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Today our guest is Brian Spears, the Founder and CEO of New Age Meats. What's fascinating about New Age Meats is that they are combining plant-based ingredients with cultured animal meat. This way, Brian says, you get the best of both worlds: the sensory experience and irreplaceable flavour of meat that’s safer and more sustainable than conventionally-grown meat. Brian envisions a world in which everyone has access to delicious food that is also sustainable for the planet. He’s a “guilty-meat eater” - and is selfishly solving his own problem, and that of many others, with this venture.Brian is a chemical engineer with 12 years of industry experience in laboratory and industrial automation. Previously, he spent eight years as a Co-Founder of Sixclear, creating software and hardware products with customers such as NASA, Cisco Systems and Sandia National Labs. His background with these diverse and broad-reaching customers highlighted to him the opportunity and potential to have an impact at scale and for good.Enjoy the conversation between Rob and Brian!Learn more about New Age Meats: with Brian on LinkedIn: to our other podcast episodes: can also join our newsletter here: some feedback? Contact us on:• Twitter -​• LinkedIn -
Today our guests are Antony Yousefian and Sadia Ahmed from Bx. Bx is building a two-sided marketplace that connects growers who want to store more carbon in the soil with corporates who need to offset their carbon emissions. It is farm-inspired blockchain technology, incentivising growers to change behaviours to climate-smart practices and financially rewarding them using carbon credit tokens.Antony co-founded Bx along with Ben Bardsley and is passionate about technology that can drive a positive impact. He started his career in asset management and has worked on internationalising CICC, one of China's leading investment banking firms. He has over five years of experience working in Ag-Tech, during which he scaled the 30MHz data platform from the Netherlands to over 40 countries worldwide. Our other guest, Sadia is the Chief Innovation Officer at Bx. Having completed her PhD in Computational Ecology at Imperial College London, she has spent the last decade working with large corporations on innovation and developing commercial solutions in sustainability and life sciences. In her current role, she leads the Business Development activities of Bx on its journey to create climate-tech solutions and scale up internationally. Enjoy the conversation between Rob, Sadia and Antony!Learn more about Bx: Connect with Antony on LinkedIn: with Sadia on LinkedIn: to our other podcast episodes: can also join our newsletter here: some feedback? Contact us on:• Twitter -​• LinkedIn -
Today our guests are Nathaniel Jackson and Angela Tsetsis from True Algae, a company that is at the forefront of innovation with algae bio fertilisers, aiming to increase farmer productivity in a cost-effective carbon net-zero way. Nathaniel has been CEO of TrueAlgae since 2017. He worked at the Inter-American Development Bank for over 20 years and held several senior positions including Chief of Staff of private sector operations. He is a founding partner of NExT Impact Ventures, an impact fund that made an initial investment in TrueAlgae. Our other guest today, Angela is the Chief Commercial Officer at True Algae. Angela has been working with algae since the early '90s and her expertise lies in biotechnology, sales and marketing. Angela is a former senior executive at Martek Biosciences, which is arguably the most successful algae company to date. Angela has worked with several start-up companies using various microbial technologies for health and wellness of people and planet. Here is the conversation between Rob, Nathaniel and Angela.Learn more about True Algae:  Follow Nathaniel on LinkedIn: Angela on LinkedIn: to our other podcast episodes: can also join our newsletter here: some feedback? Contact us on: • Twitter -​• LinkedIn -
In this episode, our guest is Kasi McReddie. Kasi is the Business Development Manager for Livestock & Aquaculture at the Agri-Epi Centre. Kasi comes from a dairy farming background and has specific expertise in biotech solutions to animal and environmental health challenges.The Agri-EPI Centre is one of the four UK Agri-tech Innovation Centres established by the UK government in 2016. Agri-EPI provides technical and project management expertise, access to world-class research and innovation facilities. Agri Epi has over 170 members across agriculture, technology, and the supply chain. Kasi will tell us what benefits and opportunities AgriEpi offers to agritech and foodtech companies in more detail, we'll learn about Agri Epi's Smart Farms and Satellite Farms portfolio and how businesses can get involved. Kasi also speaks about what businesses should consider from a farmer's perspective and her prediction for the changes we're expecting to see on-farm over the next five years.Here's the conversation between Rob and Kasi.Learn more about the Agri-Epi Centre: Kasi on Linkedin:
