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Author: Jayme Gee

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Chill Baby Chill is your go-to resource for understanding what it means to trust your gut, channel your creativity, and express yourself without hindrance. Creator Jayme Gee brings her experience working as a career coach, meditation teacher, and crowdfunded artist to help you shift from "scared to start" to "heyyy I f*ckin' did that!" Magic happens when you chill out and let go of trying to force things to happen a certain way.

*This podcast was previously titled Grow Baby Grow

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Art Meditation

Art Meditation


Art Meditation (AM) is the practice of using art-making to meditate. The point of AM is the PROCESS, not the end result. Many folks who struggle to sit still and quiet their mind are able to complete a short AM session and receive the benefits of a more traditional meditation practice. In this episode, Jayme breaks down some of the key benefits of Art Meditation and shares beginner-friendly tips to help you get started. 
This episode is for those of you out there who have ever felt bad about changing your mind when it comes to what you want to do with your life. No more berating yourself for stopping and starting new things! Instead, put on the hat of explorer, do more of what lights you up, do less of berating yourself when things don’t go the way you hoped, lean into following the guidance of your inner voice, and let your story continue to unfold.   
Expressing your creativity while in flow state is a form of channeling. When you create in flow state, you are in full presence and co-creation with your inner wisdom. This type of work comes from your Divine Self, and this part of you knows that what other people think of your work is none of your business. There is no judgment in flow state. In this episode, Jayme shares tips for tapping into flow state so you can experiment with creative channeling.Summon Elephant Energy: Inner Strength & Manifestation Meditation (Creative Meditations): click here
If you have an idea you’d love to bring to life, there are four words that will help you move through personal fears so you can create and share your work. Sure, the outcome or end product might be different than you first envisioned, but most of the time, when you honor your ideas, creative downloads, and see them through by following their flow, the outcome or end product ends up being even better than you first imagined.Creative Meditations podcast: click here
Personal Values

