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Author: eArL Hamilton Jr.

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This is a comedy about a blacklisted Hollywood directortrying to film her first family TV show on an extremelysmall budget. Starring: Kimberly Coburn - as Kayla Brave. Kenneth Byrd - as Raydell Brave. Djarese Blevins - as Troy Brave. Mary Jenkins - as Davonna Brave. Amir Byrd - as Tarrin Brave. Teresa Suarez Grosso - Felicia, the Director. Anthony De La Cruz - Greco, the Cinematographer. SOUND FX & SAMPLES PROVIDED BY: * FREE SOUND.ORG * PRO MUSIC PACK.COM * LOOPERMAN.COM * GLITCHMACHINES.COM * SOUND EFFECT PACK.COM * LOOPMASTERS.COM * ZAPSPLAT.COM. MUSIC PROVIDED BY: * PROMUSICPACK.COM * LOOPERMAN.COM. Our Website is:
13 Episodes
Kayla convinces Raydell to look at some new houses,  but when their parents find out, they do everything in their power to keep them from moving.   Tarrin and family are paid a visit from  a very interesting and unwanted individual.Support the show (
Kayla cooks a new dish for dinner, everyone gets sick except her.Support the show (
Grandpa buys expensive gifts for the entire family, but something’s not quite right.Support the show (
Smooches (S1 E9)

Smooches (S1 E9)


Raydell finally gets the movie role of his dreams, but his wife Kayla doesn’t approve of all the kissing scenes.Support the show (
Fat Chance (S1 E8)

Fat Chance (S1 E8)


Kayla wants to cut meat from their diet, Raydell is not happy with this idea.Support the show (
Beats & Crimes (S1 E7)

Beats & Crimes (S1 E7)


Raydell is up for a new promotion. Kayla stops a jewel thief and Davonna’s computer gets hacked.Support the show (
Raydell is up for a new promotion. Kayla stops a jewel thief and Davonna's computer gets infected with ransomware.Support the show (
Mom’s (Kayla's) earrings come up missing, she suspects her son’s new girlfriend.Support the show (
Crash & Burn (S1 E4)

Crash & Burn (S1 E4)


Dad (Raydell) and his car gets hit by a celebrity, now he wants to take her to the bank.Support the show (
Dad (Raydell) buys bargain-meat from a stranger in a van.Support the show (
Showtime! (S1 E2)

Showtime! (S1 E2)


First day recording the show.Support the show (
Dad (Raydell) loses his job, but they receive a phone call from a TV producer who wants them to be in her reality show.Support the show (
Musically enhanced soundbites from various episodes.Support the show (
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