take back our health second, the opportunity to add a stream of revenue to our lives assuming this resonates and seems like the role you'd like to play in helping others attain better health and well-being. As a Certified Health Coach, Amy supports and guides clients to achieve a healthy weight and develop long term strategies for keeping the weight off and achieving optimal health. She works with women and men of all ages to develop and implement a plan so that they can have the life they always dreamed of! She also mentors new coaches who want to support our mission to get America healthy. She trains and support coaches from all walks of life who are interested in supplementing their current incomes or are looking for a new career helping people lose weight while improving their quality of life. We always welcome like-minded people to our enthusiastic and innovative team. Contact Amy: Amy Goober 781-910-4962 ----- Did you know we have a YouTube channel? We'll be going live on YouTube periodically with fun guests! This is a great way for us to connect. Check it out and subscribe!
In this episode, I interview Justin Schenck, Entrepreneur and Beloved  Host of the Growth Now Movement podcast. Justin is interested in inspiring personal growth and shining the spotlight on those who've overcome major challenges and adversity. And how to lead and help others but sharing how NOT to make the same mistakes you have. We have a unique opportunity to tap into podcasting right now mamas! Justin shares why podcasting is so powerful and the fact that there's a need for women to share their voice and perspectives. There are very few female podcasters and possibly even fewer female podcast guests. I know, it sounds crazy but it's true. If 100K podcasts are launched in a single month, imagine how many podcasts you can potentially pitch yourself to and start getting more exposure for your business, your mission, or your personal brand. Mentioned in this episode... The Growth Now Movement Podcast The Growth Now Movement LIVE Event - Get your tickets soon! Ed Mylett Show Sarah Centrella - Kick ass Manifester and Single Mom Boss! RELATED EPISODE: How to Get Featured on Podcasts FREEBIE -> How to Pitch Podcasts Interested in AMPLIFYING your message? Let's chat! Set up a complimentary call with me here...
I'm so proud of this interview with Leah Carey, Host of Good Girls Talk About Sex and Sexual Communication Coach. She's an incredibly articulate and sensitive interviewer who gives women the opportunity to share their intimate thoughts and experiences related to sex. Her show is a guilty pleasure and a window into women's minds and sexual behavior. We discuss coming of age in an emotionally abusive relationship and how that impacted Carey's perspective on sex, her sexual choices, and shut her down from the experience of pleasure and voicing her desires. On the upside she's made this her career now and is sex positive - emphasizing communication for partners so everyone expresses their needs, has them met, and enjoys sex - that's the goal anyway. Mentioned in this episode... Good Girls Talk About Sex Leah on Instagram Leah on Facebook  
Susan Boelman, lifelong outdoor girl, located in beautiful Bozeman Montana, is founder of the RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood and RCKNit addressing the needs of women determined to become self-sufficient, confident, and empowered in nature and outdoor activities. Her RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood Facebook group is a community of women training women in camping, boating, and trail skills and much more. Susan holds women's outdoor retreats, special skills classes locally and nationally such as her popular RCKN Reverse class for women seeking live training on how to back up trailers safely with confidence. In this interview, Susan shares what motivated her to start the RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood, her vision, how she'll be expanding across the U.S. to support building confidence and connection in for women interested in exploring and learning more about outdoor activities. Hear inspiring stories of her full moon outings, campfire cooking, kayaking on the lake, camp rallies, retreats. And her skills classes where women becoming super-empowered by learning to operate equipment, drive with boat trailers and campers with confidence, handle trucks in steep terrain, and even when to use bear spray! - RCKN Events, Decor, Journals, Hats and more RCKNit Outdoor Recreation Facebook Group RCKNit Daily Facebook Page RCKNit on Instagram ---- Are you a Virtual Assistant (VA) or considering a side gig as a VA? Or maybe you're a do-it-yourself podcast host interested in learning advanced skills to promote your podcast? If skills training in this area is of interest to you. Get on the list here: Or reach out to me directly
