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Author: 8 with 8: A Podcast by Ohio State Support Team Region 8

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Give us 8 minutes - we'll give you research-based, actionable information to improve teaching and learning TODAY. Got a couple more minutes? We'll give you 8 powerful takeaways. Have time for a deep dive? Take in an interview from some of our favorite speakers, writers, and thinkers in education. Welcome to 8 with 8, a podcast from Ohio State Support Team Region 8. Learn more at
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Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer


8 with 8 is back. (Actually, we never left!) Our second season is going to shift gears and focus on evidence-based literacy instruction. Specifically, we'll be looking at how background knowledge, vocabulary and oral language might just our best bets for accelerating student learning. Join us to learn Why Words Matter, in our second season of 8 with 8, starting March 5, 2021.
At the heart of a strong PBIS framework is always strong relationships. Can you identify all of the relationships in action at Greenwood Early Learning Center (right here in region 8)? Join three staff members from Greenwood along with Michelle and Stacey as they highlight the impact on children, families, community and staff. Co-hosts: Michelle Smith and Stacey Smith, Early Childhood Consultants About our Interviewees: Greenwood Early Learning Center is a Preschool-Kindergarten building in their fourth year of PBIS implementation; they serve as an Early Childhood PBIS demonstration site for SST8 and Ohio.  They were recognized this year as a Silver award winning building and had the opportunity to share their Tier 1 and 2 practices at the state PBIS showcase in December 2020. Additional Resources: SST8 PBIS Warehouse: Examples and Ideas from Region 8 buildings
Head, Hands and Heart: What does this have to do with community engagement?  Join Michelle and Stephanie for 8 minutes to find out! Co-hosts: Michelle Smith and Stephanie Denham, SST8 Educational Consultants Additional Resources: Community Involvement in Positive Behavior Support Community Wide PBIS Checklist
Educators agree that it is critical for schools to build strong and positive relationships with the families they serve.  What barriers get in the way, and how can schools expand beyond traditional ways of involving families? Jenine and Michelle share two strategies and a 6-point framework (for a total of 8 takeaways) to get schools thinking creatively, as we continue this season's exploration of Ramping Up Relationships. Co-Hosts: Jenine Sansosti, SST8 Director and Michelle Smith, Educational Consultant Additional Resources 11 Easy Tips to Really Engage with Families An Inventory of Present Practices of School, Family, and Community Partnerships Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center - Family Resources
Staff relationships matter in schools. Join Stacey and Stephanie in this short 8 minute look into research and district examples that highlight the power of staff relationships. Co-hosts: Stacey Smith and Stephanie Denham, SST8 consultants Additional Resources: What Difference Can Teacher Friendships Make at Schools? How to Keep Good Teachers Motivated Brunswick PRIDE awards
In this interview, Dr. Stephanie Martinez from the Florida PBIS project discusses strategies to foster relationships with students in a remote learning environment.  She recommends practices for all tiers of the PBIS framework and restorative practices. Co-host: Heidi Kerchenski, SST8 consultant About Our Guest: Stephanie Martinez is a Technical Assistance Specialist at the Florida PBIS Project at the University of South Florida. Dr. Martinez provides training and technical assistance to districts around Tier 1, Tier 2, Classroom Coaching and 4 step problem solving to address disproportionality. She recently completed the coursework for certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. Prior to coming to the project she worked as a Special Education Teacher and a Placement Specialist. Her current research interests include implementation of school-wide PBIS in urban schools and secondary schools, Tier 2 supports, classroom supports and disproportionate discipline. Additional Resources: Returning to School During and After Crisis Guidance on Adapting Check-in Check-out (CICO) for Distance Learning FLPBIS Project TA Chats
Did you know that the relationships you build with your students today could impact the lives of their great-grandchildren? Stacey and our guest Missy McClain discuss the connection of relationships to the brain, trauma and mental health.  Hear some ideas and strategies that you can implement immediately to intentionally build relationships with students. Co-Host: Stacey Smith, SST8 consultant Guest: Missy McClain is the Community Education Program Coordinator at Akron Children's Hospital.  She has spent the last 14 years traveling across the state presenting on trauma-informed care, the power of relationships and alternatives to traditional school discipline. Find Missy on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest: @followmissy. Additional Resource: Banking Time - ECE Virginia
Building, and keeping relationships in a remote setting is different, but doable. Stephanie and Heidi share easy and practical strategies, in under 8 minutes, for making this happen in your classroom. Co-hosts: Stephanie Denham and Heidi Kerchenski, SST8 consultants Additional Resources: How to Build Relationships Virtually: The Ultimate Guide for Teachers The Distance Learning Playbook The Flipgrid Blog: Rocking Out with MixTapes
Did you know that teachers' relationships with their students is directly linked to the amount of joy versus anxiety they experience in class? Join Heidi and Stephanie, two SST8 PBIS consultants, as they share research on the power of student and teacher relationships and strategies for making that happen. Co-hosts: Heidi Kerchenski and Stephanie Denham, SST8 consultants Additional Resources:  The Classroom Management Self-Assessment The Equitable Classroom Practices Observation Checklist Socially Connected While Physically Distant
8 with 8 Trailer

8 with 8 Trailer


Success in teaching and learning is a moving target, now more than ever.  Join us on 8 with 8, a podcast from Ohio State Support Team Region 8, for brief episodes chock full of ideas for supporting students, educators, and learning systems. You’ll hear from SST8 consultants and some of our favorite speakers, writers, and thinkers in education. Our first season, brought to you by our PBIS team, is called Ramping Up Relationships, and our first episode drops Friday, January 8th. Subscribe now on your favorite podcasting app, or visit
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