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WHAT IS PANCHAKARMA & DO YOU NEED IT?Join this conversation between Anita and Dr Chanda of Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, as they demystify the preconceptions of panchakarma, talk us through the steps that bring greater health and the simple rituals you can adopt to support physical and mental healing from the comfort of your home.  Enjoy the episode!For more tips follow us on: @maulirituals Follow  Ananda Spa in the Himalayas: @anandainthehimalayas 
In this session, Sonal will immerse you in a Crystal Sound Journey, weaving a soundscape of vibrations with her Crystal Tones Alchemy Sound Bowls and Koshi Elemental Chimes. Be prepared for a fully immersive Sound experience that has a relaxing and restorative effect on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.The magic of Sound will move energy to exactly where it needs to reach, change or heal. Nourishing and nurturing a state of deep relaxation, the healing is there if you are open to it.Enjoy the episode!For more tips follow us on: @maulirituals Follow Sonal on: 
In today's episode, we have Hedy, our friend and astrologer.  Hedy will share inviable insights to working with the moon’s energy and the monthly lunar cycles. We are nature so understanding how to work with the energy in and around us will help life flow better.  Heady will also end the podcast with an invitation reflect with some helpful journaling prompts, so get cosy by the moonlight.Follow Hedy here: 
Ayurveda’s approach to menopause and indeed life, is multi-layered, focusing on all aspects of being. A balanced approach includes a focus on diet, herbs, yoga, meditation, breathwork and⁠ ideally means starting now, right where you are and with the means you have. ⁠Anita shares her favourite Ayurvedic tips and Ayurveda knowledge on how you can use this wisdom to support you through menopause
Are you creative, Imaginative and impulsive with a passion ?Join Anita on today's episode, as we dive into learning all about Vata dosha, the characteristics of this mind-body type and how to spot signs of imbalance within us. Explore ways you can get back into balance and how to work with your nature during Vata season,  rather than against it. Anita shares how to practically apply Ayurvedic tools and wisdom to your own life, from reducing stress to keeping warm.Enjoy the episode!We love hearing from you - so please do ask us any and all of questions here and make sure to take Dr Kaushal's quiz to discover your dosha.  Read more about pitta season on our blog here. 
Naina Bajaria was a qualified pharmacist living and working in London before her path led her to Ayurveda. After recognising that health requires more than just symptomatic treatment she embarked on courses in nutrition, meditation and yoga to understand more. This led her to embark on the journey to become an Ayurvedic practitioner with a  mission to unite allopathic and holistic systems of health to become the best possible versions of ourselves and evolve in a more conscious way.Currently living in Rishikesh, India amidst the global pandemic, Naina shares how fully embracing the life science of Ayurveda has changed her life. In this enlightening conversion with Anita, Naina dives into how to recognise your doshic imbalances and some at home tips and recipes to find inner and outer wellbeing. We hope you enjoy listening to Naina as she shares her wisdom with us and we are sure that you will leave this conversion feeling empowered to take control of your own health, and inspired by the beauty of Ayurveda.Follow us on Instagram here for everyday Ayurveda tips and inspiration.Connect with Naina here and visit her website here to find out more on what she has to offer.
Start the day right by inviting in a little happiness to your morning. Our dear friend, author and wellness practitioner Mira Manek will take you through a short and sweet 5 minute meditation, her favourite way to feel balanced. Originally from her book Prajna, she shares some simple yet effective methods to encourage happiness into your day.Apply your favourite Mauli massage oil, tune in and start your day feeling great.Join our Mauli Rituals community on Instagram.Connect with Mira on Instagram.  
To celebrate World Meditation Day we are delighted to bring you this special episode with renowned Somatic Therapist, Meditation and Yoga teacher Phoebe Greenacre. Phoebe has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and truly believes in the transformational power of self care, yoga and inner spiritual work. Tune in as she takes us through a meditation journey through the chakras connecting into each energy centre using a somatic technique of colour and texture. Chakra meditation is an ancient form of meditation that targets blocked chakras, to cleanse, clear, and release physical and mental blockages. For thousands of years, keeping the chakras in balance has been linked to maintaining mind and body wellbeing.  We hope you enjoy this as a gift to yourself to check in with the energetic health of your body and mind, so light your Mauli candle, get comfy and get ready to journey through the chakras with Phoebe.ABOUT PHOEBE GREENACREPhoebe shares her insights and teachings on her online membership platform, The Self Care Space, an online library of guided meditations, yoga classes, breathwork sessions and many other tools for healing and transformation. For Mauli listeners Phoebe has offered 50% off a subscription to The Self Care Space, using the code MAULI50.Join our Mauli Rituals community on Instagram.Connect with Phoebe on Instagram.  
A woman’s body experiences challenges at different stages in life – from menstrual cycles through to pregnancy and menopause – these times are periods of hormonal change and can be more than a little stressful. How can Ayurveda help women enjoy their womanhood freely and fully? Listen in as Anita chats to Dr Claudia Welch, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator, on how she believes we all can experience optimism, wellbeing, serenity and zest for life throughout all phases of life, according to Ayurveda. Join our Mauli Rituals community on Instagram.Connect with Dr Claudia on Instagram.  
We’re so looking forward to sharing our conversation with renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr Shefali Tsabary. Her blend of clinical psychology and eastern mindfulness sets her apart as a leader in the field of mindfulness psychology and Oprah has endorsed her work as revolutionary and life-changing. Dr. Shefali’s ground-breaking approach to mindful living and parenting has taken her books to the top of the NY Times best-sellers list, and we are delighted to have her on the podcast as she shares the reason behind why her new book A Radical Awakening, will change your lifeWe delve into how to be truly authentic in the face of other's opinions and Dr Shefali shares the real raw process of how we can all transform ourselves, reclaim our inner knowing as women and empower our children in the process.Enjoy the episode and make sure to get your copy of A Radical Awakening here.Join our Mauli Rituals community on Instagram. Connect with Dr Shefali on Instagram.  