In this episode, I interview Trivinia Barber, entrepreneur, mother of four, recovering high achiever and a people pleaser. Trivinia's rise from working mom to entrepreneur and founder of Priority VA was fast. Thrust into success and the spotlight with high profile clients on her roster, the pressure created a manic schedule resulting in a serious crash and burn. Trivinia shares what happened to her that day and her ongoing recovery. What we discuss in this episode... Meeting through Todd Herman's 90-Day Year Her transition from working mother to starting her VA business Her exposure to high profile clients like Amy Porterfield The 14-17 hour days that took over Her wake up call Realigning her life with her values and desires Her crash and burn The drive to be the "responsible girl" Her daily practice to keep centered The impact our habits have on our children Willpower Doesn't Work by Benjamin Hardy Working from home - the pros and cons The real pressure of entrepreneurism The rise of suicide in entrepreneurs Working from home as a VA and mom. The remote workforce why she's drawn to it Creating the life you want by design The joy of random acts of kindness Her Diary of a Doer podcast Format of her podcast and her plans for it Keeping it real online and transparency Encouraging people not to do it alone Find a tribe, find a community, friend, mentor, church Jayson Gaignard Community Made podcast Related links Trivinia Barber's Diary of a Doer Podcast Priority VA    
    Kerry Walls, is a rare gem. She has experience that's perfectly suited for the blended challenges of human nature and business. Kerry’s unique background in education, small business, and counseling psychology, combined with her experience as a successful CEO fuels her approach to coaching high performing and high potential leaders allowing them to create breakthrough results in their businesses and careers.   Our conversation takes us many places in this interview but the highlights for me were the importance of true connection between coaches and clients, honest communication, and finding ways to be honest with ourselves so we get out of our own way.   Mentioned in this episode...   Kerry's website   Kerry on LinkedIn   Kerry on Facebook   Kerry on YouTube - How Women Get in Their Own Way   This week, please use How to Pitch a Podcast Promo at the end of the show notes. Here's the text, link to the opt-in, and the image to use. Ready to pitch some podcasts and get booked?  Tips to create the most effective podcast pitch Ideas on how to get the most out of your podcast appearance Expert Advice to avoid the mistakes we we see in pitch letter Get your FREE Guide:
Welcome to Season 3 of the podcast! We're back but with a new spin and the podcast will be moving in a new direction. Stay tuned for more about that. Today's guest, Kate Gilbert, a WordPress Expert and agency owner, gets REAL and shares the story of her first years at home as a stay-at-home mom. Because the dream of being able to stay home with your babies doesn't always feel the way you imagined it would. If that's you, how do you give yourself permission to pursue what calls you.  Kate also shares what we should do to prioritize our websites and what's unnecessary. She has a great way of cutting through the nonsense to show us how simple our tech can be.  Mentioned in this episode... Kate's website: Kate's courses and workshops on mastering Wordpress Follow Kate on Instagram and say hello   -- Join The Audacious Mamas show on Facebook page for live conversations, interviews, tutorials, and behind the scenes perks not on the show! Have ideas for the show or want to be on?  Reach out to me at - I'd love to hear from you! Steph
My guest today is Cindy Morus, Business Breakthrough Strategist. Cindy is adept at finding the missing $10-100K in your business - yes REALLY. We discuss how you can rethink your relationships with other companies, including competitors, and leverage them to create passive referral income. It's an exciting concept and had me rethink a few things about the competition and related businesses that overlap what I do. Grab a notebook for this one; I'm sure the ideas will be flowing! If this is helpful, please share, rate, and review. Thanks for listening! Mentioned in this episode FREE PDF -> Generating Better Referrals and Recommendations Through Joint Venture Partnerships Cindy's Online Business Resources and Coaching Cindy's website -- Interested in Amplifying Your Authority? I have a method for strategically repurposing your content. We can create your minimum viable social platform so you show up in ALL the places your clients are looking and you'll have time to focus on your strength connecting with your tribe in your main social channels without worrying about SEO and how people will find you organically. Shoot me an email and will set up a time to talk: Or watch the FREE 15-minute video and grab the cheat sheet here:  Be on the podcast I'll be selecting a few clients to spotlight as a case study on the podcast. If this interests you, let me know when you reach out.  Looking forward to it!
