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In season 2, episode 39, Lauren Broom interviewed Wayne Ivusich regarding water chemistry and proper water testing procedures. He gives great insight in how important these topics are to pool service professionals. This is a must listen to episode for all pool service professionals!!Podcast Guest:Wayne Ivusich, PHTA CPO InstructorPodcast Sponsors:Skimmer: Capital:
In season 2 episode 38: Lauren Broom interviewed Joel Gray of Jack's Magic and we had a conversation about pool stain identification and how to treat pool stains. This episode is for you if want want to know how to manage pool stains!!Podcast Guest:Joel Gray. Regional Sales ManagerJack's MagicPodcast Sponsors:Skimmer: Parts To Go:
In season 2 Episode 37, Lauren Broom hosts a podcast on UV disinfection with guest John Psaroudis with Aquionics. This is an awesome way to add secondary disinfection to any aquatic venue, pool or spa. Listen in about advantages of this type of disinfection, but also other things to think about before choosing this type of disinfection.Podcast Guest:  John Psaroudis, AquionicsPodcast Sponsors:Skimmer:
In season 2, episode 36, Lauren Broom interviewed Michelle Hlavsa and Chris Edens of the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) regarding recreational water illnesses(RWI's) Cryptosporidium(Crypto) and Legionella. If you love learning about public health, recreational water illnesses or just how to maintain your aquatic venue so that you can reduce the chance of an outbreak then this is the episode for you! People can get sick from the Butt Water! Learn how to maintain it as a pool operator in a safe and healthy condition. Learn from the public health experts themselves!Podcast Guests:Michelle Hlavsa, Chief of CDC Healthy Swimming Pool Program  Chris Edens, Epidemiologist of CDC Legionella section  Podcast Sponsors:Skimmer: http://www.getskimmer.comRayPak:
In Season 2, episode 35, Lauren Broom interviewed Ken Westfall of National Plaster's Council regarding proper startup water chemistry and procedures for new plaster on pools. This is an awesome episode for those that are doing new startups from pool builders to gain new customers. This episode is even awesome for pool professionals who have been in the industry a long time. Listen In!Podcast Guest:  Ken Westfall, Technical Director, National Plaster's CouncilPodcast Sponsors:Skimmer:http://www.getskimmer.comPool Parts to Go:
Employment Roundtable

Employment Roundtable


In season 2, episode 34, Lauren interviewed guests from both sides of the aquatics industry regarding the current employment situation and how it is affecting the pool industry. The effects are discussed from a guest from the parks and recreations aquatic industry and another guest from the pool service industry. Some of the effects have been the same and some are different depending on the side of industry you are in. We discussed how they are trying to handle this current and emerging situation that our current economy has created. Listen in and jump right in!Podcast Guests:Julie Sevilla, Aquatics Director, David Posnack JCCGary Heath, Owner of The Pool DoctorsPodcast Sponsors:Basecrete: RayXL:
In season 2 episode 33, Lauren Broom spoke with four strong female pool professionals. They spoke about the positives and hardships of being a female in the pool industry. They encourage all of us to continue to professionalize our industry for all professionals!!Podcast Guests:Andrea Nannini, Owner at  Hibiscus PoolsJules Johnson, Operations Manager/Coordinator at  Mission Pool & SuppliesKristen Melo, Owner at Preserve PoolsHeather Linton, Owner at Swim CarefreePodcast Sponsors:Basecrete: RayXL:
In season 2, episode 31, Lauren Broom, host, interviewed Sean Assam with AquaCal on salf chlorine generators. Listen in to this episode if you really want to learn about this topic from someone like Sean that I have found to be the most knowledgeable on this topic. He is often the one teaching in Florida at pool trade shows on this topic. He makes understanding it so easy!! Listen in to learn more!! You won't regret it!!Podcast Guest:Sean Assam, National Accounts and Commercial Products Manager at AquaCal AutoPilot Inc.Podcast Sponsors:Skimmer: XL:
In season 2, episode 30, I spoke with Fred Schweer, VP of Sales, Pool RX.  We spoke about this game changer for the pool industry using minerals to prevent algae in the pool water. The "Less is More Approach" when it comes to saving the "working power" of the chlorine in your pool. PoolRx Worldwide, Inc. is a privately held company located in San Clemente California, and has been in business since 1994. They manufacture PoolRx+, an EPA Registered, NSF 50 Certified Algaecide, that eliminates and prevents ALL Algae, Reduces Chemicals and Lasts up to 6 months.  Fred Schweer is the Vice President of Sales, leading all Sales, Support and Marketing efforts.  Fred has been with PoolRx going on 12 years.   For more information go to; call 1-800-3-PoolRx or for a faster response email; Come see them at the Everything under the Sun at Booth 927 in Orlando, FL on March 4-5, 2022.Podcast Sponsors:Skimmer:  http://www.getskimmer.comBasecrete:    
In Episode 29:  Lauren Broom interviewed representatives of Riptide Pool Vacuum, some of the Modern Pools Tools of Pool Professionals!! It was an awesome conversation about this very important tool for pool professionals. If you are new, learn more about it or if experienced learn about some new upcoming things with this great piece of technology that helps all pool techs!Podcast Guests:Dave Sargent, PresidentMatt Lopez, Vice PresidentPodcast Sponsors:Skimmer:
