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Author: YMCA of Rock River Valley

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The YMCA of Rock River Valley team talks all things wellness. We'll share tips, tricks, motivation and laughs. We believe we can all be great in the 815 when we inspire and support each other.
36 Episodes
Join us as we discuss with the Executive Director of the Boulder County Health Department, Camille Rodriguez, on how this pandemic may have isolated us and how to change your behaviors for the greater good.
Fitness Goals & Age

Fitness Goals & Age


Working out in your 20s is very different then your 50s. Listen in as we discuss what we've learned along the way.
October 3rd launches Mental Illness Awareness Week.  Mental illness impacts 1 in 5 adults. With a disease that is so common, it amazes us that it is still a taboo topic. We are teaming up with NAMI Northern Illinois to open the door on this topic.  Our guests, Xavier & Melissa, share their stories and offer tips to listeners.*Please note that this is a sensitive topic and may not be suitable for all people. We do discuss suicide in this episode.
Melissa and Gina kick off season 2 with a deep dive into naturopathic medicine with Dr. Nadene Johnson from Thrive Naturally Wellness. If you've ever wondered how to incorporate a more natural method of healing into your life - like Gina - then this is the episode for you. We'll define what naturopathic medicine is, methods of treatments and how it's incorporated into your healthy lifestyle.
Season 2 of Let's Be GR815 launches September 22, 2021. We have a great line-up of guests this season covering topics like naturapathic medicine, gut health, mental illness, a focus on childhood obesity, the wonders of water and so much more!Let's Be GR815 is a YMCA of Rock River Valley podcast dedicated to all things healthy living. To learn more about the Y, visit
Season One Wrap Up

Season One Wrap Up


Six months, 30 episodes, 1,200 downloads and countless nuggets of useful information! Our Let's Be GR815 podcast journey has been amazing. Thank you to our listeners. Check out this final episode of Season 1 as Melissa and Gina remember some of their fave episodes and tease what's in store for Season 2 this fall!
Carbs...they taste so good, but what are they doing to our bodies? Not all carbs are created equally.  In this episode, we help dispel some myths around carbs with Personal Trainer, Holli. 
This unique piece of equipment called the In-Body Scan is not offered at every local fitness center. Tune in to hear what exactly an In-Body Scan is, the benefits, and why you should get one done at the Y.The In-Body Scan is available at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA, 200 Y Boulevard in Rockford. Packages are 2 scans for $30 and 6 scans for $100. If you want to schedule a scan, contact Gina Karvelis at 815-489-1261.
Long time Y member of 20 years and group fitness instructor, Cheri, shared her surprising successes from our most recent challenge. Tune in to listen about her awesome 'gains'!
May is skin cancer awareness month!With the summer months quickly approaching, listen in on why regular skin cancer screenings are so important. The debate is always around when should you wear sunscreen and which types are best to use.
What is all the talk about collagen?We’re all about healthy eating at the Y and the importance of getting those vital nutrients through our diets. What are the nutrients necessary for healthy skin and what supplements should we take? We chat with Dr. Melissa Stenstrom, a local dermatologist, during this episode.
Join us as we dive into ways in which to improve your immune system.
Join us as Dr. Jared gives his top 3 factors to look for when buying supplements. We cover when to take them and the effect they have on the body.
Eric recently hit a BIG milestone in his workout streak--1,000 days in a row! Recently, Eric has turned this streak into a fundraiser, benefiting the YMCA’s Annual Campaign. Join us as we check in on how Eric got started and where he is at today.
Is Sugar the Devil?

Is Sugar the Devil?


Join Gina, Melissa and Dr Jared with Chiropractic First as we take a deep dive into sugar and its effects on our health.
Here is the first of a four-part series with Dr Jared of Chiropractic First of Rockford, a YMCA partner. 
Join us as we learn from Holli Tank about unhealthy eating habits and when it has gone too far. Have you ever heard of Orthorexia?
Join us as we hear about exercise “addiction” and compulsion and the difference between them. Y trainer and instructor Holli Tank joins Melissa and Gina to provide some warning signs and tips.
YMCA Member Laura recalls the day she stepped on the scale and it read 455 pounds. She remembers coming to the realization that it was time to do something but she had no idea how or where to start. Laura shares her success story with us in losing over 240 pounds. If you've lost motivation in reaching your 2021 goal, listen in on Laura's top tips. 
We all know what we should be doing for our physical health--eating right and exercising, but when it comes to spiritual health, it can be confusing to people. How should we feed our soul?
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