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Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast

Author: Ben Waterworth, Colin Hilding & Jarrod Loobeek

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Three men who dreamt of Olympic glory but have as much athletic prowess as a piece of cheese, bring you weekly Olympian interviews from every corner of the planet, as well as entertaining and insightful analysis from all things related to the Olympic Games.
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As we get ready to see the flame lit for the Paris Olympics, we thought it would be fun to bring you another special episode celebrating all 68 members of TEAM OTP ahead of the next two weeks of competition! And just like we did for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, we're here to bring you snippets from every single guest that has appeared on this very show who is set to compete in Paris. With such a stacked roster of incredible athletes from right around the world, TEAM OTP is definitely filled to the brim with talent and this episode will highlight exactly that and showcase why you will be cheering for them across the next 16 days. So strap yourself in to bring yourself into the Paris zone even further as we celebrate TEAM OTP in style!
THREE DAYS! That's how close we are to the Paris Olympics! And with so much to get excited about and digest in the world of Olympic news, it's time to bring you our final Newscast ahead of the Opening Ceremony this Friday. To help us out with that we are once again joined by the host of the 'Fantasy Five Rings' podcast Alex Loveless to go over all the big stories and bring you up to speed with everything Paris 2024! We bring you the latest news from on the ground in Paris as Ben goes over just what the mood is like in the Olympic city. We also learn more about some interesting news coming from Japan, find out what is happening with the 2030 Winter Olympics and learn more about the E-Sports Olympics set to make their debut in 2025. We also give you our final sports previews ahead of Paris by going over canoe/kayak and handball! It's an action packed and massive episode that you simply can't miss!
It's Paris week but that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate the past as we bring you our latest BEST OF episode to go over our last 50 epic episodes! You'll hear all the classic moments from episode 351-399, including all our of our interviews and special episodes that you were hooked to since our last clip show! It's an incredible way to celebrate the occasion as we bring up our 400th episode in true Off The Podium style!
It's Paris Olympic week! In a matter of days we will be seeing the cauldron lit for the 2024 Olympics and we are beyond excited for it all to begin! And we are also beyond excited to welcome back an Olympic legend to this podcast, the iconic Donovan Bailey, to hear his thoughts on how the sprinting events will play out during the Paris Olympics as well as hear some more incredible stories from his incredible career! We learn who he thinks will be challenging for gold in the 100m and 200m, find out if he thinks Noah Lyles can break through for the first USA sprinting men's double since Carl Lewis and hear why he thinks the women's 100m will be the race of the Olympics. Added to this we hear about his part of the famous 4x100m gold medal winning relay team for Canada in Atlanta, learn more about his experiences at his second Olympics in Sydney and hear more about THAT 150m showdown with the iconic Michael Johnson. It's an epic chat to get you in the zone for an epic week ahead of an epic Olympics!
With only a week to go till the 2024 Olympics begin, we're bringing you another exciting interview as we return to the sport of judo and speak to two-time Aussie Olympic judoka Katharina Haecker about her amazing career and her expectations ahead of her third Olympics in Paris! We find out her journey through the sport and just how she was able to rise the global judo ranks from a country that isn't exactly renowned highly in the sport. We also find out about her two Olympic experiences in Rio and Tokyo and why both are spurring her on towards Paris. Added to this we learn some more intricacies of the sport, find out just what it would mean to her to break Australia's long judo drought at the Olympics when it comes to medals and see just why she thinks Chairy would be the ultimate judoka. It's an incredible chat to really get you in the mood ahead of Paris! So get excited and get tuned in!
An incredibly special and stacked episode of Off The Podium today as we return to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in style by speaking to the entire Australian All-Around team heading to Paris in just over a week for the Olympics! Joining us on the show to learn about their careers as well as hopes for the Paris Olympics are returning Olympian Lidiia Iakovleva, debutants Saskia Broedelet, Phoebe Learmont, Emmanouela Frroku and Jessica Weintraub as well as team reserve Alexandra Eedle. Not only do we hear about all of their incredible careers, we also learn more about the sport, find out just what it is like working together both on and off the mat and just why Paris could be such a groundbreaking Olympics for Australian gymnastics. It's arguably one of our biggest ever interviews in our history so get to listening, get pumped for the Olympics and get yourself in a rhythmic mood of epic proportions!
It's time to bring you a true Olympic icon on the show today as we sit down and talk to six-time Olympian Mary Hanna from Australia to learn about her amazing career in the sport of dressage! We learn from Mary just how she got started in the sport and whether she ever could've imagined she would've made it to six different Olympics. We also find out the secret to her longevity and just what keeps up her drive and passion for the sport after all these years. Added to this learn just what a seventh Olympics would mean to her, which of her Olympic appearances was her favourite and least favourite and whether she could keep on going and make it to Brisbane in eight years time. It's an absolutely amazing chat that you won't want to miss!
