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Charlotte and Tara are two gals who have an obsession with true crime and craft beer, and also happen to have microphones! Listening to Bloodshed and Brews is like meeting up with your weird BFFs at your favorite brewery to discuss the latest in true crime, odd history, and all things spooky while slamming a couple pints. Unlike a lot of true crime podcasts, we like to keep things digestible and not overwhelm you with the superfluous stuff. If this sounds like your vibe - welcome! We can't wait to have a drink with you.
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Join us today for a fun discussion about other people's Turkey Day tragedies. We have selected a handful of funny headlines to read live with you. Tune in to hear about forks in unfortunate places, a hatchet pulled during Trivial Pursuit, Lady Gaga's unexpected Thanksgiving guests, a murder in cold blood, and Cher's take on the day. But first, grab a bottle of cooks and have a drink with us! Cheers!
We are joined by Savage Brewing Co and BeerNav for a truly out-of-this-world discussion about beer and space. Need we say more?? Tune in to hear about an exciting beer collaboration, the first crime ever committed in space, some eerie abduction tales, and an actual UFO that intercepted Apollo 10👽 Buy a BeerNav!'s what we're drinking:
Friedrich Haarmann was a German serial killer, active during the early 1900s. He committed sexual assault, murder, and dismemberment of young boys and men, often posing as a police officer to lure them into his home. Tune in for a turbulent childhood, war time politics in Germany, moral inferiority, and love bites. But first, grab a beer! Cheers!Here's what we're drinking:
19-year-old Chess Grandmaster, Hans Niemann, was accused of using remote control vibrating anal beads to have winning moves communicated to him during the Sinquefield Cup. Tune is as we get to the bottom of it! 🥁 Here's what we're drinking:
One of America's top selling tea brands was started by a cult?!?!? Yup. Celestial Seasoning's founder, Mo Siegel, is president of the Urantia Foundation - a problematic religious group that worships the extraterrestrial. Tune in to hear about sleepy time tea's culty beginnings and the Urantia beliefs and practices. But first, grab a beer and have a drink with us! Cheers!Here's what we're drinking:
Ahoy! This week we sailed on over to Deep Draft Brewing and discussed nautical crimes with brewery owner and captain Linda Seymour-Sweet. Tune in to hear about a murderous submarine engineer, a suspicious yacht murder, a haunted ship, and a vanished fisherman's boat found in very mysterious circumstances. But first, head to Deep Draft Brewing for great beer, great BBQ, and great people! Life life & drink deep⚓️Here's what we're drinking:
Jerry Brudos had an intense fascination with women's footwear from a young age. As he got older, this fascination turned into a murderous fetish. Four women were brutally murdered and dismembered, and Jerry kept certain mementos close to him. Tune in to hear about the sickening crimes of the Shoe Fetish Slayer. Here's what we're drinking:
Wilderness Heights was a sanitarium nestled in peaceful Olalla, Washington. People from all over the world with various ailments would come here to fast under the guidance of "Doctor" Linda Hazzard. The truth of her practice came out after a wealthy British heiress, Claire Williamson, died in the care of Linda Hazzard. An investigation uncovered numerous other suspicious deaths at Wilderness Heights - fittingly nicknamed, "Starvation Heights." Here's what we're drinking:https://yokedfarm...
Fahim Saleh was an accomplished Manhattan millionaire at the age of 34. He was born in Saudi Arabia and taught himself how to program at a very young age, and then went on to start several companies. Fahim took 16-year-old Tyrese Haspil under his wing and eventually hired him as an assistant. When Fahim discovered Tyrese (now 22) was stealing from him and pretending Fahim's life and success was his own, things took a dark turn. Tune in to hear the whole story, but first - grab a beer and have...
