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Where the hell have I been? I also congratulate some of my friends and colleagues on their recent advancements and promotions!
We kick off season 2 with Master Chief of the Coast Guard (retired) Vince Patton! MC Patton shares stories from his time in boot camp, as a young non-rate, and a junior Petty Officer. We also discuss his ascension to MCPOCG and how his core values and leadership principles helped him achieve his dream!
As season 1 comes to a close, I'd like to thank all my guests and listeners for your support! We'll be back the first Monday in May to kick off season 2!
Let Them Know!

Let Them Know!


In this episode I continue to highlight women in leadership for women's history month. I discuss in detail how four very special women have impacted my life and then call them to let them know just how much they have meant to me!
I'm A Hot Commodity

I'm A Hot Commodity


I'm joined once again by Rhea Doctolero, but this time she's not playing devil's advocate. Rhea and I discuss her impending transition from the military and her job search. We talk about her personal training business, and how leadership plays a major role in how she trains and motivates her clients!
Fish Out Of Water

Fish Out Of Water


In this episode I'm joined by U.S. Coast Guard 5th District Commander, Rear Admiral Laura Dickey. Admiral Dickey is a career Sailor with over 12 years of sea time. She has served as Commanding Officer of 3 Coast Guard ships, worked for the Department of Defense at U.S. Northern Command, and served as a Coast Guard liaison to Capitol Hill. Admiral and I talk a little bit about our time together on the DEPENDABLE, and about her leadership style. She also shares some sea stories, including one about a professional basketball player you won't want to miss!!
It's Next Man Up!

It's Next Man Up!


I'm joined by U.S. Coast Guard Master Chief (select) Bob Egbert. Bob and I discuss our time together stationed in Philly, and what he has learned in the 10 years since then. We discuss his own leadership philosophy, and how his wife's battle with cancer has forever changed the way he approaches leadership.
This is the first episode of our new mini-series! In this episode, I'm joined by my girlfriend Rhea Doctolero. Rhea plays devil's advocate in our leadership discussion about Texas Senator Ted Cruz's recent trip to Cancun during the winter storm crisis in Texas.Disclaimer: These views are mine and should not be construed as the views of the U.S. Coast Guard.
In this episode I take an in depth look at President Joe Biden's first 2 weeks in office. I analyze the executive orders, memorandums, and proclamations issued by the white house from a leadership perspective.Disclaimer: These views are mine and should not be construed as the views of the U.S. Coast Guard.
More Money More Problems

More Money More Problems


I'm joined by Niema Golphin, Director of Culture for Wissahickon Charter School and Owner of Minding My Soul Meditation. Niema and I discuss her leadership of school staff, as well as the children they serve. She talks about her own philosophy and how she implements it. We dive into meditation as she teaches us the science behind it all, and how she draws on her leadership experiences when helping her clients.
Scot "Mugsy" Mogilewski returns to discuss his own personal battle with white privilege and how it relates to his family. He shares his views on being an ally vs. an accomplice and how his awareness of his privilege can benefit others. Also, he shares his affinity for "dolls for men."Disclaimer: These views are mine and should not be construed as the views of the U.S. Coast Guard.
Sh*t Rolls Downhill

Sh*t Rolls Downhill


Part 2 of my interview with Philadelphia sports broadcaster and podcast host Marc Farzetta. In this episode Marc and I discuss his time as a promotions director, his leadership on the morning show, and how falling asleep to a Joe Montana tape helped him become a better leader! 
I'm joined by Philadelphia sports broadcaster and podcast host Marc Farzetta. In part one, Marc and I discuss his grandfather's Coast Guard service during WWII, some cigar secrets, and his love for Jack Daniels. He also shares some stories about his leadership idol during his time working for Sunday Night Football!Part 2 drops Monday 2/8/21!
It's the Ginger Water!

It's the Ginger Water!


I'm joined by actress and studio owner Val McAdoo. Val shares with us her journey into acting, and how leadership works in the industry and on set. We discuss a few of her recent roles, and what motivated her to open her own studio.
I'm joined by my friend and colleague Santos Rivadulla. Santos, a Coast Guard retiree, shares a couple of leadership stories from his time in the service. We discuss our time together in Nassau, Bahamas and his philosophy on leadership. He also lets us in on an alien encounter he had while underway on a Coast Guard ship, and his personal quest to find Bigfoot and Mothman.
I’m joined by my friend, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and Coach, Beth Ruffin. Beth and I discuss some leadership struggles in the insurance career field, as well as her own leadership and inclusion philosophy. She talks about what it's like trying to get a seat at the corporate table, and how it motivated her to build her own! We also discuss the challenges that she faces in her business, as it relates to addressing culture changes in organizations that are not inclusive. 
In Part 2 of my interview with Rodney Caldwell, we discuss how One Shot Church congregates, therapy in leadership, and breaking down what your purpose is.
I sit down for Part 1 of my interview with Pastor Rodney Caldwell from One Shot Church in Silver Spring, MD. Rodney discusses his childhood and the event that led him to his spirituality. We talk leadership in the church and his thoughts on religion in politics.Part 2 drops Friday January 22, 2021!
In Part 2 of my interview with former Marine and retired Coast Guard veteran Scot "Mugsy" Mogilewski, we discuss my defining leadership event, his leadership philosophy, and he shares some more outrageous leadership sea stories. Disclaimer: These views are mine and should not be construed as the views of the U.S. Coast Guard.
I sit down for Part 1 of my interview with former U.S. Marine and retired U.S. Coast Guard Senior Chief, Scot "Mugsy" Mogilewski to talk about leadership philosophy. We break down "synthetic" vs "organic" leadership and explore the differences between the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard with regard to rank structure. Mugsy describes in detail the story behind his career defining leadership event.Part 2 drops Friday January 15, 2021!Disclaimer: These views are mine and should not be construed as the views of the U.S. Coast Guard.
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