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Listen to the people that work in Tech! Tips to find your dream job in Tech and much more!
17 Episodes
All the way from San Fransisco, Ryan Wisnesky takes us on a journey of his career in Tech. Starting as a QA Engineer, moving to programming and eventually starting a company as a co-founder that was based on his final dissertation for his PhD at Harvard. Do Mathematicians need to know programming these days? How has his company, Conexus, helped Uber? What are the main responsibilities of a CTO and much more. Enjoy! and don't forget to leave a review on iTunes.Here are some links that Ryan shared with us.How academic start-ups differ: Work with Uber: paper: and community outreach:  and General audience article on category theory: 
Welcome back! This week's episode is all about Nathalia Rus. A successful co-founder that went from political studies to learning how to code through a coding bootcamp and eventually running a company named Custodian. Custodian will digitise your car ownership experience. It will keep all your car's important documents, photos and reminders in digital format. Nathalia is in charge of the hiring process, the Front end, the Back end of the application and pretty much everything around Custodian. She is very knowledgable of all new technologies and she explains how to successfully run a company remotely. Nathalia is also an artist! Don't miss this week's episode and don't forget to leave a review on iTunes! 
Ever wondered how it is to switch jobs from Technology to Business or the opposite?Joseph has done it and he shares his tips and experiences with us. Once a programmer, always a programmer? What does a Product Owner and Product Manager do, and much more. Stay tuned! 
 This week, all the way from New York City, I have with me, Keith Selvin a talented iOS developer that managed to make his passion a reality and is now a founder of K LABS NYC, a company that makes peoples ideas into apps. Keith is sharing his incredible journey with us. We also touch on subjects like being a CTO, the skills that we think a developer should have in order to get hired and how mastering one programming language is enough to take you anywhere.Below you can find a list of apps made by K LABS
I found out about Vadim through his Youtube channel (Vadim Savin) and I was amazed by his journey at such a young age. In this episode, he shares with us his experience of briefly working for Amazon, moving on to become a CTO of an app called Fitenium and eventually a YouTube creator/tutor that quickly replicates apps like Netflix or Youtube using technologies like React Native and AWS Amplify. In this episode we also talk about cross platform app technologies, cloud providers and how to become a successful programmer. Don't miss it! Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Thank youuuu
Federico is the Partnership manager for Hack Your Future. HackYourFuture is a coding school for people that have limited access to education and the labor market. The organisation was founded in 2016 and it provides a 7-month teaching program in web development. It is based in Amsterdam and over 150 people have now graduated. More than 85% of them found a high quality job as a developer.  You can find more about the organisation and how to volunteer here
Hello and Welcome back to the Verified Geek podcast! It's mental health awareness week and I have a special episode with a special guest for you. Shashika has worked in the Tech industry as a project manager and she decided to leave everything behind and pursue a career in medicine. She is on her way to becoming a psychiatrist! Are companies doing enough for their employees and their mental health?  Are employees not afraid or embarrassed to talk about their mental health anymore? What qualities create a supportive manager? Are employees encouraged enough to speak about their mental health? Mental health in 2020 and 2021. What's the future? Don't miss this episode! 
This week, I am accompanied by Lorna. A passionate programmer in Leeds. We talk about our love for programming and writing documentation. Lorna is a founding member for Tech Ladies. What is Tech Ladies and how can we get involved? Check them out here -->
I had the pleasure of collaborating with the host of the "Women in Data" podcast, Karen! A really nice conversation which made us realise how similar our lives have been so far. We talk about our career paths, hosting podcasts but also how much of an impact our past in sports has made in our lives. Join us!
Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain! Foteini is an expert on the matter and she will be explaining in simple words what bitcoin and blockchain is. What's the future of blockchain and what's the research behind its biggest disadvantages? Join us! 
Bridging the gap between IT and the business! Abby is a talented Business Analyst and she will be talking to us about her experience with Development Methodologies like Waterfall, Agile and SAFe along with the challenges she has encountered. What does she think about getting a degree in order to work in Tech? How is training for the army and working full time? and much more! 
My guest for this episode is Fil! He will be taking  us high up in the clouds discussing how Cloud Computing became so popular, the importance of it, but also which qualifications matter and tips to succeed in the exams! You can find the useful links he shared with us on instagram at verified_geek but also on Youtube at "Verified Geek". Don't forget to follow us!
Christina is taking us on a journey into the world of Data! What is Data Science? How can you get a job in Data Science? What is the future of Data Science? Can a data scientist teach Swing Dancing? yes! and lot's more. Don't miss it!
I am very excited to welcome to the show two exceptionally talented web developers, Jeff and Dan. We talk about topics like Do you need a computer science degree to work as a programmer? How was working as a web developer in 1999 before the Millennium Bug?? :DWhat happened to contracting in UK?Is full stack development the new way to get a good job?Have running apps gamified the concept of running?
In today’s episode my guest is Ines! She does Visual effects and she has even worked for multiple series for Netflix. She shares with us how she got into Visual Effects, her opinion of how easy or difficult it is to get a job in this industry. Her day to day life at work, how she is coping with the multiple London lockdowns and much more.. Let’s do it! 
Danny is a talented games producer and has a lot of passion for gaming. We'll be chatting about his journey in the gaming industry, how he is coping with the pandemic, his future plans and more.. Let's hear it!
Neha shares with us her journey in the tech industry - getting a job at uber, how she is coping with the covid lockdowns but also how she ended up taking up sports like barefoot running and crossfit! 
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