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Stuck on the Malahat? Waiting for a B.C. ferry? Maybe you just want some company on your next Dallas Road stroll. Join host Joe Perkins and producer KC Kyle as they chat with a diverse cast of characters who all have one thing in common: Vancouver Island.
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Is a massive concrete parking lot really the best use for Ship Point? Should Chinatown have more green space? Is it time to build a new museum on Wharf Street? In this episode Joe and KC Kyle talk to an urban design planner who has spent years re-imagining some of downtown Victoria's most popular public spaces. It's like the Victoria version of Sim City only this is real life, and the guy at the controls isn't playing around.
If you're a fan of Red Barn Market wraps and sandwiches, this is the episode for you. In extreme detail, Joe and KC Kyle sit down with two Red Barn Market sandwich artists to dissect one of Greater Victoria's most popular quick meals. From wildly specific orders to die-hard customers, this episode offers an inside look into the world of south island sandwich and wrap making. Episode also includes an appearance by CHEK's Political Correspondent and Political Capital Podcast Host, Rob Shaw.
If you live on Vancouver Island and don't know the name Tara Moss, you should. Tara is an internationally best-selling author, model, TV host, human rights and disability advocate, and a proud Vancouver Islander who recently returned home to Victoria after spending two decades in Australia. In this episode, Joe and KC Kyle chat with Tara about how a Lambrick Park Secondary grad became one of Australia's most recognized crime writers and now podcaster. We discuss Tara's writing process, her transition from model to author (which involved a ridiculous polygraph test), her life living with chronic pain and her thoughts on accessibility in the City of Victoria.
It's a story MicCHEK has been pursuing for months. How did a Vancouver Island market get goats on its roof? In this episode, Joe and KC Kyle finally get the chance to sit down with the man who runs the Old Country Market in Coombs to hear the story behind one of Vancouver Island's biggest attractions.
It's our biggest roundtable yet. Joe and KC Kyle sit down with Anita, Taryn, and Dallas to discuss their favourite spots for breakfast (or brunch) in the capital city. From breakfast sandwiches to bagels and donuts it's all on the table as the panelists make their picks for their top morning meal.
Do not get in the way of a child and their chocolate. That's the lesson chocolate bar makers learned in 1947 when they quietly jacked up the price of chocolate bars to 8 cents. Little did they know, there was a group of Ladysmith kids ready to wage war against the three-cent hike. In this episode, we hear the story of the Ladysmith candy bar strike and how it sparked national protests including 200 kids storming the hallways of the B.C. Legislature.
It’s not often a radio station giveaway becomes front page news but that’s what happened when Victoria’s 100.3 The Q gave away a house. The prize was unprecedented for local radio. Someone was going to win a 3-bedroom home, no money down, no questions asked. But like most things that sound too good to be true, there was a catch. In this episode we sit down with Ed Bain and Jeff King to hear about some of the most memorable and wild radio contests in Victoria history (ever hear about the Breeder’s Cup?). We also learn how CHEK’s Upside guys became long-time broadcast buddies in Victoria working together at 100.3 The Q and CHEK.
It's one of the most coveted trophies on the planet and for one year in 1925, it belonged to Victoria, BC. In this episode Joe attempts to learn more about the Victoria Cougars Stanley Cup win over the Montreal Canadiens.
In the latest ROUNDTABLE, Joe and Kyle welcome some new friends to the show to discuss the top grocery stores in Greater Victoria. From parking to deli and produce, to store layouts, everything is on the table as each panelist compiles their team of five top grocery stores.
They’ve been at odds on Twitter for days, duking it out 140 characters at a time over the merits of Victoria’s latest bike route. In one corner: Former BC Green Party leader and climate scientist, Dr. Andrew Weaver, who says the plan for Richardson Street at Foul Bay Road, and the rollout has been flawed from the beginning. In the other corner: Transportation planner and consultant, Eric Doherty, who believes closing Richardson to vehicle traffic at Foul Bay is key to the bikeway’s success. In this episode, we discuss the project and the attacks being made from supporters on both sides.
Reverend Patrick Sibley is a Deacon at the Anglican Church of St. John the Divine in Victoria. He also happens to be a married gay man who has spent much of his life navigating a minefield of intolerant attitudes towards his sexuality. In this episode we learn about his faith journey and how he's working to bring the stories of LGBTQ2si+ people back to the Church.
It's one of the south island's busiest intersections where four of Victoria's most recognizable streets intersect. In this episode we discuss whether it's time to bring back the short-lived roundabout called the "fountain circle" that used to be in the intersection where Douglas Street meets Hillside, Government, and Gorge.
Last month we chatted with a Canadian author about Olivia Poole, the Indigenous woman who invented the Jolly Jumper (Episode 21). After we published the episode we were contacted by Poole's granddaughter who said there was more to her story. On International Women's Day we sat down for a follow-up conversation.
If you didn't watch it chances are you've heard about it. The tell-all interview between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle and Oprah. In this episode we sit down with a member of the Monarchist League of Canada to discuss the allegations against members of the Royal Family and whether it's time to abolish the monarchy.
Ep. 25 - Club 6

Ep. 25 - Club 6


If you were born in the last half-century there's a good chance you've never heard of Club 6. But if you ask someone who grew up on Vancouver Island in the 60's about this local TV show, chances are they'll know what you're talking about. That's because the show was a hit. Every afternoon with cameras rolling live, teenagers would file into the CHEK studios to dance on TV. In this episode, Joe and KC Kyle dive into the CHEK archives to learn about one of the station's first successful shows.
The MicCHEK team invites a couple of special guests to join them for the third installment of the ROUNDTABLE and it's all about the burger (First burger recommendation begins at the 8:33 mark).
It almost never happened. In the early hours on a Sunday in late 2011, Victoria Police poured into Sugar Nightclub to crash the party. The officers had no idea that in a tiny room in the back of the club, one of the biggest superstars on the planet was getting ready to take the stage. Mike Devlin, the arts reporter for the Times Colonist, was lucky enough to be in the club that night. This is the story of Prince's legendary afterparty and why some believe it's the greatest night in Victoria music history.
Their work is sprinkled along Victoria's Government Street. You'll see it on sandwich boards and windows, above pub doorways and behind bars. They create their masterpieces inside a shipping container in the parking lot of Phillip's Brewery and with every brushstroke try to keep an old craft alive. In this episode we chat with the Dobell Brothers who have made a living creating hand painted signs that proudly hang all over the capital city. We learn what goes into making a good hand-made sign and how two brothers from Australia ended up in Victoria following in their father's footsteps.
Her name was Olivia Poole and in 1957, after some prodding from her oldest son, she patented what was then called the "Baby Supporter and Exerciser". It was a game-changing invention for parents around the world who soon began calling it the Jolly Jumper. In this episode we learn about this great Canadian Indigenous inventor who spent her final years on Salt Spring Island and how she came to create the Jolly Jumper.
Who makes the best sandwich on the south island? In this second ROUNDTABLE it's all about the almighty sandwich. No breakfast sandwiches. No burgers. Wraps don't count either. Just straight up sandwiches.
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