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From Mess to Miracle highlights how God is working in the lives of everyday people. Throughout this journey, you will meet Christian authors, podcasters, and others whose lives have been transformed by God's love and grace. Be a part of this journey by subscribing and following us.

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When Kari, a certified pastry chef with roots deep in faith and creativity, joins us, she offers more than just a recipe for a perfect soufflé. She serves up a slice of her life, revealing how a childlike trust in the spiritual can unlock a treasure of new insights every time we engage with the sacred texts. Kari's anecdotes weave through her culinary heritage, paying homage to the women who seasoned her character with care and mentorship, demonstrating the undeniable impact that family leadership has on personal growth.The tapestry of our conversation with Kari's rich with the threads of resilience and redemption. As she opens up about her turbulent past, from her teenage years marked by an abortion and a subsequent healing retreat to her childhood involvement with the Hare Krishna movement, listeners are invited into an intimate space of vulnerability and triumph. This episode navigates through the waters of trauma to the shores of hope, painting a portrait of a life that, while battered by storms, is anchored firmly in the bedrock of faith.Kari's literary offering, "Suicidal, No More: Finding Peace Through the Storm," acts as a beacon for those navigating their own tempests. As she reflects on the metamorphosis from skepticism to a faith-filled existence, she shares how her story has reached others through the connective power of social media. This episode is not just a conversation; it's a testament to the human spirit's capacity to find light in the darkest of places and how one's belief can be both a shield and a guiding star. Support the Show.
In a recent episode of our podcast, we were privileged to host Mark B Murphy, the CEO of North East Private Client Group, and an industry leader in financial planning and wealth management. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, not just in the financial realm, but also in the personal development of both individuals and organizations.One of the main focuses of our conversation was the journey of parenting adult children. Mark provided insights into the delicate balance between guiding and granting independence to grown children. He emphasized the importance of letting children tackle their own challenges to build resilience and strength. This conversation segued into the impact of literature and social networks on personal development, highlighting how the books we read and the people we surround ourselves with significantly shape our future paths.Another crucial topic we delved into was company culture and leadership. Mark shared his experiences in aligning team members with an organization's core values, fostering an environment where the interests of customers, employees, and the firm harmonize to create a prosperous work environment. He stressed the importance of servant leadership, where leaders invest in their team members to help them become the best versions of themselves. Support the Show.
Andy Wells knows all too well what it is like to struggle with his search for identity at the intersection of faith and sexuality. Andy brings an educational and deeply emotional perspective to our latest conversation with a Master's in Christian Apologetics. Together, we navigate the waters of holding onto Christian beliefs in a constantly changing world. In light of cultural shifts, it is vital to stay true to one's identity. In his tribute to the diverse influences in his life, Andy provides a raw look at the beauty of embracing different worldviews within relationships.Our discussion takes a courageous turn as we address the complexity of showing love to others without necessarily endorsing their actions, a sensitive topic at the heart of Christianity and homosexuality. Through Andy's book, "Tried to Be Straight: Options for Gay Christians," we're presented with compelling perspectives on the struggle to maintain one's beliefs while being a part of a faith community. This chapter of our dialogue underscores the importance of approaching such delicate matters with compassion, seeking understanding rather than fostering exclusion, and the pivotal role of love and kindness in our spiritual lives.We wrap up this episode and delve into God's unconditional love, countering the often toxic narrative of performance-based acceptance in religious circles. Andy's aspiration to leave a legacy centered on love, service, and spiritual growth sets a hopeful tone for our listeners, calling us to reflect on the true essence of our faith. It's an invitation to journey beyond the confines of judgment and into the embrace of divine love and acceptance that knows no boundaries. Join us for a conversation that's not just about understanding but about transforming how we live out our faith in love and grace. Support the Show.
How do you pivot from athlete to entrepreneur when life throws a curveball? As he recounts his journey from the Missouri Tigers to the business world, former SEC quarterback Alex Demzcak answers that question. He shares the lessons he learned on the field in his best-selling book "The Sale," which he co-authored with Jon Gordon, and how Proverbs 3:5-6 guided him through the challenges that followed his sports career.Alex shares his experience of being benched and the resilience required to forge a new path while navigating identity and leadership. Leadership is not defined by titles but by our ability to rise above adversity and grow as individuals. His darkest moments became a period of enlightenment and unexpected encouragement thanks to mentorship and community. Support the Show.