Personal Values


You will always make the decisions that most align with your personal values. If you take a look at your recent decisions and get to the “why” behind them, you might be surprised at what you find.Once you realize what you’re actually placing value on, when you know WHY you make the decisions you make, it’s so much easier to start intentionally creating an identity for yourself that points you toward your personal heaven.Creative Meditations podcast: click here
What if your ultimate purpose is to simply EXPERIENCE who you are, as you are, with full presence and acceptance of what is?Why do you make the decisions you make? Why do you want what you want?If you’re interested in exploring life purpose and figuring out how to make decisions that are best for YOU and what you want, you’ll enjoy this episode.Creative Meditations podcast: click here
Kelly Donahue is the founder of Badass Moms and her mission is to end the Good-Girl-to-Martyred-Mother pipeline. Mom guilt, trips to Target as your only fun, and people-pleasing are over. Asking for what you want, being your brave favorite self, and embracing imperfect parenthood are in. With Badass Moms, you're empowered to ask for what you want and remember deep down that your fun is good for everyone.Kelly is a certified Integrative Change Worker, Surf Instructor, and graduate of Harvard University.  She lives north of Boston with her partner, daughter, 3 bikes, and 4 surfboards.Where to find Kelly:IG - @kelbel_badassmomsWebsite -'s Podcast - Badass Moms: A Motherhood RevolutionFreebie: Finding Your True Fun GuideWhere to find Jayme:LinkedIn - Jayme AllenIG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Kayla Maran Lee is a Harvard-trained speaker, coach and facilitation expert. With over 20 years of experience, she designs and facilitates spaces for team development, growth, and collaboration throughout the United States and around the globe. When she’s not running her business, Beautiful Soapbox, you can find her enjoying food, arts, and wellness adventures. In this episode, Kayla talks about the link between professional and personal development (spoiler alert, they’re the same thing!). She dives philosophy that pausing and playing are the KEYS to rediscovering and re-becoming who you were always meant to be. Where to find Kayla Lee:IG - @beautifulsoapboxLinkedIn - Kayla Maran Lee, Fighting Corporate Burnout with Rest and PlayWebsite -
Creative expression helps us tap into flow state, which opens the floodgates to inspiration and opportunity. It also helps us feel more connected to our selves, which allows us to feel more connected to others...and so much of career success is tied to interpersonal skills. In this episode, Jayme walks through the timeline of her professional career growth (4 promotions and significant pay bumps over a 7-year period), and how her workplace success correlated to immersing herself in different passion projects outside of work. She talks about why having passion projects and expressing yourself creatively will help you grow professionally and feel better in your career. She also shares some tips to help you get started on your creative expression path.Work with Jayme (EQ-Focused Career & Leadership Coaching) - apply to work 1:1 with Jayme  here.Creative Meditations podcast: click hereWhere to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymeLinkedIn: Jayme Allenwebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Jennifer O'Brien is an artist and advocate for dialogue about end of life. Her book, The Hospice Doctor's Widow, is a personal exploration of both. Jennifer began journaling and creating the collages and tableaus during her husband’s illness as a form of self care, and her book was born of this work.In this episode, Jennifer shares more about the story behind the creation of her book and what it means to her to transform pain into purpose. She also talks about helping others after healing, and how you and your loved ones can be prepared for life's biggest event (death). She shares why it's so important to talk about death, and also what it means to make use of precious time with the ones you love.Where to find Jennifer O'Brien:IG - @hospicedoctorswidowWebsite - At Peace Toolkit - Hospice Doctor's Widow (book link) -
Where to find Nicole:IG - @nicolerodfitHealthy Girl Cookbook - Nicole Rodriguez is an online fitness trainer who helps women approach fitness in a simple, sustainable, and holistic way so they can thrive inside and out.This is a great episode for anyone who has an idea for a passion project or a service-based business they’d like to bring to life. Nicole talks about her journey getting started and how her path evolved over time. She shares her recommendation for what to do if you’re lit up by an idea, but nervous to put your work into the world. And, of course, since she’s a fitness trainer and cookbook author, she talks about her personal story with nutrition (and how she healed her acne), along with some beginner-friendly tips for folks who’d like to start living a healthier lifestyle.
Where to find Gale:IG - @orderlykhaosWebsite - orderlykhaos.comGale Blount is a Burnout Coach & Mentor for women. She has many years of experience working in retail and corporate, and now owns her private coaching business. With her vast experience and expertise, she helps her clients recover from burnout and move into calm & peace.  