DiscoverChallenge Yourself: Empowering Leaders and Coaches to Be More Effective.
Challenge Yourself: Empowering Leaders and Coaches to Be More Effective.
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Challenge Yourself: Empowering Leaders and Coaches to Be More Effective.

Author: Greg and McKenna Reitz

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Are you up for the challenge? This is a podcast about coaching and leadership to help and empower coaches, leaders and CEOs to become more effective. Listen in on conversations with top professionals within their field. We are your hosts, Greg and McKenna Reitz, who have almost 40 years of combined coaching and leadership experience. We aim to get the best from you and/or your team as it relates to success in your field. Learn more about us at!
23 Episodes
Former MLB player Nick Swisher speaks to your cohosts McKenna and Greg about holding on the "adders," why we need haters, never backing down from a challenge, and going for it with both feet in.
Yale grad and former NFL player Chris Hetherington talks to your cohosts McKenna and Greg about being "the quiet leader," learning to be a pro in any field, and embracing the grind to succeed as an entrepreneur.
Your cohosts McKenna and Greg talk to married couple Kraha and Derek West about college athletics, finding strength in adversity, the dynamics of leadership both in work and parenting, and how passion drives hard work.
Lawyer and entrepreneur Chris Polaszek speaks to Challenge Yourself hosts McKenna and Greg about learning hard work through past generations, the ups and downs of working on Wall Street, the importance of preparation, and the difference between finding happiness and understanding your purpose.
Trimble Transportation Divisional Vice President Nick Cheever speaks to co-hosts McKenna and Greg on honing communication skills to guide individuals on his team, the process of working through the challenges that we all face, and how those challenges reveal what's truly important, and functioning through hard times by picking each other up.
CEO and Cherry Street Mission president Ann Eibert talks to Challenge Yourself hosts McKenna & Greg about having confidence in making decisions around your core values, seeing people without labels, and proofing plans for the future.
WTOL 11 news anchor Jeff Smith speaks to your co-hosts McKenna and Greg about committing to the community, covering difficult stories, and the value of being open to learning, being open to leading, and being open to listening.
Taylor Automotive Family General Manager and Taylor Kia owner Steve Taylor talks to your cohosts McKenna and Greg about how being stuck behind a school bus changed his perspective on success, the "PARTEEEEE" core values his organization upholds, and authoring an Amazon best-selling book on a more positive car-buying experience.
Author, speaker, and NCAA and high school lacrosse coach Kate Leavell shares her vision with host McKenna and Greg about meeting John Gordon and how he transformed her coaching, practical strategies she uses to build a culture with her athletes, and the secret experiment she conducted with a team that changed her outlook.
President and Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House of Northwest Ohio Chad Bringman speaks to hosts McKenna and Greg about looking for influence opportunities, picking a direction but being willing to adapt, and the volunteers and donations that fuel his organization.
President and CEO of Promedica and philanthropist Randy Oostra talks to Challenge Yourself hosts McKenna and Greg about finding happiness in starting over, education is the key to success, and the importance of emotional intelligence in making connections with people.
University of Kentucky professor and Chair of the Department of Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition Phillip Gribble, Ph.D, ATC, talks to hosts McKenna and Greg about finding his passion in research, growing a program, and his formula of establishing a foundation of expertise while tinkering with "the next thing."
Lawyer, motivational speaker, and life coach Diana Patton talks to the Challenge Yourself hosts about being there for others, opening yourself to connect, and finding your purpose though
Your co-hosts McKenna and Greg speak with Springfield Local Schools head football coach and Assistant Curriculum Director Jerry Bell about stepping away from the game to make time for family, the value of a second chance, and emphasizing culture and character over wins and losses in a program.
Ursuline Academy Athletic Director Jen Brooks chats with McKenna and Greg on always looking for the good, finding her voice, and the power of being the only woman in the
Savage & Associates President and CEO J.R. Toland speaks to co-hosts McKenna and Greg about the value of culture and environment in the workplace, being present in the moment, and how leading quietly by example can sometimes be best.
The Ohio State University women's volleyball head coach Jennifer Flynn Oldenburg speaks to co-hosts McKenna and Greg on growing up a multi-sport athlete, putting together a strong coaching staff of leaders, and the importance of taking risks to find success.
Bennet Management Corp. CEO Jimmy Harmon talks to McKenna and Greg about how important character is in leadership, the benefits of goal setting, and continuing to learn throughout the climb to the top.
This episode, owner of Fowl & Fodder Downtown Alicia Wagner talks to McKenna and Greg about the importance of hearing "No", trusting the flashing lights inside her, and being right where she needed to be.
Greg and McKenna speak to retired president of Fifth Third Bank of Northwest Ohio Bob LaClair about turning setbacks into triumphs by focusing on the good in every situation, compartalizing the day, and charactertistics he looks for in young leaders.
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