  April is one of those people you meet and never forget. Heck, I never met her and I still never forgot her. She was in a paid group with me and her energy, drive, and success made an indelible mark. I can still see her sipping a Margarita in the water at some far-flung tropical beach sharing about the affiliate income she made that month - and she was NEW to affiliate marketing!! Yep. So she's got "it" that ability to spot a money opportunity a mile away and see it through to fruition. She's the perfect single mama entrepreneur to kick off my series on inspiring single mompreneurs! We cover so much ground here that I had to list it out. So here are the highlights: - How many groups to join on FB and her strategy for leveraging them - How many email lists and "gurus" to follow - How to monetize your life effortlessly - Setting up referral partnerships  - Choosing affiliate products that feel right - How to stay focused on your goals and repel shiny objects - Simplifying to success - Living with a housemate and saving for a home - raising a "man of the house" - homeschooling and how she made it work - college vs. the entrepreneurial approach to life   Mentioned in this episode... April's Website and Free Gift: The Rainmaker Mastermind: CYLL - Create Your Laptop Life - Julie Stoian's Group/Course Beaver Builder - Web Development tool   -- Special Offer ---- The tail end of this episode I mention that I'm beginning to work with clients on Amplifying their Authority. Leveraging their expertise.  It's a done for you service package, Amplify Your authority, if you could use a credibility boost for your online presence.  The Authority Amplifier is all about creating a minimum viable social presence and growing your visibility and SEO through podcasting that's spun off into new content types across targeted social media platforms.   It's to take the grind out of content creation to become more strategic and repurpose the key messages that will solidify you as an expert in your niche. I have a full sales page with details here.   Pricing isn't listed because I cover that on calls but it's affordable and essentially a sliding scale. You'll get evergreen content creation, targeted podcast appearances, automation, competitive analysis, strategy, SEO growth, and coaching over a 3 month period. I'm offering on-going maintenance to continue momentum beyond the first 3 months.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Or set up a time to chat with me at the link above. Looking forward to connecting with you! :-) Steph   P.S. Sound good? Check this out and lets chat!      
Marc Mawhinney is the Coach for Coaches, a two-time podcast host, and a longtime entrepreneur who prides himself on regular email contact with his audience and simplifying his efforts. Marc is the perfect person to kick off our series on simplifying your business and processes. We tend to complicate things, and Marc's coaching is all about simplifying and getting more bang for your buck and more results for your efforts. In this episode Marc touches on daily email, posting and making offers, being a podcast guest, and having a traditional newsletter. You'll hear his perspective on what works, what doesn't and how to get more engagement with your audience. He also happens to be a master content creator and that's the other big reason I wanted him on the show. Mentioned in this episode Secret Coach Club Newsletter The Coaching Jungle Facebook Group Natural Born Coaches The Marc Show - Tired of being on the content creation hamster wheel watching your content die off and collect dust while you race off to create more new content? Stop the madness! Let's leverage your BEST existing content to AMPLIFY YOUR AUTHORITY online and grow your SEO. Check out Top 3 Ways to Amplify Your Authority Immediately >>> << Get your FREE 15-Minute Lesson and Amplify Your Authority Cheat Sheet (PDF)  
Cindy Schulson is a messaging expert who spent many years servicing big brands in corporate America. What Cindy was challenged to do in her corporate role became her passion and she now helps coaches and consultants. She developed her Marketing from Within concept which is is quite liberating. In this interview, Cindy explains her 3 main points for Messaging from Within and what it means for you as you think about yourself and how to incorporate you into your business. If you're a course creator, stay tuned and listen for her keen advice. She shares her perspective on using social media and how she launches her courses and services them in a unique way that will always have her thumbprint and time with her as a part of the content. It's brilliant! Marketing from Within: Copy that Wows: Cindy's FREE offerings - WOW great stuff! Brand Message Template, Authentic Brand Guide, Find Your Marketing WOW Challenge, Message Training, and her private Facebook Group.
