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Steve Schulze started Nekter Juice Bar out of a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. His passion quickly turned into a business opportunity that he has grown from one store location to more than 200 locations and over $100 million in sales. Tune in to hear more about overcoming failures, valuable advice about franchising, and how to ensure long-term success. In this episode, you will hear more about:Achieving success and not allowing your failures to hold you backBlocking out the white noise around youPaying attention to process and building a businessTurning a passion into more than just an ideaInnovation and reinventing a concept to create massive business successFranchising: Developing a strategy and proving out the business modelChapters00:00:41 - Introducing Steve Schulz00:01:24 - Business Ventures00:06:18 - Starting Nektar00:10:27 - Franchising the Business00:15:56 - Staying Focused00:18:17 - PassionResource LinksSteve Schulze LinkedIn  |   Steve Schulze InstagramNekter Juice Bar LinkedIn  |   Nektar Juice Bar Facebook              CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
Russell Benaroya is an author, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker focused on helping people achieve their highest and best use by staying in their genius zones. Russell has spent the last twenty years in investment banking, private equity, and entrepreneurship, and today is the Co-Founder of Stride Services, an outsourced accounting and strategic finance firm that helps business owners use their data for better decision making. He is also the author of One Life to Lead; Business Success Through Better Life Design, a book focused on the steps to overcome your limitations to architect a life and business on your terms.  Chapter Summaries00:39 - Introducing Russell03:46 - Starting Stride Services06:38 - One Life to Lead10:29 - The Five Principles17:50 - The Gift of Taking Action21:13 - Inspiring Story23:35 - Final AdviceCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTubeKey Takeaways And there's some fear in delegation. Sometimes you don't even know how to delegate. It is a muscle that needs to be flexed. It is not an instinct for many people. You have to practice a delegation.You can't lead others until you know how to lead yourself.5 principles of life design. Be the architect.Awareness: is this a fact or a story?Establish your principles. Meaning if you move throughout life without a set of non-negotiables for how you interact with people or make decisions, do business deals, you become subject to the goals, whims and wants of other people.Harness the energy from the environment. If we have a hundred units of energy to expend a day, we're going to use the units available to neutralize our energy drains. First, before we're invested in our energy gains and energy are where do I get energy around certain people?Get and stay in your zone of geniusExecution; take actionStart getting in a place where you are the architect of a life designed by you versus a life happening to you.Resource Links Channels:LinkedInFacebook Twitter Podcast page
Chad Agate has over two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, tech innovator, and disciplined coach and mentor. He has started and exited four businesses and is currently CEO of Spinach Pay, a privately owned company focused on building innovative solutions in payment processing. Agate has achieved success and inspired others to follow their dreams. He has earned his stellar reputation through focused determination and relentless discipline. Most recently, USA Today recognized Agate as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch. Chapter Summaries0:45 - Introducing Chad Agate1:45 - Big Mistakes4:01 - Life After Prison6:31 - Lessons Learned9:44 - Have a Strong Call to Action12:48 - Next Business14:30 - Morning RoutineCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTubeKey TakeawaysLet's figure out what I need to do to stop feeling sorry for myself and change the situation.You're going to do something a lot of the times that either hasn't been done before, it's massive amounts of risk and we have to be optimistic. We have to believe we're going to be successful.A lot of people, for whatever reason, find themselves in the prison of their own mind. They go through painful divorces. Maybe they had difficult childhood…whether they're real prisons or prisons in their mind, breaking free and just realizing there are other people that maybe have it worse. And that there's a brilliant path forward is a great learning lesson for all of us.An entrepreneurial mindset is the belief that I can do this. Answer real questions that real people are asking, give them answers and create value and have a strong CTA, pull them through your sales funnels. As soon