In this episode, Gale shares ways leaders can prevent their team members from burning out by providing developmental tools & resources and establishing healthy boundaries. She talks about having the courage to put yourself out there and fully embrace who you are. Gale has so much insight and wisdom to share; this episode is a must-listen! High-Stakes Leadership course mentioned in episode (University of Michigan, via Coursera): to find Jayme:LinkedIn - Jayme AllenIG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Most life hacks or “get results quick!” trends are immature. Even many of the buzz words used in the personal development space have undertones of immaturity. In the first half of this episode, Jayme takes six Personal Development buzzwords and breaks down how they look when paired with maturity vs. immaturity (growth, ambition, authenticity, goals, consistency, and transformation).Chasing life hacks or "get results quick!" trends not only creates a cycle of dissatisfaction with what is, it also tends to do the opposite of the promise: the chase ADDS time to the journey. In the second half of this episode, Jayme talks about how to let go of the chase and instead, get better, longer-lasting results.Sign up for the Hearts of Gold newsletter here.Work with Jayme (EQ-Focused Career & Leadership Coaching) - apply to work 1:1 with Jayme  here.Where to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymeLinkedIn: Jayme Allenwebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Sometimes, things go terribly wrong. Emotional intelligence helps us make mature decisions, get curious about what’s happening, and stay the course, even when sh*t hits the fan. Folks with high EQ are going to handle adversity with a high level of self-awareness and healthy self-management. On the other hand, individuals with low EQ tend to be much less skilled when it comes to self-awareness and self-management. In a crisis, low EQ manifests as panic, despair, blame, and/or resistance to change.Here's the good news: Emotional Intelligence is a skill set that can be learned and developed over time...for anyone!If you're thinking something along the lines of, “F**k you, Jayme - of course I don’t like pain and when sh*t hits the fan, I want out as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean I have low EQ,” this episode will be helpful to everyone, but especially anyone with this thought.THE GOAL ISN’T TO DESIRE ADVERSITY. THE GOAL IS TO BE WILLING TO EXPERIENCE IT. So how do we get there? Tune into this episode for more!Sign up for the Hearts of Gold newsletter here.Work with Jayme (EQ-Focused Career & Leadership Coaching) - apply to work 1:1 with Jayme  here.Where to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymeLinkedIn: Jayme Allenwebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Where to find Wolf:LinkedIn - Wolf HowardIG - @wolf_feasting Website - wearefeasting.comWolf Howard is the founder of Feasting, as well as an e-comm strategist and brand philosopher. He's on a mission to bring people together in advancing a more excellent food culture in Chicago and beyond. In this episode, he talks about connection, expression, the power of personal purpose, leadership, and so much more about what it takes to make work feel better.  Where to find Jayme:LinkedIn - Jayme AllenIG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Where to find Julia:LinkedIn - - fincoachjulia@gmail.comThis episode is an interview with Finance Coach Julia Shteynberg about an experience she had transmuting a heartbreaking challenge into an opportunity for growth and transformation.As Julia tells her story, she shows up as both tender AND fierce. She's a great example of Brene Brown’s main philosophy: there is no act of vulnerability without courage. May this episode be a  reminder that when you are going through a dark night of the soul, you are not alone - despite how it may feel, the painful experiences of life are one of the great connectors of humanity. You are invited to listen to this episode with an open heart and self-compassion (and probably some tissues).Where to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Automatic Writing, sometimes called Intuitive Writing, is a process where you release your conscious mind during the act of writing. It can be used to help with a creative project or as a form of journaling, where one may want to tap into their Higher Self (or a higher state of consciousness) to receive intuitive answers or downloads.In this episode, Jayme gives a brief overview and share an example. Automatic Writing is a powerful process that can produce profound works! It is also a great way to learn to trust yourself and feel more in tune with your Higher Self.Check out Jayme's Creative Meditations on YouTube (@moodbodystudio):
Where to find Whitney:IG - @holistic.moneyWebsite - holistic-money.comPodcast - The Holistic Money PodcastWhitney Morrison is not your average financial planner and she's not your average life coach. Instead, she is a unique combination of the two. She combines the fundamentals of wealth building with money mindset coaching to change your relationship with money and achieve the freedom lifestyle you've always desired.Where to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
If you have big ideas, but you tend to give up after getting overwhelmed, scared, or doubtful, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And this episode is for you! Jayme shares three tips for building confidence so you can see your ideas through. She talks about how she managed to write, produce, and perform in a solo comedy show even though it felt impossible when the idea first came to her.You can do audacious sh*t! Fear doesn't mean you're broken; self-doubt doesn't mean your ideas are bad. Chances are, you just need to make some tiny adjustments to your approach and what you're focusing on.Work with Jayme (EQ-Focused Career & Communication Coaching) - apply to work 1:1 with Jayme  here. Where to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
Where to find The Death Deck:IG - @thedeathdeckWebsite - https://thedeathdeck.comOnce upon a time, a hospice social worker and a widow teamed up to create a surprisingly fun and lively party game about death: The Death Deck. In this episode, Jayme has a conversation with The Death Deck's co-creator, Lisa Pahl, LCSW. They talk about the importance of discussing challenging feelings, how to approach a conversation about death, and the beauty of transforming pain into purpose and even play. This is a gorgeous conversation you will get so much out of!Where to find Jayme:IG - @moodbodyjaymewebsite - https://moodbodystudio.comemail -
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