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It's summer, we are regrouping for the fall. This episode is full of practical leadership advice for finding those rhythms in the day to day and beyond that help strengthen your soul. Dyke and Rebecca sit down with Author and Preacher, Alan Ahlgrim who harnesses his 50+ years in ministry to bring you encouraging wisdom. Listen up!
Welcome back to the Waypoint Podcast, or welcome for the first time, either way this is a great episode to jump into. Dyke and Rebecca are thrilled to sit down with author and speaker, LeAnne Blackmore who has written several book and speaks all over the world. We hope you find this conversation helpful and encouraging in your ministry context!You can contact LeAnne at her emailbmore@comcast.netyou can find her books at leanneblackmore.comWe alway are happy to have your reach out or check out some upcoming events
Carl Kuhl is back! Dyke and Rebecca are so excited to sit down with Carl Kuhl, who has written a new book, Blood Stained Pews. This conversation is full of truth and practical encouragement! We hope you enjoy!Learn More about Carl and his book:carlkuhl.orgRemember you can always find out more about Waypoint Church Partners and register for events atwaypointchurchpartners.comPartner with us in kingdom growth through church planting at
Episode 34 of the Waypoint Podcast is one you don't want to miss. Phillip Murdock of LifePointe Christian Church Toano shares his story with Dyke and Rebecca. LifePointe was a mobile church plant for 15 years before they found a place to call home, an equestrian farm. Beyond just the fascinating building project, Phil is full of wisdom and encouragement for Church leaders. You can check out this article from the Christian Standard about LifePointe's facilityHereYou can always find us
We love hearing from lots of different church leaders, but today Dyke and Rebecca sit down with a church leader with an interesting perspective. Dr. Matthew LeGrange is a clinical psychologist and in this episode of The Waypoint Podcast, we dive into his advice as he sits on the fence of the church world, and the counseling world. This is a great conversation that we hope is uplifting to you in your ministry!To learn more about His StoryClick HereTo learn more about Waypoint, our fusion groups, or church planting you can always find us as
We LOVE church planting, and in this episode Dyke and Rebecca sit down with Waypoint's most recent church planter, James Davis of Journey Church! This is an encouraging conversation about being the kind of church that attracts people who don't like church. You are going to be so happy you tuned in!If you are not a part of Waypoint's iPlantChurches support system you can do that here! These are donations that go directly and completely to church planting!If you would like more info or to register for SoulCare WinchesterCheck it out HERERemember you can always find us at
The Art of the Sermon is coming, one of our featured speakers is national author, teacher, and preacher, Mark Moore. We are so excited to share this conversation as Dyke and Rebecca sit down with mark to discuss the ins and outs, the depth, and the great impact of preaching. You won't want to miss this!To register for Art of the SermonFind more HERETo find more of Mark's Resources check outMarkMoore.orgRemember you can always contact us and find out more about us
Over a year later, Dyke and Rebecca sit back down with Tim Cole to continue the conversation of The Covid Corrected Church, but also to learn where the conversation is in 2022. The River Has Moved Images of the Choluteca Bridge REGISTER TODAY for Art of the SermonYou can always find us, don't hesitate to reach out!
Bob Russell is a great hero of the faith, especially in our movement. Dyke and Rebecca are so thrilled to sit down with Bob to talk about his practical tips for sermon prep, bearing the burden of ministry, and honoring your calling as a Kingdom worker. You can register for Waypoint's Art of the Sermon featuring Bob Russell, Bret Andrews, and Mark MoreLearn more and register here: You can learn more about Bob's resources atBobRussell.orgRemember you can always find us
Dyke and Rebecca are joined by church Elder, Scott Schuler, to hear about his journey of wanting more from the pew and his church, and through a chain of events led him to write a book! You will be so happy and encouraged to hear what Scott has for you today.To learn more about Scott and the resources he provides head toscottschuler.orgHere at Waypoint Church Partners, the mission is clear, and the mission is you. We want to come along side you and your church to advance the kingdom through Partnering and Planting. If there is anything you need, or just want to talk. You can always find us Also be sure to stop by our EVENTS page to see what we have coming up!
Welcome to our 2nd Season of the Waypoint Podcast! Daryl Reed kicks the season off right with a fascinating and necessary conversation about church work.  As Dyke, Rebecca, and Daryl discuss the work of the church, they dive specifically into the Restoration Movement and the idea that it is a movement of continued restoration. This is a conversation you won't want to miss.If you want to know who we are here at Waypoint check us out, contact us, look around
As we wrap up our first year of the podcast we thought we would go out with some great stories from our Waypoint Staff! Thank you so much for joining us in 2021, we look forward to more stories of Kingdom work in our region in 2022!Remember if you need to reach us you can always find us at
Visioneering Studios exists to help churches reimagine how they can best use their physical space. Dyke & Rebecca sit down with Dave Milam, Vice-President of Strategic Design at Visioneering Studios, for a fascinating conversation about the physical buildings that make up our churches. Remember to register for ICOMRegister for The Church Working Right Pre-Conference EventYou can always find us at
If you have a disability ministry or you don't have one yet,  this conversation with Ryan Wolfe needs to be a priority. In this 20th episode of the Waypoint Podcast Dyke & Rebecca lead a fascinating & necessary conversation about making sure your church is reaching all it's people effectively!To find out more from Ryan check out abilityministry.comTo register for The Church Working Right ICOM Pre-conference Church Partners exists to come alongside you in ministry, if there is anything we can do, don't hesitate to reach out!
A brand new Waypoint Church Plant has launched, Canvas Church, in Goldsboro, NC! You do not want to miss Dyke and Rebecca sitting down with planter, Kevin McNeil to hear fresh out of the gate wisdom and stories about how it is going. To learn more about Leader Care and to Register head find out more about church planting head to
This is a great conversion where Dyke and Rebecca sit down with urban church planter, Joel Pazmino, of Encounter Church in DC. Joel is full of wisdom and interesting take aways from his time bringing Jesus to the city at his church. Don't miss this episode!If you want to learn more about church planting  through Waypoint check-outiplantchurches.comWaypoint loves to help ANY church leaders, if you need to get ahold of us you can find us atwaypointchurchpartners.comIf you want to find out more about the NEW Waypoint Pastors' Wives Podcast find it
Jacob Albrecht joins Dyke and Rebecca as they explore how SICOM can help be a catalyst to the next generation of church leaders locally and globally. Find out more If you need to reach us you can find us
In episode 15, Dyke and Rebecca sit down with Stacy Bishop.  All  church leadership presents its challenges and joys, and being the wife to the pastor is no different. Hear Stacy's heart for pastors' wives and how she is striving to help encourage them find their joy in their ministry context.The Waypoint Pastors' Wives PodcastFind it here: More about Waypointwaypointchurchpartner.comRegister for the next Waypoint55
Dyke & Rebecca ( who love Bible Colleges in general!) sit down with Dr. Ken Greene who is a Professor of Family Ministry at MAC University. Dr. Greene identifies some of the trends he is seeing in Family Ministry and shares encouragement to churches. If you want to learn more about Waypoint Church Partners, please head to
Dyke and Rebecca host a conversation with Zac Holt and Paul Viers of the Table, a church plant, a campus, a new kind of Church reaching people for Jesus.If you'd like to contact Zac to talk about the Table:zholt@whcc.infoIf you'd like to talk to Paul about how the Table works as a campus:pviers@whcc.infoIf you want more information of Waypoint's church plants, you can go toiplantchurches.comYou can find out more about Waypoint Church Partners
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