Have you ever chuckled your way through pain or used humor as a shield against life's darker moments? Our guest, Dave Ebert, isn't just making waves with his remarkable improv workshops; he's mending broken spirits. As a missionary with the Assemblies of God, Dave's bringing laughter and light into the lives of sex and human trafficking survivors, teaching us that even in the bleakest circumstances, joy can be a powerful healer. His transformative journey, fueled by personal struggles and a deep-rooted faith in Christ, has led him to harness the restorative power of comedy and vulnerability to empower these individuals with confidence and a renewed sense of self.This episode traverses the sensitive landscape of human trafficking and the role of trust in recovery. Dave’s workshops aren't just a space for shared laughter; they're a sanctuary where survivors can rebuild their lives away from the shadows of their past. By fostering a trusting relationship with male figures in a safe environment, Dave challenges preconceived notions and equips these resilient ladies with essential communication skills. We also tackle the importance of hope and identity in Christ and the critical need to maintain safety and confidentiality as these women courageously piece themselves back together.Wrapping up, we confront a sobering reality—the dark tendrils of human trafficking, the scourge of pornography, and the call to action for everyone, especially men in the church, to don the full armor of God. It’s an eye-opening discussion that urges us to stand united against this form of modern-day slavery. Join us as we explore the collective responsibility to champion hope and become beacons of laughter and change in a world that cries out for both. Dave Ebert's testimony and mission with Improv Missionaries isn't just an account of healing; it's an inspirational battle cry for compassion and action. Support the Show.
Have you ever met someone whose life story is so compelling that it stops you in your tracks? That's exactly what happened when Holly Porter joined us on our latest episode. As a beacon of resilience, Holly opens up about her entrepreneurial journey, the guiding principles of the golden and platinum rules, and the immeasurable value of mentorship in shaping her path. Her candid reflections on the complexities of managing a blended family while pioneering multiple businesses are nothing short of extraordinary, providing a rich tapestry of lessons on personal growth and adaptability.Navigating one of life's sternest tests, Holly recounts her intense battle with COVID-19 and the Delta variant, an ordeal that brought her to the brink of death. The gravity of her tale is palpable as she describes her hospitalization and the transformation that followed her near-death experience. As a testament to her indomitable spirit, Holly emerged with a renewed purpose, embarking on new business ventures while grappling with the long-term effects of the virus. Her experiences serve as a stark reminder of the profound changes the pandemic has imposed on numerous lives, reshaping worldviews and personal relationships in its wake.Wrapping up our conversation, Holly's infectious enthusiasm for life post-recovery beams through. She gives us a glimpse into her most recent projects, including her innovative retreat software and her written work, "Retreat Forward," which promises to be her most impactful yet. As she outlines her nonprofit's mission to support those affected by long COVID, Holly's desire to leave a meaningful legacy shines through. Her optimism is a beacon of hope, encouraging us to face adversity head-on and emerge stronger, wiser, and more connected to our purpose. Join us for this remarkable exploration of human resilience and the beauty of a life reinvigorated.Blog Post Support the Show.
Dana S Diaz's book "Grasping for Air" explores human resilience. You will be captivated by her candid account of surviving narcissistic abuse as a child to the end of her marriage. In her transformation from a victim to a victor, Dana's great-grandmother's wisdom shines as a beacon of hope. In this story of self-discovery and empowerment, her past is shaped by neglect and nurturing love from her great-grandmother.As Dana navigates the treacherous path out of an abusive relationship, she shares her unflinching honesty. In addition to chronicling her past, it is a guide for those trapped in similar toxic cycles. Throughout the conversation, we discuss the insidious nature of narcissistic abuse and how complex trauma bonds make escaping seem impossible. We also discuss the critical milestones that led Dana to reclaim her health and dignity. The story of Dana illustrates the importance of setting boundaries for self-respect and listening to one's body.In the end, the exchange explores the importance of community support for abuse and trauma survivors. Providing a sanctuary for healing and uplifting, her commitment to helping others reflects a communal spirit. As Dana shares her ongoing journey of self-care and discovery, she proves that rebirth and joy can come from the darkest of places. Join us in celebrating the hope and renewal found in vulnerability and solidarity. Support the Show.