as you get after the tough stuff, the sooner you're going to achieve successSo I start my day, every single day, I'm out of bed by 3:00 AM. I think that's the first opportunity for me to win when that alarm clock goes off, I'm up. Immediately, I start my training routine, then I tackled the most difficult task of the day, whatever that may be. And I'm usually able do that before anybody else is awake. Start with the hard things. Do this one important thing…Eat the frog. Do the tough thing first. So important. There’s no secret. It's grit, it's persistence. It's sticking to it and not giving up. It's being wanting to work harder than anyone seems thinks as rational. Just keep going.As soon as you get after the tough stuff, the sooner you're going to achieve successResource Links 
Show Notes & ResourcesSarah Hawley is a serial entrepreneur who has founded eight companies since 2009. Hawley’s most recent endeavor is Growmotely, the world’s first platform to connect conscious companies with skilled professionals into long term remote roles. Some of the topics covered during this episode are navigating entrepreneurship, knowing when to cut your losses, and trusting yourself. Tune in here. Chapter Summaries:0:41 - Introducing Sarah Hawley1:44 - Stepping Up4:30 - Building & Scaling Three Businesses8:03 - Starting Growmotely11:26 - What is Growmotely14:21 - Recognizing Women Entrepreneurs17:06 - Lessons Learned21:18 - Big Wins & SuccessesKey Takeaways:I've always been the kind of person who needs to know why something is the way it is, what's the entire picture.And most people were telling me, you can't do that, people won't take you seriously, financial planning has to be done in an office. And I just, I mean, that's part of my personality if anyone ever tells me I can't do something, I think, well, I'll just go and do it and show you.Sometimes it's best to just cut and run. There's no shame in that. I think some people just hang in there too long. They pour too much time and energy into it and they lose the opportunity even to be able to start another business. I put that in there as a bit of an homage to all of the women who have juggled and continue to juggle being a mom and being an entrepreneur or a professional, whatever it is that you do and that it is work, but we also get to be both.I trusted myself and we increased our revenue. That was the year that we doubled our revenue by putting that strategy in place. And our people were super happy.Resource Links:Connect with SarahWebsite  |   LinkedIn  |   InstagramBookConscious Leadership: A Journey from Ego to HeartAbout GrowmotelyWebsite   |   LinkedIn    |   InstagramLeague of Extraordinary Women!!CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on
Liz Giorgi is a two-time media entrepreneur who challenges the norm. She is Co-Founder and CEO of Soona, a same-day photo and video studio designed to help brands get professional content for less than the price of stock. Previously, she started Mighteor, a production company that was one of the first in the country to provide online video strategy to brands as large as Facebook and U.S. Bank. Giorgi is an Emmy award winner, advocate for women in business, and recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30.  Chapter Summaries0:42 - Introducing Liz4:54 - Creating Soona8:14 - Solving a Problem12:01 - Virtual Photo Shoot Tour15:54 - Dream to IPO17:47 - Big Mistakes & Big DreamsResource LinksSoona.coLiz Giorgi Instagram |   Liz Giorgi LinkedIn Soona LinkedIn   |   Soona Instagram   CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTubeKey TakeawaysWe both just said to each other, there's something undeniable about how much more impact we could have, and we took the leap and started working on selling my first business. We applied to Techstars, which is a technology accelerator. We were accepted to Techstars Boulder. And as the ball kept rolling down the hill, we launched our product in the world. And you know, I'm incredibly proud of that decision, but boy, oh boy, it was scary.We've really decided to turn everything on its head and say, we want it to be as easy as anything else that you do online and take away all these extra decisions that distract businesses from being able to just focus on what matters the most, which is making their product look its best.And so I went about that process, very naive, but learned very quickly that it's very much about convincing people that your version of the future is going to be real.We believe we're building the fastest and most affordable way to create professional content online. We have seen data that says that as much as 97% of the purchase decision comes down to a picture. And so it is really the most important asset. I like to say, it's the equivalent of making a photographic first impression for every single one of your product.
