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Gabriel Garcia shares some the recruiting secrets Marek uses to engage High School students in accessing fruitful careers. With early dreams as a Rockstar he found an environment he would thrive in on the jobsite. Understanding the value of giving back to the community, Gabriel took a leadership role as the Build Competition Rockstar with Texas Construction Careers Initiative.
As professionals in the trade industry, we have the power to do more than just pour concrete, weld metal structures, or build an elevator car… we have the power to build people and create a sense of depth, or deeper meaning, in our industry. In this episode, I welcome Edward A. Rivera, also known as Your Elevator Pal. Ed is a Modernization/Construction Foremen, but beyond that, he’s a content creator who’s passionate about sharing his love for his profession with the world via LinkedIn.  Listen in to learn how he entered the elevator business and became a successful elevator construction foreman as well as why he believes we need to “above all, build people”. “It’s not one-dimensional. You’re not in this box. There’s so much more you can do as a tradesperson or a college graduate. It’s never-ending. It really just comes down to what you make of it.”                  - Edward A. Rivera What You’ll Learn in This Episode:·       What inspired Ed to start creating content on LinkedIn·       It takes courage to putting yourself out there on the internet.·       Ed’s journey in the trades – from vocational high school to building elevators.·       The power of having a mentor who lets you make mistakes.·       The various branches of trade occupations and the elevator profession: Servicing, New Installation/Construction, Modernization, Repair, etc.·       How Ed’s vocational high school has changed over the years and why it has unfortunately evolved into more general education. ·       Why it’s important to educate kids, young adults, and apprentices about investing and financial responsibility.·       There are no limits to the opportunities you have to advance in and grow your life.·       How Ed implements core values into his team.·       A great customer experience is what’s going to drive repeat business.·       Ed’s Learning and Misstep: When you think you’re doing the right thing, but you’re not… “Even at that age, in high school, I wasn’t looking for a job, I’m not even sure what I was looking for but whatever it was I was going to do, I was going to pour everything into it. That’s one thing that’s absolutely certain about me.”              - Edward A. Rivera Resources Mentioned:TEI Group Connect with Edward:Connect with him on LinkedIn:
This one’s for the gals out there! From the construction industry to the petro-chemical industry, women have the power to find success, empowerment, and fulfillment in industry careers. Whether you know what you want to do after high school, you can’t figure it out, or you’re an adult who wants to pivot in your career path, this week’s guest may be able to guide you in the right direction.In this episode, we welcome Stephanie Hajducek, a Project Engineer, Design Lead, and Founder of This One’s for the Gals, a non-profit that’s fueling the future of women in industry. Stephanie has been working to get female high school students to the Women in Industry Conference in Galveston, Texas and expose them to the amazing employment opportunities for women in non-traditional, male-dominated roles. With that huge success under her belt, listen in to learn more about how she’s empowering women and girls to learn about opportunities in construction and find fulfilling industry careers.Stephanie is proof that female dreamers, doers, and depth builders are beginning to comprise the future of industry leadership. Companies have places for women on their teams and it’s our job to empower them to fill those roles.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:·       How Stephanie got into the industry & What inspired her to create This One’s for the Gals.·       Why continuous learning, especially learning soft skills, is so important in 2022 and beyond.·       How to make a change as a woman in industry.·       About the Women In Industry Conference & Stephanie’s experience attending it.·       Closing the representation gap between men and women in construction and trades.·       The key difference between men and women when applying for jobs.·       The BEST way to break into the industry: Go to job fairs!·       Why it’s important to talk to your kids about your career.·       Opportunities for bringing the construction and trades industry to teenagers, as opposed to bringing teens to the industry.Resources Mentioned:Learn more about the Women In Industry Conference: Welding Women Syndicate: Empowering Women in Industry: https://www.empoweringwomeninindustry.comConnect with Stephanie:Connect with her on LinkedIn: Learn more about This One’s for the Gals: 