How can we stay afloat when grief crashes upon us? Embark on a journey through the turbulent waters of loss and grief with Katherine Barner, a poignant voice in grief and trauma. With her deeply personal loss experience and professional expertise, Katherine serves as a beacon for those adrift in grief. We are reminded that our journey through sorrow is as unique as our fingerprints by her words of solace and understanding. In this conversation that embraces the heart, we traverse our healing paths with patience and self-compassion. As we untangle the myths surrounding grief, we uncover the false notions that shroud it in unnecessary pain. We uncover that there is a standard period of mourning or a lack of faith in the future. Instead, we believe that grieving deeply is a sign of being deeply loved. Sharing memories is a powerful salve for a wounded soul that the presence of a friend can nourish. Katherine, aka Mrs. Kat Speaks, illuminates the often obscure road to hope and renewal during our heart-to-heart. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, the rupture of a relationship, or any of life's other countless losses, Katherine inspires us to seek out the glimmer of light that pierces the darkness. Her online community offers listeners a nurturing space to continue the conversation. We invite you to join us as Katherine reveals how the human spirit is resilient and indomitable. Support the Show.
Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of anger, unsure of how to break free? Paul Zolman's journey from a tempestuous past to a present drenched in love is a story that promises hope and inspiration. During our heartfelt conversation, Paul peels back the layers of his life, revealing how he conquered deep-seated resentment and transformed it into an unwavering commitment to love. He didn't just read about love languages; he lived them. From his childhood struggles to an emotional awakening guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Paul's narrative is a beacon for anyone seeking to replace bitterness with compassion.The magic of love languages isn't reserved for the fairy tales of romance—it's an everyday spell we can cast on all our interactions. This episode is a masterclass in harnessing the gift of affirmative expression, as Paul demonstrates the profound effects of consistent, genuine gestures of love. It's about the power behind a thoughtful word, a selfless act, and even the appropriate touch. With anecdotes that will resonate with families and friends alike, we unravel how small acts of kindness can forge deeper connections and lead to a more fulfilling life for ourselves and those around us.Imagine a world where our future generations are as fluent in kindness as they are in their ABCs. We delve into the heartwarming initiative within schools that's championing this very idea, as children begin their days rolling dice that challenge them to bring love into action. With Paul's insights, we discuss the potential this holds for shaping a society brimming with empathy and unity. Wrapping up, we reflect on the indelible mark each of us can leave through choosing love over anger every day, and how, through simple acts, we can weave a tapestry of connection that blankets the world in warmth. Join us for this enriching exploration, and let Paul's story inspire you to be a curator of kindness in an often indifferent world.Support the showGive the gift of books to your loved ones. Give them a 3-month Audible subscription.Amazon will send your gift recipient an email on the day you choose along with redemption instructions, or allow you to print and give it directly based on the option you select. The gift recipient can start their Audible Premium Plus membership right away. Current Audible members will receive all credits from a redeemed gift membership at once. Their current plan will not be extended or interrupted. Support the Show.
Join me as I sit down with Keeya, a brave survivor of human trafficking, who's turning the pain of their past into a beacon of hope. Listen closely as Keeya unwraps their heart-wrenching story of entrapment and redemption, in a fight against an unspoken evil plaguing our society. This isn't just a narrative of survival but a testament to the power of the human spirit, resilience, and the will to effect change. As we peel back the layers of Keeya's experiences, we uncover the chilling face of human trafficking. A grim reality affecting people across the socioeconomic divide, this is a billion-dollar industry thriving in the shadows of society. Keeya exposes the subtle signs and deceptive traps set by traffickers, highlighting the terrifyingly common occurrence of online entrapment. They also shed light on the monstrous process of grooming, forcing listeners to confront the unpalatable truth about how predators manipulate their victims and abuse their vulnerability.  Support the Show.
SummaryDr. Michelle Bengtson shares her personal journey of overcoming physical deformity, chronic pain, and depression. She emphasizes the importance of addressing the spiritual roots of disease and the misconceptions surrounding depression. Dr. Michelle also discusses her book, 'Hem of His Garment,' which offers hope and encouragement to those experiencing pain and suffering. She encourages listeners to look for the simple joys in life and to trust in God's love and plan. Dr. Michelle's legacy is to be remembered for pointing others to Christ and reminding them that hope prevails as long as God is on the throne.TakeawaysAddressing the spiritual roots of disease is essential for healing.Depression is a medical condition and should be treated as such.Pain can come in various forms, including physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual.God understands our suffering and is with us in our pain.Finding hope and joy in the midst of pain is possible by looking for the simple joys in life and trusting in God's love and plan. Support the Show.
Imagine you're in the front seat of a red wagon, barreling down a hill, uncertainty ahead but a sense of exhilaration keeping you firmly in place. That's the journey we've embarked upon with Ronald Simmons, an accomplished business leader and former three-term member of the Texas House of Representatives. Ron embodies perseverance, faith, and the art of turning life's challenges into empowering life lessons, all of which he imparts throughout our conversation. Support the Show.