Show Notes & ResourcesJosh Goodman is Founder and CEO of PourMyBeer, a leading self-serve dispense technology company providing restaurant operators increased efficiencies and sales, while providing patrons with a better experience. Goodman has been recognized as an Inc. 5,000 award-winner, a two-time entrepreneur, 360-award winner, and a leader in his industry. PourMyBeer has over 10,000 taps in 23 countries, and most recently Coca-Cola European Partners chose to invest in the company. Goodman’s investment in his own technology and his people has provided a foundation for the company’s growth and success. Chapter Summaries:0:41 - Introducing Josh Goodman 1:25 - PourMyBeer3:51 - What Sparked the Idea7:40 - No Need to Panic14:10 - Measuring Sucess18:09 - Solving an Issue21:32 - Big Mistakes, Big LessonsKey Takeaways Learn how to solve problems without panicking. Until the business doesn't need you, you don't have a business, you have a job. So you know, where I've been focusing, a lot of my energy is building and getting the right people and the right processes in place.The universe keeps throwing the same problems at you until you learn how to figure them out.I'll never be the smartest person in the room. Uh, but I can tell you I don't make the same mistake twice. And I do believe that I've made more mistakes than anyone else out there. In fact, I would go as far as saying we've made more mistakes than all of our competitors combined. But we've never made the same mistake.Learn how to do your own bookkeeping, learn how to do your own finances, watch videos, talk to the smartest people, you know, um, it doesn't mean you have to do your own bookkeeping longterm, but be conscious of what your balance sheet looks like. But I guess my lesson there was don't sign contracts with expecting that the person on the other side sees a life the same way you do.That’s another lesson learned, do your due diligence on people that you're going to go into business with.I think it's always important to look at how the dots are connected. We may not get it right 100% of the time, but we will make it right 100% of the time.Resource Links:Website: PourMyBeer.comJosh Goodman: Linkedin | InstagramCompany: Linkedin | Instagram | Twitter | FacebookCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on
 Show Notes & Resources Billy Bosch turned his vision for the perfect snack into reality through starting his own company, Iconic Protein. His products are now sold in over 8,000 retail stores and he has raised over $14 million in capital. Tune in to hear valuable advice on starting and scaling a company along with tips on working with business partners. Chapter Summaries0:42 - Introducing Billy Bosch1:56 - Entrepreneurship at a Young Age07:20 - How it all Started12:48 - Starting Iconic Protein17:37 - First Sales and Production22:42 - Approaching Investors27:38 - Recognized by Pepsi29:30 - The VisionKey Takeaways:  One of our pain points traveling around a lot for work was this nutrition on the go. And so thought it would be nice if there was a drink that filled you up without any sugar. So essentially a protein drink without sugar. If you're going to go into business with someone, plan for failure or at least plan for it to end because all business partnerships and all relationships end; people are going to die, businesses go under, or it just it's just the end of our time. If I'm going to produce something, I'll always stand behind it. And the failed pitches helped me a lot about how to pitch and win.So we really want to empower people through convenient, tasty, nutritious products to be the best version of themselves. There’s a huge lesson in that. And the lesson is get out and get involved in your industry, go to those trade shows, join those trade associations. That’s where the networking happens and you can learn things and meet people that can do things that you could have never dreamed possible. Don’t be afraid to make the leap. Resource LinksIconic Protein:Website  LinkedIn Instagram  FacebookTwitterBilly Bosch:InstagramLinkedIn‼️CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY‼️ Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube→ → → LEAVE US A REVIEW! 📝#Entreprenuership #BillyBosch #Success
 Show Notes & Resources “One individual can really affect change and the best version of the world starts with the best version of ourselves,” shares Shelly Tygielski. As founder the global mutual aid organization called Pandemic of Love, she has connected more than 2 million individuals in need with people who can provide resources. Tygielski discusses the power of radical self-care and community with Host Greg Muzzillo. She also shares insights from her book, Sit Down to Rise Up, on ways to achieve our own mind, body, and emotional balance.Chapter Summaries0:40 - Introducing Shelly1:55 - Rise Up6:22 - Radical Self-Care10:45 - Toxic Positivity15:55 - Communities of Care19:30 - Mutual Aid23:10 - Rising Tide Lifts All Ships27:55 - Our Purpose is to LoveKey Takeaways: Sense of agency is really just the ability to be reflective and have awareness and be introspective about how our actions can actually affect other people and affect the world.The best version of the world starts with the best version of ourselves.When we look at what self-care is now on the internet, or we search up on Instagram, the hashtag self-care, the things that come up really don't qualify as