We’ve all heard about the importance of integrating more STEM into children’s education, but could STEM magnet schools be the future of education in America and around the globe? Is it the best way to get more women into the trades and construction industry? In this episode, we welcome Kate Gause, a Project Engineer at ISEC, Inc. Kate attended Construction Careers Academy High School, a magnet school that focuses on educating teenagers about construction management, engineering, architecture, and more. She then went on to attend Texas A&M to get a degree in Construction Science with minors in Business and Leadership in the Design & Construction Professions. Now, she has a job she truly loves! Listen in to learn the powerful perspective of a young woman in construction management, what it’s like to attend a STEM-focused magnet school, and what this means for the future of education, the trades industry, and women in construction. “I don’t want having a woman on your team to be a diversity point, I want it to be the standard.”    - Kate Gause What You’ll Learn in This Episode:·       What it’s like to go to Construction Careers Academy High School ·       Why go to a magnet school? What are the benefits of attending a magnet school for trades or STEM?·       Important factors to consider when navigating education and career choices·       What it’s like to compete in the Texas Construction Career Initiative (TCCI) competition·       Why employers need to start connecting to students and young adults, especially those in magnet schools·       Challenges and opportunities for women in construction·       Kate’s Learnings and Missteps: Overcoming life’s everyday missteps & Not being afraid to ask questions and ask for help·       How to overcome the need to do everything yourself and the fear of looking stupid·       Advice for parents whose kids want to pursue a career in construction or trades  “Women can be in construction and can do it better.”            - Kate Gause Resources Mentioned:Learn more about CCA: Construction Career Initiative, Inc. (TCCI): Skilled Trades Alliance: Bring Back the Trades: Rock the Trades:   Connect with Kate:Connect with her on LinkedIn:    
What are the best ways to avoid job site conflict? Why is it important to invest in your employees? What if there was a leadership and professional development course created by tradespeople for tradespeople? Well, get ready because this week’s guest has tons of insights on job site management and being a leader… PLUS, he’s creating that leadership development course we all need! In this episode, we have our first insulator on the show, Brad Andersen! Brad is an entrepreneur and mechanical insulation professional that has worked in his family’s business for almost his entire life.  Listen in to learn powerful strategies for avoiding conflict on the job site, growing and advancing as a construction professional, and thriving through The Great Resignation. “Out of everyone I know who would be characterized as a millionaire, 90% of them were trade workers who started their own companies. That’s the way it should be presented to kids.”                                                                                                                              - Brad Anderson “I’m just continually trying to learn and develop myself and become better and more impactful and it’s just something that I think anyone can do… Continue challenging yourself.                                                                                                                                            - Brad Anderson What You’ll Learn in This Episode:·       How to become a millionaire without going to college·       Why you need to actively grow your leadership skills throughout your career·       Why Brad is developing a leadership course by tradesmen for tradesmen·       Overcoming the battle between communication, efficient planning, intentional learning, and urgency in scheduling·       Thriving through The Great Resignation: The power of investing in your employees·       Connecting Lean principles with leadership skills·       What Brad wish he knew going into the industry: We’re all learning and figuring it out as we go…·       Brad’s Learnings and Missteps: Inaccurate estimates, miscommunications, owning up your mistakes, and having the courage to have difficult conversations·       Creating a safe space for mistakes, honesty, and transparency Resources Mentioned:How to Support and Grow the Trades Workforce with Christopher Brenchley of Rock the Trades:  
We need to bring love and meaning back into the construction industry. Like a relationship, if your life and your career are built on a strong foundation of love, care, and compassion, it’s going to take something tremendous to tear you down. So, how can we start pouring these elements into the foundation of the construction industry?In this episode, we have Walker Lott and Davis Hambrick, two young construction professionals and co-hosts of The Laying Foundations Podcast, a podcast about choosing to start a career on solid ground and building up just like a construction project. Listen in to learn their candid thoughts on what gives life meaning and how we can bring love and meaning back into our careers.What You’ll Learn in This Episode:·       The impact that creating The Laying Foundations Podcast has had on Davis’ and Walker’s lives.