Can you remember the last time a song moved you? One so powerful it cascaded through your soul, encouraging you to embrace change like the song “Alive” by POD did for our special guest, Ricardo Martinez II. A creative powerhouse, Ricardo has woven his narrative prowess into writing, design, and podcasting, helping us understand the captivating world of a 911 dispatcher. Through his compelling life journey and lessons, he draws us into the heart of his experience.Imagine the heart-thumping tension of being a 911 dispatcher, a job that demands not only practical skills but also a deep well of empathy and resilience. Ricardo, with his notable tenure in this field, plunges us into his world with riveting stories, including a call that resonated with memories of his dear grandmother. He emphasizes the importance of self-care, a precaution often put on the back burner in high-stress professions. In his book, ‘Imagine Listening’, he reflects the emotionally charged stories he encountered, painting a raw and real portrait of life on the other side of the emergency line. But what if we told you that the global 'I am 911' movement is seeking to recognized dispatchers as first responders? Ricardo elaborates on this initiative, underlining the need to acknowledge the mental and emotional toll that dispatchers face. He also shares his quest to establish a lasting legacy in the 911 community, fostering a safe space for those in his profession to seek help when required. As we wrap up our conversation, we urge you to appreciate your local 911 dispatchers and make an effort to understand their integral role in emergency responses. So tune in, and take a journey into the life of Ricardo Martinez II, a 911 dispatcher striving to make a difference. Support the Show.
What happens when you find yourself at the intersection of a D1 athlete's discipline, a seasoned realtor's wisdom, and an author's deep introspection? You get the unique perspective of Damon Eddy our guest this episode. Throughout our engaging conversation, Damon unravels the details of his transformational coaching program - the Two-Hour Turnaround - a program that has played a pivotal role in helping individuals find clarity and purpose amidst the chaos of their lives.Can you imagine using your struggles as stepping stones to success? Damon Eadie did exactly that. He candidly discusses his battle with addiction, the same struggle that laid the foundation of his coaching methods. Listen as he shares how he utilized his own program to help others overcome their battles. He illuminates the intriguing concept of how addiction often replaces something far superior that God offers. Tune in to understand how leveraging the gift of imagination can help us center our faith and evolve into better individuals.Finally, I will journey alongside Damon as he shares his profound insights on discovering peace and purpose in adversity. He opens up about how he managed to provide love and support to his family through pain and how his program guides men through the labyrinth of addiction. Hear about his strategies - from taking a hiatus from social media to seeking faith for guidance and clarity. Join us in this captivating conversation with Damon Eddy, and find the inspiration to love others unconditionally and live a purposeful life.His Website: Support the Show.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk across America in faith? Well, Rick and Jane McKinney did just that, taking us on their incredible journey. As they traverse through major cities, their heartrending encounters with homelessness inspire a profound response - compassion in action. It's not about the mileage they cover, but the connections they make. Their stories remind us that everyone deserves a seat at the Lord's table, without the need for to-go containers.When was the last time you said 'yes' to God, no matter the question? Rick and Jane have dedicated their lives to this commitment, leading them to extraordinary paths, including authoring impactful books. From a children's book to a guide for introverts, extroverts, and Jesus freaks on how to share their faith, they're leaving no stone unturned. With their upcoming book, Until the Whole World Knows, they're set to inspire many more on their spiritual journey.Rick and Jane's commitment to their faith and service has left an incredible legacy. Their transformative journey, from the lessons learned on the road to their impactful writing, is a testament to their unwavering faith. For those curious about their journey or interested in their books, you can visit Tune in to this episode, be inspired by their story, and perhaps start a transformative journey of your own. Support the Show.
Are you ready to transform your approach to PR and brand promotion? Join us as we sit down with the founder of Arvo PR and Executive Communications, Stephen Reiff, who shares his journey from being a shy child to a successful entrepreneur with a passion for leadership, strategy, and corporate strategy. Discover the power of having a one-page strategy and the story behind the name Arvo PR in this insightful conversation. Stephen unveils the world of PR strategy and the importance of understanding various stakeholders to improve brand awareness and company value. Learn how to tackle a PR nightmare and change a company's public persona, while also navigating faith and integrity when selecting clients.  Stephen shares his expertise in helping underdog brands find their relevance and the significance of examining a company's strategy before promoting their brand.As we explore how partnerships bridge the gap between strategy and communications, we dive into  Stephen's approach to client selection, which is grounded in faith and integrity. Don't miss this engaging episode filled with valuable insights and words of encouragement that will inspire you to redefine your strategy, communications, and brand promotion efforts.Arvo helps companies and their leadership stand out from the crowd and win over audiences by identifying relevant messaging & platforms that drive value creation. Support the Show.
