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Working to take the shame and stigma out of talking about alcoholism, addiction and recovery through open and honest conversation. My name is Becca, I'm an alcoholic and I am proud of it. Proud because it's changed my life for the better but unfortunately it is still socially unacceptable to talk about being an alcoholic - let's change that. Join me as I chat with people about how they came forward publicly about their sobriety, how their lives are different today and what are some misconceptions and stigmas around talking about alcoholism, addiction and recovery.
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This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is author Jessica Lahey.A best-selling author, Jessica Lahey grew up surrounded by alcoholism and like many of us, it wasn't openly spoken about. Now 8 years sober herself, she wrote The Addiction Inoculation, a comprehensive resource parents and educators can use to prevent substance abuse in children. As an alcoholic and parent, I read this book cover to cover and highly recommend it. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jessica.Support the show (
This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Doug Hempstead. If you live anywhere close to Ottawa, ON, chances are, you've heard Doug on the radio as CBC Ottawa's Traffic Specialist. What you may not be as familiar with is Doug's own story of sobriety.I saw Doug post on Twitter a few months back that he was sober and the benefits he'd noticed already. His post got a lot of attention and support and I wanted to chat with him to learn about why he stopped drinking, what language he uses and how he sees life in sobriety now.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Doug.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Captain Robert Piché.On August 24, 2001, Captain Piché was pilot of the Airbus A330 flying Air Transat Flight 236 and managed to land the aircraft safely in the Azores after it lost all power due to fuel exhaustion. This remains a record glide length for a commercial aircraft.His story is depicted in the 2010 film Piché: The Landing of a Man (Piché: Entre ciel et terre).After he was thrust into the spotlight, something else came to light for Captain Piché: his drinking.I wanted to learn about how he knew he had a problem, what life is like now and if people recognize him more for his life-saving piloting or his openness around addiction.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Captain PichéSupport the show (
This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Ryan Hampton.Ryan is an advocate, speaker, author, and media commentator. In recovery from a decade-long opioid addiction, Hampton has rocketed to the center of America’s rising addiction recovery advocacy movement. An alumnus of the Clinton White House, he’s worked with multiple non-profits and national recovery advocacy campaigns. He is now a prominent, leading face and voice of recovery advocacy and is changing the national conversation about addiction.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ryan.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is actress Mimi Kennedy.You have probably seen at least one thing in which Mimi has starred, like "Dharma & Greg" or "Mom". It was watching her play Marjorie on "Mom" that brought me to this interview. As many in recovery know, the tv show Mom centered around a group of women, all who shared the common bond of addiction. Mom was the first show that I saw that was a comedy and talked openly about AA. When I first got sober and started watching, I couldn't believe they could have success talking about such a stigmatized subject! But it was on for 8 seasons and a very popular show.Mimi herself isn't in recovery, but her character Marjorie was and not only that, was the sponsor of many people's dreams. She had so much wisdom and offered comfort in recovery. I wanted to talk to Mimi about how she prepared to play Marjorie and what it's taught her since.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mimi.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is chef Andrew Zimmern.Andrew is an American culinary expert, chef, restaurateur, television personality, radio personality, director, producer, entrepreneur, food critic, journalist, teacher, and author. He also has an unbelievable story of drug addiction and alcoholism and subsequent story of recovery.  At the end of his addiction the Travel Channel star ended up homeless and squatting in an abandoned building in lower Manhattan and stealing to pay for his drug habit. Today he is almost 30 years sober and he is very outspoken about his story in the hopes of helping others.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Andrew.Support the show (
This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guests are Jason and Mikey from one of my favourite podcasts, Knockin' Doorz Down.The KDD Podcast features celebrities and people from all walks of life who have experienced challenging times in their lives and how they were able to break through and live a purposeful life inspiring others to be their best selves. They have interviewed Charlie Sheen, Kelly Osbourne, AJ McLean and many more!Find their podcast hereWe actually did an interview exchange, so visit their site to find an interview I did with them as well!I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jason and Mikey.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Ann Dowsett Johnston. Ann is the bestselling author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol, named one of the top 10 books of 2013 by the Washington Post. An award-winning journalist with more than 40 years of experience, she has also been a vice-principal of McGill University. Ann is a practicing psychotherapist, a Focusing-oriented trainer and the founder of Writing Your Recovery, a memoir-writing course.I read Drink when I was trying to get sober and I was fascinated by the connections outlined between women and alcohol.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ann.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Senator Patrick Brazeau. Senator Brazeau is and was the youngest member of the Senate of Canada. Senator Brazeau was in the headlines over the last few years for different reasons, however- legal and addiction related.When I came across Senator Brazeau on Twitter, I noticed that he spoke proudly of his recovery and sobriety and I wanted to speak to him directly about this and his experiences over the  last few years.