·       What it means to ‘lay a foundation’ in life·       How to overcome the fear of being vulnerable and starting new projects ·       Men working in construction have one of the highest rates of suicide: What can we do to change that?·       The power of using your gifts, recognizing humanity, and taking risks to change people’s lives·       The stories behind why Davis aspired to be a pilot but joined the construction industry instead & why Walker switched from pre-med to building science in college·       The perils of perfectionism and the power of surrender·       Lessons learned from feeding the ego and working until burnout·       Why failure is one of the most important things in life·       The 3 elements of a healthy culture·       Davis’ and Walker’s goals and dreams for the future Resources Mentioned:The Traveler’s Gift by Andy AndrewsTrelloHeave Connect with Walker & Davis:Visit their website: Follow The Laying Foundations Podcast on LinkedIn:    
Although there’s an immense lack of skilled tradespeople, there’s still tremendous investment going into our nation’s infrastructure. It’s great that the US has the money to improve infrastructure, but if you don’t have the people to do the work, it can’t be done. That’s why Rock the Trades was born.In this episode, we have Christopher Brenchley, CEO and Co-Founder of Surehand, the skills-first hiring platform that instantly matches industrial employers with best-fit tradespeople. Chris is also evangelizing the growing workforce development initiative, Rock the Trades. Rock the Trades is celebrating the American industrial worker, raising awareness of the skilled trades as a financially rewarding career path, and empowering those that choose to embark on this journey.Listen in to learn why supporting the educational system is necessary in supporting the trades workforce and how you can join this incredible initiative!What You’ll Learn in This Episode:·       The mission and goals behind Rock the Trades and Surehand.·       Why is there a shortage of skilled tradespeople?·       How the Rock the Trade Scholarship Program is empowering young people to join the trades.·       Technical/Vocational educators and instructors are being poorly compensated… How can we fix that?·       Chris’ career journey: Lessons he’s learned, his personal mission, & his biggest inspirations.·       Opportunities for advancing your career and earning potential in the skilled trades.·       The power of hiring a coach.·       The importance of a beginner’s mindset & engaging your community.·       Missteps and experiences Chris has had in launching digital B2B products/services and as an executive in large trades-based corporations.·       How to connect with Rock the Trades and support their mission. Resources Mentioned:Download the Rock the Trades App: Skilled Trades Alliance: www.skilledtradesalliance.netBring Back the Trades: Intelligent Construction Opportunities: Connect with Chris Brenchley & Rock the Trades:Visit their website: Follow them on Instagram: Connect with Chris on LinkedIn: Follow Rock the Trades on LinkedIn: 
We’ve all heard the term “starving artist” … In fact, it’s a phenomenon that often deters creatives from pursuing their talents and turning them into a career. Today’s guest has completely busted the “starving artist” archetype to smithereens and turned her passion into a lucrative full-time career.In this episode, I speak with Barbie The Welder, an incredible sculptor, author, and skilled trades advocate who is “irreverently creating art for happiness”. Barbie has overcome so much in her life, from depression to addiction to homelessness, and talking to her was an eye-opening experience.Listen is as Barbie vulnerably shares her life story while highlighting some of the most powerful lessons she’s learned from becoming a full-time tradesperson and embodying badass entrepreneurship.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:·       How Barbie went from living on welfare, struggling with addiction and homelessness, to authoring six books as a full-time artist creating art for clients in 15 countries.·       Barbie shares why she’s grateful for the tradespeople she has learned from.·       The powerful role of thoughts and beliefs in pursuing creativity and creating the life you want.·       Barbie sheds light on her self-development journey: Warrior Training Camp & Learning to take time off and celebrate her successes.·       How to avoid burnout as a skilled tradesperson.·       Is there a difference between achieving and contributing?·       Our primary purpose here on Earth: To share the gifts and talents we have.·       Lessons Barbie learned from the painful missteps of entrepreneurship & Why “starving artists” aren’t reaching their potential.·       A simple trick for overcoming sadness and bringing joy into your life.Resources Mentioned:Buy Barbie’s books: Connect with Barbie:Visit her website: Visit her Etsy shop: Follow her on Instagram: Connect with her on LinkedIn: Follow her on TikTok:  To stay connected with us and listen to more episodes, visit!