self-care, because the term has been hijacked by the industrial wellness complex. So we associate self-care with things that cost money, right? Like, bath bombs or green juices or a Peloton. And it's not that those things can't contribute to your health, et cetera, but really that's not what self-care is. So when I talk about self-care, I'm really talking about communal care. I'm talking about how do we intricately weave these webs of safety nets for each other, and then in a radical way, take on the moral obligation to take care of one another. When a rising tide lifts all ships and that's the idea is that we all can contribute to that rising tide, all of our ships rise. Our purpose really is to love, to not only love, but to allow others to love us. The most powerful words a salesperson can say, although you never say it quite this way, is I have a problem and I need your help.Resource LinksBook: Sit Down to Rise Up: How Radical Self-Care Can Change the WorldLinked InInstagramTwitterShelly's Facebook‼️CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY‼️ Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube→ → → LEAVE US A REVIEW! 📝
“You are just one shift away from unleashing the unlimited success that awaits,” shares Anthony Trucks. After many adversities including being placed in foster care at a young age and losing his NFL career to an injury, Trucks learned the power of “shifting your identity” to reach your full potential.  Tune in to this NEW episode of Million Dollar Monday to hear more.  Chapter Summaries00:41 Introducing Anthony Trucks  03:12 Playing Professional Football05:51 Find Your Identity08:53 The Common Denominator12:47 GPS Planner14:43 Identity Shift16:44 Key Advice20:38 Example of a Big Shift24:06 See, Shift, SustainKey Takeaways: “A smooth sea makes not a skilled sailor.”It has to do with this desire for us to have easy lives. And when we miss out on the actual aspects of the strength, we need to have a great life because life doesn't get easier, we just get stronger.And what happens is the apple falls off the tree and we feel horrible, like the apple off the tree. And eventually that apple rots and we feel rotten. And that's how we operate our life. But we don't realize we were never the apple. You were always the tree. And when you only focus on the piece of fruit, you lose sight of the tree, which means you don't give it the nutrients. You don't get it in the sun. You don't take it. You don't prune the branches. So all of a sudden the fruit dies.It's all about the goal, the plan and the start.Well a big thing for me is to understand how identity and mindset differ.In the book, I explain how to shift into the identity that has the things you want most in life. Because if you were of that identity, you already have those things.Resource LinksIdentity Shift Book  Anthony Trucks Website LinkedInAnthony's TwitterInstagram Trucks Training TwitterAww Shift Podcast CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube→ → → LEAVE US A REVIEW! 📝#Entreprenuership #AnthonyTrucks #Success
Did you know that there are ways to turn your retirement funds into a more active investment to empower your dreams? Tune in as David Nilssen shares how he has helped 25,000 entrepreneurs to access over $5 billion to start or buy a business. He also discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo the importance about being intentional in your relationships and creating the life you want. Key TakeawaysThere are ways to turn retirement funds into a more active, rather than a passive investment, an active investment, helping empower dreams to own a business or buy a businessThat was the day where we realized that we could move outside of this localized, regional business opportunity and do something that could be much more impactful across the nation. Incredible how sometimes just a moment in time can give us an inflection point. That makes a huge difference in the business. And so I just learned early on to just be open to everything that is happening around me and just be curious, and that, that ended up working out well.For entrepreneurs, being intentional in your relationships is probably one of the most important things you can do. It can be very lonely because the people that you work with day in day out, don't want to hear about your problems or challenges. And sometimes you need somebody to talk to about those before you could even externalize that with your own team. And so Entrepreneur’s Organization and Young Presidents Organization serve as great places to connect you with like-minded individuals in non-competitive industries who can help you think through some of the challenges and opportunities that inevitably come.What we've started to do is evolve financial guidance, to move away from just financing to not only helping entrepreneurs find capital, but then provide them with important business services that they need.Create the life you want. Chapter Summaries 03:43 -  From an Idea to a Business05:44 -  Building Guidant Financial08:08 -  Using Retirement Funds to Start a Business12:17 - Resources to Grow Your Business17:02 - Create the Life you Want19:15  - Dreams for the FutureResource Links Guidant Financial Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)  | Young Presidents Organization (YPO)LinkedIn Guidant Financial |  Twitter Guidant Financial | FacebookTwitter David Nilssen | LinkedIn David NilssenCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