By now you may be tired of hearing about Facebook. I get that. Me too! But I have a few positive things I want to share with you, specifically if you have a business page that you've let go of or have given up on. Today's episode is all about the recent changes in social media, Twitter has had some big developments too! I share insights on what worked, what I'm changing, and what to do with your twitter account, how to avoid a crazy malware scheme that almost took me down. And, BONUS, a super simple way to basic video editing with FREE software that's not timeline based. Save yourself time and headaches! Mentioned in this episode... My Facebook Business page - lots of tutorials mentioned in this episode... Specific videos Don't Land Yourself in Twitter Jail - New Terms of Service  Part 1- How Malware Can Take Over. What you can do about it. Part 2- Get Rid of Malware - Removing Search Strings Super Simple Video Editing - put the FUN back into your videos How to put your JPEGs on a Diet - Super Simple & FREE Great Tool for Your Social Media Content Calendar   Check out & Subscribe to... > Steph's new YouTube channel with quick tutorials and hacks
Listen to your intuition. Believe in the ideas and the sense of things you have deeply embedded in your heart and mind. Focus on the optimistic positive outcomes in spite of what seems present. You will begin to see changes and your expected results.  Here Steph shares where she's heading with the two podcasts, what's around the corner, and a powerful message of hope that arose from a distant bleak memory of leading a double life and living in fear.  A favorite relevant passage from a special book by Ernest Holmes, The Thing Called You. "It is certain that you must fast from fear if you wish to establish faith. You must fast from confusion if you hope to enter into tranquility. It matters not if your transitions from the negative into the affirmative seems slow, if the ascent from your valley of negation to the mountain top of realization seems difficult. Each step will bring you nearer the summit." Here for digital strategies and tips?  Check out -> The 6-Step Formula for Creating Succesful Promo Videos Check out -> Your Social Roadmap. Get your social working for you Check out & Subscribe to -> Steph's new YouTube channel with quick tutorials and hacks Working through a toxic or abusive situation and looking for audio affirmations to help heal your emotional trauma? Check out -> 11 Affirmations to help you heal from emotional trauma -- Steph's Bio --- A Digital Content and Visibility Strategist who's also a single mom of two beautifully wild girls and podcast host of The Audacious Mamas Show and The Audacious Life, Steph offers regular mindset and digital hacks for mompreneurs, podcasters, and entrepreneurs to maximize their time and visibility and maintain their integrity. She has 20+ years experience online as a web developer and web accessibility specialist working with multiple start-ups, Public Television, Harvard, and MIT and a degree in Film. She's excited that personal storytelling and broadcasting are literally in the palm of our hands. Her mission is to help women to get unstuck from toxic relationships and circumstances holding them back, so they can find the confidence to jump in and share their stories or vision through these channels. Reaping the financial benefits for business and enjoying the spark and deeper meaning that comes from creating a platform and putting yourself out there for all to see.