When we cross the finish line together, we can celebrate together. Teams that don’t recognize that are painfully missing out on the beauty of collaboration and humanity. At the end of the day, you can choose to make your work painful or you can choose to make it collaborative, creative, and rewarding. So, which will you choose?In this episode, I speak with Henry Nutt, a well-known speaker and industry influencer who’s passionate about transforming the construction industry through collaboration. While traveling the country walking jobsites, speaking to industry leaders, and participating in various seminars, he has found that one of the most common issues between Owners, General Contractors, and Trade Partners is our inability to identify core issues. This inability stifles a project team's opportunity to truly collaborate and quickly create solutions.Henry’s objective is to educate owners and construction leaders on how to effectively utilize Lean Tools, work as a team, and execute work efficiently with a minimal amount of waste.Listen in to learn Henry’s powerful insights on how we can work together to effectively and efficiently transform the construction industry and make it an industry we all can thrive in.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:·       The power of building community and seeking connection with others in the construction industry.·       Henry’s journey in construction & The major difference between managing projects and managing people.·       Why Henry speaks about Lean Tools & How Lean Tools improves leadership and teamwork.·       How Henry developed resilience, endurance, and grit while building a credible reputation as a professional in the construction industry.·       The importance of vulnerability and taking time for healing.·       Bringing your whole self to work: Why we need to prioritize humanity in construction & How that impacts safety and decision-making.·       Henry explains the concept of One Project, One Team and the book he’s currently writing.·       Major learnings and missteps Henry has had throughout his career.·       Henry answers: What footprint do you intend to leave on the world?Resources Mentioned:Learn more about Lean Tools: Southland: CityBuild: Connect with Henry Nutt:Connect with him on LinkedIn: To stay connected with us and listen to more episodes, visit! 
As professionals in construction, we often focus too much on hard skills, or the specific knowledge and capabilities we need to complete the job. Too often, we forget about soft skills, like communication, adaptability, and teamwork. Both are needed to be successful in your career, so let’s dive into the power of developing soft skills in construction.  In this episode, we have James Gable, Host of The Uncommon Communicator Podcast. For most of his life, James was an industrial contractor. In fact, most of his family is in construction, so it’s practically in his blood. James is currently a general superintendent for Adolfson & Peterson Construction in Colorado. He’s an optimistic family man who loves to cook and through his podcast, his mission is to help the next generation gain the skills needed to navigate and facilitate any conversation to mutual understanding. He’s truly bringing clarity to the lost art of communication.Listen in to learn the mindset required to be successful in a skilled trade, why soft skills are crucial for anyone in construction, and how to get the most out of your career while being the best leader you can be. What You’ll Learn in this Episode:·       The importance of communicating on a shared idea.·       James shares the mission of his career and his podcast.·       His journey in skilled trade: How he went from apprentice to general superintendent.·       What it’s like to be a general superintendent of a construction company.·       The impact of nurturing leadership that supports innovation and experimentation.·       Key leadership qualities of construction workers and skilled tradespeople.·       How to teach your kids the value of skilled trades and tradespeople.·       Why the foreman is the toughest role on any jobsite.·       Major learnings and missteps James has had throughout his career.·       James shares his candid thoughts on one of the biggest burdens of being a leader.·       Why soft skills, like communication, are important for team members in construction.·       James answers: What footprint do you intend to leave on the world? Resources Mentioned:Listen to The Uncommon Communicator Podcast: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss:  Connect with James Gable:Follow him on Instagram:  