Season 2, Episode 28 Laure Broom interviewd Ray Arouesty, on how pool service techs can learn to protect themselves and others in the pool area. His extensive experience makes this episode a must listen for all pool services professionals. Ray Arouesty:President of Arrow Insurance Service, Inc. and is the exclusive insurance broker for the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA) and The Swimming Pool Association of Hawaii (SPAH). He has been involved in over 2000 swimming pool related insurance claims since 1982.Ray holds a Master of Science degree from Purdue University and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. He was admitted to the California State Bar in 1990 and his legal practice today is limited to members of the swimming pool industry. In 1999 Ray became a licensed swimming pool repair contractor in California and he is water chemistry certified by IPSSA. In 2000, Pool Industry Expo awarded him the Doug Tanner Award for his lifetime contributions to the swimming pool industry. He is a founder of the IPSSA Scholarship Fund, which provides educational grants to self-employed service technicians.For over three decades, Ray has been a frequent lecturer to the pool service industry. He has presented seminars at the APSP International Pool Show, the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, The Orlando Pool Show, The Texas Public Pool Conference, sponsored by the City of College Station, Texas, The Annual Western Pool & Spa Show in Long Beach California, The Desert Pool Show in Phoenix, Arizona, the Southwest Pool Show and Pool Industry Expo in Monterey, California. His seminars focus on the legal and insurance issues facing pool service technicians and he offers practical advice to the pool industry on identifying and reducing risk.Podcast Sponsors:Skimmer:
In the first episode of the second season, Lauren interviews the Mark Caron and Dave Cutler, both co-founders of the Wave Drowning Detection System. The journey began after a tragedy occurred at a town park where one of the cofounders lived. A nine-year old boy drowned despite five lifeguards and six camp counselors watching the water that day. After learning that drowning is all too common and that most are preventable, cofounders Mark Caron and Dave Cutler assembled a dedicated team of water safety experts, aquatic professionals, engineers and designers and set out to create a reliable, simple to use, and affordable drowning detection system. The result of their collective efforts is WAVE, and it will change aquatic safety forever.Podcast Guests:Mark Caron, Co-Founder & CEODave Cutler, Co-Founder & Chief Product OfficerPodcast Spsonsors:Skimmer:
In episode 25, Lauren interviews Eric Lupton, President of Lifesaver Pool Fence about how pool fencing as a layer of protection can help in drowning prevention. This is definitely another great episode in the drowning prevention series that you do not want to miss. Podcast Guest:Eric LuptonPresident of Life Saver Pool Fence. He began his career at Life Saver Pool Fence in 1997 and has grown it to its current status as one of the largest pool fence companies in the world and one of the few recognized by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely Campaign. Life Saver offers removable mesh pool safety fencing that’s both almost completely (87%) transparent and yet surprisingly strong, with each pole withstanding over 100 pounds of force. It’s been proven for over 80 years to be the most effective way to keep children from accessing the pool.  Podcast Sponsors:Skimmer:
In Episode 24, Lauren interviews the owner and creator of The Skimmie, a simple but unique tool that allows the cleaning and removal of skimmer baskets to become an easier task for homeowners and all pool service professionals.  Ever wonder what critter may be in all those leaves inside of the skimmer basket and you have to put your hand in there. Well, not anymore! Listen in to this short episode and see if this invention can help your business and keep you safer at your job!Podcast guest:Monica SpeakInventor | PresidentThe Skimmie, LLCPodcast Sponsor:Skimmer:
In Episode 23, Lauren Broom interviews Sai Reddy, Founder & CEO of Camereye. In this episode, we will discuss how new technology like artificial intelligence(AI) can help with one of the many layers of protection in drowning prevention!CamerEye™ is the first Artificial Intelligence Smart Fence and safety ecosystem to provide faster distress detection and help save lives.Our mission is to make the world a safer place and help save lives by reinventing swimming pool safety using sophisticated, advanced technology and artificial intelligence detection solutions that provide peace of mind and helping to reduce risk.Podcast Sponsor:
In episode 22: Lauren Broom, host interviews Hal Denbar with National Pool Partners to see what they have offered and their uniqueness in the pool industry. We speak about the professionalizing of the pool industry and how National Pool Partners is being a integral part of this idea. Podcast Guest:Hal Denbar, Founding Partner and President of National Pool PartnersNational Pool Partners (NPP) is the nation’s premier multi-regional pool service company, operating as a family of regional brands across the Sun Belt. We partner with local businesses to provide the scale and resources of a national enterprise to better serve our customers, teammates, and partners.https://go-npp.comPodcast Sponsors:Pool Drowning Detection System--
