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A weekly 30 minute podcast about the quirks of adulting. Every week she is joined by a guest for real talk, random facts and relatable ideas. The not-so-expert, expert manages to tell some funny stories about sex, romance, race, getting blocked, and being bicoastal. Toni is the queen of random and has stories about a whole bunch of other s**t.
79 Episodes
No Love is Blind has not fired Vanessa Lachey but a girl can dream right? Tune in as we discuss some of my highlights from Love is Blind and the reasons the series should fire Vanessa Lachey.
Tune in to hear our opinion on Deshaun Watson and all of his massage drama.
Random Sloppy Seconds

Random Sloppy Seconds


Does being a second choice mean you are sloppy seconds. Sometimes our first choice isn't our favorite or even our best choice. Should we not be allowed to say we chose wrong and start over? Inspired by Season 4 of Love is Blind. For this episode I have 2 guests to get a male and female perspective. Tune in LIB fans.
Are you thinking about dating someone long distance? If so, you may want to listen to this podcast. Tune in as we discuss some of the issues with dating long distance.
Random 2023 Goals

Random 2023 Goals


Tune in as we narrow down our 2023 to 3 priorities and put them out into the universe to manifest.
We all want to live the dream but wait, what exactly is the dream? Tune in as we talk about what that term means to us.
Why do men say they want a relationship when they don't?
I am back from hiatus and making moves. I recently moved into a new spot and I am ready to get back out there to take 2023 by storm. Tune in.
Have you ever wondered where you are in your relationship or if you are even in a relationship at all? If so, join us and tune in.
Random Side Chicks

Random Side Chicks


Tune in on this longer than average discussion about side chicks, side dudes and everything in between. From Will Smith and Jada Pinkett to Alicia Keys the ultimate side chick. We discuss them all.
Tune in while I decide how I feel about Will Smith smacking the shit out of Chris Rock at the Oscars. I dissect my feelings about a man I respected so much and followed tremendously for his courage during the pandemic. From the #arrestwillsmith hashtag on twitter to my comments about no one watching Red Table Talk. Take a listen.
Tune in as we discuss Interracial Dating
Do you know how you end up in the Friend Zone? Tune in as we discuss the what, who and how of Friend Zone culture.
Random Flaw Fixing

Random Flaw Fixing


Flaws, we all have them but what are yours? Are you doing anything to fix them? Tune in as we get real about making those necessary changes.
With only a few days left in February let’s talk about and celebrate black history. Tune in as my guest and I discuss some of the greats of black history.
New Year new opportunities for love. Tune in as your host and guest Carla talk about their hopes of finding love this year.
Have you ever wondered what to get your man for Valentine's Day? Have you ever wondered how to romance your man on Valentine's Day? If so, tune in and listen to my guest Danny spill the tea on what he finds romantic.
Dealing with all of the recent loss, I decided to use my forum this week to talk about suicide and other related issues. I must say, I am no expert only someone that cares about this topic. Please tune in and maybe it can help someone you know or help shed light on this issue.
Want flirting ideas from a recently single woman? If so, tune into this week's episode.
Dating isn't easy but it is even harder when you go out with someone that totally turns you off? We all have turn offs. What are yours? Tune in and listen to a few of ours.