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Senator Brazeau.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic episode is a very special one. Anyone who has followed my story knows that NHL player Bobby Ryan played a huge role in me coming forward publicly with my alcoholism which then sparked the idea for a podcast.Since the outset of the podcast, I've wanted to connect with Bobby- first as a guest, and later just to ensure he knew of his role in my story. Well, after months of trying, I finally reached him a few weeks ago and had a private conversation with him today.While this isn't an interview with him as he prefers not to do that, this is a story of how my story has come full circle. And it's about how I was able to thank someone whose story meant so much to mine.I hope you enjoy this episode.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Real Housewives of Orange County star, Braunwyn Windham-Burke.During the season 15 premiere of RHOC in fall 2020, Braunwyn revealed in a confessional that she was an alcoholic. The show then followed her journey as she openly showed the ups and downs and spoke about being part of a program of recovery.I was so happy for Braunwyn and wanted to learn about why she decided to make her recovery so public and how she talks about it with her children.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Braunwyn.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Brendan Leonard, an adventure writer, award-winning filmmaker, speaker, and creator of Drinking landed Brendan in rehab at age 23 and since then he’s gone on to get a master’s degree, live out of a van for three years, spend weeks below the rim of the Grand Canyon, climb the Grand Teton in a day, bicycled across America, and much more. Brendan wrote "Sixty Meters to Anywhere" about his journey to sobriety and beyond.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Brendan.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest!I thought I'd do a short and sweet episode to celebrate reaching a huge personal milestone of 10,000 downloads of the podcast and 20 episodes so far. Spoiler alert: I get a bit.....emotional. More than once. Sorry!Thanks for your support in this passion project of mine- it's a wonderful feeling to be able to speak freely and openly about a stigmatized subject you kept hidden for so long!xoBSupport the show (
This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Ken Seeley.You might know Ken from his work as an interventionist on the tv show "Intervention", but Ken himself has a wonderful story of recovery. We talk about his journey to getting sober as well as what he's discovered during his many years of sobriety.  Ken has done an incredible amount of on himself through his years of sobriety and he talks about getting back to the basics: getting comfortable and happy in your own skin before you can do anything else.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ken.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Canadian singer-songwriter Damhnait Doyle. Damhnait was a member of Atlantic Canadian band Shaye from 2003–2009.Damhnait wrote an op-ed which appeared in the Toronto Star in 2019 about how the music industry needs to better support musicians who don't drink. I wanted to chat with her about her decision to stop drinking, how difficult that is as a musician, and how things have changed since she wrote the article.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Damhnait.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is former NBA player Chris Herren.Chris has an incredible story of addiction to recovery. He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1999 before being traded to his hometown team, the Boston Celtics in 2000 before substance abuse short-circuited his NBA career. What he has done since getting sober is inspirational and nothing short of beautiful.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Chris.Support the show (
This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is writer and comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin.Amanda openly speaks about her alcoholism and recovery on her Twitter, which is how I came across her in early 2021.  I loved that she was so open about it and I was curious to hear about what brought her to that realization and what life in Los Angeles is like sober.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Amanda.Support the show (
This week's episode of the Unashamed Alcoholic features guest Dr. Adam Hill. Dr. Hill is a US pediatric palliative care physician and recovering alcoholic. Dr. Hill openly shares his own story of depression, suicidal thoughts and alcoholism while working in the field of medicine to help other individuals still suffering. He wrote "Long Walk Out of the Woods" in which he shares his story and lifts the veil of secrecy regarding caregiver mental health.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Hill.Support the show (
Today's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is Victoria Vanstone, a writer and blogger living in Australia.Originally from the UK, Victoria has been writing about motherhood and her journey to sobriety for a number of years. She began writing the day she quit drinking alcohol, and has created her site to help others who are sober curious. I was looking forward to chatting with Victoria as having my kids was a big part of my realization of a drinking problem as well.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Victoria.Support the show (
This week's Unashamed Alcoholic guest is harm reduction advocate and inspirational speaker, Guy Felicella.Guy grew up in a middle class home in Richmond but fell into addiction at a young age. He spent 30 years in the repeated cycle of gangs, addiction, treatment and jail and nearly 20 years residing in the two block radius in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver,  using many resources, including harm reduction, to keep himself alive.Today, Guy is using his experience to change hearts and minds on the idea that recovery is harm reduction and harm reduction is recovery.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Guy.Support the show (
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