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Along with the development of electric vehicles, the related industry chain has also become shining in recent years, especially, the battery and charging station. If EV wanted to be same as universal as fuel car in the future, the universal of charging station will be the primary goal. Driven by the Green New Deal, the South Korean government promote the green transformation of infrastructure construction in a planned way, and to create a green economic industrial chain. One of the policies is that focus on promoting the popularization of electric vehicles.   Listen to the latest episode of the IEI Podcast to learn about the latest trends in electric vehicles in South Korea. ◎More Information IEI Official Website: IEI Member Zone:   ◎Follow IEI IEI Live: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Powered by Firstory Hosting
伴隨著電動車的發展,也帶動相關的產業鏈在近幾年大放光彩,其中的關鍵點就是電池以及充電站,未來電動車如果要像現在的燃油車一樣普及,勢必充電站的部署是首要的目標。 南韓政府在綠色新政的驅動下,計劃性地推動基礎建設的綠色轉型,以及打造綠色經濟產業鏈,其中一項政策重點就是促進電動車的普及。從政府到民間企業一起共同努力,不僅加速電動車的普及,也準備在電動車產業鏈中來一個彎道超車。   收聽最新一集的 IEI Podcast,了解南韓電動車最新的趨勢。 ◎更多資訊 IEI官網: IEI會員專區:   ◎追蹤IEI IEI Live: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Powered by Firstory Hosting
The concept of electric vehicles was first proposed in the 19th century. With the advancement of battery technology and the rise of environmental protection awareness, the development of the electric vehicle industry has been greatly enhanced. However, the most influential policy is the prohibition of the sale of fuel vehicles. All major traditional car manufacturers have begun to develop in the direction of electric vehicles, and their strategic layout will be an important key point for the future electric vehicle industry. Therefore, 2020 can be said to be the first year of the development of electric vehicles, and the next 10 years will be the golden age of electric vehicles. Among them, the technology of self-driving cars will also be a core concept. Faced with such changes in trends, what is IEI’s positioning in the wave of electric vehicles? How will it take the lead in the market? IEI website: Electric Vehicle Charging Station Case Study: Powered by Firstory Hosting
電動車的概念最早於19世紀提出,隨著電池技術的進步以及環保意識的抬頭,大大提升電動車產業的發展,然而影響最大的,是各國提出禁售燃油車的政策。使得各大傳統車廠都開始往電動車的方向發展,他們的策略布局,將會是未來電動車產業一個重要的關鍵點。因此,2020年可以說是電動車的發展元年,未來的10年將會是電動車的黃金世代,其中自駕車的技術,也將會是一個核心概念。 面對如此趨勢的改變,威強電在電動車浪潮中的定位是什麼? 又將如何在市場上取的一線先機呢 ? 電動車相關案例分享: 威強電官方網站: Powered by Firstory Hosting
With 5G sweeping across the world, the changes brought about by 5G have gradually expanded. It is already in commercial use in many countries, including South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, etc. Among them, South Korea has been the first to use it for corporations since the end of 2018, and for consumers since April 2019. You may be curious, what kind of changes have been made in the South Korean Networking market with the help of 5G? In this episode we invite Nathan, the Assistant Manager of KR Sales Dept. in IEI, to share with the audience what he saw in Korea over the past few years. Network Firewall on PUZZLE Networking Appliance- Download Case Study: Watch the Video on IEI Live: Unmanned Parking Management System- Download Case Study: Watch the Video on IEI Live: Powered by Firstory Hosting
隨著5G的浪潮席捲全球,5G帶來的改變也逐漸擴展開來。有許多國家已經實現5G商轉落地,包含南韓、美國、英國、中國、台灣等等,南韓是亞洲5G應用領頭羊,從2018年底就讓企業使用者開始使用,個人消費者則是在2019年4月起步。大家可能會好奇,伴隨著5G技術的導入,南韓網通市場有著什麼樣的變化呢 ? 這集我們邀請到我們公司的韓國業務課副理-Nathan,來跟各位聽眾分享他這幾年在韓國網通市場所看到的變化。 強大且能長期使用的防火牆解決方案|PUZZLE-IN001|案例分享- 下載案例: 觀看影片: 停車場自動管理系統的好幫手|PUZZLE-IN002|案例分享- 下載案例: 觀看影片: Powered by Firstory Hosting
IoT這個詞是在1999年問世,隨著科技發展至今,現在已經結合了AI的技術,再加上5G的發展,AIoT未來想必會成為一個發展的指標。相當高興邀請到RD資深副總 Kenny Jan,一起討論IoT這個主題,內容包含IoT的延伸應用、IEI在應用開發中的角色定位以及未來IoT的發展規劃。 IEI在ODM 上有長達20年以上的經驗,IEI可以為不同應用的需求,提供好橋接的設計,甚至同一個應用領域,因為每個客戶所需的專長不同,我們也可以針對每一位客人所想要強調的優勢,去進行優化的設計。 ◎更多資訊 IEI官網: IEI會員專區: ◎追蹤IEI IEI Live: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Powered by Firstory Hosting
The IoT was first introduced in 1999. As technology advances, AI technology has now been combined with IoT. Coupled with 5G development, AIoT will surely become a development indicator in the future. It’s glad to invite our senior vice president of RD, Kenny Jan, to talk about IoT. Interview including medical IoT application, the IEI's role in the application development process, and the next step of IEI for IoT. IEI has more than 20 years of experience in ODM. IEI can provides good bridging design for different application needs. And because each customer has its own preferences, so even these projects are in the same field, we can base on what the customer wants to emphasize to optimize the design. ◎More Information IEI Official Website: IEI Member Zone: ◎Follow IEI IEI Live: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Powered by Firstory Hosting
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