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Cinematic Explorers Club Podcast

Author: Patrick Belics

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Patrick Belics and Joe Galizia, and sometimes friends, talk Movies, Television, and whatever makes each other laugh...
18 Episodes
Patrick and Joe discuss the good and the less good and the future good of action films. John Wick, Mortal Kombat, and F9.
Patrick and Joe chat with an old friend and an up-and-coming filmmaker in the Chicago/Miami scene.
Patrick and Joe take on a little bit of everything in the world of cinema from Oscar Picks to old favorites.
Patrick and Joe support the unsung heroes that aren't really unsung.
Patrick and Joe dive deep into superheroes as usual but things come to a head after discussing the Snydercut for weeks, is it worth the wait?
Patrick and Joe discuss the usual suspects but Joe has seen a bit of Zack Snyder's Justice League and his reaction might surprise you...
Patrick and Joe discuss comic book properties before getting to what you really came here for OUR NEW MOVIE!
Patrick and Joe discuss everything under the sun. Seriously, just look at the title.
Patrick and Joe review their latest watches (Tenet and The Trial of the Chicago 7) and continue to keep you up-to-date on the latest movie news.
Patrick and Joe discuss all things Seattle, all things Globes, and a lot about Gina Carano.
Patrick and Joe talk the stock market (AMC), HBO Max features that we're excited about, and somebody is out to get us.
Patrick and Joe discuss making the podcast standout, the future of DC films, and the "free movies pass".
The world is burning around them as Patrick and Joe chat about quarantine watches such as Good Omens, Fast & Furious, and Succession.
Patrick and Joe discuss all things Christmas....
Patrick and Joe discuss the Disney Investor Call (with all of the Star Wars and Marvel announcements), Patrick's YouTube Experiment (The Lone Filmmaker), and how you need the "+"
Patrick and Joe discuss diets, Warner Bros. Christmas Movies, and Ahsoka Tano on the Mandalorian!
Patrick and Joe talk what the new "Contagion" should be for our pandemic viewing and Joe unleashes his passion for the WWE and it's history.
Patrick and Joe dive into Sasha Banks, the history leading up to the Mandalorian, and their families feeding habits.
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