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Sentinel NK-41

Author: LeVar Leo

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In a distant part of the universe...there lies a spiral galaxy called Sentinel NK-41...and within this galaxy, there's a solar system named Ony. Our story brings us to planet Hurleus, a planet where advanced science, technology, and medicine are studied and controlled under the unscrupulous Global Defense Military. The cities and its people of Hurleus are protected by the proud men and women of the Armed Guard Agency under the governing authority of the chancellor. Although cities have become more independent since the great explosion of the Particle Accelerator facility, killing millions and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, the AGA struggles to keep order on the streets unaware something far worst is forthcoming.
2 Episodes
Sergeant Dalmane and his team battle against a dark peculiar creature.
The Armed Guard Agency dispatches Special Unit Falcon to investigate a distress call outside Bedford City.
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