Matthew Rooda solved a major issue for hog farmers through starting SwineTech. He raised more than $6 million in venture capital and has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30. Tune in to hear valuable advice from an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to grow a business and stay ahead of the competition. Chapter Summaries 00:40 Introducing Matthew Rooda02:46 In the Swine Industry06:14 Accelerator Program08:59 Pitch Competitions11:27 Earning Patents15:55 Starting & Growing the Business19:10 Finding First Paying Customer22:30 The SAS Model24:02 International Exposure28:02 Big Dreams for Pig FlowKey TakeawaysWe knew what our roadmap was going to be our core value proposition. So I just started to Google business plan competitions, and I applied for them all.An accelerator is a group of individuals that have created a curriculum for entrepreneurs that have recently started a business or at UN, or are preparing for an inflection point in their business. And so you go in, they helped me meet with mentors. They help you refine your pitch and really take that next step within your business.One lesson learned is after we raised that seed funding, because we are already on a venture path, we probably paid ourselves too late. And so that's definitely a discussion founders need to have it's all good to, to bootstrap, but once you do accept that funding, making sure that you're not wasting time compensating for too low of an income.And so the question shouldn't be, can somebody copy you? Because they're most likely going to copy you different because they don't understand your core vision. The real question should be is your vision right? Because if your vision is right, the ability for other people to compete or catch up or keep up is tough.Resource Links Swine TechnologiesLinkedIn Matthew Rooda |SwineTech LinkedInBlog | Podcast| Facebook | Twitter | InstagramUnited States Patent and Trademark OfficeCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
“We know 83% of dieters end up gaining more weight than they've lost within the first two years. And so how do we actually help people build sustainable change?” Emily Hochman has redefined “dieting” through Wellory, an app that helps people make healthier eating choices rather than crash diets. Tune in to hear valuable advice about starting and growing a business and learn some health tips along the way. Chapter Summaries 00:41 Introducing Emily Hochman01:52 Problem Solving03:30 Health Starts With What You Eat05:35 Misconceptions about Dieting08:15 Starting Wellory13:03 Leveraging Your Network15:45 Raising Capitol17:40 Growing the Future of WelloryKey Takeaways I  became what's called a certified health coach and actually learned all about food and diet and was able to cure myself of every single potential chronic illness utilizing the power of healthy food as medicine Our society has gotten to a place where we have so much processed chemical products that are filled with things that are not good for our bodies or our systems. And if we can just help people eat more whole real foods, we'll be in a much healthier place.We know 83% of dieters end up gaining more weight than they've lost within the first two years. And so how do we actually help people build sustainable change? How do we change lives with food?One of the strengths of our platform is just simply that accountability. Diet and nutrition has been one of the things that has been missing accountability, missing support, missing partnership. We have that so much in family dynamics in work and in sports, but when it comes to our health so much of the time we're just left on our own. So yeah, so much of what we do is, is accountability and support.The key to growing a business is very simple. All you need to know is awareness, trial, and commitment.Use Code BFF for 50% off your first Month ( Resource Links Wellory.comEmily Hochman LinkedIn   |   Emily's Instagram Wellory LinkedIn   |   Wellory Instagram   |   Wellory FacebookCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
Rick Del Sontro offers expert advice on franchising, including what investors are seeking and common struggles to avoid in starting up a business. As founder of a company that was named to the Fortune 500 List of the Fastest-Growing private companies for six consecutive years, Del Sontro knows what it takes to drive success. Chapter Summaries:00:41 Introducing Rick Del Sontro02:02 Conversion Franchising04:31 Starting and Growing Zippy Shell09:07 Competitive Advantages14:37 ZGrowth Partners17:47 Key Advice19:55 Big Dreams Key Takeaways My advice would be to make sure you have one to three locations where you’re getting it right.  I've always had that entrepreneurial urge in itch. I'd always tell people if you have it, it's not going to go away. So you better deal with it.On your own and all alone is a recipe for disaster. I figured out what was going wrong was that I was spending too much time working in the business and not enough time working on the business.Inherently young franchise concepts all struggle from the same things:Number one, they're typically under capitalized. They don't understand how expensive it is to really scale the business.Number two, they know everything about that operating business that they built, but they know very little or nothing about franchising, completely different industry. Number three, They struggle with franchise sales. Number four, is they're put in this situation where they have to hire certain roles in their business to support their franchise community, no matter how small that might be. But the economics of doing that don't make any sense. We felt like if we could go in and, and eliminate those barriers, we could find really good concepts and help scale them and grow them. Life's all about learning from previous mistakes. That's franchising is genius because you build a system based not only upon successes, but the elimination of things that didn't work.Resource Links  About Rick Del Sontro ZGrowth Partners Website Rick Del Sontro LinkedInZGrowth Partners LinkedInIFAThe E Myth Revisited  CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