Meet Mayor Christina Muryn, the dynamic leader of Findlay, Ohio. Join us as she provides a front-row seat to her journey and leadership style, sharing the wisdom she's gathered along the way, and giving us a glimpse into the inner workings of public office. She opens up about the influential figures who've shaped her path, and her approach to policy evaluation. This conversation traverses from the entertaining to the enlightening as we hear about her involvement in the Mayor's Cup.The second part of our conversation with Mayor Muryn bravely ventures into the challenging terrain of her mayoral duties. She speaks candidly about her work on issues ranging from public safety and mental health to technology innovation, homelessness, and climate resilience. We delve into her take on the housing crisis and its impact on young families, and her reliance on partnerships, particularly with local community foundations, in tackling these issues. We finish with a look at her commitment to community engagement and her powerful vision to make the world a better place. Get ready to be inspired by Mayor Muryn's unwavering determination and heart. Support the Show.
As a parent, watching your child struggle with substance abuse is a heart-rending journey. Join us as we sit down with best-selling author Barbara Legere, who shares her deeply personal experience of raising a child battling addiction. Barbara unravels the thread of worry, guilt, and grief woven around her son Keven's story, but also speaks about the importance of trusting one's instincts, acknowledging the influence of mentors, and navigating the complex world of mental health resources.We take a deeper look into Barbara's book, "Talk to Me, I'm Grieving." This profound work serves as a guide for anyone seeking to offer support through the storm of grief. Not just that; learn about the struggles confronted by families dealing with violent children and the critical role of support in such trials. Barbara also generously shares her own resources and experiences, signposting the path to a proper diagnosis and shedding light on the labyrinth of mental health for parents feeling lost.Finally, we tackle the elephant in the room: the fentanyl crisis. Barbara provides a stark insight into the dangers of unprescribed pills and the urgency of educating our children about such risks. But her conversation isn't all about the challenges; Barbara reveals her aspirations to make a difference through her work and to support others through their grieving process. We explore her thoughts on Amazon's treatment of authors, her passion for preserving her husband's memory through her writing, and the legacy she hopes to leave behind. This conversation with Barbara is enlightening, deeply moving, and not to be missed. Support the Show.
Can we rise above toxic hatred and engage in meaningful dialogue with those around us? Join me as I chat with Wilk Wilkinson, host of the Derate the Hate podcast, husband, father, and Christian conservative, who shares his own journey from a toxic person to someone devoted to fostering civil conversations. Wilk opens up about the mentors and inspirations in his life, including his father, who was the perfect teacher despite his imperfections.We tackle the difficult topic of the toxic hatred that exists in the United States, fueled by politicians, mainstream media, and outrage entrepreneurs. Wilk and I explore how we can bridge the divide by engaging in civil conversations with our neighbors, finding common ground, and avoiding echo chambers. We also introduce the Braver Angels organization and their Common Ground workshops, as well as the We, The People's Project – all aimed at fostering productive and respectful dialogue.In this thought-provoking conversation, we emphasize the importance of having honest and open interactions without prejudging others' beliefs and opinions. Together, we discuss the power of listening to those around us and building bridges to heal our divided nation. Don't miss this insightful episode that encourages us all to rise above toxic hatred, engage in meaningful dialogue, and, ultimately, "Derate the Hate. Support the Show.
From the battlefield of distrust to the realm of trust-building, join us as we unpack the hidden layers of trust with our special guest, Daryl Stickel. Pulling from his rich life experiences and deep knowledge, Daryl dives into the complex topic of trust in today's increasingly uncertain world. Tune in to learn how to rebuild the foundations of trust, cut through the noise, and navigate hostile environments with grace and resilience.As we wade through the murky waters of uncertainty fueled by the pandemic and political narratives, we uncover the different facets of trust through Daryl's practical and theoretical approach. Drawing on insights from his enlightening book, 'Building Trust Exceptional Leadership in an Uncertain World,' Daryl shares his perspective on promoting certainty and confidence in our daily interactions. Navigate this labyrinth of trust with us, as we discuss the gravity of benevolence in our relationships and the art of fostering a sense of excellence. Support the Show.