I’m happy to shine the spotlight on 11 women who inspire me daily and truly demonstrate what it means to be Audacious. They show us what it looks like as humans, leaders, business women and mothers.   Audacious adjective 1 an audacious remark: impudent, impertinent, insolent, presumptuous, cheeky, irreverent, discourteous, disrespectful, insubordinate, ill-mannered, unmannerly, rude, brazen, shameless, pert, defiant, cocky, bold (as brass); informal fresh, lippy, mouthy, saucy, sassy, nervy, ballsy; archaic contumelious. ANTONYMS polite. 2 his audacious exploits: bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, heroic, plucky; daredevil, devil-may-care, reckless, madcap; venturesome, mettlesome; informal gutsy, gutty, spunky, ballsy, skookum; literary temerarious. ANTONYMS timid.   The 11 Audacious Women Who Inspire Me   In the order heard in this episode...   Katie Krimitsos - Biz Women Rock Podcast & Community   Karen Osburn - Women Wanting More Podcast   Danielle Ford - Leading Las Vegas   Lori Mercer - How She Quits and Wins   Sunny Lenarduzzi -  YouTube Guru & The Sunny Show Podcast   Phoebe Mroczek - The Unbecoming Podcast   Sarah Tugender   Bonnie L. Frank   Liz Diaz   Angie Shyr  (Jackie Highway)        
  With a conversion rate of 90%, messenger marketing, and chatbots are quickly becoming the new "email on steroids." It's not enough to be focusing on building your list, if you're not using messenger to collect your leads and connect you with your audience, you're missing out big time.   This week's guest, Balint Pataki, specializes in chatbots and messenger marketing. Chatbots are the artificial intelligence behind messenger marketing.   In this episode, you'll learn why messenger marketing is an important marketing tool for you and how to get started. We discuss different methods to leverage via messenger marketing, some interesting rules Facebook has in place to protect your potential clients and leads, and how to connect with your audience regularly in a respectful and engaging way.     A few things messenger marketing can do to help your business:   creates a list of people interested in hearing from you and learning about your products and services allows you to quickly add people to your messenger list with little effort allows you to be available and connect with your audience 24/7   allows you to send your audience alerts to your events and Facebook live streams allows you to share your best evergreen content and build authority satisfies common customer service inquiries quickly and inexpensively saves you money by leveraging intelligent automation vs. a human repeating tasks   Mentioned in this episode   Balint’s FREE chatbot tutorial   The Chatbot Podcast   ----   Interested in dusting off your primo content - you know, the stuff just sitting there and making some gold out of it? Ready to learn easy ways to amp up your AUTHORITY  and VISIBILITY?   Check out my Social Authority Amplification Training  
Salome Schillack is a mom of two and a Facebook Ads strategist living in Australia. She has quickly become a standout ads strategist in her own right and recently accepted a position with Amy Porterfield as the Facebook Ads support person for Amy's students in her private groups - how cool is that! As you'll see in this interview, she's simply amazing and a delight to learn from. If you're interested in learning more about how to start using ads for your business and some of the essentials around Facebook itself as a means for doing business, tune in. If you're a coach, tune in extra, she's got the goods for you! Mentioned in this episode... Salome Schillack on Instagram - best way to connect with her  Salome's website - Shine and Succeed - with FREE stuff to help you succeed with your Facebook ads! Salome's Facebook Biz page - Shine and Succeed Amy Porterfield announcing Salome as her new Facebook Ads support person for her groups (video) Phoebe Mroczek's UnBecoming Podcast Episode 14 "The Downshift" NEW VISIBILITY OFFER Interested in dusting off your primo content that's just sitting there and making some gold out of it by sharing it in multiple formats across targeted channels? You already created it. Why not leverage it? Reach out to discuss my Social Omnipresence Package!   FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL Join the Facebook Group: Audacious Mamas Thriving in Business Instagram: AudaciousLife Audacious Mamas Website  
Jessie Gardner was on a solid path to success in her role and had just been promoted to a Director level position. She should have been excited and feel full, but she realized she was anything but happy. That awareness woke her up and stirred something deep inside that called for more. In this interview, Jessie shares how her life changed after that wake-up call and how she morphed that experience into a movement and a gift subscription box business to inspire people to seize the day, shake things up, and be a positive disruption in the world. Her Hey Soul Manifesto is inspiring. Check it out: Mentioned in this episode... Hey Soul The CYLL Network (Create Your Laptop Life) The Audacious Mamas Thriving in Biz Facebook Group Find Audacious Mamas on Instagram
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