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“Pressure to an extent is derived from people believing in you and believing in your capability to win. Pressure is an opportunity to meet expectations, rather than a negative thing that would cause stress”Frances Arnautou is wise beyond her years. Frances recently graduated from Yale where she played indoor volleyball as the setter, and was honored with awards that we’ll touch on. After graduating in 2020 she went on to play pro volleyball in Greece. Now she’s delving into the world of music – she sings, plays guitar, writes and produces under the name of Frances Lee. She's on Instagram: @frannybanany and find more info on @ewtspod, so be sure to follow! Franny with Lebron: In our discussion you'll hear about Franny's interaction with LeBron, it is really fun!
As you may know by now, this podcast is an inspirational tool, and illustrates through an athlete’s eye how beneficial sports can be throughout life. We hear from our interviewees how sports build confidence, and that through working together as a team, we can achieve great things.  In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Robin Farina, a former professional cyclist who has transformed her cycling career and love of sports into full time endurance coaching. Robin will share some insights on her coaching methods to helps us all in achieving our goals. Robin also loves travel, food and wine – a great combination! - and she has incorporated bike and wine tours to cycling-centric places around the world. Robin truly embodies all of the attributes we acquire from sports. 
If overcoming adversity makes us stronger, Liz Clark is superhuman. In 2005, Liz left California's Santa Barbara harbor aboard SWELL, her 40’ sailboat in search of remote surf breaks from Mexico through Central America, Galapagos, French Polynesia and beyond. Every surfer’s dream, right? Well, this transoceanic wave hunt was an invite for adversity with the navigational, mechanical, gnarly weather and forecasting challenges, injuries, and illnesses. Add to that the cross cultural and gender barriers when entering foreign countries as a female solo-sailing captain. In her book - "Swell – A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening", she goes well beyond what we can cover in this episode. I feel so fortunate to have reached her for this interview and I’m excited to share our discussion with you. 
Kimmy Fasani -  Snowboarder, athlete, business owner, co-author of cookbook, mother of 2! Kimmy has been a leader in women’s snowboarding since she became the first female snowboarder to land a double backflip in the park and the powder in 2011. Since then, Kimmy has appeared in dozens of snowboarding film segments, graced the cover and pages of snowboarding magazines, promotes many brands as a sponsored rider and continues to push the level of progression in her sport. As a mother, she still travels and promotes the companies she rides for and they have stepped up as well, to embrace her choice to be a mom and athlete. 
This episode is about succeeding against the odds, and persevering through extremely challenging times. Crystal Robinson is a tremendous athlete. She is a multiple award winning, barrier breaking, hall of fame professional WNBA basketball player, she is considered the best player to ever come out of Oklahoma. Crystal took her basketball IQ and translated it into coaching for the WNBA and transforming college and high school programs. Crystal has written a new book, called Finding Myself – It’s a memoir of her life. Through Crystal’s journey, she has been able to draw courage from adversity, overcome major challenges in her life to achieve a high level in her sport and career, and she is a role model and leader for girls in sports. 
Love to ski and bike? How about working with your best friend? Well, that’s what Kelli Hart and Melissa Alder are doing. They own a specialty ski and bike shop in West Yellowstone.  This episode is about how our love for sports can lead us to follow our passions into business and a career. Through sports and teams, we make meaningful friendships and create deep rooted relationships with like-minded people.  
Phaidra Knight is multidimensional. She is the only African American inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame, she earned a law degree, is President of the Women's Sports Foundation, and recently launched  PSK Collective, a gen Z/Rugby inspired clothing line.  All of these achievements she says are much in part due to the support of her family and of course her sports career. This episode delves into the benefit of sports, how the WSF is helping to grown and foster sports among marginalized communities, challenges and solutions to diversity/equity/inclusion, and how a support system is the bedrock for achieving goals.
Celebrate with us - National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD). My daughter, Quinn Ferguson hosts this episode as she interviews me to discover how sports play a role in my adult life. It was president Ronald Reagan, in 1987 who signed this proclamation for National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD). It’s the 35th annual now, and it acknowledges the accomplishments of female athletes, recognizes the positive influence of sports for women and girls, and honors the progress and continuing struggle for equality for women in sports. Women' is a big advocate for NGWSD. It’s a great organization that exists to unlock the possibilities in every girl and woman through the power of sport. The Women’s Sports Foundation dot org - strives for equality in sports and social justice too. 
Tennis - Stacy Margolin Potter achieved a ranking high of #18 in the world in women’s pro tennis. Stacy shares her story, from her early stages through college (USC #1 collegiate singles title)  Wimbledon and the US Open, and her career. Proper Nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle are the key to maintaining focus and mental toughness. Stacy shares how she’s translated her tennis history and education into a rewarding business as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Empowering Women Through Sports Instagram: ewtspod Find Stacy Potter here:Instagram
This episode is about determination. Annabel Heinemann is a mountain athlete in all types of skiing - alpine, telemark and backcountry. She is a ski patroller, mountaineer and mountain biker.  Determination is what Annabel possesses in her sports, as well as in her career and family. And, as you'll hear, determination has been needed to survive and thrive. 
Perseverance, failure, tenacity and redemption – that’s the consistent theme of this episode.  Cassandra Cunningham is a former USRowing National team athlete who took her athleticism, rowing prowess and Physical Education master’s degree into a varied and fulfilling coaching career. The steps she took to get to her goals were consistent with who she is – someone who is not afraid of challenge and will not give up.  
UCLA National Championship gymnast, Carmen Curtis  translates her talents into the world of Aerial Yoga and Aerial performance – think, Cirque du Soleil and acrobats flying high above a stage on bars or fabric ribbon props. The mind helped her through physical and emotional challenges, and working with teammates saved her soul. Search: The Aerial Studio or go to   
This short snippet tells what this podcast is about, why I'm doing it and hopefully generates some excitement! 
Inspiration building conversations with female athletes on how their athletic endeavors have helped shape their lives.  This episode features professional surfer Mary Osborne who has used her sport as a platform for business, women's empowerment and environmental activism.   And something she says completely takes me by surprise.  Mary Osborne on the web.
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