In Episode 21, Lauren Broom interviews David Hawes and Jennifer Farwell with Pool & Spa Apprenticeship Training Committee about the first Nationally approved pool and spa apprenticeship program in the United States! Listen in and hear about how they are helping to professionalize our pool industry!Podcast Guests:David Hawes - President & ChairmanDavid Hawes is the President and CEO of H & H Pool Services, Inc. He started his company at age 10 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it has been operating continuously for over 50 years. David is a licensed contractor, and his company currently services approximately 600 accounts weekly. He graduated with honors from Menlo School of Business Administration, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Accounting. He is currently serving as the Region 1 Director & Chief Financial Officer of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA). He is also on the Board of Directors for Pool Industry Expo. David is a nationally recognized speaker and has been teaching business seminars for pool service company owners over the last 30+ years, to help the industry improve profits and professionalism. He is a frequent contributor to articles for several trade. Jennifer Farwell, Program Director & Coordinator Jennifer has 30 years of operations management experience in highly regulated industries. She spent 10 years in Title & Escrow and worked as a Vice President for a national company, where she led the Southwest Region offices and received the Presidents Circle award several years in a row. Most recently, she worked for the former Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) as Director of the Western Office. With the help and support of industry leaders and volunteers, she established a new Chapter in California, formed a California Coalition for the adoption of the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC), and expanded membership and Association-supported education. She has served on several non-profit committees supporting healthy living and economic growth, including: the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX), the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), the American Cancer Society, and Women’s Empowerment. She feels privileged to work in support of programs and issues that improve the quality of lives.Podcast Sponsors:Skimmer:  https://getskimmer.comWave Drowning Detection System:
In episode 20: Josepha Dianna Sr. & Joseph Dianna Jr. talk about their carbon fiber pole that is used by many pool professionals across the world!! They tells us how this great product came about and how it has changed the life of many pool professionals. They will even gives us some hints about new things coming in the near future!! Listen in!About our guests:Joe DiAnna Sr. & Jr., the founders of Primate Pool Tools, have over thirty years of experience in the pool service industry and used their knowledge as  pool techs to design the world’s first carbon fiber pool service pole. After years of weekly pool maintenance they realized they were having to replace their aluminum poles multiple times a year due to wear and tear. Arguably the most important tool in the pool service business, they realized there were pool pros looking to invest in higher quality poles with superior durability and performance. They began developing what became the carbon fiber Primate Pole series in 2013, and began selling early versions of the pole in 2014. Today, Primate Pool Tools has developed multiple models of the Primate Pole series as well as a unique extension system that has truly raised the bar for quality in the pool service industry. Primate Pool Tools was founded to provide professionals in the pool service industry the option to invest in higher quality tools that hold up in a tough work environment.Podcast sponsors:Primate Pool Tools: Skimmer:
Let's Talk About Sutro

Let's Talk About Sutro


In Episode 19, Ravi Kurani and Jim Conti are interviewed about smart technology used to test pool water called Sutro.  Sutro is a water testing and data analytics company. It is a sensor-driven, connected, learning device to right-size your water chemistry. It automates testing - keeping you and your family safe, and saving you time and money. Let's Learn More About Sutro!!Podcast Guests:Ravi Kurani, Founder and President of Sutro,Jim Conti, Fractional Chief Sales Officer of SutroPodcast Episode Sponsors:Sutro:  www.mysutro.comWave Drowning Detection System:
In Epsisode 18, Lauren Broom interviews Terry Arko of HASA Pool about the current state of the industry over the past summer in terms of chemical shortages and what he thinks is on the horizon as we enter Fall 2021. He also talk about the HASA chemical liquid chlorine feeder. Terry Arko has more than 40 years’ experience in the recreational water industry, working in service, repair, retail sales, chemical manufacturing, technical service, commercial sales, and product development. He has written over 100 published articles on water chemistry including regular features in the IPSSAN National Newsletter. He is a member on the board of the Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) and the California Pool and Spa Association (CPSA).  He is also a Certified Pool Operator instructor with the Pool Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). Terry is currently working as Technical Content and Product Training Manager for HASA Pool, makers of HASA Sani-Clor. He can be reached at sponsors:Skimmer:   https://www.getskimmer.comWave Drowning Detection System: 
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