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Author: Jonathan Akkawi

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An exploration of the inner working of Hollywood studios (current and past), award seasons chatter, film and music festival coverage, personal experiences of up and coming filmmakers/artists trying to break through the industry as well as analyses of independent films/albums made by BlPOCs, womxn, and LGBTQ+ filmmakers/artists.
2 Episodes
"The 3-B Syndrome"

"The 3-B Syndrome"


In this episode of the "The Hollywood Chai" Podcast, I explore the phenomena of the "3-B Syndrome" and dive into how Islamophobic and racist views towards Arabs came to exist in Hollywood since the media capital's inception while offering a small start on how to change that for future MENA artists to come. I also talk about my personal experience dealing with problematic casting agents and the beauty in choosing the works that you want to perform and why it's important to choose and do what you love.Artists/Authors/Critics/Works Referenced:Mera Nino, photographerDr. Jack Shaheen, "Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People"Edward Said, "Orientalism"Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, "100 Years of Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim Stereotyping"Hala Malak, "Arabs Who Cut Off Your Ears if they Don't Like Your Face"Sponsor/Shout Out: Dalia Web Design, us on:Instagram: @thehollywoodchai, @jakkawistudiosTwitter: @ChaiHollywood, @jakkawistudiosTikTok: @jakkawi_studiosWebsite:
The Pilot episode of "The Hollywood Chai" Podcast is all about introducing myself to the world and my mission statement: about fighting for diversity and inclusivity in Hollywood and exposing the problems within the Entertainment Industry, all through the eyes of a Greco-Arab actor, critic, filmmaker, and screenwriter. In this episode, I talk about my personal experience dealing with problematic casting agents at a big Hollywood studio in regards to a big project and my ideas on how we need to fix the problems at hand.I also discuss the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (AMPAS), or the Academy, new Best Picture guidelines that will be implemented in 2024 and how that will hopefully change the landscape of Hollywood movies, studios, and the culture. Follow us on:Instagram: @thehollywoodchai, @jakkawistudiosWebsite:
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