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Who is Krista Loughton? What's her vision for the City of Victoria? Why is she running for council in this fall's municipal election? The Victoria filmmaker joined us in studio to discuss these questions and more in a wide-ranging interview on some of the big issues in the City of Victoria.
The classic roundtable is back with our panel picking the top lunch spots in Greater Victoria. 5 guest, 5 picks each, and the picks must be places where you can get a meal in under 30 minutes. In this episode we'll lay out 25 lunch spots as well as a long list of honourable mentions. Enjoy!
What better way to promote Vancouver Island’s forest sector then to build a massive, Greek-inspired monument out of wood and stick it on top of Victoria’s crown jewel park? Island businessmen back in the early 1900’s thought it was a great idea but it wasn’t to be. In this episode we discuss the Beacon Hill Trust established in 1884 that lays out the rules for development in the park and explain why this wooden mammoth of a facility was never built.
In this episode, we discuss a 1960’s plan from a Vancouver company to build a Medieval Amusement Park in Saanich Gorge Park essentially turning it into Sherwood Forest. The proposal included a castle, a torture chamber, a dungeon, and Robin Hood figurines scattered throughout the facility. It also wanted to create two Viking longboats that would transport people from the inner harbor, up the Gorge, to the park. We sat down with local Author Dorothy Mindenhall to discuss the plan and learn why it never happened (We discuss the plan beginning at the 7:54 mark).
It's the definition of a local success story. In a small Victoria basement in 2016, Rob Fraser came up with the idea to create some fashionable, athletic socks. He made 200 pairs, put them in a large box, and then sold them (they went fast). Since then his company has sold millions of socks under the brand name "Endur" but yesterday that all changed. In this Episode, Rob joins us to share the story about how he created his global sock empire and why the company is now rebranding.
In this episode, we hear the story behind how a couple of CHEK anchors and the CHEK studio made it into Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker's new movie "Corrective Measures". We also chat with the film's writer, director and producer, Sean Patrick O'Reilly (who happens to be in Isreal) to learn about how a BC company landed one of the biggest actors on the planet. Joe and Kyle chat about some other films that were shot on Vancouver Island and round out the discussion with this week's Order Up Spotlight, the Songhees Food Truck.
The very first Roundtable we ever did was on Pizza (Episode 10). But that was a long time ago, and we've learned a lot since then including letting our expert guests make the picks. That's why we've asked Jason Venkaya, the man behind Oregano's Pizza on Shelbourne Avenue, to come on and give us ten great spots to enjoy pizza in Greater Victoria. We also discuss one of Joe's new favourite coffee shops in Victoria, Imagine Studio Cafe.
We're heading into Easter weekend and there's no better time to be on the hunt for chocolate. In this episode, we're getting a list of the Top 10 places to go for chocolate in Greater Victoria.
How does a 24-year-old go from playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs to taking his own clothing line to Paris Fashion Week? We find out in our chat with Victoria's Cameron Ray Lizotte.
He's been pumping out recipes in the Times Colonist since 1997. Twice a week you'll find Eric Akis' creations in the newspaper. You'll also find them taped to fridges, and saved in scrapbooks as home chefs up and down the island follow Eric's creations religiously, cooking up every one of his thousands of recipes. In this episode we learn a bit more about Eric, and how he comes up with so many culinary creations. We also get his Top 10 most popular recipes in the last 25 years. Also, in our Order Up Spotlight, a look at a popular, no-frills breakfast spot in Rock Bay.
We were already fans of Tyler Turner before this conversation, but now we're massive fans. In this episode, Tyler opens up about the skydiving accident that changed his life forever, and how he battled his way to the top of the Paralympic podium and brought a gold medal home to Vancouver Island.
In this episode we chat with a Victoria Dad Coach, yes that's a real thing. He gives us his Top 10 Tips for new parents. We also discuss one of the most unique bakeries we've ever encountered on Vancouver Island.
Vancouver Island is home to more assisted deaths than anywhere else in the world. In this episode, we chat with a Victoria doctor who has dedicated her practice to helping people die with dignity. Our discussion touches on why someone might seek assisted death, how the process works, and what the event itself can look like.
After two years of daily morning dog walks (and weeks of debate and analysis) Joe delivers his Top 10 dog walk locations in Greater Victoria. Also in this episode we'll introduce you to one of the Comox Valley's most popular Latin restaurants.
Talk about hitting a nerve. In a recent opinion piece Geoff Russ outlined why he believes Douglas Street in Victoria is undergoing a sad decline. He suggests it's a graveyard for small business and a hub of poverty and violence. The article has since been shared hundreds of times, producing thousands of comments with many of them supporting Geoff's view. We sat down with Geoff to learn more about his position and why he was inspired to write the piece.
Everyone has their spots for where they like to go for a pint of cold beer including Matt Phillips. Yes, that Matt Phillips, the man who started one of the most well-known and popular breweries on Vancouver Island. The man we have to thank for Blue Buck. In this episode, (13:44) Matt gives us his 10 spots for where he likes to go for a beer in Victoria. We'll also take you to north Nanaimo and introduce you to a little artisan bakery called "Bodhi's" that people have fallen in love with.
It hasn't happened in seven years but in January a baby was born on Pender Island. In most cases when someone goes into labour on a Southern Gulf Island they're transported to Vancouver Island for the delivery but that wasn't an option for Danielle Yole. She had just finished a hike (and a memorable hummus sandwich) when baby Leo decided he was coming into the world. What happened next is a story the Yole family and Pender Island won't forget for a long time.
No, this isn't a conversation about A&W and Yogen Fruz (although we love both). This is a discussion about 10 great spots (many of them local) you'll find inside South Island food courts. Some of the picks you'll find inside local malls, but we were pleasantly surprised to learn there are more food courts in the region than we thought. Also in this episode, we discuss a Parksville restaurant that's becoming known for some of the largest, jaw-dropping caesars you'll find on Vancouver Island.
It's one of the most iconic streets in the Capital City and it's about to get a major makeover. City staff recently released an overview of the plan to upgrade Government Street from Humboldt to Pandora. There are some significant changes being proposed and the pitch has reignited the debate over whether Government Street should be closed off to vehicles. In this episode, we summarize the major issues and look back on some of the concerns being raised from stakeholders and council.
What's the most iconic meal in Victoria? That's the question we put to our guest in this week's episode. Bonnie Todd from Off the Eaten Track Food Tours has compiled her list of the 15 most iconic dishes and drinks in the City of Victoria. (43:25) Also in this episode, we showcase an extremely popular donut shop in the Comox Valley that's preparing for a big move.
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