Discoverエイゴの時間 ♪ 音声付き英語学習サイト
エイゴの時間  ♪ 音声付き英語学習サイト
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エイゴの時間 ♪ 音声付き英語学習サイト

Author: junko & kaori

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148 Episodes
Are you familiar with the expression "to put it on my tab", which is most likely to be used in bars and restaurants?Read More♪Put it on my tab. – お勘定はまかせてね
Here's my confession: I love quiz shows. Quiz shows, or maybe your term exams too, use true or false questions.Read More♪true or false ー マルかバツか
The rainy season's here. When it rains, some outdoor events and activities, like baseball games, open-air concerts or barbecues, are cancelled or postponed.Read More♪come rain or shine – 降っても晴れても
Let's say, you're in a club. There's a dance floor. A gentleman comes up to you and asks you to dance with him.Read More♪I think I’ll sit this one out. – 今回はやめときます。
One of my most favorite English dictionaries online is More♪ – おすすめオンライン辞書
When you come back from holidays or long weekends, you typically speak with your friends at work or school about what you did during the holidays.Read More♪How did you spend your Golden Week holidays? – ゴールデンウィークは何してた?
Can you tell the difference between a calendar year and a fiscal year?Read More♪calendar year vs. fiscal year – 暦年と会計年度
The Heisei period will end in another two weeks and the new era begins on May 1.Read More♪Order and Harmony – 新元号~秩序と調和?
In Japan, everything starts in April. The government starts its fiscal year in April, to begin with.<続きはサイトで>Read More♪Make change your friend – チェンジはチャンス!
Are you familiar with the word "adorable"? Adorable is an adjective to describe people, animals or things.Read More♪Adorable! – めっちゃかわいい!
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