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The Packers said goodbye to two players this week, one of whom you probably have a lot more feelings about than the other. Let’s break down the departure of both Bashaud Breeland and Randall Cobb. Then, a beat writer stepped in it with his description of the Packers’ salary situation this week. What’s up with that? Plus, the things you should know about the salary cap.
The Packers still have some holes on the roster, even after a flurry of free agent signings. But what are their biggest areas of need? And did the Packers overpay to fill the roster holes they have already? We’ll discuss that, plus why it’s a bad idea to bring back Jordy Nelson.
It’s a free agent spending spree in Green Bay. When’s the last time you could say something like that? Let’s recap the free agency story so far before diving into exactly what the Packers did and where they go from here.
The Packers made a big splash in free-agency! Okay, maybe not a big splash. Maybe not a splash at all. Look, they re-signed Fadol Brown and I think that’s a good indicator of things to come. I’ll explain why along with giving some examples of other players they could pursue. Then, some outside-the-box thinking from a reader leads to this question: could the Packers bring back Ha Ha Clinton-Dix?
The Combine is over and the takes are pouring in. Let’s take a look at one player in particular that’s showing why the Combine is such a fraught proposition to begin with. Then, a dive into the particulars of trading for Dee Ford before rounding out the show with a discussion of what the worst Packers offseason could be.
The NFL Combine is in the process of shaping NFL careers at this very moment, potentially as you’re hearing these words. Let’s take a look back at a few notable cases at how this has played out with the Packers.
The Combine is underway in Indianapolis, which means the offseason is about to get really silly. Let’s sort through the silliness and talk about the secret storyline of Combine weekend: how it affects free agency.
We’ve reached the end of the Packers’ 2018 season. What did we learn from taking a second look at every game? Well, it’s not good! But maybe there’s hope for the future.
Matt LaFleur is doing actual head coach things, and we got a chance this week to get to know his staff a little bit. What do the first impressions show? Then, why I think two linebackers are a great explainer for why the Packers roster was the way it was in 2018. Finally, we dive back into our look at the 2018 season.
Let’s have a little offseason speculation, shall we? What if the Packers made a big splash at wide receiver? It might cut down on Aaron Rodgers’ throwaways, which we’re a big problem in 2018. We’ll take a look back at what happened there before diving back into our 2018 recap.
We’ve finally got a quasi-answer to one of the enduring mysteries of the 2018 season. Let’s talk about what happened to Cole Madison. Then, the Packers got a win versus the Dolphins but then had to head to Seattle on short rest. How did that turn out? Well, pretty much like every other trip to Seattle.
The Packers are just about done adding coaches, but one of their last hires is interesting, if only because of his name. Let’s take a second to look at their latest hires before diving into some interesting comments about the Packers leadership structure. Then, when the Packers 2018 season really came to an end.
We’re officially on to 2019, to borrow a quote from Bill Belichick. Let’s take that opportunity to talk about what could be the very last true bright spot of the 2018 Packers season.
The Packers coaching staff is edging closer to completion. What do we make of the newest names added to the mix? Then we take a trip back to when the Packers’ 2018 season really started to unravel.
One of the biggest names from the 2018 offseason is apparently going to be back in 2019, but is it a good thing that we’re having another go-round with Jimmy Graham? Let’s discuss. Then, we dive into our game-by-game review of the 2018 season. Spoiler alert: this is about as happy as it’s going to be for a while.
The Packers keep bringing new names into the building, but this time one is on the personnel side. We’ll catch up on the latest moves and discuss whether a colleague of Matt LaFleur’s is making a big mistake. Then, let’s start our season review process by breaking down the Packers 2018 rookies.
Matt LaFleur is making moves on the Packers coaching staff, but the Packers still have fewer coaches than it feels like they should. Is that bad? Let’s find out, then dive into our predictions from last season. Plus: the NFL’s overtime rules are fine.
The Packers are still slowly filling out their coaching staff, but now two very intriguing names are in the mix. Then, Joe Whitt is off to Cleveland, but it’s possible that may not be a bad thing. We’ll explain why. Finally, as we start to review the 2018 season, let’s look back at one of our biggest behind the scenes projects.
The Packers are shuffling their coaching staff, and the tide appears to be turning from departures to arrivals. What do we make of the Packers’ new offensive coordinator, and do the Packers have a Mark Murphy problem? Plus...who cares if Matt LaFleur is a reach?
Matt LaFleur has made his first moves as the Packers head coach, answering a bunch of questions from local media while getting interrupted a bunch by Mark Murphy. Now that we’ve had some time to sort all this out, what do we think of Matt LaFleur? And what does the new head coach need to do next?
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