A lack of sleep can inhibit our ability to uplift ourselves and make the most of our precious days. Join Anita, in conversation with 3rd Gen Ayurveda Practitioner Nidhi Pandya (My Ayurvedic Life) as they dive deep into sleep, why we need it, and how to sleep better through the wisdom of Ayurveda. Nidhi's shares why one need not be so prescriptive and how to work with your own body to wind down instead of following a one size fits all approach.Connect with Nidhi on Instagram here and make sure to keep up to date with the latest from Mauli Rituals here.
Today we are delighted to share Anita's recent conversation with Dimple Jangda, the founder of Prana healthcare centre in Mumbai. Dimple shares her views on depression and how Ayurveda can support us when we are perhaps lacking in the joy for living. Dimple left a high profile career as a producer and investment banker to follow her calling to help others through Ayurveda. She  shares many tips that we can do ourselves that will help you feel more confident in your skin , no matter the challenges you face.  And demonstrates that  anyone, at any stage has the freedom and power to create a happier and healthier life. Get in touch with Dimple here: 
In this episode Anita is joined by Ayurvedic practitioner and Author Geeta Vara, as they dive into the topic of decoding the Doshas. Find out how to identify your Dosha and discover a simple starting point to unlock the keys to disease and even more importantly - how to live life in alignment with your unique constitution, to lead a happier, healthier life naturally.Connect with Geeta, join her cleanses and dive deeper into Ayurveda with her book 'Ayurveda', all found here:   
Today Anita is joined by her husband and business partner Bittu Kaushal! Tune in to listen to the interesting and inspirational founders of Mauli Rituals as they dive into the topic of authenticity and Ayurveda being for everyone- no matter your background, age or ethnicity. Let us know what you think! Join in the conversation on Instagram or visit us at
In today's episode, Anita has a frank and illuminating conversation with Ayurveda Practitioner Dr Vara Lakshmi on the hot topic of gut health and the Ayurvedic approach of living a happier and healthier life from the inside out. Let us know what you thought! Find us on Instagram @mauliritualsYou can find Dr Vara Lakshmi on Instagram @drvaralakshmi
Today's chakra guided mediation is lead by Priya Sawhney, a Kundalini yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Paradise. She has taught Kundalini for 10 years and a key element of her classes is chakra healing. In yoga, Ayurveda and meditation, chakras are referred to as wheels of energy and they are the store house of our actions, memories, feelings and thoughts. To function at our best, chakras need to stay aligned and in balance. By tuning in and clearing these invisible wheels, we can begin to feel happier and more vibrant. Allow Priya to take you on a guided Charka meditation to begin feeling better naturally, as that is your birth right. Connect with Priya and find out more about her classes here:
Meditation is a key pillar of Ayurveda and with that in mind, I am delighted to bring you the 2nd in our ‘make today meaningful series’ lead yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and energy shifter Lisa Akesson Stryker.  We have layers of energy – the body being the most-dense, but there is a point of bliss.  When we can clear our energies and get to this deepest, truest layer, realise challenging situations and encounters are mind made and bliss is available at any point.  Sometimes we just need a re-set.  In part 2, Lisa will share a guided meditation to support you in relationships.  This is crucial now, as with so much time in isolation and a feeling of collective anxiety, has left us feeling a little fragile when encountering others. There is a way to be within your protective boundaries while holding space for another, so they too can be open to holding space for you.   
Meditation is a key pillar of Ayurveda and with that in mind, I am delighted to bring you the 2nd in our ‘make today meaningful series’ lead yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and energy shifter Lisa Akesson Stryker. We have layers of energy – the body being the most-dense, but there is a point of bliss.  When we can clear our energies and get to this deepest, truest layer, realise challenging situations and encounters are mind made and bliss is available at any point.  Sometimes we just need a re-set.   In part 1 of Lisa’s guided meditations, she will share a simple technique to help you clear your energy, so you can release any mind-made blockages and begin each new day being your true nature. .Please select part 2 to go deeper into this practice
The aim of this podcast is to empower you to live a happier, healthier life through the time Meditation is a key pillar of Ayurveda and with that in mind, I am delighted to bring you the first in our ‘make today meaningful series’ lead by the brilliant Dr Tara Swart. A neuroscientist, lecturer at MIT and the author of the internally renowned book – the Source, Dr Tara Swart will now guide you on cementing your resolutions for this coming year through the power of visualization. So get comfortable and prepare to tap into your pure, abundant nature.
BEAUTY OF AYURVEDA PODCAST ⁠We're delighted to announce our Beauty Of Ayurveda podcast is launching today. ⁠From the moment we launched in 2014, it has been our intention to share all that will serve to enrich your everyday and this podcast is the natural progression. ⁠We begin with short weekly mindful meditations and affirmations from some of our favourite and respected Mauli muses, and hope this gets your New Year started right. ⁠⁠As many of you know, Mauli Rituals offers pure, transformative self-care products rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda.  Given Ayurveda is way of life, I owe it to you to share a deeper knowledge, because while we’re told time and time again, our products have had a profound impact physically, mentally and emotionally, I believe there is so much more to explore.  Each week we will look at the different aspects of Ayurveda including meditation, diet, lifestyle, spiritually, healing with herbs and of course the general musings shared with my darling husband and Co-founder Bittu. To learn more about us head to our instagram @maulirituals and until we meet again, I send a heartfelt wish for your wellbeing.
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