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Author: Eddie, Paddy & Rocky

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3 knuckleheads in Chicago, talking shit. For fun.
12 Episodes
Eddie, Paddy and Rocky are the Bums of Manarchy (B.O.M.).   Three knuckleheads from Chicago, talking shit. In the inaugural episode, the Bums talk football, betting, hating on Jim Harbaugh, Matt Patricia, Lions, Daniel Synder, Bears, Matt Nagy, and we name our podcast!Recorded the day after Thanksgiving 2020.For fun.   For adults.
The Bums start off confused AF, as we try to figure out whether we are on Episode 1 or Episode 2.    Also, baseball chatter, Len Kasper's departure, Cubs organization, Old Irving Brewing beer, LSU self-imposed penalty, NCAA issues, "What's on your Betslip", Rocky's microwave handle, new series Showtime (Your Honor), and another "Dumb Ass Kids" story.Recorded December 12, 2020.
Episode 0003, which is all about Paddy’s opinion on the topic of cars and car repair, Chicago Blackhawks talk, another chapter of "What’s on your Betslip", NFL kickers, Rocky's fourth grade art (our new logo) and other shit.   Recorded the week before Christmas 2020.  Stay tuned for new logo, which is based on our v1.0 edition logo.  
In this week’s episode, the Bums explore the magic of post Holiday Blues, the decline of professional Boxing, Duke women’s basketball deferment, and another version of "What’s on your Betslip", among other ramblings.Recorded the day after Christmas 2020.
In Episode 0005 (our first 2021 podcast), the Bums review the dumpster fire that was 2020.  Key topics include notable deaths, COVID-19 "second order effects", BOM fan of the year, and FanDuel bet of the year -- among other ramblings.Recorded January 9, 2021.
In this week's "scattered" episode, the Bums discuss NFL Wildcard weekend, Bum-of-the-Week and Bum-of-the-Year honors, a response to our very first listener nominated topic ("Why hasn't soccer taken off in the USA?"), and the aftermath of the Chicago Bears early playoff exit and upcoming NFL Divisional round, among other shit talking.  P.S.  Look for more non-sports related topics (and better continuity) in Episode 7, etc..  The Bums are nothing but malleable and self-aware.   Recorded 1/9/2021 and 1/15/202.   
In Episode 0007, the Bums discuss the emerging trend of leveraging high-end wall tents to cope with the pandemic, golfer Justin Thomas’ sticky situation, dirt bag of the month Jared Porter, respecting Hank Aaron, the NFL Conference playoff picture, lack of diversity in NFL head coaching, the Golden Age of QBs, Bum of the Week honors, as well as an upcoming fan request that’s going to make the Bums super uncomfortable.   All that and more.  Recorded 1/22/2021.
Join the Bums for Episode 0008, which is a tale of two cities.  Part 1 is a sports extravaganza, discussing the 1-year anniversary of Kobe Bean Bryant’s passing, NFL Conference Championship weekend recap, the raging Houston Texans dumpster fire, and the politicization of MLB’s Hall of Fame selection process.  Part 2 is a mix of non-sports themes, including a new segment (Stone in My Shoe - SIMS), Bum of the Week honors, a Camp Lucy update, and an audio book report on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Episode 1 (yes, you read that right - we honor ALL fan requests).  
In Episode 0009, the Bums continue our wildly popular  “two-part” format (Part 1 = Sports, Part 2 = Non-Sports), while Paddy goes “curseless”!!!  In Part 1, the Bums preview Super Bowl 55, discuss major NFL and MLB trades, why the St. Louis Cardinals continue to dominate, the emergence of the Chicago White Sox, and more.  In Part 2 (40:00:00), the Bums honor more Bum of the Week fan requests, beer talk, another Stone In My Shoe segment (dibs), updates on Camp Lucy, prowling for more topic requests, and PTSD from RHWofSLC.  Recorded on February 4th, 2021 at B.O.M. HQ.
In Episode 0010, the Bums put a fork in SuperBowl 55, discuss the Carson Wentz sweepstakes, Mark Cuban’s stand on the National Anthem (with Smiling / Silly Steven), big data in baseball (PECOTA / Cubs-Sox), MLB Payroll overview, and the state of discontent with Russell Wilson in Seattle.  In the back half, the Bums christen the Bums of Manarchy’s new worldwide headquarters (a.k.a. “The Eagles Nest”), discuss Rocky’s use of lag bolts to make a new podcasting table, debut our dropping-like-flies segment (mourning Larry Flynt’s passing and his legacy, etc.), and celebrate Bum of the Week honors (Beantown Dough) with a bourbon review.  Recorded February 12, 2021.  
As certain as the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west, pitchers and catchers report to training camp — and hope springs eternal.   The Bums revel in pre-spring activities, making  Episode 0011 even more special than usual.  In Part 1, the Bums discuss how the Chicago Bears dodged a Carson Wentz shaped bullet, former NFL RB Vincent Jackson’s death (“Leaving Las Vegas” style) and other CTE induced tragedies, and keeping with dark matter the Bums review co-Scumbag-of-the-Week honors (split between Kellen Winslow Jr. and Ryan Ellis), as well as discussing our giddiness with the NCAA March Madness bubble in Indy and congrats to tennis phenom Naomi Osaka having accepted a torch from Serena Williams down under. On the back nine, Rocky cracks the code on Xfinity streaming with a Roku Streaming Stick hack, while Eddie presents a Stone-In-My-Shoe (SIMS) topic — bemoaning every life event being posted on social media.  Part 2 also includes a review of Netflix’s “Operation Odessa” (drugs and Russian submarines - what’s not to like), a Smiling Steven update from Paddy, and the state of fuckedupedness in Texas as they experience a once in 500 year natural disaster, and lastly, the Bums tee up future Episode 12 topics (INXS and 1,000 lb. Sisters going pansexual) along with BOTW honors. Recorded on February 19, 2021 at B.O.M. worldwide HQ.
In Episode 12, the Bums demystify humanity and ethics on various fronts.  In Part 1, Eddie’s loser cruiser (Honda minivan) skates on thick ice, the Bums discuss the slow but steady return of quality hockey and basketball in Chicago, the Bears search for a decent QB casts its shadow on Houston and Seattle, Scumbag of the Week honors split between three assholes (French actor Gérard Depardieu, former coach of the 2012 USA women’s Olympic gymnastics team John Geddert, and former LSU coach Les Miles) in a disturbing trend— all charged with abusing women, and also review Tiger Woods’ car wreck and his unfortunate state of touched-the-fuck-upedness. Paddy kicks off Part 2 with an update on Smiling Steven and his SHS (Swollen Head Syndrome) symptoms, the Bums discuss Rocky’s failed Icicle Removal System involving a well-tuned paintball gun, “tech day” at Chez Rocky (new drone and grey market PS5) and related “synergies”, and once again,the Bums deliver on a tough listener request involving an episode review from the “1,000 pound Sisters” TLC series, with a surprising twist or two.   All of this and more.Recorded February 26, 2021 at B.O.M. global headquarters in Chicago, IL USA.
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