“I cannot count the amount of times where a successful business outcome hinges on the emotional health of the individuals involved as well as their ability to communicate with each other,” explains Alyssa Petersel. As Founder and CEO of MyWellbeing, Petersel is committed to creating mental health awareness and connecting people to therapists. Tune in to Million Dollar Monday to hear more about the importance of mental wellness to maximize success. Chapter Summaries 00:41 Introducing Alyssa Petersel04:53 Somehow I am Different09:54 Studying Buddhism in India12:54 Creating MyWellbeing15:32 Growing MyWellbeing20:29 The Economic Model21:59 Making Emotional Wellness PopularKey Takeaways We really make a point to try to be as accessible as possible. People who are thinking about starting therapy may be at different parts of their journey. Some people are hearing about mental health for the first time, and they may want to do a whole lot of reading or learning or dipping their toe in the water before getting started.Other people have been actively trying to find a therapist for eight months and they are ready. All they want is for someone to say, hey, here's who you should call, they’re available, have the expertise that you need, and they understand your Identity background. We've created a platform that can really support people in each step of that journey.I cannot count the amount of times where a successful business outcome or an unsuccessful business outcome really hinges on the health, emotional health of the individuals involved as well as their ability to communicate with each other and a lot of that is learned in therapy.ResourcesMyWellbeing.comAlyssa's InstagramMyWellbeing InstagramGrounding Groups: free mental health support groups for people of color, facilitated by mental health providers of colorQuiz: Do you need therapy? Find out!Mental health at work: bring MyWellbeing to your team mental health support for you and your co-workers.CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
“When you build a growth mindset, a resilient mindset, it allows you to literally just push through every challenge in life,” shares Josh York, CEO of GYMGUYZ. He also discusses the power of visualization and how having the end in mind can result in massive success. York’s energy is contagious. Tune in to Million Dollar Monday and get ready to be motivated. Chapter Summaries 00:40 Introducing Josh York04:00 The Start of GYMGUYZ08:00 Franchising13:30 Two Words - Cash Flow17:46 F.E.A.R20:15 Getting into Costco23:31 Leaders Create Other LeadersKey Takeaways:I never quit no matter how bad things get. And I have trained myself over the years, doing very uncomfortable things, to be able to become this strong because you know, you have two types of mindsets, you have a fixed mindset and you have a growth mindset.When you build that growth mindset, that resilient mindset, it allows you to literally just push through every challenge in life. Growing up, I just had to figure things out. I had that entrepreneurial bug in me.In the times you are scared and nervous. There's one thing you do. You just do it.  But if you have a plan B, I will tell you right now, plan B is for losers. You will die. You will crash. You will burn. That's number one, number two, if you don't believe in yourself, and if you are not your biggest fan, you will also die and burn in that same situation.At GYMGUYZ we pride ourselves in our three C’s: convenient, customized and creative. You know, it’s not a service it’s a customer experience.Stay in your lane, focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. But when you surround yourself with other intelligent individuals, you grow faster and grow stronger.Leaders always create other leaders.Resource LinksPersonal Website Personal Linked InInstagramGYM GUYZ Website GYM GUYZ Linked In Podcast: Fuel Your Drive Book:  FUEL: What it Takes to Survive as an EntrepreneurCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