In this episode, our guest is David Farquhar, CEO of IGS. IGS is an agritech business that started in 2013, revolutionising the indoor growing market. David joined the team in November 2017 and successfully raised a £7 million series A funding round and total investment to date of £13.8 million. Now, IGS are looking towards global expansion. David will tell us more about the patented technology IGS have created - their TCEA total controlled environment agriculture platform and the Intelligent Grid technology to control environmental elements, including lighting, watering, CO2 levels and nutrient delivery whilst benefitting from significant gains in controls and cost reductions.Tune in to hear about these cutting-edge technology platforms creating ideal climates for plants and people, here's the conversation between Rob and David.Learn more about IGS: David on Linkedin:
This is the second episode of our series of podcasts focusing on venture capital raising. We're speaking to a special guest - Giancarlo Addario, principal at Five Seasons Ventures. What do VC's care about most when investing in a foodtech business? What are the growing trends in FoodTech? Giancarlo Addario is joining us to answer these questions.Giancarlo has spent most of his professional career working 21 years at leading pasta and bakery goods Barilla, covering various roles from Quality Assurance/Food Safety to Research & Development across several product categories both in Italy and internationally.In the area of Open Innovation, he led various collaborative projects with research institutes, enterprises and startups worldwide, also providing valuable mentorship to food accelerators and incubation programmes to the likes of Startupbootcamp FoodTech, MassChallenge, H-Farm and Future Food Accelerator.Here's the conversation between Rob and Giancarlo - enjoy! 
This is the first episode of our series of podcasts, focusing on Venture Capital raising. In this episode, we're speaking with our special guest Shubhang Shankar, managing director of Syngenta Ventures and we'll focus on the topic of corporate venture capital for AgTech & FoodTech businesses, explore key investment practices and trends in agrifood tech.A little bit more about Shubhang - he joined Syngenta Ventures in 2016 based in Basel, Switzerland after having worked for two years in the company’s global strategy team where he was part of the team working on developing Syngenta’s Digital Agriculture strategy. Shubhang looks at companies in a variety of industries of relevance to Syngenta, including Digital / Precision Ag and Biologicals. Shubhang is currently an Observer on the Board of Ninjacart, Biophero, Tarfin, and Greeneye Technology.It's going to be a great discussion, so tune in and enjoy the podcast!
In today's episode, we're speaking with Jim McDougall, Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Outfield.Outfield enables growers to rapidly image fruit crops with self-flying drones, then receive yield forecasts and productivity maps from a cloud-based machine learning system. Jim, along with his co-founder Oli, founded Outfield to make the global fruit industry more productive, more profitable, and more sustainable.  Jim is Outfield’s Commercial Director and sales lead, engaging with companies and organisations across the fruit and agritech sectors. Before Outfield, Jim worked as a risk consultant advising private equity firms on mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on environmental and social governance. Outfield are based in Cambridge, UK and are currently focussed on raising their seed funding round. Enjoy the conversation between Rob and Jim!
We’re going to be digging deep into the hot topic of Carbon Farming. Our guest is Daniel Baertschi. Daniel is an expert in the field of regenerative agriculture and works all over Europe, the US and Australia.He’s passionate about farming and how we can make it the solution for climate change. Daniel’s vision is a 'world where people live in harmony with nature, and enjoy life in all its fullness.' His mission is 'to help regenerate our agrifood system, from farm to fork. ' Rob and Daniel discuss and challenge the real issues of how the carbon market can legitimately become a new source of income for farmers. But does carbon farming have a viable future? Listen to the podcast and find out.
In this episode, we're speaking to Ian Wheal - CEO of Breedr. Breedr is a live-stock supply chain technology looking to digitise existing live-stock supply chains. The big picture is that farmers are being asked to collect data for the supply chain, and do reporting for various organisations but there isn't a lot out there to actually help these farmers become more productive, sustainable and grow their business using that same data. In the heart of what Breedr are doing is to help farmers market their cattle through better data and build supply chains that they can enhance through genetics, animal welfare and more. 
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