We're so close to Paris you can taste it, and that means we have plenty to discuss in the world of the Olympics! That of course means it's time for our latest Newscast episode, and we're pumped to bring back Raphael Spaeth to go over all the latest news from the Olympics and get you even more excited for them! We go over the final Australian team for the Olympics and talk up some interesting stats around them. We also bring some exciting news when it comes to a fun segment we'll be able to bring back from the past, as well as go over some other big news from around the Olympic world. We also bring you our penultimate group of sports previews for Paris, as we go over golf, shooting and water polo to get you even more pumped for the Games! It's another epic episode of epic proportions as we get closer and closer to the Paris Olympics!
As we enter the home stretch for Paris 2024 and the final fortnight before the Games, we're pumped once again to bring you another epic interview, this time with two-time Olympic shooter from Australia, Elena Galiabovitch! In this great chat, Elena goes over her career, from her journey to Australia at a young age and how her legendary father helped shape her journey through the sport of shooting. We also learn about her rise through the ranks that has taken her to both the Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics and just why she is so pumped for her third Olympics in Paris. Added to this we find out more about an incredibly unique honour that came with her Tokyo experience, learn more about the technicalities of her sport and find out just why she is besties with Usain Bolt! It's an incredible chat to whet your appetite even more for the Paris Olympics! So get to listening and get pumped!
We're heading back to the judo mat for the first time in two years as we speak with Aussie Olympic judoka Josh Katz about his amazing career and hopes ahead of the Paris Olympics! We find out about the 'family business' that is judo for Josh and how the passion for the sport in the family helped spurred him on to great success throughout his career. We also learn about his Rio experiences in 2016 and his disappointment about not making Tokyo in 2020 and how he was able to use that push him towards overcoming some significant setbacks on the path to Paris. Added to this we learn more about judo, why he might have the best support t-shirt ahead of Paris and what he hopes to achieve at his second Olympics. It's an epic chat that you will love every second of it! So get to listening!
We're another week closer to the Paris Olympics which means it's time to bring you another Newscast episode, as for the first time we welcome Colin to a Newscast and also bring back Connor Bunnell to help go over all the latest Olympic news from Australia, Canada, the US and around the world! We catch up with all the big news from the US Olympic gymnastic trials, as well as finding out which teams have made up the final slots in the men's basketball in Paris. We also find out some interesting qualification news during the week and also get our first look at what is set to be a unique Closing Ceremony! It then wouldn't be a Newscast without previewing three sports for the Paris Olympics, as we go over everything to do with fencing, taekwondo and surfing! It's another epic Newscast to get you right in the mind for the Olympics in just a few weeks time, so get to listening and get Olympic! 
As we inch closer and closer to Paris we're excited to get back on the mat in the sport of wrestling, and also extra excited to get back to Canada, a we sit down and chat with Canadian Olympic wrestler Amar Dhesi about his incredible wrestling career and hopes for his second Olympics in just a couple of weeks time! We find out from Amar his unique journey through the sport and just how he was able to rise up the ranks to eventually make his Olympic debut in Tokyo. We also learn about his Commonwealth Games experiences in 2022 and what it was like to come away with gold. Added to this we find out how he expects to go in Paris off the back of some strong recent performance, why his nickname is 'The Canadian Bear' and give us his thoughts on who he thinks would win between Colin & Ben when it comes to a wrestling match. It's another epic chat that will whet your appetite even more for the Paris Olympics! So get to listening and get excited!
With only a couple of weeks to go until we're seeing the flame lit to start the Paris Olympics, we're back with another epic interview as we get back into field hockey by speaking with one of Australia's leading players Greta Hayes about her amazing career and what we can expect from her and the Hockeyroos at the 2024 Olympics! We learn from Greta just what made her take the field hockey path and why she fell in love with it at such an early age. We also hear about her Olympic ambitions and experiences and just why Paris could finally break the 24 year medal drought for the Hockeyroos at the Olympics. Added to this we find out which other prominent sport Greta could've been representing Australia in, learn about her strong advocacy work off the field and learn some unique family stories that involves singing, diaries and a few other things in between! It's an epic chat that you simply can't miss!
