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Two for one is a new podcast developed by budding content creators to bring you the best discussion about all things trading card games with a specific focus on Hearthstone. This is the second episode of the Two for One podcast. This one is a bit longer than the rest, and we have tried a different style of editing to be more conversational.   Card Evaluation is a very important concept around new card releases. This discussion is an introductory guide to card evaluation in Hearthstone and is not only for before a new set releases but applies to each game of Hearthstone.   In this discussion, we go over basic principles of card evaluation such as the value, ceiling, floor and range of each card. We discuss how each deck has a different definition of the term value and that often value is fluid. Hearthstone cards often include rng style effects, which in turn increases the range of a card. We discuss cards from Hearthstone’s history such as Yogg Saron, Piloted Shredder, Corridor Creeper, Secret Passage, Troggzor and much more. We study each of these cards and how lessons learned from spoiler seasons affect how we learn more about card evaluation today.This topic leads into ideas such as threat evaluation and play priority. This show should not only help you evaluate cards during the spoiler season, but also help you become a better Hearthstone player.Our next episodes will be creating a tier list for Hearthstone’s standard and wild metas, and discussing different business models for TCG’s.  Subscribe to our YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:  Dankest’s written articles:  Muffin’s written articles:  Maym’s written articles: 
Two for one is a new podcast developed by budding content creators to bring you the best discussion about all things trading card games with a specific focus on Hearthstone. Hearthstone duels is the newest game mode released for Hearthstone. In this premiere episode of the Two for One podcast, Muffins and Maym go over the fundamentals of Hearthstone duels. Then we continue by discussing the basic strategies required to understand Hearthstone duels. There has also been a development of a meta within the first week of the game mode. Hearthstone duels has fundamental similarities to both arena and constructed game modes. This podcast discusses how you should approach building your deck to compete better in Hearthstone duels. Nobody has been able to produce a Hearthstone Duels best deck, but we discuss what a good deck looks like and why you should play specific cards. The treasures in Hearthstone duels bring up a whole new aspect of the game. Hearthstone duels treasures has a large impact on each game you play. Some of the best treasures in Hearthstone duels have had such an impact that they have been removed from the game mode completely. Besides treasures, the hero powers have a very large impact on the game. The best hero power is yet to be determined, but we discuss how set rotations affect the viability of each of the heroes. Maym’s written articles:’s written articles:’s written articles:
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