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The standard of care you provide patients is directly related to revenue and profit. Today, we’re joined by speaker, author and coach Kathryn Gilliam, RDH. Kathryn will talk to us about how elevating the standard of care in your practice can lead to a high return on investment.
Many patients have dental anxiety - and that includes anxiety about the cost of dental care and how they'll pay. We’re joined by best-selling author and certified coach Bita Saleh, DDS. Dr. Saleh will talk to us about how easing patient anxiety can lead to a more financially successful practice. Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comDrBitaSaleh.comCheck out Dr. Saleh's books:The Well-Referred Dentist: The Essential Hidden Steps to a Profitable & Anxiety-Free Practice - Foundation of Profitable Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Building & Sustaining Profitability Through Any Crisis  -
Specialist referrals

Specialist referrals


We're joined by Sara Zeidan, DDS, founder of DrHuddle to discuss how simplifying specialist referrals can increase production and profit, as well as create a more efficient office. Dr. Zeidan explains how using a web-based platform to make referrals and share patient information leads to a better experience for the general dentist, specialist and patient. Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comDrHuddle.com
Self care

Self care


We're joined by speaker and author Kelli Jaecks as we discuss the importance of self care to the economic success of a dental office. Kelli shares the reasons dentists and their staffs should focus on self care and offers guidance on how to practice good self care.Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comkellijaecks.com
Patient affordability

Patient affordability


We're joined by dental coach Gerilyn Alfe, DMD, to discuss how to make your practice more affordable to patients while avoiding the need to offer steep discounts. Dr. Alfe talks about how to help patients find ways to pay and how to include your whole staff in efforts to educate patients about the value of dental care.Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comhttps://www.fortunechicago.com



Learn how teledentistry can help you care for your existing patients better and attract new patients. As more patients get comfortable receiving medical care via the internet, teledentistry can be a valuable addition to your practice - both in terms of increasing revenue and decreasing costs. We're joined by Dentulu CEO Arash Hakhamian, DDS, as we look at how teledentistry can fit into your practice. Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comDentulu.com
At some point, all dentists reach the time where they need to make a transition in their practice - whether hiring an associate, joining a new practice or retiring.  Today we're joined by practice transition specialist Bal Bhullar. Bal will share his experience about how to make a practice transition successful for everyone involved.Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.com
You provide great care in your practice, but no matter how great it is you'll need a successful marketing strategy to bring patients through the door - whether it be word of mouth, online ads or an email campaign. Today we're joined by best-selling author and marketing expert Cody Butler. Cody will share what a dentist should think about when designing and implementing an effective marketing program for their practice.Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comCodyButler.com
As a dentist and business owner, it's important to understand what your patients are concerned about and how to effectively address that. Not only will you have happier patients, but it will also help boost revenue and the financial health of your practice. Join us as we talk with Alan Hollander, President of ePractice Manager. Alan shares his thoughts on what concerns patients and how to manage your office to best serve patients and stay financially healthy even in rough economic times. Toothonomics.comMyCirrusDental.comepracticemanager.com (article Alan mentions)
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