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Just a super relaxing place for cannabis lovers to come hang out with friends, get baked and escape our crazy ass world for a while! No drama here, just good vibes!
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Are you an ASMR fan? Heard about this weird thing and wondering what it's all about? On this episode I sit down and tell you all about ASMR. What is it, why do people experience it and what causes it? The episode also features some really basic examples of auditory ASMR.Over on The Stoner Den Facebook and Instagram I have done a few ASMR type videos, so if that is your jam, or you're curious about what that is, go check them out! The Stoner Den Podcast on all social media places! Also The Stoner Den on YouTube!Music:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Today we are celebrating The Stoner Den's first birthday!!! November 22, last year, was the very first upload for The Stoner Den podcast and I cannot thank everyone enough for their support!! It is so crazy to think that I have been doing this, relatively consistently, for a whole year!! Big thank you to all of my listeners! To everyone that has been there since day 1 and everyone that is just starting today! Thank you thank you thank you!! Let's continue to build this awesome community, remember to share with all your friends! Like, comment, subscribe, review! Do all the stuff and it helps get The Stoner Den into more people's suggestions.Thanks again to everyone that has supported The Den this year! I could not have done it without you!!Find The Stoner Den on all the social media's, including Instagram and Facebook. Also go check out The Stoner Den on Youtube!Music/Effects:Intro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: Calma by Martin LandstromEpidemic Sound Effects from Epidemic Sound:Human Crowd Studio 33 Hooray
Are you ready for the spookiest day of the year? Halloween is tomorrow so tonight I am getting stoned and going over 4 scary movies that will be sure to get you in the Halloween mood. Grab your weedy gear and lets get into the spirit!Come find The Stoner Den Podcast on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and there is also The Stoner Den Youtube channel!Share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review!Music:IntroCold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: Hoax - Mary RiddellEpidemic Sound
It's another spoooky week here at The Stoner Den! Do you love being creeped out? Do you find human remains, dolls or abandoned places creepy? Grab your weedy gear, let's get baked and I'll tell you all about these super creepy places, from around the globe!Featured in this episode:The Paris CatacombsThe Island of Dolls in MexicoPripyat, UkraineMusicIntro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: Hoax by Mary Riddle Epidemic Sound
Happy Halloween Stoner Friends!!! I am celebrating the spooky season all month long, starting with a very creepy story from when I was a kid. Do you love creepy and spooky stuff just as much as me?! Grab your weedy gear, let's get stoned and get spooked!Do you have a spooky story you want to share?! Come find me on The Stoner Den Podcast on Instagram and Facebook and tell me all your creepy tales!Follow The Stoner Den on Facebook and Instagram! New videos go up at least once a week and it is where I post updates on future episodes! Come leave a comment, let me know what you thought of today's episode!Music:IntroCold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: Hoax - Marry Riddell's In The Basement - Farrell Wooten
Hey all! Today I thought I would share my recent journey as a first time proud plant parent! Yes, over this past spring/summer I have been growing my own cannabis! I do live in the wonderful country of Canada, so it is legal for adults to grow here. Yay!If you want to hear how it has been for a first time grower, just trying it out to see how it goes, grab your weedy gear, let's get stoned and I will tell you all about it!Find The Stoner Den on all the social's!Facebook: StonerDenPodInstagram:  TheStonerDenPodcastYouTube: The Stoner DenMusic:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Holy shit! The Stoner Den has returned! I am back from a long hiatus, ready to get baked with all my Stoner Friends! I have a super hilarious, and kind of gross (warning), story to share with you! So grab your weedy gear, let's get baked and hang out for a little bit! Missed you all!Find The Stoner Den on all the social's!Facebook: StonerDenPodInstagram:  TheStonerDenPodcastYouTube: The Stoner DenMusic:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Happy weekend Stoner Friends!! This week I am having a huge COMBO BREAKER dab and talking all about my journey building my family tree! Have you been curious about looking into your genealogy? Need some tips and tricks, or maybe just hear some interesting stuff I found?! Grab your weedy shit and let's get into it!Facebook and Instagram: The Stoner Den PodcastEmail: TheStonerDenPodcast@gmail.comShould I start TikTok? Come comment on Facebook and let me know!MusicIntro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: Epidemic SoundGatinha and Querida by  artist Cornelio
What is up Stoner Friends?! This is my birthday week so I am taking it easy. What better way to celebrate your birthday than getting stoned with your friends?! Just shooting the shit, talking about some of my latest obsession's, including what I am binging these days. So, if you need a super chill place to get stoned and hang out, grab your weedy gear and let's get into it!Dabs: Love Potion shatter by Fat Cat ExtractsYouTubers I talked about today:Bailey Sarian - Murder, Mystery, Make-up Monday'sJames Welsh - SkincareRobert Welsh - Make-up and Ghost StoriesChris Ramsay - Magic and PuzzlesMusic:Background Music is a selection from Epidemic SoundIntro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
This week on The Stoner Den I talk alll about cruelty free stuff! What is it? What brands are cruelty free? Where can I get info? Grab your weedy gear, lets get stoned and I will tell you all about it.Dabbing on some Ice Cream Sauce from High Voltage ExtractsInformation/Resources:PETA: Bunny: Free Kitty: Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:'s Build Together by Franz GordonEpidemic Sound