IT'S OFFICIALLY PARIS OLYMPICS MONTH! And what better way to get pumped an excited than with our latest Newscast episode, as we are once again joined by Jamie Lyko to bring you all the latest Olympic news in another busy week of action! We go over all the big news from the US track trials and also go over the US gymnastics trials, as well as touching on some Michael Phelps news during the week and some interesting developments coming from the Paris Olympic village and their food options for the athletes. We also get into our latest sports previews, as we bring you our take on gymnastics, artistic swimming and rowing! It's an incredibly action packed episode to get you even more pumped for the Olympics, so get to listening and get fully in the Olympic zone!
An epic chat coming your way today as we speak with triple Olympian and triple Olympic medallist Shane Rose from Australia about his incredible Olympic journey in the sport of equestrian and his fight right now to be fit enough to make it to his fourth Olympics in a matter of weeks in Paris. We learn from Shane just what brought him into the sport and how he was able to make it to the very top and have such success on the world stage. We also learn about his terrible fall earlier this year and just how hard he is fighting to make it to the Olympics next month. Added to this we learn more about THAT mankini incident, find out rooming with Andrew Hoy and just what he learnt about him that has lead to his success and discover just why Australia should be excited about our equestrian team at the 2024 Olympics. It's one incredible chat that you simply can't miss ahead of Paris!
A massive interview coming down your speakers today as we speak to a true Olympic icon and one of the greatest field hockey players of all time, Eddie Ockenden, about his extraordinary journey in the sport and his Olympic career that has seen him take home three Olympic medals along the way. We find out from Eddie just what drew him into the sport and his rise through the ranks from Hobart to the very top of his sport. We also learn about how he overcame the heartbreak of missing out on that elusive gold in Tokyo and how he hopes to use it as inspiration towards claiming gold in Paris. Added to this we learn about why Tasmania is a hot bed for hockey talent, what he thinks his chances are of carrying the flag in the opening ceremony next month as well as most importantly learning whether or not Ben is responsible for his career success. It's an absolutely amazing chat with an amazing Olympian that you cannot miss!
With a month to go until the Paris Olympics and off the back of International Olympic Day, what better way to celebrate than bring you our latest Newscast episode! And in what has been a massive Olympics week, we're bringing back Patrick Riley to go over everything that has happened in the last seven days and more! We find out direct from Patrick just how the US is reacting to their swimming trials and how he thinks their team will go against Australia in Paris. We also get the latest from the opening few days of the US track & field trials and look ahead to the US gymnastics trials as well. Added to this some news on the Paris Opening Ceremony, the LA 2028 Olympics and the Olympic Qualifying Series in Budapest, and you have one busy week to go over! And we aren't ending it there! We preview three more sports for the Paris Olympics, as we go over sailing, triathlon and volleyball. It's an epic episode that you simply can't miss!
Get ready to lift yourself into an almighty episode as we return to the great sport of weightlifting and speak with Aussie Paris Olympian Kyle Bruce about his extraordinary rise in the sport and his hopes ahead of his Olympic debut in just a few weeks time! We learn about his beginnings in weightlifting and how a very unique set of circumstances led him into the sport and away from another that he was rising through the ranks in. We also learn more about the brutal nature of weightlifting and the many challenges that athletes in the sport face, particularly from a country such as Australia. Added to this we find out the origin of his incredible nickname, more about his emotional time at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the unique way he expects his Paris Olympics experience to go. It's one of our most honest and heartfelt chats we've ever had on the show, so make sure you don't miss it!
We're returning to the sport of shooting today to catch up with one of our favourite guests from the past in Sergei Evglevski to hear how he has been going since we last spoke to him in 2021 and also find out just how he is tracking towards Paris. We learn about the success Sergei has had since our last chat and how that is spurring him on towards his second Olympics. We also find out just why meat pies are all of a sudden a big thing for him heading into the Olympics and just why that might be the secret towards him securing a first Olympic medal. Added to this we find out just how confident he is of a medal in Paris, learn how his Zelda progress is going and find out just why he can use Chairy towards all future success. It's an epic chat that will fire you into a good mood! So tune in!
It's been a massive week in the world of the Olympics and we're back to talk about it in our latest Newscast episode, and this week we welcome US superfan Jamie Lyko to the podcast to help us is digesting everything Olympics related! We bring you all the news from both the Australian and the US swim trials and find out just how they are positioning both nations when it comes to the Paris Olympics. We also find out more about the big news coming from Switzerland during the week about a couple of future Olympics as well as the new E-Sports Olympics we are soon set to see. Added to this we bring you three more sports previews, as we go over weightlifting, boxing and Ben's favourite, modern pentathlon! It's one epic episode of epic proportions that you simply can't miss as an Olympics fan! So get to listening!