Blue is the New White: The Value of Skilled Trades for the Youth TodayDo you know the value of skilled trades for you as a young person and society at large? The skilled trades industry has many opportunities and possibilities that can lead you to some of the most lucrative jobs out there and a fat check. In this episode, we have Josh Zolin, CEO of Windy City Equipment Service, speaker, and the author of Blue is the New White. He had previously worked as a stuntman in Hollywood before he quit and joined his dad in his skilled trades business. He teaches young people the value of skilled trades for them, the economy, and society at large. A skilled trade is anything that requires formal education that isn’t college education. Listen in to learn the meaning of skilled trade and the value of the industry to young people and our economy. You will also learn when to identify yourself as a skilled trade worker even when you’re responsible for running a trades company. What You Will Learn in this Episode:·     How Josh’s book Blue is the New Whiteon the value of skilled trades led to a successful podcast. ·   Get to know Josh and his former career as a stuntman. ·       Transitioning from a Hollywood stuntman to a skilled tradesman and the gap he saw in the industry and wrote a book.·      Why he teaches people the value of skilled trades, which includes monetary. ·      Josh describes his skilled trade experience in commercial kitchen equipment repairing. ·       He defines skilled trade plus when you can consider yourself a blue color worker. ·      How to take personal responsibility and put yourself out there to be considered for a leadership position in a blue color company.·    The hiring mistakes he did when he first started in business and the lessons he learned. ·    Why Josh identify as a teacher who impacts rather than an influencer. Relevant Links:Website: LinkedIn: Podcast: Blue is the New White
Wouldn’t it be great to bring back the honor in the trades and eliminate the stigma surrounding the sector? Now is the time to change the narrative about the trades and bring back the deserved honor to the industry.In this episode, we have Steve Turner, a custom upholstery small business owner and the founder of Bring Back the Trades organization. Steve came to the realization that the closer he got to retirement, the higher the risk of him closing down his business became a reality due to the shortage of skilled trade workers, which prompted him to start the Bring Back the Trades, a nonprofit organization funding scholarships for trade school students. He’s dedicated to promoting and educating the public about the need for skilled trades professionals.Listen in to learn the value of equipping young people with trade skills and not forcing them into the college environment, which is probably not serving them. You will also learn the importance of being authentic to who you are and telling your truth to improve communication.What You Will Learn in this Episode:●        Having the mental capability to overcome struggles even when your physical body says NO.●       Steve explains how and why he started the Bring Back the Trades nonprofit organization.●       Why he’s struggling to hand out Bring Back the Trades scholarships and how he’s fixing that problem.●        How to be sponsored or become an active sponsor with the Bring Back the Trades organization.●        Why he wants his legacy to be about bringing honor in the trades and eliminating the stigma.●       Steve on why he’s now working to achieve the feeling of individual accomplishment.Connect with Bring Back the Trades with Steve with Us
What does it take to find a fulfilling career that makes you completely happy? Finding a career or owning a business that fulfills you even when things get difficult should be an ultimate goal. In this episode, we have Lisa Payan, the owner of Mastermind Plumbing in San Antonio Texas, a mother, and a community contributor. Lisa left her accounting career and incidentally fell into plumbing which she has gone on to own a business in. She describes the work she does with Lone Star Construction Trades Training, a nonprofit offering free apprenticeship programs to people who want to shift their careers. Listen in to learn the value of giving back by engaging in activities that benefit the community at large. You will also learn the importance of doing what makes you happy and fulfilled and not necessarily what society deems good for you. What You Will Learn in this Episode:·       Lisa describes her journey from accounting to a career as a plumber.·      The joy and passion for helping people that Lisa has found in plumbing.·        The training work she does with the nonprofit organization Lone Star Construction Trades Training.  ·       The power of giving back and serving others even as your career is snowballing. ·        She describes her family’s involvement in her work plus the challenges she faces as a female plumber.·        Lisa’s advice to female plumbers on how to handle the challenges they face. ·       How she keeps herself inspired and happy in life and career without a major future plan.   Connect with Mastermind Plumbing at:·        Facebook: Connect with us at:
