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Living Authentically

Author: John Siddique

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John Siddique presents Living Authentically, where we talk about living an authentic and meaningful spiritually based life. This podcast doesn’t have any set formula so you’ll get to hear interviews, reflections, talks, or sometimes even just music, but it is all with the heartful basis of supporting and inspiring you to realise the highest truth within youself.
12 Episodes
Each week in the meditation classes and retreats I run, there is a time for questions and/or reflection on an aspect of awakening to the truth of awareness in our own lives. In last week’s class I was asked the question ‘What Is The Best Way To Meditate At Home?’ The answer to this is a far trickier than you might imagine…
Imagine a cafe where you pay what you feel for the food you get, and all of the food has been rescued from being thrown away. Welcome to the Real Junk Food Cafe Hebden Bridge
Your Original Face

Your Original Face


Excerpted from a longer meditation class and satsang. John gives a talk, and leads two short guided meditations to bring you into direct awareness of your unconditioned self.
In this most powerful talk John looks at the process of spiritual self inquiry, and how we can begin to work and overcome what some call the ‘painbody,’ that seemingly inescapable reactive barrier that cuts us off from experiencing the beauty and the fullness of our lives.
How can we move beyond reaction and fear in daily life through meditation? In this teaching John explores the routes through spiritual practice and meditation, before looking at the heart of the matter and what we can really do to make our own lives our own again.
When We Lose Our Way

When We Lose Our Way


As our practice of living in spacious awareness deepens there are times when we will feel like we've lost our connection, what can we do then?
This is a talk given at a recent meditation class based on the question - what is the use of meditation when there is terrorism in the world. I hope you find food for thought here, please listen with an open heart. Bless you.
An Attitude of Service

An Attitude of Service


While travelling in India I meet three vitalistic chiropractors from the USA who are on a series of 'mission trips' to bring pain relief and good health to all who need it. I sat down with Doctors Navit Zuckerman and Gary Wilson next to the River Ganges at Rishikesh to talk with them about the wisdom and intelligence of the body, and to ask them about how the sense of service underpins their travel and their work.Links Mentioned In This Podcast:Authentic Livingwww.authenticliving.lifeAuthentic Living's Patreon & Gary on Instagram & Gary's
In this wide ranging conversation with vinyasa flow yoga teacher Jo Tastula we discuss among many other things:The evolution of her yoga practice.Her thoughts on authenticity both as a yogi and as a person, and how her whole life has become an integral practice.She discusses her time living with and around spiritual teacher Ram Dass and his community in Maui.The importance of family as her primary spiritual community, and that the evolution of spiritual life now means that it is our ordinary lives that are the forefront of spiritual awakening and practice.We discuss one of the most important topics of the day, in how we can live alongside others whose views may be very different from our own, and the importance of vulnerability in meeting ourselves and each other.We talk about her connection to the cycles of the moon, and how she has integrated that into her teaching and practice, and we look at how meditation reveals our true self which helps us move beyond fear into the wholeness of life… Jo Tastula has been teaching yoga and especially vinyasa flow for over twenty years, she leads retreats, and is one of the brightest stars of online yoga video service Yogaglo. I hope you enjoy our chatwith loveJohn Links Mentioned In This Podcast:Authentic Authentic Living's Patreon Jo
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Change is the great constant in our lives. So how can having a meditation practice help us navigate the strong ebbs and flows of real life? In this beautiful moving short talk, John shares a recent example of a hugely significant life-changing moment​ and reflects on the nature of authenticity in our practices when all our perceived ​strategies​ fail us.There is a short interlude for a piece of music by yours truly called ‘In Balance.’And we end with a 15-minute meditation to help you feel the connection of life that runs through your family line, that has lead to your life in this moment and that will flow on from here.Love JohnLinks Mentioned In This Podcast:Continuum on Spotify Timer poem that spawned ‘This We Know’
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