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On this episode, we have the founder of Noowave: Greg Frontiero! We had a frank conversation about how Greg's hero's journey. The mental burnout that led him to form Noowave. a company focused on using Nootropics to help creatives do their best work. He also shared his experiences with working in the tech world, his adventures in the professional wrestling world and much more!Find Greg's Twitter @SFWGreg, his writing here and about Noowave at 
Set your goals for the year in less than an hour. In this episode, we reflect on the past year, do a walkthrough of an annual review and give tips on how to build your second brain. An annual review is a systematic way to reflect on your past year. Taking time for reflection, gratitude, and planning. The review is not meant to critique yourself. It is as much about celebration as it is about letting go.
We have the multi-talented Craig Burgess on as our first guest on the podcast! He's the co-owner and director at Genius Division, has a podcast Get Doing Things and has 2 books Press Start and Extreme Production.In this episode, we discuss what it means to be a creative, the struggles and obstacles that happen along the way and how to overcome them. We really love this interview and think you would too.
A continuation of our exploration of @naval's tweetstorm. In this episode, we explore the concept of divorcing your time from money at scale. Listen now!
Does being rich come from being lucky? The assumption that wealth and luck are tied together is highly misleading. In the first episode of the podcast, YJ and Prav unpack the famous tweetstorm How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky by Naval Ravikant (@naval). In the episode, we discuss why you should seek wealth, not money or status. Despising wealth and ignoring those who play status games.Subscribe to the podcast for more!
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