Hi Friends! It is time for another installment of Weedy Week! Once a month I sit down with my bong and go over something interesting about the world of weed. For Episode 1 I covered the basics on what weed is, where it comes from and the differences between Sativa and Indica. In this weeks episode I talk about AAALLLLL the wonderful and varied ways that someone can enjoy Cannabis. From just plain smoking all the way to vapes and edibles, I cover them all. So, grab your weedy gear, come get stoned with me and lets talk a little bit about weed!If you want more Stoner Den, come find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter underThe Stoner Den PodcastorShoot me an email at! Thanks so much and share with all your weedy friends!Music:IntroCold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: by CornelioOn Epidemic Sound
Hey!! I am back! I missed a whole week, completely by accident. But here is an update on all the stuff coming up!Grab your weedy gear, come relax and have a hoot with me at The Stoner Den!Music:BackgroundPlain Loafer by Kevin MacLeodLink: Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Woo woo!! I am back! After what feels like forever I am back with a new episode of The Stoner Den for you all. Another super chill, unscripted episode where I go over all the exciting things that happened in June and a little bit about my plans for upcoming episodes! Plus of course, have a hoot session with you all and do some serious relaxing!Happy Fathers Day to all the stoner dad's and anyone that acts like a dad! I also talked about Juneteenth down in the US and National Indigenous People's Month/Day up here in Canada.Come find me on Facebook, Instagram and TwitterThe Stoner Den Podcast on all platformsOr email at TheStonerDenPodcast@gmail.comHave a great week!Music:Intro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Welcome to Weedy Week! A new installment here at The Stoner Den. One week a month I pick a weedy type topic and tell you all about it. This week, I figured I should go back to basics and talk a little bit about what weed/cannabis is, where it came from and what the differences between Indica and Sativa are. So, if you are new to the weedy world or an old fart that's interested in learning more, grab your weedy shit, get stoned with me and I'll tell you all about the magical plant we all love!Each week on The Stoner Den I sit down, smoke some weed and talk about something I hope is entertaining for you! At the very least, it is a chill place where stoners can come and relax.You can also find The Stoner Den on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Just look for The Stoner Den, Also feel free to shoot me an email at TheStonerDenPodcast@gmail.comMusic:Intro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: Loafer by Kevin MacLeodLink:
May was Mental Health Awareness Month! So, in that spirit, I sit down, get super baked and talk a little bit about my struggles with anxiety, what anxiety is and how I have started to work through it.If you are someone that struggles with mental illness please know that you are not alone! There are so many people out there that struggle with mental illness and we need to talk about it more often!There are ways to get better and there are really great people out in the world that can help you.  Reach out to someone and get the conversation started. Here are just a few places to start looking if you need some info on mental illness:They are Canadian sites but should still be good places to can also Google Mental Health Resources and there should be lots of informationCanadian Mental Health Week Website BC Mental Health Page if you are having scary thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself please call 911 or contact a suicide prevention line, in Canada it is:833-456-4566Intro Music:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
What is up stoner friends?! It is the last week for my super casual, nothing special going on, taking a break type episodes. I sit down and have a dab of some Black Delato and just decompress after a long week.If you need a place to kick back and unwind after a long week, grab your weedy gear and come hang out with me in The Stoner Den!Also come find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of The Den! Thanks so much!Music:Intro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink: by Cornelio on Epidemic Sound
I hope you all enjoy this super special OUTSIDE episode of The Den!! I get all my recording gear setup in my backyard, sit down with my giant bong and have a couple of hoots. So, grab your weedy gear and get stoned with me as we relax to the soothing sounds of nature!If you want to see the bong I am smoking out of, see what my yard/garden looks like, or see me get trapped by black birds, go check out The Stoner Den on Instagram!Have a great week! Take care of yourselves and each other!Oh yeah, I also did a new intro! So let me know what you think. Leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram.Intro:Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Holy shit! It has been a busy couple of weeks for me, so I am just gonna hang out with you, get super baked and talk about absolutely nothing important! Super quick "Just Chatting" episode of The Den this week. Also a few updates on some new and exciting things to come!!Come find The Stoner Den on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just look for "The Stoner Den Podcast" aaaaaaaaand you can now find The Stoner Den on YouTube!! No videos yet, but there will be some coming up very soon, so head over there and subscribe so you can be the first to see some super awesome stoner videos!, if that link works, if not, search for The Stoner Den on YouTubeThanks everyone! Take care of yourselves and each other!Music:BackgroundPlain Loafer by Kevin MacLeodLink: by Kevin MacLeodLink:
This week on the book episode of the den I talk all about the gothic horror classic, The Strange Tales of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson! This was a great read, I really enjoyed the psychological aspect of the book.So, if you are a weedy book nerd, grab all your smoking gear and lets hang out!Go check out The Stoner Den on Instagram, Facebook and TwitterMusic:Funkorama by Kevin MacLeodLink:
April 22 was Earth Day and in honor of that I am gonna go over some widely available and easy to use alternatives to the single use plastic bags that we all use! So, if you are interested in learning how to help the environment, maybe save some money and move away from plastics, grab your weedy shit and come join me!Pictures of everything I am talking about today will be up on all The Stoner Den socials. So check out The Stoner Den Podcast on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get visuals of all the products I talk about. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know which products you prefer!Music:Funkorama by Kevin MacLeodLink:
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