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A bilingual Podcast about mentorship as a pathway to success featuring conversations with some of the best in their fields. Join me in this opportunity to listen and learn from them. Tune in! Un Podcast bilingüe sobre la mentoría como camino al éxito, con conversaciones con algunos de los mejores en sus campos. Acompáñame en esta oportunidad de escuchar y aprender de ellos. ¡Sintonízanos!
7 Episodes
In this episode, I sit down with Billy Jitsu, a star developer, entrepreneur, and constant builder who has built a reputation in the Web3 space. Billy takes us through his journey into the world of Web3, including the challenges he faced and how he overcame them. He shares his insights on what it takes to be a successful Web3 developer and gives advice to aspiring developers. We explore his background, how he got started in development, and what led him to focus on Web3. Billy also discusses ...
Alex Onaindia is the Co-Founder and CEO of Distinction Agency based in Miami, FL. Distinction Agency is an agency that focuses on athlete and influencer marketing and public relations for brands. Alex discusses with us in this episode public relations, marketing, mentorship, creating your own company, and many other topics.
Ale es un emprendedor, viajero, periodista y activista. En este episodio nos habla sobre el emprendimiento, medio ambiente y la mentoría.
Discussing Health, Fitness, Business and Keys to Success.
Discussing the Law School, The Legal Field & Latinx Perspectives.
Discussing Life, Gratitude and Mentorship.(English Episode)
Welcome to Mentored!

Welcome to Mentored!