Are you ready to start embracing lean construction principles and processes as a leader in construction? By adopting lean construction principles and processes in your construction projects, you will enhance everyone’s experience and work as an integrated team.In this episode, we have Brian Winningham, Field Driven Lean owner, and has over 20 years of experience estimating, planning, managing, and leading construction projects. He is very passionate about sharing the benefits of Lean Construction. Brian describes his construction career journey since he was 10 years old and how he shifted his business during the 2020 global pandemic.Listen in to learn how to let go of the fear of making mistakes and instead be vulnerable so you can learn from those mistakes. You will also learn about the lean coffee meeting technique and how it effectively connects people than typical meetings.What You Will Learn in this Episode:●       Brian describes his career in construction that pans out almost his entire life.●       He explains how his love for fieldwork influenced his company name now “Field Driven Lean”.●       How making many mistakes has helped Brian grow and excel in his work.●        Learning how to be vulnerable and unafraid of making the wrong decisions.●       Brian on why he’s targeting to coach people at the project management level and below.●       How to customize and conceptualize processes and ideas that build your people’s capabilities as an organization.●       The potential of liberating structures in answering your questions and finding solutions as a team.●       The importance of being calculated with your responses to ensure you’re truly listening.●       The meaning of the lean coffee meeting technique and why it’s richer than typical meetings.Get in touch with Brian at: in touch with us at:
How to do more in your work while still managing to deliver value with efficiency? By intentionally balancing your flow with resource efficiency, you’re enabling yourself to live an amazing and balanced life.In this episode, we have Felipe Engineer- Manriquez, a construction scrum expert, national director of lean construction, and the host of the EBFC show podcast. He’s also an international keynote speaker with decades of experience in process improvement, project planning, execution, change management, and employee engagement in the construction industry. Felipe explains how scrum changed his perspective in life and effectiveness in his work and other exciting things.Listen in to learn how you can adopt a framework that enables you to manage yourself through flow while delivering value. You will also learn the value of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to give yourself opportunities to grow beyond your imagination. Connect with Felipe at: with us at:
In this episode Rene Duron comes back from a long summer of overtime and he didnt skip a beat. His heartfelt vulnerable questions invite Spencer Easton breathe some accountability into Rene. Spencer came into construction intending to be a field engineer which turned into him being a Scheduling Manager. His experience as a scheduling expert ignited his passion to find another way to better serve the construction industry. His purpose is strictly to help people get home healthy and happy.Contact Spencer at: us at:
Get to know Program Coordinator / Project Manager Miss Krista Ackles. Krista studied finance and when seeking employment she decided the construction Industry was more suitable and went out and made that happen. The recession hit which caused her to seek work elsewhere, thank goodness!! Since then she has been changing worlds at Construction Careers Academy. Give us a listen for a blueprint on building a solid CTE program that connects students to jobs in Construction.Connect with CCA at: with us at:
We managed to get some time with Celebrity Influencers Keyan Zandy and Joe Donarumo, Authors of The Lean Builder. Felipe and I get to unearth several truths behind them writing this book. As usual, you best have your notepads ready to capture the secrets to unlocking a new level of performance with the Lean efforts on your Jobsite. The tips they dole out can be applied on any construction project with any team, and its best if you "start small". After you finish taking in all the goodness, share it with a colleague and leave us a comment.Connect with Joe & Keyan at: with Felipe at: with us at:
Calabo - Session #7 PPC

Calabo - Session #7 PPC


Felipe and I wrap up our whining and war stories around Chapter 7 of The Last Planner, which is around the charged subject of PPC. Those 3 letters stand for Percent Plan Complete and have been the subject of much confusion and discontent. Which of course spills out the entire episode. And there is some good stuff too we give away the best method for incentivizing PPC, the secret ingredient of Culture and how that impacts PPC. Lastly I explicitly share about the purpose of PPC and how to close the loop. Connect with us at: with Felip at: with The Lean Builder at:
Get to know Mr Adam Hoots: Construction Professional, Entrepreneur, Trades Advocate, Author and the list goes on. His story takes us from his entry into the workforce as the result of a gift he received on his 17th birthday. The experience he had as a plumbers helper informed the way he serves the Construction Community today. His purpose and vision are contagious and he is a pretty deep thinker that never hesitates to share the stage or honor the people that have contributed to his place in the world Connect with us at: with Adam at:
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