Do you live your life with blinders on or off? Are you aware of the opportunities that surround you? Leo Resig is Co-Founder of the well-known lifestyle and comedy website The Chive and creates popular apparel such as “Keep Calm and CHIVE on.” He is also Co-Founder of Atmosphere TV, the world’s largest audio-optional streaming TV service for businesses.Chapter Summaries00:41 - Introducing Leo Resig03:55 - Creating CHIVE.com07:37 - The Bill Murray Story11:14 - Atmosphere TV17:04 - Don’t Lose Focus21:28 - Chive On26:07 - Two Types of EntrepreneursKey Takeaways “Enjoy” is a word that is thrown around our household a lot. If you're not “enjoying” it now, when are you going to? I think right now, we're moving so fast and we live in a very stressful world that, you know, there's no more appropriate time to stop and smell the roses.Yeah. It's funny. You say, have your antennas up. I say, live life with your blinders off. And some people just go through life like that.And we were just getting good at selling t-shirts with “Keep calm and Chive on” when we launched our Bill Murray shirt, it flew off the shelves.So the commercial model is that we sell advertising on our website, the minority of the traffic comes through our website. Now it's mostly native iOS and Android apps on your phone is where we get the most of our traffic.There are TVs everywhere. There are people with dwell time, they're stuck somewhere. They want to be you know, at a bar or restaurant. And for us, we curate a bunch of owned and operated channels on the platform with CHIVE TV. We built happy TV which is softer, cute puppies and kittens and, and fails, and baking and cooking and everything that is popular on YouTube. Resource LinksAtmosphere TV LinkedInAtmosphere LinkedInTwitter TheCHIVE.comCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
“Start TODAY because in two years you’ll be saying that you should have done it sooner,” shares CEO of Junk King. Michael Andreacchi started the eco-friendly junk removal company and grew it to 100+ franchises. Tune in to this week’s Million Dollar Monday to hear how having the confidence to take risks can lead to achieving your dreams. Chapter Summaries 00:41 - Introducing Michael Andreacchi02:24 - Starting Junk King06:37 - How to Get Customers08:31 - Early Stages of the Business09:46 - Starting to Franchise the Business 12:11 - The Naysayers14:51 - Advice about Partnership & Taking Risks18:00 - Empowering Dreams21:59 - Big Plans for Junk KingKey Takeaways It was about shaking hands and boots on the ground. And if you agree to something with somebody, a handshake means everything. So we went out and met a lot of B2B customers that we felt like would align with our business.And then at one point my business partner gotten a little bit of an accident on the truck. So he couldn't go out on the truck. And he stayed in and answer phones from an office perspective because the labor was too hard for him at the time. We saw so much value in having somebody answering the phones. And that was kind of the beginning of the Junk King call center in customer service. I think we have a huge emphasis on our recycling efforts.Recognition is super important. You know when you're doing something well, you like to hear that you're doing something while you're on the right pathIf your story empowers other people, as long as you're confident in yourself, there's always room for one more great company. In two years you'll be saying I should have done that two years ago when I thought of it for the second timeResource LinksLinkedInJunk King LinkedInJunk King WebsiteCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!Follow us on Instagram | Follow us on YouTube
“Passion is key. Be obsessed with the solution you’re offering,” shares Ed Buckley, who transformed the fitness industry through creating a flexible corporate wellness program. Tune in to Million Dollar Monday to hear the story of Peerfit and key advice to growing a company through networking and fundraising.Chapter Summaries 00:01:00 - Introducing Ed Buckley and Peerfit00:04:57 - Turning an Idea into a Business00:07:56 - Support from Florida Blue00:12:38 - Creating Wealth00:13:51 - Investment from Florida Funders00:15:42 - Advice for Aspiring EntrepreneursKey takeaway'sAt Peerfit we help employers and health insurance plans pay for their members to go to fitness experiences. It's really about being physically active and going with your peers, right? The mental, emotional, social health. It's not just about the physical activity.We always assume that corporate wellness or works at wellness dollars would be a piece of the business, but it turns out that it was the business. That was the piece, you know, you can't be all things to all people. You got to find one lane and run it. And especially when you're getting that early traction. Once you get the first person in your network that is somehow connected to investors, then almost everyone is now connected to investors. So it took me three degrees to get there. And then from there, it's just literally talking to them about your idea, talking to them about your passion.A mentor of mine always said, nobody can tell the business better than you. You're the founder. You're the CEO. You got where it was going. And you get where it's going now. No one should be able to pitch this business better than you.I think passion is the key. You've got to be passionate. If you're doing this because you have a degree in entrepreneurship or you think startups are cool, you are doomed to fail. If you're really passionate and you're fairly competitive, when you take a loss, it almost energizes you more than those high highs. Embrace the lows and see them as opportunities to get galvanized, to get excited and to figure out whatever it is that gets you back to growing and going. Mentioned Episode: Marc Blumenthal Resource Links:Ed Buckley's Website Peerfit.comLinkedIn        InstagramTwitter  CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!!Follow us on Instagram! |  Follow us on YouTube!  