Katherine Knight is your not-so-friendly neighborhood butcher who decided to slaughter and cook her boyfriend into a stew after he attempted to end the relationship. An abusive childhood lead to a very violent adulthood. Tune in to hear about Katherine's relationships, a wild wedding night, a horrible road trip, and the events leading up to boyfriend stew. But first, grab a beer and have a drink with us! Cheers!Here's what we're drinking:
In 2020, seventeen-year-old Naomi Wood enrolled in Lakeland Girls Academy in hopes to get support and guidance to better manage her depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Unfortunately, what was thought to be her safe haven turned out to be a place of ignorance and neglect. Tune-in to hear the heartbreaking reality of what really happened to her and what continues to happen to hundreds of other youth in Teen Challenge Programs around the world.Here's what we're drinking:
Join us this week for a fun conclusion to satanic girl summer! We have selected four funny satanic headlines, and will read them live while chugging spiked Simply Lemonade seltzers. Tune in to hear about an unfortunate but common misspelling, an MLM ran by Satan herself, Satan's twitter account, and a company logo that had people cry Satan. But first, grab a Simply Spiked and have a drink with us! Cheers!Articles:
Today we will wrap up the discussion on Israel Keyes, one of the most calculated and vile serial killers in US history. In part two we learn more about Keyes' childhood, earlier crimes, and his methods through FBI interviews. Tune in to finish the investigation and the resolution that brought no justice. But first, grab a beer and have a drink with us! Cheers!Here's what we're drinking:
Today we dive into one of the most calculated and vile criminals in US history. Israel Keyes was a serial killer, bank robber, burglar, arsonist, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile (just to name a few). This will be a two-part episode where we follow the timeline of the Israel Keyes investigation. Part one begins with the end. We meet Keyes' last victim and discuss his arrest, a very frustrating FBI investigation, and a twisted upbringing that created a monster. You will definitely need a beer...
Pazuzu Algarad was a self-proclaimed satanist who had a thing for body modifications, animal sacrifices, drinking blood, orgies, and murder. He had an unstable childhood that lead him down a path of self destruction. As an adult he changed his name to Pazuzu for "religious reasons," tattooed his face, sharpened his teeth, and stopped bathing. He started taking up weird, ritualistic habits and surrounding himself with other young, misfit adults. In his new crew he found two accomplices (who al...
Join us this week for a Satanic Panic seltzer pack episode! As we chug the San Juan Seltzer pack, we will discuss several cases that caused a world-wide panic. Tune in to hear about an 81 day Satan fest, lefties, a super sus Airbnb, and some sick sneakers. But first, grab a seltzer pack and have a drink with us! Cheers!Here's what we're drinking:
This week we dive into the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history. In the 1980s, allegations of ritualized child sexual abuse were made against multiple preschool and daycare workers across the United States. One in particular McMartin Pre-school Case. From 1987 to 1990 prosecutors tried to prove that Virginia McMartin, and other school employees, including her daughter and grandson, had raped or abused 13 children, taken pornographic pictures of them, and forced them t...
Grab your dice and a beer and join us this week for a Dungeons and Dragons discussion! Stranger Things Hellfire Club was outcast and targeted by their community with accusations of satanic involvement. This is not far off from how D&D players were actually treated in the 1980s during the satanic panic. Two particular cases were the turning point which brought D&D under fire. Tune in to hear about LARPing on acid in underground tunnels, a tragic run-away, and of course, murder. He...
The Montauk Project was an experiment allegedly ran by the US military during the Cold War, where the goal was to make advances is psychological warfare. Children were abducted and trained in mind control, telepathy, opening space-time portals, the extraterrestrial, and more... sound familiar??? This wild conspiracy theory was what inspired the Duffer brothers to write Stranger Things🤯 Tune in to hear about some spooky inner-workings of the government, but grab a beer first! Cheers! Here...
Join us for a live recording and beer tasting event at Port Orchard Grocery Outlet where we discuss spooky retail hauntings! Tune in to hear about Pike Place Market ghosts, a 1700s NYC ghost who loves Scandinavian fashion (but hates wells), and some spooky happenings at other grocery stores. BONUS: Port Orchard Grocery Outlet owner, Greg, comes on to discuss some sus hotdogs and a loaf of bread that just can't seem to stay put... Here's what we're drinking:https://store.belchingbeaver.c...