“The biggest risk in life is not taking risks in life” are words of wisdom from Mike Watts, an entrepreneurial expert with three startups and over $60 million in sales. Watts discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo how he was able to successfully strike a deal with Daymond John from Shark Tank, but not in the typical way that you might think. Tune in to Million Dollar Monday to hear an important strategy to achieve massive success.Chapter Summaries01:48 - Introducing Mike Watts05:05 - First Patent &Tradeshow07:57 - Exiting the Company for $6 Million09:54 - New Business - LoveHandle12:44 - The Love Handle Competitive Advantage15:55 - Daymond John as an InvestorKey TakeawaysI always say a presentation without a demonstration is nothing more than a conversationWhat I'm hearing the most, the number one thing is, I think you believed in yourself mightily, but more importantly, you just weren't afraid to hustle  My dad always said, son, you can't lean on a shovel and pray for a holeI feel like this is going to be that, that mark, that we leave in the world, that brand, that everybody is eventually going to knowSo I picked up the phone and to many people hearing that it might sound obvious, but there are a lot of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs listening to this right now that may even have those moments, like, should I call, uh, wouldn't that be amazing if this happened, but because of call reluctance or fear of rejection or whatever, they don't pick up the phone and make that call. And I think if you're an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to listen to the wisdom of what Mike just said. So I picked up the phone. The worst thing that could happen is they don't answer. Next thing you know, about two months later, the phone rings and it's Daymond John saying Mike Watts, I've heard so much about you. I had to talk to you. Um, I don't do this, but you know, everybody loves your product here. I love your product. My wife loves your product. Let's see what we can do. Let's see we can work out a deal.The biggest risk in life is to not take risks in life.Resource Company LinkedInMike Watts InstagramLoveHandle InstagramMillion Dollar Mindset Blog - One Simple Step That Earned an Investment From Daymond John  CONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!!Follow us on Instagram! |  Follow us on YouTube! 
Do you have a growth mindset or fixed mindset when it comes to approaching a problem? Co-Founder and CEO of Lucid Drone Technologies saw an opportunity to use drones to create a safer and more efficient cleaning method. Andrew Ashur has been recognized on Forbes’ 2021 list of 30 Under 30 and discusses with Host Greg Muzzillo how failure is a springboard for growth.    Chapter Summaries:01:10 - Introducing Andrew02:21 - Using Drones to Solve a Problem04:29 - Developing a Business Plan07:44 - Love for Entrepreneurship11:08 - Failure is a Springboard for Growth13:27 - Growing Lucid17:11 - Plans for Next Phases of Lucid18:58 - Fundraising & NetworkingKey Takeaways: We went into that pitch competition with an idea, which was a drone cleaning building, but we really came out of it with a business idea and how we plan on monetize on how we wanted to monetize it and scale. It really got a good foundation for the company because of it.So when we have the ability to introduce technology that could relocate those workers to the ground, that they can go home happy and healthy to their families after each day at work, that's really, really powerful and meaningful technology.Only way to really thrive and survive through a lot of those early years, especially is having "can do attitude"I think there are two types of people in this world. And it usually comes down to people that have either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset and those fixed mindset.The growth mindset people are like, I just have to seek out the opportunities and access to that, learning to that education. And I never knew flying a drone inside an NFL stadium was a dream of mine until I was there flying a drone in between the SBC football championship and then the Falcons game the next day. At Lucid, we think of these industrial sized drones that are capable of performing a meaningful, productive task, and basically affecting the world around them, plight cleaning.The important thing for any startup company to consider is fundraising is what does fundraising do for you as a company? So I can tell you for us being young founders, one of the most obvious things is it gave us access to knowledge and experience. Resource Links: Lucid Drone Technologies Website LinkedIn | Twitter | Lucid InstagramCONNECT WITH MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY!!Follow us on Instagram! |  Follow us on YouTube!  
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